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Thanks To God father all powerful one for all its blessings, thanks to have allowed to me to happen through too heavy tests because until today I have written three huge works where this the present God Because God today tomorrow and always in our hearts.
Aryan thanks to me Carmen mother Dolores widow of Kings to be always present in the good ones and the bad ones, by to me not to have left, to support to me and to hold to me that God blesses me... thanks to me father Luis Dared Arriaza; to say present when I need it, to todos/as, my brothers to lean in my beginnings of a race without I title or direction, that God blesses in special me brother Oscar Ulises Arriaza Thanks to my queridos/as, amigos/as to say to me if it can! To me Christian family father Franklin, father Agustín, father Debby William, to me sexual Jaime, wings sisters Justina and Maria To me presses favorite "the Press San Agustín" of Don Ezequiel Martinez Thanks the Willow I want to be thankful to all the pretty Salvadoran sauceños, that have been able to read and to visit the page Web where they find much on works To which they have shared the birth of this William author pretty people who always trusted my and among them they go: Juan Carlos Velasquez Bow, Sergio Ernesto Velasquez, To stop Aryan Efraín Field of broom, Aryan Juan Baptist, Louis Alonso Nunez, Neyda Carolina Sorto, Queen Insipid Abigail Rock, Sindi Maribel Rock They always said to me if you can, always were in each shooting who we made to be learning something new sauceños Thanks for to have spoken in badly of my Amo'! You know in this world is very difficult to know what you really want but I believe that I was very but very lucky when hitting itself you, baby thanks to you I have discovered that it is worth the trouble to in fact think and to give to him to the soul and the heart to somebody créeme that somebody as much as to you had never wanted to. It wanted to know so that you are so special? But also I prefer to remain with the doubt and to continue discovering each one of your characteristics that you make so special. BELINDA.

Heading more of school love so that you know more of this skillful history While the famous actress and Belinda singer retire of the screens of the TV, occurs to freedom to the suspect of crime organized in company of its sister, to the dusk of the days the young person him returns wings streets, a vagabond poor man without love is as they nickname all in this town, while wing time are people of good feelings that are in charge to give a good joy the decayed ones like is it the young person who finishes leaving reclusorio of sanjuán guala criminal... A little Belinda counts thus: good according to they count say that the young person who the master is febrile fans, but what nobody knows is that the master as much to that talentosita actress and singer, good this is discovered with running of the years since the young master every time but and but to Belinda, whereas they say that by the nights she ran to even laughed place that calls to him eddies it where it sang melodías of sad love like: vagabond without love I am, mourning in my soul, the doors of the forgetfulness. All said that the one that the tapeworm was an obsession, that was killing it While in friendly surroundings one of its friends I worry because to the William young person, its friend did not eat, single it cried, and went it stopping the time; saying that to it needs to two things to be happy One night his faithful friend it was seeing the TCS reporter (tele Salvadoran corporation channel 2), in spectacles passed commercial a very interesting one there in which the reporter Milena Sandoval said: the famous Mexican actress Belinda this week will be chateando with you single you must visit this room of Chat: and by I complete yesterday in the evening gave a bad one us notifies the famous actress and singer with Mexican soul retires of the successes leaving the small screen, and the scenes, to take short vacations after to have filmed with Andy Lucas the video titled paper clip I do not understand, good really we waited for soon Belinda to you returns for Television spectacles Milena Sandoval El Salvador tele Salvadoran corporation Was when Calin said: this is an opportunity to find it in the Chat Descubre you in love of school Now in the world of villains more tells that from the first part the insospechables crimes have occurred like which they commit white and hope Says that white he was able to kill to his own husband being given him an ellipse is to say that in the pure one that a green poison smoked its husband done gramosón, that is for killing the bad one to take and is used in the culture, that was its first white crime, after which whole that Aparicio, the brother-in-law of her and brother of its late husband, whole she who Aparicio had been present at all the crime of its Medardo brother and to shut up it white its body was offered to him like woman using; then I am not then planning to him a perfect crime without Great tracks discovers as it is the crime of Aparicio adventures you will live is left your from that next that is the one who in history Who is the one who? In the four important personages but Each great personage of this skillful history shows great elenco youthful and full adultez of cruel plegarias infamias and That is
Who is Leticia?
that face that hides is the question but the surprise is that she is Leticia peregrin Schull Leticia is the young Mexican singer wing that all we know like Belinda, which finishes arriving from London where was working Andy Lucas along with Is a young person who stops being Belinda to the wealthy girl, to enter the world of a street guide that wishes to know it and that it is seven years old to love it because she wants a new adventure, and then thanks to calin this young person knows of whom she feels the young person by her
Who are William Antonio and William Abraham?

He is a boy who has a twin soul wing as he looks for and will be a challenge finding it.... He is a boy who the misfortune and the bad one have fallen in love with whereas it has fallen in love with an impossible one that single the true love and the faith in God make reality Is a boy who to judged single by unjustly poor being abandoned without home the worse pain is the rejection from his own mother adamy could someday William be happy. A too great illusion will be able to become possible Is a friendly boy in spite of its appearance, that it pretends to be a poor devil but to the small east aim it does not have what wished a being Is a young person who did not have papa nor mother, because its Adamy mother it abandonment; and it had to leave childhood and to become a hombrecito supporting, hunger, colds, lack of love, deep depression, to rob to eat, to pay to a sentence infame But what nobody imagines of the Dante of the street are that reggae enchanted music to him, and began imitating the music of Hector and tito; imitating subjects of love sadness, and also it imitated other artists although his I sound was to publish its titled novel: "the Fiancée of Black"
That is Jennifer?
He is somebody that has everything, from luxuries to the true love; single the spark needs to him of a dream and that dream is to know Belinda in person, and to be able to sing with Great her is the surprise that in the search of William when it is kidnapped Jennifer takes the surprise that Glenda fractures a foot, and does not go to the scene to dance and to sing with Belinda, and is when, Jennifer from distant spot observes the preoccupation and it approaches and soon it proposes to them to sing next to them and thus Belinda and Jennifer cross their glances and great friends feel, but when she is called to the scene to William; a quarrel is armed discovers but of that in Love of school F:

El – Salvador- Det. The union October of 1983
policeman the willow Parish san Antonio of Padua The history that I am going to you to tell begins in the footpaths of a pretty town, where there are of the badness and sinvergüenzazas, gadgets, and great infamias take of the hand, history says that today Tuesday was a day, tells that two merchants were of chismosas, in the entrance of the Antonio church of Padua when station the limousine of hope a bitter widow The chismosas expressed this - they say that she is Pretty and that it died of AIDS - and your you knew Cleotilde - if he were equal of evildoer as her mother has sight has comes the bitter widow his Right mother hope lowered of the limousine when repiques of the bells of the church resonated, that specifically were touched by a humble one and servicial young person of sweet heart and Ernesto was called that mainly was a millionaire who were lost his parents and who only mind tapeworm to its Saúl brother and its Anastasia grandmother... hope I approach chismosas wings and he said: - who is that userer who repica the bells to give the announcement of the death of my Pink daughter Ximena Argueta Manferrer Cleotilde to annoy the young person said: her daughter really died That young person put a carita of sadness and seeing she stops low from the stop in his mind said: you not - you cannot be dead me you promised it to return next to me That low is Ernesto Then and it went away to change so that people were a catholic servant More little by little was withdrawing wing mass that soon the parish was full of feligreses In this day mass was becoming of five of afternoon by the reason that many Young Children were baptizing themselves and, the father agustín I enter when the piano sounded and began the voice of pretty people to sing the entrance choir; minutes later the father said: in the name of the father, the son and the spirit Santo Todos: love Agustín: that the grace of God all powerful east with all you All: and with its Agustín spirit: we are reunited before the presence of God all powerful one to baptize to these new Children and Children whom the Ernesto brother has prepared an elegant girl servant of God and Tambie'n to request to him to God by the eternal one rested of the soul of ours queridísima Ximena that passed away one week ago. Of the congregated ones between people it is murmured: - perfect the first husband and now the daughter Other: she has if but that deserves everything by bad and egoistic More Doña Anastasia and her Saúl grandson commented Anastasia: here Saúl son is locked up cat: if grandmother and I clear the name but that Ximena Girl to me he even lives lives this is a treta for separable of my Anastasia brother: you create Saúl: if Anastasia grandmother: I I do not doubt because with something thus she does not play More we throw a look in another place counts since the willow like type worldwide is a town that what has as main art is the gadgets in the church More sang the titled song: "baptizing Sir", in which the father went then blessing to each Boy and Agustín Girl: God blesses to each one of you who today you have decided to be servo of by the centuries of the centuries All: love Agustín: that God all powerful one today keeps in its dreams our Pink beloved Ximena and that decided to take it to its side that rests Pink Ximena All peacefully: that thus it is Agustín: the finished mass to Minutes Ernesto can go away later in La Paz of the gentleman and their grandmother seated in chairs of the Ernesto park: grandmother thinks that it is Anastasia truth: if son the pain in me heart I create it and I say yet to you that it hurts verte to me to suffer but by this ratito you have given to a faint smile yours me and is worth much that pretty happy carita Time later October of 1983 policeman the willow Account in the borders of the willow in a Earth house and that was an old poor farm called the High Sight, was lived White who tapeworm two beautiful daughters an era Dora and another Adamy... say that White between their daughters tapeworm much preference and says that to that wanted more era to White Dora: these ten pesos ten Dora so that you buy something in the recreations Dora: thanks mamita Adamy: and I White mother: I do not have I finish - she has but déjame advertirte that if you already walk yourself bazuqueando with that dog shameless you will know who is White Dora who listened what her mother warned to Adamy her sister to him says that crying almost White Dora lagrimeaba: so that these with those tears of enamored crocodile you are not so idiot this Also conquered Dora to you Adamy: we go hermanita becomes to us late... Ciao mami the willow calls to account Argueta Manferrer They tell that here a woman lives widow who of Good became bad of bad intentions for all that that she tried his daughters as soon as they say that ten days had passed and she had already forgotten the mourning Hope: I notice Claribel to you that I do not want that Asuncio'n director sends notes saying that you walk besándote like one anyone with that the guard Maria Convent handcuffs Santa They tell that in boarding school of nuns has one pretty young lady that suffers its pain in silence because of the badnesses of its mother, monjita this just withdrawn to that Convent, it calls Ximena and all call him sort Ximena say that she in his clothes uses normal as nuns to chest takes beautiful Cross color of gold and say that she this, happens and happened single distance in floor of office single and distance crying being sorry of to be nun because she says that the only thing that it wanted was a husband children not to be that Sort Ximena: ?Dios! Wise Perdóname I could not be strong and you who my only dream was to love It gets another nun to touch the door and said: sister sort Ximena I am it sister to pound Sort Ximena: that he loves sister To pound: to know if Sort Ximena feels well: happen, - it passes sister More in the national institute of the willow that was in the municipal mayorship because they lacked resources to be able to create it, today alumnos/as; they were withdrawing between groups of amigos/as, met platicaban its things of young people The institute (INSA) In the patio of the institute was Adamy, Dora, chepe, Felix and others and arrives Gloria Gloria: ?hola! ?hola! There are all and all boys and girls This gives a greeting kiss them, for Gloria its only one and better friend is Adamy Adamy: like these friend * Gloria: Ho! I am rebién but and you who you have pretty Adamy: sadness disappointment desire of barajustar as crazy my mother prohibited me to walk with chepe, and as soon as I do not love chepe if to Felix and the worse thing is not than this pain me this killing and Claribel that I notice the sad face of Adamy I approach where she was his Adamy friends and Gloria and this part was of I engage in a dialog when greeting Gloria: and that altars friend (in their mind Gloria said: I will not leave you you approach Felix because I love friend) Mementos later in the runners of the municipal mayorship had formed the students and students in each one of the four rows were teachers watching the behavior of alumnos/as, soon left Asuncio'n director Palms, and this she began to order that they did everything what indicated Asuncio'n: sea... attention front firm?ya! And, evil a perfect one that was called Leon Porfirio Porfirio Days: attention all with its right hand wing height of the chest Therefore the prefect ignited a recorder and between all they began to sing slight notes of igno national of the Rescuing Residence Argueta Manferrer In its room was the bitter one of Paty hope: they look for Mrs. to it Esperanza: who Paty Devils: she is a young person who is called Víctor Saúl... pardon does not say that Ernesto is called, if Ernesto the guard is that the children of Ezequiel are so similar the guard Hope in mind says: today I to you touch I noticed to you that if either serious noneras my man of my Paty daughter: that I make then my mister agüela Hope: llévate two whiskey glasses and one bottle but already órale roaring and flying Paty cat: if my ceñito More in the mayorship Was Leopoldo who was the supreme one of laws of that spring, thought that Leopoldo had been the man who tapeworm the best laws and this era dear and respected by all... Leopoldo: lady of good way suplico him that so that no longer is another equal problem its dog lands on water Lady: if... and Also she will pay the treatments of the boy who bit my dog; Leopoldo: that I like lady and for that reason this town while I this east good town will live peacefully and harmony Lady: what I like of you you are that each law is fulfilled that it establishes and you are you a great and exemplary social man and knows I I congratulate it but if you east lack town pa God that wrath to be of this willow I arrive wing mayorship Vidal a great friend from Leopoldo Vidal: Good... Good morning Leopoldo and the lady: Good morning him of God Lady: púes thanks Don Leopoldo good bye until soon - with permission _ health, health púes Leopoldo: that him berry Mrs. Ma's in a house of one money lady was White Doña Blanca very well: from Adamy morning work here with you Ofelia: and the money to that we will occur it her or to you Aparicio: my sky you are free, never you can dejarte manipulate sees walks you know that the freedom is the best thing of this Adamy life: uncle thanks I adore to you, I want to you you are just as my precious papito It was when the boys and girls approached and Frida commentd out of a form expressing itself as with doubt said Frida; I have one doubts Aparicio: that it doubts is that Frida youngster: I have listened to say that your mother adamy I kill your father and who you Aparicio saw everything and that remembered when white it was ed ***reflx mng of his badly builds; and in its memories it said: you paid this damn my brother is not a damn dog right of perpetual ownership "crying almost" Adamy: uncle, uncle passes something Felix: Don Aparicio says something is truth which says then Adamy that way: my mother was able of Gloria: she is already enough, we go becomes late see the clock, cannot be useless, that we risk free of friend watches I I risk me Frida: that you risk? Adamy: uncle respondedme with the truth, my mother made Aparicio: no! White did not do it and better your mother vetoes soon will come from the Adamy willow: uncle, I want to you and I want that you know that I will return Gloria: if, we go the moon has left, the star mantle accompanied Thus those to us they dismissed crying Aparicio: hazla happy and cuídala Felix: I promise it I will make it happy, will be the woman but happy I will share with her what has until the death separates Aparicio to us: you do not cry very small allowed a kiss and a hug I want to give to good bye my life to you They did not imagine that white it was watching them and this in mind said: tonight you die Aparicio my secret well will be kept in the tomb jajaja died I I will destroy to whom put myself against me and those went away while Aparicio remembered when white him naked Aparicio "remembers": aléjate acecina White undresses almost: my love, my life, all this is yours if you always hide by the truth hides Aparicio: either, very or very old ridiculous time is enough vistote you, and to me you do not buy to me with your White body: damn unfortunate street guide you go away to regret, street guide, stupid roquero possessed Aparicio: devilish but nonacecino roquero When I finish remembering that volt its Vista to the sky and said: God mine who becomes your will that loves an a the others, your you know well what happens, which happened and what there are in the lives very back (persigna) While white one went to his house and it was preparing a good dagger that coat of a small small box of paper White color coffee: this dagger crossed your heart and you wraths with your secrets wing fall down damn, I will see you request mercy, plows your funeral in my house for reírme of you jajaja While in the park Jose Maria Rock people enjoy the sagrada music of the group music MDO, they take advantage of to eat exquisite Salvadoran sandwiches like: famous pupusa, sanwish, enchilada and the others more, while others danced others talked and others were prepared to cheer to the night with the partners dramas Group MDO; I touch subjects like: again, it smells to me of solitude and others While it was closed the scene became to ignite the lights with tear gases, and more gave to step entered wing of the teacher of ceremony that was the speaker Medin Blond Alcides Medin: hello very good night to all those pretty girls, to all the young people and adults as they are? And in that public the joy shouts were listened to, when the speaker said: to see somebody with much value that a pump says to us that shows to us that El Salvador is a country with expressive Literature and a young person I raise its hand and the speaker I approach and said: to see as you are called Elida: elida cristela of capuleto Medin: to see a vueltecita my sky, that says the horsemen who of a vueltecita truth and all said themselves; we want a vueltecita (bis) Medin: to see dinos your pump, bumbum Elida: this goes for my ex- Medin fiancè: ready the public: if! Medin: 1, 2, 3 Elida: grape, grape, mill, mill if you do not want to me so that you kiss to me I publish: Bravo, Bravo, Bravo, Bravo, bravísimo did it, made it very well brave! Medin: the palms fuertísimos applause for this young person While the Altagracia teacher walks to fast step, when she arrives finds to all prepared and it express something Altagracia: they are already prepared adamy Adamy: if Altagracia young lady While in the Medin public she said: today we are commemorating the day of and in the public they responded: the Medin human rights: to see they say the rights that know menciónenme some and that put the microphone to them and mentioned rights like: wing life, wing physical and moral integrity, wing religion, wing complementary education, wing Medin freedom: clear those rights are very important, because nobody must right to prevail to a being of its own life While in the Frida dressing rooms; Felix Felix: if! Frida: adelántense you, gilds, chepe, Ricardo, Maribel, Gloria Dora: and! whereupon permission you came adamy has! You know that mother will put furious Gloria: or Dora is enough, later you interrogate it if better we go or hour same Ricardo: if she gilds later platican single OK and thus those left and were left Frida, adamy and Claribel Claribel: adamy friend you will be most beautiful (Claribel, Adamy and Frida) Frida: you are beautiful like a Adamy flower: thanks friends I want much to them will be completes time that we will see Frida: if, I tomorrow leave to Mexico Claribel: I and Saúl left in a deprived boat to the coast of the sun here wing Adamy union: I and Felix will go away to Morazán by Frida years: ojala is very happy because I no longer my embarrass I go to ruin Adamy: nonFrida, is not one pretty creature the one that delays that will be the reason of your existence berries to never leave it, nor tries practicarte either a Claribel abortion: that God blesses to us! To all and all Frida; the platica this relapse but the entrance yours is already takes your cofrog While Aparicio cried, postrado in the ground of knees in the patio of house Aparicio the white: God! God! Because! The life is thus because While by the white garden salio ing ***reflx mng itself gladly to White high outburst of laughter: jajaja... no, no! I thought that you were so weeping jajaja Aparicio: largarte, déjame peacefully acecina White: it watches chiquillo better sees leave me to wings jewels while I look for very inept wing of adamy or to case your you know where this Aparicio: no! Because? White: when it sees it I will give a beating him that did not hold and will die just as its father jajaja While in white mind it said: it bites the invesil hook will take course to you to your death is jajaja While Aparicio said in mind: damn it will move away so that my niece can flee from you although she must give my life, perdóname to you God reason why it must do (it is Aparicio) and thus those mounted to the car that was used in the property to bring foods of the cattle While in the celebration of véngala one noticed in the park many lights of véngala, and on the inside in the scene much tear smoke was seen, While Dora, Chepe, Ricardo and Gloria had entered the scene and they had been placed one to each corner doubling wing forms in the middle of a picture and leaving the space of Medin single: with you it gilds, Ricardo, chepe, and glory students of second year and all the public applauded very worked hard full of rebozo Medin: with you the heroes of presented/displayed history next they are loved the Adamy and Felix Adamy I enter and postro in the center of the scene the lights were extinguished and single I am left a light that it gave direct her and it had a celestial dress, a crown and a sceptre and a personal newspaper, while of a corner chepe began to give a Chepe story: my history is titled my slavery I clear the freedom to me... tell that morning call of carmen was the princess but beautiful who lost her joy because prince of Joshua name Daniel him robbery the freedom and I enslave it to remain locked up saying to him that if dared to put a foot outside the kingdom the guards would eliminate it... tell that the princess requested: Adamy: I want my God freedom union freedom déjame to enjoy a freedom and I leave all this Ricardo prince Daniel: I am jealous of all the men of the willow all want tenerte my Adamy Majesty: prince OH prince! owner of the abstention déjame to be free Daniel: because I have put to you of servant today is of taste that you walk that crown if that delantar of servant you it makes ugly and I want that Aragón is disappointed of you Adamy: OH prince! Perdóneme and by mercy libéreme I am not its slave in addition you already you court wing princess Luciana and that prince retirement, and soon it began a sweet and sad song with marks of pain and light a new LOVE While sweet music with a titled song: Without Dolor"belinda", it sounded the other boys who accompanied adamy danced in a dancil romantic form and that Felix enters who is the love that saves to adamy of the claws of Daniel and it gives back to the freedom to the princess morning call to him, you could notice that while morning call sang Felipe Aragón it opened the newspaper and it found the rose in Medin paper: small small halos congratulations and by this pretty pretty song it freedom is not important Adamy: we tried to give to understand the ugly thing just a little bit that one feels to be enslaved and mistreated not then thanks I good night adore the applause of the public were beautiful, and were hundreds of people, until reporters of television and newspaper journalists important of the country and the foreigner While white and Aparicio had moved away by mounts vacated in the car White: poor devil as jokes you bit the hook everything was measured wing stupid Aparicio: your also cuñadita offered White one: not I already that very estupida of your niece I escape with Felix Aparicio: that you go to me to make witch and that I approach and the false hug and crying said to him: I, I! Kill Medardo has, already is Aparicio: because? You did it because damn it is? And white of backs him nail the dagger and said to him: by this damn jajaja Aparicio: no! And that prey of fury nailed the dagger time and time again to him and while the single one said: God takes care of my nieces And hardly Aparicio could articulate words, whereas in a matter of one hour but late that had died acecinado but white it had left it in hills While to the celebration group MDO took leave And in the dressing rooms chicos/as, was congratulated mutually occurring hugs between if, and white had arrived at its White house: damn the car leaves it but blood plenty has left ojala is no track mine, but to the aim your estupido jajaja and no that shot a photography of Aparicio While continuous hope giving turns to its wild passions with the young people, while Paty enchants to him to observe what this woman does; and today it was with a mysterious youngster, to who it gave money to him to be with the Hope: you will have much money if, you follow thus, and remembers much that the young person teaches responds to you: or it is obvious that you taught to me to as even giving him to use dirt condón, whichever but you are going to be saying that to me time and time again or have arto to me Hope: nobody is due to find out that I sell the Young drug to you: if, already, OK, you understand good bye to me we see in another one (Hope selling to him drugs to a young lover of her) and Paty says: that God shame, santo time as it is the power saw, time as it is the broken bridge While Medin continued entertaining the Medin public: let us receive with a strong applause to Jacqueline a pequeñina of the Scholastic Center Jose Francisco Barrundia, who comes to speak a little to us of the freedom and the public applauded the entrance of that precious niñita Jacqueline: hello, good night to all and all I boy to speak to them of the Medin freedom: let us listen as the children express themselves, eye this is very but very important Jacqueline: it is possible to be ugly, pretty, poor, rich, ill, healthful; but what he does to us more humans and nearer God are the freedom and for that reason I say to you that: GOD UNION FREEDOM Medin: fuertísimo applause for the pequeñina that represents the Barrundia Jacqueline: thanks for its attention good night! Medin: incredible no! The children are intelligent and is for that reason that we must become aware and try to change to things like the delinquency, the robberies, crimes, drugs and alcoholism, maras that is to which but it is afraid to him for that fear we lose the freedom, things very important is what said of I complete: GOD UNION FREEDOM, God truth please we have a world to live young children and adult we are craftsmen of La Paz because they know that new generations will come and but perverse but we can seed our mustard granite, either very or today who we celebrated the day of the human rights, I ask for the entrance of the Ros teacher melis that will give to the concept of Ros rights melis us: have all and each one of the presents very good night, I am the teacher of third year secretaryship and in this case been called on the honor very well to present to me to them that it is a right? And straight it is what it corresponds to us by justice, well and between some rights we have the right free wing expression, right wing medica attention, wing life and many but, thanks for its laborious attention good night! Continue enjoying the finery in honor halos human rights in White white house was more seated in a chair remembering the horroroso crime that committed with Aparicio and it tapeworm doubts of knowing whichever stabs gave the young White: God, whichever stabs I did not occur him not if they are thirty or forty what if is that hatred was furious it, it hatred even died Suddenly occurred to a fort wind that precipice the picture where they were the photos of its daughter adamy and the finado Aparicio, and a black angel salio, of the pictures that were broken when falling to the ground, and white I remain very pale of that scare White stuttered of the fear of the happened thing since he was solita and it shouted of here for already White: aid! Cachón the demon, the black has escaped and comes by my; aid, aid, aid! Black angel: in your face the fear is reflected the fear after convertirte in criminal the demon has chosen to you to be its White disciple: and I could be rich, úrica very rich black Angel: in your hands this to double your power if you know to be patient you will have what you wish in three springs, while it seeds cizaña of the badly White one: three years of delay these crazy angel estupido, unfortunate cowardly idiot black Angel: guárdate your insults for your new White son-in-law jajaja: as you know it? Who you said it? Black angel: to you that he is incumbent to you White: largate today already the everything can largarte estupido black Angel: I congratulate to give thirty and five stabs to you to your White cuñadito: thirty and five, thirty and five no, if! No, if! While Hope glided to undo of its Claribel daughter, and for them it gave strict you order his crew members; cinnamon-coloured and you die Hope: tomorrow to the dusk when my daughter comes from mass, I want that they kidnap it and they take it to the farm You die: but! If she is his daughter Hope: I did not request your invesil opinion to you, you ilimítense to fulfill You die: and after? Hope: they kidnap it better take it to the boarding school that this wing exit of the town the superiora mother will give instructions there them where to put it, is that the farm is very uncertain While Paty watched at a distance all hidden inside of the locker and this in mind said: this old time crazy you salio badly everything because your daughter to these hours must be taking leave of his amigos/as Cinnamon-coloured: and with noviecito that we do? We borrowed it or that? Ja lady by God santísimo! Hope: to that me they leave me I to it I will know as to eliminate it and now lárguense of my she rechambers that if Paty sees them it thought bad of one as honorable lady as I! And Paty Adds: honorables the cows and the garrapatas While in the celebration the hour had arrived to give loose rein to the plan that was had prepared, where the young people would denounce each horror lived in institute, vámonos direct to the dressing rooms to see what it is prepared Where he was adamy and all los/as, young people Gloria: the hour has arrived! Frida: I will not be able, that man killed Nobody to me imagined that Porfirio lion watched Ana: chavas, chavos! Perdónenme, by the errors of my Chepe life: it is the hour to demand Saúl lion: watch we are going to say the truth, nothing of fear today! Felix finishes to the cowardice: after the one of today they spent long springs in which we will not become to see Adamy: Frida you remember, even though lion seduced to you Was when I enter lion and Frida was put pale, of the scare and that said: berry! Berry! A plot against my pretty person no! Gloria: idiot vetoes Camellia: he olvídese of which we are going to give return to after Ricardo: single memory, when you threw by the stairs my fiancèe and of that Leon died: and whereupon you proved it! If and that is truth I I kill the estupida one of Noelia and that! Who goes to me to do something? Adamy: damn, your, as I hate to you you did the miserable life to him to me Leon friend: she has! Adamy cries estupida already does not shake the pulse for destruirte to you and! Claribel: damn even memory when? You said my beloved to me and I will give everything you what you want Leon: if! If I kill Noelia, I seduced to you you, I wanted that your adorable Saúl, outside a lost one in the world of drugs, abuses Frida and nobody knew Adamy to it: right now Don Leopoldo finds out of which you did my friend to him "says to go away" Leon: a little while you of here nonsalts estupida, nobody goes away Went when adamy said to go away of the place and that the volume and I push it that that slowly gave against a wall, while in I publish nobody wise person which was happening Adamy: even side prefect or Leon shout: this is so that I do not put to you with migo and this it gives a strong slap him and is of which the lance to give against the wall and that of the blow is unconscious, while Felix talks back Felix to him: because? Damn your damn Frida: already Frida déjate of fear and Leon cowardices: jajaja... therefore wanted them to see, the poor woman diabla of Frida takes value the invesil from Felix cries by its Julieta Dora: hermanita, adamy hermanita is contiguous now and! That I will say to him to mother? Queee? Gloria: adamy... adamy friend, amix, adamy returns friend you do not leave us today in this day that you opened to the eyes your nonFrida to us: damn I swear to you that you go away to regret this you the Leon right of perpetual ownership: already! By God, better escúchenme well what boy to say Camellia to them: that! You are going to kill to us or that? Leon: I love a hostage to make sure that you they did not denounce before the authorities Camellia to me: tómame to me Leon: you are invaluable, I I want wing dead fly that this in a faint Gloria: no! To her not better tómame to me Ricardo: not your no! Cautious Leon had sent to its beautiful wing Ana Chepe: if you dare to put a single finger to him to me fiancèe Ana I kill Ana to you: déjalo we are going to see to where she is able Dora: it peacefully leaves me friend Suddenly I am listened to the voice of the masterful ceremony is to say the voice of Medin that from the scene called to the boys of second general Frida: in the scene they call Leon to us: you raise and if they speak to a word this, hairs of rat paid all Gloria: go, váyanse all but fast Adamy: that I happen to me, because I am in the ground, because it hurts the head to me? Leon: they do not seem to you too many questions so they already know what it passed to this if they speak to him, váyanse you leave this fly recovers and vein as they justify the glory absence and adamy now lárguense Adamy: go! All left and lion went for a warehouse with glory, while adamy I remain single and I disconnect the camera that they had prepared to discover Adamy lion: by my friends I have it to do adamy Suddenly felt bad was like puntada in his stomach, and what nobody I imagine it was that Ricardo went after lion persecuting it to clear to glory the woman to him who loved Medin in I publish said: let us receive with a fort and nourished applause a: adamy and its group of friends and Claribel said: we felt our friends adamy and ill glory is Saúl: we are determined to speak of, of While lion saw the young people with badness eyes, doing to him gestures of which if adamy spoke and glory would pay everything, while adamy with a strong pain venia with the camcorder, but Ricardo untied to glory and together they left the cellar "warehouse" Gloria: thanks! Thousand thanks Ricardo Ricardo: your! Your! You know that I you, to Gloria: we go fast, before that evildoer comes but already we go those Thus two left to free race, for the room where the celebration was being celebrated, while Adamy walks with that pain was with Gloria and Ricardo Gloria: adamy that you have? We go wing infirmary see Ricardo: tráeme here the Adamy camera: no, no, better, better it looks for the television and the VHS Ricardo: this good but! It sees wing Adamy infirmary: no! Boy! Boy to hold I can wait for but this! No! And no! While in the public Camellia: we in tonight want to speak to them of the good way of discipline in the educative institutions Claribel: and for them we are going to give an average introduction them of some bad ways to use the discipline Was when adamy said: if of the bad discipline that they have in this institute He were when all were put of foot and they said between if: that him step? Because she walks sangrosa? Who did that to him, like step? Altagracia: Blessed God like? And the mayor said: girl who did that to you? Adamy: that does not matter better see the following images you you will be able to see and to count the questions there that have become Gloria: chepe conéctalo, your Saúl pon the VHS So on was seeing the images there, and the public admired itself of each pronounced horror While in hope house, she read a magazine and suddenly she said in his mind
Hope: tomorrow you will be mine, single mine saulito, will regret haberte enamored with my daughter in white house She More thought something different White: I must be united him wing glory cat to separate Felix of my daughter, because my daughters must marry with a rich one who them of which I could not and I did not have While the train ran the town in the park near the parish of the train was lowering a pretty young woman with aspect of bad woman Its name was: Candy Alejandrina Wild Chávez, and father Agustín Romero Gomes; it had been going to gather it wing station of trains, and that woman when low of the train made a look to the town, to leguas I notice that it did not like Candy: that estupido town, damn town it single hatred people NACA has, which but hits to me is that I come from governess for mocosos in this stupid boarding school and there I arrive the father and said: pardon! You are it Dulce young lady: Candy Alejandrina Wild Chávez Agustín Father: a pleasure Sweet Gomes young lady: the taste is mine father Agustín Agustín: you worked in the castle virgin islands of the Willow, either in the orfarinato or this other Sweet person: this good father thanks But in the celebration the police had arrested lion while the fury prisoner put itself to shout Leon: damn your adamy I curse to your friend them hatred, but me boy with the taste of which Frida is pregnant of my Frida: cállate! Unfortunate Cállate! Adamy: you thought that you were going away to leave with yours no! Papito nape of the neck never we will leave one of our friends are mistreated by dogs as you and lion in a negligence of the police them exempt a weapon with which firing to kill beautiful wing adamy, but the Ricardo young person that saw the maneuvers of Ricardo prefect: noooo! Adamy noooo! It was when three followed shots resonated that crossed the chest of the young person, not to taste, decided to acecinar the same one nailing a shot in the Adamy mouth: Ricardo, Ricardo friend Dora: an ambulance, a Ricardo ambulance: no! If I no longer Gloria: Ricardo friend no! Leopoldo: you are brave holds All the young people and youngsters cried by their Frida friend: you, Ricardo cannot be died friend no! Friend you cannot be gone Dora: you taught to us that it is worth the trouble to fight reason why Adamy is loved: Ricardo you listened to when mother punished to me, you to me it give me to eat when she did not have to eat, when it did not walk nor a cent divided by Ricardo half: glory, glory Gloria: here I am.... Altagracia: brave boy your you are yourself a hero a man strong Ros melis: young people we give Ricardo air him: teachers, teachers, friends, friends please never forget Camellia to me: we never plow it, because your these and you will be here with us and Saúl said to him to glory in a solo place Saúl: there are of its last minutes of the happiest life Gloria: I do not understand Saúl to you: dile that it masters as she loves you Gloria to you: if! Thanks While the mother of Ricardo shouted of pain Mother: hijito, very small son... because your who you did not put with anybody porqueee? Ricardo: mamita, mami was something that was going to happen anyway, and I go away happy because I could see them all the beings who master and love Mother to me: very small son heart your no, notices you are going to still go we even have together things to live Asuncio'n: Ricardo youngster you does not go away you you are the boy but noble and brave of the INSA you Ricardo remains: no, since but it wanted but single I have a Adamy desire: that? He tell me that he is and I plow everything what is by cumplírtelo hermanito pretty amiguito Felix: dilo Ricardo Chepe friend: I that he is? Ricardo: friend, chepe friend you do not say it Was when glory said: my love, Ricardo please you do not fence yourself you do not leave Ricardo again me single: you.... You... to..., master "dies" Those loosen the weeping, what it was celebration I finish in Asuncio'n tragedy: please all silence by a minute of silence by the soul of our dear friend Juan Ricardo Richard and all in silence put in mind their Adamy thought: friend who God receives in its santa glory Dora to you: you were always my friend, my brother my informer Ricardo thanks Camellia: it always loves to you but never you I said it and today it burns east pain to me haberte seen die my love, but I that there am you will be better; you have gotten rid of the pains and pains this world god bless you Frida: you have left to a writing desk, nonsingle your notebooks nonsingle, if not your voice, your tenderness your smile, your space in our hearts your sweet gesture towards all your supported for the sad ones, and glad Felix: you left us you were yourself friend you left everything here what one has gone away of is your body here because your these alive one in all we Chepe: I have never had friends like your the one who I lost now, perhaps I is bad, egoistic evildoer, jealous but I have feelings friends, friends family and your era but that a friend was a brother, you know you have left me without friends because God because you have cleared me only but the pretty thing of the life, I decide to me when it was going to him to beat, in its eyeglasses so that it did not see and one tripped, but something me prevented it and I did not want and from there we stayed as friends, but although you were yourself your you live here with us Claribel: your these in our hearts, your you will be our angel from the sky as you were it here Saúl: thanks for that patience, that smile, that corazonzote full of moral and spiritual values Gloria: I feel happy of haberte given I complete good bye with love, and I that your body this but is of the sun and the sea and this to the other side of the sun but your mind your spirit this in our hearts and aya you will be better, ojala this had not finished Ana thus: by my invesil púdrete in hell, because your eras the best friend of very estupida of adamy, of chepe of Felix of all less of my Suddenly in the Ana mind I imagine the spirit of the young person and it said to him: God! It sends east message to you that your you fight to save your soul these on time cleans your conscience, and looks for because I was not your friend and Ana remembered when she made fun of of the Ana: invesil poor man four eyes, that can be friend yours, who is going away to fix to voice if not tenes nothing of having Altagracia: very brave young person fuistes until the day of your death you have shown that the friendship and the love are two beautiful things and very different for that reason your you will be as my guide to be a new teacher and that follows God Ros melis: thanks for your smile, so that always you were in stop in the INSA, always your face said good morning good afternoon, without pretty knowledge that your also you underwent humiliations, that judged you by your lenses, by your fealdad, but eras but the beautiful one between all and pretty Asuncio'n: you will ascend to skies with honors with crown and happiness because you have left thousands here and million friends whom they love to you and remembered to you by always like I, today can irte happy and live with our father God Maribel: your death marks the beginning of a full era of fights by a sensational super world, for my it will be the history but huge that will tell my children, your valentía, friend you will live in my being until I complete day of my death, ojala in my destiny finds young people like your, today friend vetoes to the sky and from there are guíanos by always friend Suddenly Adamy, Felix, Claribel, Saúl, Frida, Gloria, Camellia, Maribel, Chepe; they could observe as the young person descended to the sky with a sweet smile saying to them good bye and all crying embraced an a others, but also saw like the body of Porfirio lion; it requested aid because the demon was dragging it (She descends to the Ricardo sky and she descends to hell lion) Mother: my son, my drinks was itself, my pretty son to dead Saúl: lady has left but to been left everything in our Adamy heart: in our soul, in our being she will always live by Ricardo, and she accompanied in the good Felix: single Leopoldo cost to see the writing desk to us of our friend there: the closed INSA this until new dates, and tomorrow we will bury to Christian the mortal rest of our friend to our hero With the fled one from the time was arriving the light from the dawn that illuminated the new day The young people ignited a velita and all together ones said an oration by eternal rest of their friend, while of the streets the newspaper was in favor was being sold like hot bread the salesman: the news of last hour dies acecinado a youngster of the INSA One lady: who? Salesman: here cómprelo leaves everything llevelo, the extra news young cry lost of an angel the civilian authorities give closing to honorable institute INSA, dies the Porfirio evildoer lion Perez, even acecinando youngster of seventeen years While wings mansions are arriving newspapers In the terrace from their mansion takes the breakfast the evil hope Hope: it must give a good explanation me of its absence Claribel Llega Paty with the Paty newspaper: ceñito, ceñito Hope: that? Because these scared so that outcries, him step something to me Paty daughter: read, watches sees with his own garlic, I say to eyes Hope: that? Died east youngster now I understand because my daughter did not come to sleep, dresses and dile also to peto who prepares the limosina and to cinnamon-coloured that I sent a branch of flore with a dedication, your you get dressed because we will go to the Paty tomb: now I say to him with permission While white I listen to in the radio this Speaker: in the last local news a tragedy in the park Jose Maria Rock, dies Aryan a youngster to defend its friend Glenda Adamy Turcios, supposedly the suicidal acecino after the happened thing, and today the young people give I complete good bye to the young person, but well vámonos léanse from the funeral the hope Another speaker I even connect myself and said: we were in the undertaker the hope where they are being guarded the mortal rest of the young person Juan Ricardo Richard we go to between Vista young wing that the deceased defended hello! You are adamy Adamy truth: if! I am the reporter: he tell me as it happened everything? Adamy: we glided to denounce the abuses that the prefect committed since our families did not believe to us, but while we planned it listened to everything to us, but we had connected a camera by any thing that passed Reporter: and that blow in your face like step? Adamy: fury prisoner because I was going to denounce it when I said to leave I take from the arms and I push myself against the wall and is unconscious and when I returned already the tapeworm and was moving away with m i friend glory Gloria: everything was horrible, I thought that it was going to die into the hands of that narcotics trafficker Reporter: it is truth that you are going to sing to him in the national cemetery of the Frida willow: if we have prepared I complete good bye for that angel who goes away to us, and until I had to delay my trip to Mexico to be with my great friend of the soul Reporter: Sir director who thinks of the happened thing in his Asuncio'n institution: truely he ignored what he was happening; many students had already complained which she handled them, harassed persistent Altagracia mind: this is something that it has to us consternados because sad request is something please leaves its interviews him for later Reporter: we return to XYS the best radius of the rescuer and white said: I must go to sepelio of that young person I arrive hope with Paty, and the driver with a great florero Claribel: mami I could not avisarte perdóname Hope: if, daughter is Saúl no problem: good day lady! Like this? Hope: badly, very badly Claribel: because? Mother Hope: Beatriz is my friend and is the mother of the deceased Hours later were going to bury the body of the young person, act to which all the humble town of the willow occurred to appointment, while the bells of the church you resonated, you screamed mariachis with its sad song gave a way to the cemetery in the middle of the pain When they arrived at the general cemetery when they already were on the verge of burying to the body of, young glory requested Gloria a little while: Juan Ricardo I leave my more febrile memory here you a flower with my perfume that to be with you always Camellia in its mind said: you know that my pain is a pain that cannot be covered thus by thus because the one is a love that you left me for that reason Ricardo you will be always my unique one and true love my first and only love ten of me this rose and this kiss with my lips I love to you It was when that pink callus key to the hole where the coffin went to make deposit of Juan Ricardo, soon faint in candy arms the governess of the palace of the virgins Sweet: girl, youngster, water alcohol which is Frida: that she happens? With you camellia desahogate returns Adamy: sad everything is your day is sadness as we wanted that you were not yourself fuistes the being of Altagracia kindness: girl, reacts Camellia: that, that I happen to me and that saw as the coffin were going away Camellia: you do not go away Ricardo llevadme with you Ricardo my love; you do not leave me here no! Single in this full world of badness not please no! While they were burying to the young person the boys sang together the famous one I title: The FRIEND WHO PERDI When they finished and to sing all said: Juan Ricardo rests peacefully Richard JUAN RICARDO RESTS PEACEFULLY RICHARD 1968- 1983 They spent months and months the school was even closed 4 months later In the park was reunited all the young people, was arriving one by one and horita finishes arriving Saúl Saúl: to that it must? this meeting friends and friends Now Felix arrived Felix: as it is the reason for his call? Ana: if to that as much Frida uproar: Ana wanted to go to me dismissing to me of all you: by God for that reason they made me waste me time, by my largate Felix: that good because I take leave of you Gloria: and that Because? Frida: they say that camellia suicidal Gloria: it was so sad that callus in that so hard depression by the love that felt by Ricardo Dora: incredible they have passed four months Gloria: it seems that many go to make mother in a moment Dora: if, she goes to make Claribel boy: guao young and mine goes to make niñita Gloria: berry! It seems that their children go away to great house when they are Todos/as: jajaja! Gloria: not then thus it is the life can pass nonSaúl: clear who says that no? then clear that she can be and one that knows who arranges it is God Adamy: good Frida, goes for Mexico Felix: you and I go away since we had also planned it Saúl: Claribel your and I also Adamy and Claribel: if! Dora: sister vetoes your has suffered and deserves to be happy by once in my life I want darte that joy if Héctor Antonio were acecinado I no longer I will return to look for another Chepe love: thus she does not gild either because it is very recent what to happened with your loving, with the death of your Aparicio uncle Dora: who could kill my uncle? Adamy: if, that were something very cruel Gloria: maginate thirty and five Frida stabs: good the train comes I I go away soon until Dora: when? You return Frida: when it is born my- the Adamy truth does not drink not: that in the same train we go everything guao! Claribel: good single that we not soon go for different courses the train unemployment and Adamy, Felix, Frida, Saúl and Claribel took leave of its friends and the train left rumbó to Mexico Dora: ojala Gloria is very happy: they will be it I that they will be very happy Chepe: Ana you want to go to take an ice cream Ana: clear that if With the fled one from the time; everything was changing of generation After to have spent three years, the town had changed much today ran but car routes bus, the train happened twice to the month, the schools you publish received but aid of the government the willow counted more on other businesses, say that Agustín father the era the new priest of the church San Antonio de Padua Morazán October 4 of 1986 Adamy and Felix was not very happy as she thought it, is told that in his newspaper it wrote the pains of his pain, and today had three Adamy children: wanted daily today 4 of October I write another drop but of my blood diciéndote which never I will be happy I was born to suffer and perhaps I will die suffering, I thought that Felix loved to me but not only I was desire for, about this world the only force that moves to me is my mother and my children of I do not have desire there to live by, the pretty thing of my wedding became pain and bitterness, which but rages gives me is that I want to you equal or but that and I hold each blow yesterday to you, each anger, each fury, each frustration, Felix and the only thing is that I realize is that I love to you and without you not to live itself because I love to you I adore my single life to you is life by you Felix (Adamy and its photos of wedding and writing in its newspaper of pain) Felix of its work Entered Felix: already tenes hartazón Adamy: if my love Felix: it lets write puercada in this these already old estupida newspaper understands you are not so childish Adamy: already! It is enough you have to me satiates Felix, is satiated damn is the second in which it enamors to me with you, damn the second in which your you left I will delude with tigo Felix to me: jajaja! Estupida "gives a slap him and it leaves it bleeding" Adamy crying says to him: this same afternoon I release to me of this, dirt farm you understand quédate to me single you like a dog Felix: no, lady you does not go away with her husband, you know that your to have she is to obey to me and to aim to me, to husband, family, children well was what you wanted all you have it no! Adamy: you said husband, m to r i d or Felix: if I said that and! Adamy: no! By nothing Felix: that I like Adamy: but that if this same week I release to me of here I do not want to follow with tigo, already holds much to you but I no longer hold but Felix: but we go away together like the happy marriage? There that the volume of the hair and said to him: you understood to me slimy and I want that you know very well that single you are my woman to take care of to me and to give birth children OK With l to passed of the three long Adamy years and Felix they had had two children men and one girl, Claribel and Saúl Vivian in the great city of San Miguel they had a gorgeous girl, gilds who by those years had been in the property she had had a pretty boy, Leopoldo and rebeca had had a son man to whom they called to him: Rubén Policarpo; but Rebeca had died after the childbirth and Leopoldo was in comma after an accident that was tended six months ago, Ana and Chepe Vivian in free union, but chepe tapeworm the obsession to even cause that adamy was hers by the good ones or by the bad ones at the cost of cruel and despiados deceits who would come, White and Hope they even contained terrible badly humor Were or the four of afternoon an enormous group of people hoped to that the train stopped to wait for to its relatives or friendships, and in the shutdown of the train under adamy the Medardo and Blanca daughter In the town walked itself the newness of which adamy it had arrived in the train of the four from afternoon and while the evildoer Ana bought I listen to those rumors and the fears of the past began to remove themselves Herminia: I have listened to say to the sovereign of the palace the virgin islands thinks to discard to Don Leopoldo like mayor and who today it will be replacing another Sarita: if but it will be by very little because I am sure that tito she gained Boundary: clear that if tito first Enrique Yolanda waste basket: to that they do not know the new one? Irma: today if you do not say it we do not know but movete decilo Yolanda man: he has! Returned Todos/as: who? I arrive Ana and said to sarita Doña Ana: I want four pupusas and two soda waters? Sarita: if I already give espéreme minutes to them that the gadget this gueno Yolanda: Adamy and Felix! They have returned It was when Ana who was distracted I listen to and volt slowly see and said: that? Adamy and Felix you said to that... repítelo Yolanda very well: Adamy and Felix have returned Ana: no! That damn one cannot return nonBoundary: I also saw the arrival of adamy but I saw ugly, haggard mistreated, struck Irma: he is that you are Ana the rival of Adamy Boundary: largate vetoes witch leaves to beautiful wing Adamy Ana peacefully: single I say to them that the misfortune lands on water to this town and you Herminia right of perpetual ownership vacated this town that it: God mine who this happening! Sarita: have his order Ana: Herminia thanks: he apprehends to live with love Indeed say that adamy had lowered of the train wings four of afternoon and also they say that the new sovereign was bad, but what nobody imagined that the new sovereign was a diabolic spirit who replaces queen Rayo Mix While in the property the Altamira, white was in the room of the property with his daughter gilds and to his grandson White Jorge: you must rather take care of to your son woman Dora: if mother but you know as it is my desire now! White: in which your you wish daughter I help you tell me that you wish Dora: deslamada knowledge that was the heartless one or that I kill to me love Héctor White Antonio: it has if! That cruel or the the one that that God did it keeps somebody Suddenly I call the timbre of the fore door Dora: who will be? White: obvious if you do not open you will not know Dora: ojala outside my White sister: happy she felt to see it here to me again so that she pardons Dora to me: Diosito that is she! If échame a ojito! And it gilds went to open the door and when opening it I take the surprise of which to quine it found went to glory Gloria: hello! Amix since there are been? Dora: she has! You are your happens! It happens I am thanks White well: glory! Gloria: hello! White like this White you: either very or thanks Dora: glory you want water, coffee, chocolate or milk Gloria: if eucalyptus can sírveme you Dora: and your White mother: first she sees wing pharmacy and she buys my medicines of the sugar Dora: she serves there that I bring the eucalyptus of same White: it takes the money from the hijita gavetero and that raised and glory said to him in low voice to white: listen to say that your daughter I arrive already here at the White town: good wine looking for his nonGloria: this time we will take revenge ourselves easily White: clear I am preparing something to him that you never forgot the right of perpetual ownership Gloria: that plan of a night this very good for selling it and quedarte with the chicken broth White voice: if I will deal with which chepe is fought with Ana and your you called it and you indicated to him where Gloria found the infidelity of her husband chepe: if, and in a moment I will be very happy and while above she gilds in which she removed the money found the ring that she gave Héctor before she went away and she was there when that remembered where I give to that ring Dora to him: my love takes this is my memory never you vote, never you leave it to nobody or nothing separates to you of the Héctor Antonio: if my love you the right of perpetual ownership by my life and the our son Dora: my love I love Héctor to you Antonio: it takes east fish that takes by Jesus name that are the source of life for you for me and for our son and our love Dora: thanks my love Dora shot to cry itself and returned to her memories and remembered that its mother I assure justice to him by that had committed the crime of his loved White Héctor: the one that she has killed that humble man paid with, grimas of damn blood the one that that Dora did: who was? Curse because because? White: hijita, daughter my single sky these I am not and when she gilds she returned from his memories said: mother if you killed it you paid very expensive not by my if not by God While in the room those glory and white laughed like crazy people White: your if that you know good jokes and Dora lowered the stairs with tears in the eyes and when it saw its mother it said: mother I will know a day if you did it but today Gloria is not the moment of reclamarte: it passes something gilds White: because you cry? I said because you cry Dora: questions still White: clear because it one is not that I ask Dora to you: by anything already olvídalo things mine good bye I go away diviértanse When it gilds left wing street was with Felix and Adamy Adamy: hello hermanita! Dora: hello like these pretty hermanita! Adamy: very well here with my children and my husband Felix: hello like this Dora: very well thanks and you Felix: equal thank you very much young lady Dora: Mrs. Tengo to me son, and I am going away to marry soon with lieutenant Arnulfo VigÍl Adamy: and mother Dora: they see we go this in house there chismeando with glory is the bread of those two When wing arrived marries and entered glory put of foot and him flare of the hands the White water glass: woman who happens to you you have seen a ghost or that? And white nor mosqueaba to see what that had seen Dora: White mother: that soon you returned, is that there is pharmacy today in the farms or that? Dora: your daughter this has returned here and adamy way and I am placed after her Adamy: mamita I have returned White: larguense of my house I do not want them to never see and the children of adamy are to say martyr and Carlos put itself to play with Jorge was when white smiled and said: that pretty they see Dora: siéntense They say: very amiable thanks More in the mansion Argueta Manferrer Paty: hello! Very small pretty hello Claribel: this my Paty mother: she has! Mrs. Saúl Said: I ask to you if this Mrs.. Paty: it has! If this raises in its room reading and those raised, Paty was put to load wing drinks and I take it one rechambers; while hope read like always, it was when their daughter and her son-in-law entered Claribel: hello mother good morning! Hope: that they want váyanse of here! Claribel: mírame I am your daughter, your Saúl daughter: and as this mother-in-law Went when she slowly volt to see and when saw first that she saw she went to Saúl and in its mind I calculate a sight and an evil thought Hope: this but beautiful one that never and today to returned to settle accounts and your you are going away to die hijita in life as well as Ximena jajaja Claribel: mother my husband speaks Hope to you: she has if! Either or! Claribel Thanks: and! Hope: it will order to Paty that prepares a quarter for both and one for drinks Claribel: mother perdónanos if Hope: daughter, if your you are the unique thing that I have like not perdonarte, if my other Saúl children already died: I do not worry I will be like his son Hope: ojala you are as well as you say Claribel: we will remain very little mamita, because Saúl, and I we go away to the United States Hope; to that? If there is it is worse than in El Salvador it has here is taken place although there are good Claribel uses: trivialities mother if in all place she must herself suffer, hunger poverty and diseases, I am not riquilla all these luxuries do not belong I to me I am a travelling Saúl: nonmiador we are travelling your I and our daughter Hope: and then to who will inherit all this to him to the mice or the cockroaches of the house
Claribel: to your better granddaughter or to the poor men Hope: Never to those unfortunate street guides Claribel: you have not changed your idea of the poor truth always you detest Hope: better it already rests because but late we will have a supper with my Saúl friendships: I do not lower Hope: but! Because? Saúl: I detest to those señoriítos of category that occur of very; very Claribel: it is truth mother we can have supper single in family to that if Paty also feels like with us as of today Hope: I leave to something clear daughter you the cats do not have supper with the Claribel gentlemen: I make to you clear that the servitude is human of meat and bone if mother you do not offend to that always it serves to you In the town I emphasize the disaster of the newness Boundary: they already arrived Sarita; who? Boundary: Adamy Felix, I saw them enter wing Altamira Irma: also I saw that Claribel and Saúl were gathered by a limosina of Saúl Soon a young person seated and said thus by therefore the young person: leave to the others Irma peacefully: that you say to cat the young person: Herminia your you will be mother of whom it is not born of your belly but you will feel happy single I say delay to you drizzled of ten months and will be happy of being the mother of a lost binocular Herminia: it is my dream as you knew the young person to it: sarita, Irma, Yolanda, you will die Irma: jajaja Boundary: the young person is a Christian appearance: the misfortune has fallen in love with a black October east town will be the frame for a folded legend of an incognito curse Yolanda: and I because I am going to die if I have not said anything bad, and if I did perdóname by mercy perdóname and this I kneel down and kiss the mantle of the young girl the young person: your pardon is true and real you will live and that young girl descended to skies raised by the Angels Irma: because I offended it if it were a message of God? Sarita: that is already a stupidity an illusion a Irma dream: if amix When suddenly a stray bullet I cross the head of Irma and this fell slowly to the ground, and its friends to not they believed Irma him: me, I go away friends God pardon to doubt Sarita: noooo! Indeed pink she walked in making the purchases and Paty also and gilds buying medicines and there they saw all Dora: that shot knows of where venia Paty: it is what happens when they throw shots by thus Irma thus: please they create in God the suplico I I must myself go I arrive the police Police 1: as all this happened? Irma: Sir was a stray bullet Police 2: and know you of where that side came? Irma: I did not feel the touch in my head and he was already everything "dies" Sarita: friend noooo! Because Herminia: God mine we aid! They spent the days and nights After to have spent days and nights, tells that nights after night hope it seduced Don Saúl the guard, and in the day they say that wing mistreated young wing sometimes put the hot tetero to him forces and she whenever the girl grew but she was it hating, Ana and Chepe had fought itself by the jealousy that Ana tapeworm, and all assured that Ana was outside the town when in fact he was but near which imagined, soon would initiate a revenge against Adamy, Blanca and Gloria; they had given to loose rein even plan without truce in which the badness would perhaps prevail One week later had passed much and tonight a great supper in the mansion Argueta Manferrer was had, but wing time one hour for the supper was another supper in the Altamira, needed so single Residence Argueta Manferrer In the room of the girl was Hope, giving him the tetero wing drinks; and mistreating it without imagining that this time went to do surprised by somebody or said by several people Hope: damn estupida tomato this invesil express I want verte dead estupida mocosa, you know your father mocosa, likes will be mine jajaja mine, although she must to you eliminate you It was when Saúl surprised it saying to him that it was going it to eliminate Saúl: that you say? That you have said? Hope: nothing my single love played, if my love tonteras mine better andale we play I have! And Paty that indeed left to clean the hope room I listen that hope said to Saúl Hope to him: andale Claribel has left to mass and Paty shot the furious plumero and said: old power saw wants to ruin my girl But in it puts it that todos/as; they call the "Long one to him" on a rock was White, Gloria and Chepe, they and they were planning a revenge in which all would gain something but they would not imagine, that somebody would leave desaventajado Chepe: adamy finally single mine by the good ones or the bad ones is that wise I who to wait for serious best finally adamy jajaja White: and where they are the verdecito mine, my Chepe tickets: white has giving and giving pajarito flying Gloria: already truthful white your you will be millionaire of by White life: jajaja... finally will leave east tufoso farm to goat Gloria: they ten White patience: I will take it with a good plan that already I have in mind Gloria: the witch of your Chepe woman hears and: Ana went away I shout itself ugly and Chepe remembered the discussion that had with Ana Ana: it has returned damn of Adamy and you; wraths as dog to watch it to I put Chepe"recordando": and that matters to you! Ana"recordando": right of perpetual ownership that I kill them if I see together you to them the Chepe right of perpetual ownership you understand Chepe"recordando to me": jajaja... largate of my house because here adamy will live my? Ana "remembering": I go away but I swear to you that one by one both everything paid to me, because you know either I began my revenge and I have I throw a mortal spell or the truthful thing When I finish its memories White said: spell and that class of enchanted will be? Gloria: borders and you create it nonWhite is a stupidity of Ana Chepe: I have been witness to know the things that that woman uses and that it is truth which says White: and! thus these so fried no! Then you him to me Chepe: not then although after the taste I die to me! It dies to me but I will go away satisfied with which the woman of my dreams was mine White: but! You leave my billetitos me no Mansion Argueta Manferrer Even continued Hope seducing Don Saúl Saúl: it knows that old mona sighted because to me it gives neither heat me nor it fried to see it bare has like changa doñita, and knows that tonight we released ourselves here of Hope: but because if I love to you, and if you go away I swear that your wife and your daughter paid the Saúl consequences: never, lady never because I am called Saúl Hope: before, I kill I make sure them, but my love my secret lover nobody will know it and your daughter and your wife will live here Were when Paty I enter and said: if you one dares to kill them the right of perpetual ownership that the denouncement and half-naked hope did not find whereupon to cover Hope: largate estupida bred Saúl: it will take young wing Paty: one does not forget that I all the his power saw Hope: that? Damn Saúl servant: arrepiéntete of which there are I throw and this Hope: this good I regret, but it vetoes déjame to dress if and later we spoke at night if! Argueta mansion Pink House Blond was mimando to the small son of Leopoldo and the fine Rebeca in the room of the Pink boy: poor man of young you your mother in the sky, your father in vegetal state that knows when reactions? Your aunt in Mexico that will be of you within some years? In house of the Altamira it gilds more and adamy prepared the Great supper, while Felix and Gloria talked in the room Felix: then I will go away tonight no! Gloria: that irony no? You to the United States Felix: that well no! Gloria: and as of your children it is the favorite Felix: no the three are beautiful equal for my them White master I arrive and said: good! I can seat with you Felix: clear Mrs. Blanca: son-in-law I wish good trip you ojala you make much Felix: ojala first God Finally one was using the supper in the Mansion Argueta Manferrer While hope arrives was in its room with its crew members You die and Cinnamon-coloured Hope: they remember the order that I gave them three years ago Cinnamon-coloured: net sabanetas Mori's: and since we do to him if the husband walks as Hope sticks crazy person after her: I! It will drug it and it will lock up it in the room of her and to the husband me I will bring it with deceits Cinnamon-coloured: not then for soon it is late Hope: in thirty minutes I will be in the room of her hope to me there and they remove it by the back door from the room But in the Altamira the family was having supper and glory was a guest; while Adamy was in the room crying with its Adamy children: papa goes away children, goes away that we go to do? Single Adamy saw the luggage of its husband and it was put to cry, tenderly I arrive Dora and said: sister you do not cry Adamy please: there is Dora that I go to do without Felix? That? Dora: sister I and single mother here are in addition to be nearly time Dora: better escúchame I want decirte something terrible of Adamy mother: that? Dora: she is that I believe that mother and was when White I enter and said: I! That daughter? Dora: mother that your you are going to suffer if it undergoes Adamy: déjate of estupidos lloriqueos is already daughter always does not go away for Adamy: mamita I am wanted to die if one goes away for my the years will be centuries to eter Dora to us: adamy hazlo by your children White: if daughter by my grandsons fights not you let win returned Mansion Argueta Manferrer Hope: enjoy the Claribel supper: Saúl benefit: I am not hungry with Paty permission: I love you Mr. Saúl: not thank you very much Paty Hope: sírveme a refreshment of Paty orange: to his you order Claribel: esperadme I go with you Hope: demons leave to single me with my supper Hope me watch that Paty went away wing cooks with Claribel and take advantage of to throw the drug on the wine of their Claribel daughter Hope: first your Claribel; later me ingeniare to kill Paty Suddenly Saúl put a CD, musical comedy where all music was sadness like of a black future, while it loaded wing drinks crying Saúl: hijita, pretty hijita happens what happens your and I we will be I join I love to you and I adore to you But in the Claribel room volume the wine glass completely everything and Paty rose above by orders of Claribel Claribel: Paty llevame to me daughter, and empaca the luggage because in one hour we go away Hope: first it sees wing tends and cómprate this and Paty saw the list and said: pa that as much food Mrs. Esperanza: we must go to give to the pantry of the orphanage and the convent and to the palace the virgin islands Paty: very well already ceñito return Claribel Property the Altamira Felix had gone away for the United States adamy, was indiada in a valley of tears, the future Dora husband said to him to adamy Arnulfo: lady cálmese to cry is of bad huera for her husband because she is because if even cries late Adamy to him: she is that I cannot Mr. Dora: where she will walk mother? Adamy: salio by leaves to the market While chepe salio of its house taking its pothook and its Chepe pistol: they lack five for the twelve jajaja has arrived the hour from gustazo of my life! Mamita precious While over charales it watched very gladly and furious Ana Ana: already truthful as I kill damn dog to you jajaja Mansion Argueta Manferrer In the room of the young wife of Saúl its mother hope said to wing young Hope to him: I want that you read this and that girl read it without hesitations and imagining that was a Claribel trap: "Saúl I hate I do not want verte to you quédate with the mocosa I go away far from here" and the old evildoer was ready to cut the recording when Claribel said: because this mother and was when the old one added: enciérrenla and never the light lets it never leave side the Cinnamon-coloured day: if it loves Claribel: mamita my mamita girl my hijaaaa! Hope: if you continue shouting and screaming she everything paid so hazte the mother self-sacrificing and sacrificed by her Claribel: my daughter... my daughter is my daughter Hope: llevate its luggage you die You die: if ceñito this good good bye had happened what was going to pass Claribel had been drugged and soon they had taken it and locked up in the secret cave of the boarding school folding with it another evil lie But that was not everything had forced beautiful wing Claribel that recorded its voice saying "Saúl I hate I do not want verte to you quédate with the mocosa I I go away here far from" hope glided to teach to Saúl the recording to him of casete The White Altamira: adamy daughter acompáñame wing cacalutepec to look for the leaves if Dora: of which leaves White mother: leaves of chilango and Adamy oregano: if mamita we go While to the convent Maria the car in that handcuffs Santa Iba arriving they took wing young Claribel and sort Ximena received them, and Claribel said: you, you these dead, dead Ximena: nonhermanita I am vivita and fishtailing because of Claribel mother: suéltenme déjenme single váyanse larguense Claribel was lead to a strange cave that was prepared to live with comforts, a cave that were in the miraculous garden of the convent, a cave that its secret key was a rock so that the door was opened (Malignant convent) Claribel: it tell me a single Ximena thing: what you love Claribel drunkard: no! I I am not drunk Ximena: he tell me what you wish to know Claribel: because this mother does? Ximena: it loves your husband just as it loves Ernesto the acecina Claribel: my girl paid that love no! Ximena: jajaja enjoys your stay in real Madrid While hope tapeworm young wing and Saúl discussed Saúl to him: loose to me daughter, suéltala But did not imagine that hope walked another poison to end just as with its Ernesto brother Hope: llevate mocosa wing far from here Cinnamon-coloured: to his you order ceñito Saúl: I also go away with them Hope: to where you go without my, my sky, my life? That drunk man and crying by his daughter put his glass on a small table and shot wing bed occurred me dozed of the borrachera; it was when hope I approach wing small table as with intentions to take the comb and in a negligence I throw a little to him poison wing wins Saúl: that beams? Old fufú rufa power saw Hope: Saúl my love I tell your wife you went with another valuable man but that your Saúl: I do not create to you estupida old jealous, old crazy person, old broken bridge Hope: it is already enough is on the awares! Saúl: I have them open and what I see it is a cow in nightgown Hope: it listens to this recording that I leave you and that old one that walked the small aparatito with which I record the conversation of its daughter and it in whom she put it to read that paper ignited the small aparatito again and began to sound the voice of Claribel in which she said the recorded voice: "Saúl I hate I do not want verte to you quédate with the mocosa I go away here far from" Saúl: noooo! Claribel your nonHope: my love déjala I here am and your daughter will have a mother in my Saúl: escúchame, escúchame zarandajo I nor took root you were completes woman on this planet, never, never would fix to me to you you listened to bristle to me Hope: damn, thousand times damn Saúl: dame my glass and already man sírveme cat, suegrita, beloved ex- suegrita and Paty whom just shot arrived the things and raised when listening the shouts of Don Saúl skittle, and Paty raised late too much because Don Saúl had drunk the venerated wine glass in, but that I do not enter either single I remain listening to after the door Hope: today which that you are going away to die my list of crimes will be revealed to you so that you tell to Don God everything him on my and it reduces the Saúl sentence to me: poor man diabla God knows to everything on you mona Hope: I, kill your brother, kills wing nun sort true Ximena, by my fault died my son Carlos Enrique, Ximena this alive one has and the following one you are your, soon she follows Paty and her imprisoned Saúl sister of fury wanted to touch against hope and I talk back to him shouting: lady you are not but who a sex patient, a deranged one, an all-consuming one of man, one prostituta without I title old damn you are the old damn whole devil ojala do not give nor to a water glass the day him of your death Hope: my love sees acuéstate, or if I to you do not lay down or you want that she orders that she kills your Saúl daughter: she I do not do what you want Hope: I want that you do the love to me, that you tenderly kiss with passion and Saúl affection to me: this good Hope: vézame, as single your you know it to do, duérmeme with your kisses, I want that you kiss my whole body that sucks my breasts, without disgust some When Saúl I approach her and exempt it the clothes and slowly fell the clothes to the ground, dead Saúl key Hope: damn he is single I leave with the desire total death exceeds While white and adamy cacalutepec had left course wing to look for the leaves for the white medicine a lie that was not but that it leaves from his plan While Claribel cried and throwing a ojito to him to its new gold jail Claribel: my daughter, my daughter no! She this sleeping she this sleepy if, dormidita I will see it (EVERYTHING WHAT COHAS the SECRET CAVE) That crossed the whole cave repeatedly and shouting like crazy person "desvuélveme amiii daughter" Until I end up saying: it must be with Paty, dormidita that pretty is my girl, is pretty, if truth my love nobody knows that truth that you say clear She in its deliriums saw its Saúl husband While Ximena lowers the stairs of the second plant of the orphanage Ximena: of strict you order to caress that prepares a plate as of today more, because by the nights Lacho gives a necessity me to eat something: if my it resells Ximena I I will say his to him you order While adamy and Doña Blanca had already moved away a little more the property, they went by great mounts illuminated by a lantern that took Adamy: mother very does not seem to you night to go today White: daughter and if tomorrow amanezco died Adamy: nor God wishes mamita it In mind maitra that said: adamy nonwise that you went to do my minita of gold jajaja by you I will be rich of by life and I will disappear here of Adamy: mami already we are going to arrive I have! White: if it lacks na just a little bit but By another short cut Ana walked more to fast step who took in hand a pistol Ana: I if I die will return and your not chepe, nor your adamy and if I return I kill your children, for that reason she agrees to with tigo demon because that there am to come by you to govern this world While you die and cinnamon-coloured they removed in returned the corpse from Saúl, moments but late the body was left in ravines near eddies it The Impatient Altamira was Dora taking a walk of here for already Dora: something bad plots my Arnulfo mother: because you say that my love? Dora: that it is, but I am not wanted confesarte something very terrible that I suspect Arnulfo: it tell me that it is? Dora: I believe that my mother I kill my ex- fiancè Héctor Antonio Arnulfo: that? That is a crime and but you have something because to doubt it Dora: single I found between its things the ring that him day to ex- me and I suspect that she could have killed to me uncle Aparicio Arnulfo: discúlpame I that she is your mother but have been listened to say that she I poison to your father Dora: I no longer doubt it but we needed evident tests Arnulfo: patience and prevents God soon will give a single solution we put part we nonsingle God Dora: you do not comment anything with adamy she to undergone much, and if it knows this will disappoint Arnulfo: if my single love I request to you that you take care of much there am Dora: if, your cuídate because if she knows who pa what does will be encontrá of you While Blanca and Adamy had arrived wing cacalutepec Suddenly in the church san Antonio of padua rose the four elements and they distributed to coverall the town, and an angel guardian I take with I follow two articles loved the sun and the moon, and one I mitigate Saa and rare stone legend was written on a book that was in the altar, and in the book I imagine two swords a clock, and a rare figure that I identify a transformation of mona to woman the question era will be black magic or good magic? (These images show that in the church magically the legend in was written which says that two twins will live an adventure where they looked for the four elements of the Earth, and in that adventure they will be able to die or to live everything will depend on the cleverness of each one; and in that stone book two swords were placed wings that tonight will occur name them of swords "z"; and those swords are crossed in the middle of the book, and that book will become a platina rock color coffee earth and by I complete two beings fought by a new life in the middle of the fire and single the time will defend the hearts pricks of the pain and by I complete the sun and the moon you would be postraran to the sky and formed a love eclipse) More in the sky the angel May, San jOse, a bad angel and all the celestial beings like: fairies, serafines and others plus This time the bad Angel wanted to raise wing crowns celestial bad Angel "benedictus": I want something new its Majesty? Greater angel: because if benedictus can be known? San jOse: I imagine that you want the emblems nonBenedictus: clear he is not Little by little the greater angel enough I rise of that celestial chair and he put themselves of foot and he said: benedictus you are the one that but is respected because you want more than what you have Benedictus: because if I want to be but that you Adamy in cacalutepe adamy more saw something that shone and I call the attention to him but I do not imagine that it was a sword stuck in the Earth Adamy: mother sight sees seems something brilloso as color gold esperadme already I return White here: if it sees Adamy daughter cacalutepec without imagining what climbed was going to happen to him when arriving until above; while her mother said thus mima: berry! Single she I lie down the rope to the neck But adamy raised and raised that rock and above he was chepe and from aya it said: white poor man I will not give nor a cent him and sight that if it is fulfilled by money to sell its Chepe daughter it hid, until finally adamy Adamy raised: it has! That pretty sword that was what shone like gold? Exactly the bed form was the sword in a bed is to say to the rock tapeworm the sword was nailed and soon salio chepe Chepe: hello! My love you looked for to me after all I like truth, you love Adamy to me I am scared and recoiling itself for back she fell and she said: that beams here? Chepe: that same one I to you ask! Adamy: I come by leaves from oregano and chilango Chepe: leaves, thus you are not made you look for my Chepe love to me: these drunkard you smell of Chepe alcohol kiss wing forces to adamy; soon it gave a slap him, and chepe also gave a slap him and, I leave bleeding, soon it broke its clothes to him and I violate it; single she shouted of pain and Adamy anguish: déjame, déjame by God chepe déjameee! He was when I form a storm, in the sky benedictus there wanted to throw the greater angel and I am hung of the stop of his reign the greater angel More in the mount than they had left Saúl, it was found with life sign thanks to "Indian" natives, and these took it with I follow wings tribes where they would try to save it; the flora called indigenous woman said: somebody Chalina watches this there: if they see see Flora: let us take it to wing Chalina cabin: let us try to raise it to wing Flora cart: if, it is necessary to help him Mansion Argueta Manferrer In its room was as crazy speech things and Paty listening very slightly Hope: already! Saúl, nor its hermanito do not hinder to me; nor my adorable hijitas... jajaja.... And Paty was arranged to call wing room Hope: it advanced Paty: already this whole which I command to me to buy ceñito Hope: ordénale to peto that always takes it to the places of Paty: to the convent wing church Hope: or if man you have to me satiates estupida muévete, but or Paty: that badly humor? Old bitter Hope: that you say? Even Paty: and that tiradero Hope: it gathers, the tiradero cat soon, and ordénale to peto what I requested to you now and that but you want impure? Paty: apparently a nun and says that its work enough Hope: she has! And she tell me where there are been your caramba that you have seen? Paty: and I do not send of purchases then Hope to me: veto, largate Paty: na but pa corredme I am called and one that is killed as animal by them huy one seems wey Hope: that you say garrapatosa mugrosa? Paty: not nothing! Hope: you gather all this while I am going away to take care of the this nun More in cacalutepec Chepe was abusing Adamy, to its taste while white it observed of distant spot everything and it listened to the shouts of his Adamy daughter, but somebody but it observed everything and that was working of the property that was "Juan Benito", and wing time on the other hand observed all the evildoer White Ana: this it is your punishment by haberte gone with Felix; with that bare one died of hunger and above adamy it talked back time and time again distressed Adamy: déjameee, suéltame damn revolting pig While Ana had raised until above, and chepe was getting dressed after having I throw that vile trick and the young person adamy cried distance in the Chepe ground: today if my sky that was going to think that your you went to do mine by the bad ones? jajaja... that piernotas you have and if it died right now would die happy Adamy: damn little unfortunate Chepe: little man, you want that Adamy does again: no! By mercy not only not Suddenly she appeared Ana Ana: offered dog I gave that if; you want very estupida time again defended by that espaducha to you Of that fury that Ana tapeworm to kill to adamy Ana I haul until taking it the sword and it was when the sword became two And Ana I exclaim astonished: God santo! And between the sky and the Earth I form an eddy, the cloudy waters of laughed left as if one is shipwrecked storm had become but it was not thus and the water was arriving until the town; the moon and the sun were eclipsados, the wolves howled; and from the sky the shade of benedictus the bad angel had been thrown from the sky to want to have but to be able of which tapeworm and the avarice had ended its good soul And Ana volume of the hair poor wing adamy and treatment to kill it from the stop of that gigantic rock Ana: Ho! Powerful demon who you have to give back to me please to bring wing to me life I present/display unfaithful damn wing to you, and the punishment that I give him is the curse of the fruits that it obtains from tonight from love that it had with my husband, the curse includes that never you will be happy never damn and today muérete Apunto was Ana to throw young wing adamy that to white being spoken to the heart and treatment to him to release the sword and said: damn it is sword since I do and chepe said to him to Ana: damn you are Ana suéltala or I break the zeta to you Was when white I release the Chepe sword: I say getas jaws which your you want estupida déjala damn muérete your not she and when white I raise to the sword the nail to Ana by the back crossing itself to him the heart and Ana slowly falling to caused said: I curse to your descendants that come adamy and I hate to you to you and chepe when he returns chepe me; volveréee paid to them! Damn and a voice of a black angel said: Ana you have obtained and is much why you will be mona of the century and for that reason they called the White Monalisa to you jajaja: hijita daughter... who has done to you I occurred it Chepe: they already leave of stupidities listen what that black angel Adamy says: largate damn, vetoes White unfortunate pig: it says that that? Your, your adamy a this damn, damn angel of the sky was sent to notify another and this low one of the sky Angel: the time, dictated the pain a mother who in a fire loses her son, and the other by the pain becomes alcoholic, but imprisoned she of an adorable curse decides to give his completes descendants two and beautiful binoculars until the being whom it gave you the life will give the back you since Adamy has always done it: nooo! A curse no"llorando" the voice of the black angel said: the world is mine single mine jajaja in years I will return to destroy it and to do of my own hell When that black angel disappeared the sword returned again to be made one and nail on the Earth to where she was White: daughter, we go and never we return to this damn place, while your poor devil me you paid chepe you to them the Adamy right of perpetual ownership: mami, my mamita violated to me, violated to me in tiéndelo White: you forgot my sky already to it tomorrow will be another day despreocupate Adamy: mamita violated to me After that night adamy, spent nights and whole days crying and remembering that incident in him that I violate chepe Mansion Argueta Manferrer In the garden of its house in the swimming pool was she dressed in bath suit, taking the sun Paty: uuuuuh! Which mona silk Vista mona remains... clean on the inside by outside dirty even old ridiculous Hope with an enthusiasm remembered the faces of Ernesto and Saúl Hope: that irony no! Both kill brothers to both fiancès of my daughters not then if I am merely cruel bamblina guacala and Paty I approach her and I exclaim to him: lady said has! She wants that she puts my suit to me of bath and bathes here with good you if you say it well! I bathe but whom she enchants to bathe with power saw furious Hope she said to him: and single that offers wing to him Mrs. Paty: even cat if it is not much to request tráeme your creams for my skin Hope: it watches dark-brown, or this princess of the dogs and cats it vetoes to see if or it put the Paty sow: and you have sows... I I do not believe that what you have rats Hope: veto, largate Paty: with permission... lady Municipal mayorship of the willow After as much Leopoldo it had returned in if, but the mayorship had happened to hands of another gentleman to whom all call: Jose Herman Luczardo, the town was surrounded by soldiers and police to avoid any plot; since the deputies had met to select to the new substitute mayor for the town the Willow a delegate, together halos deputies of Delegated party PCN: from today it stays as substitute by the Blond mayor Marine Leopoldo Argueta Delegated House: today replaced by Jose Herman Delegated Luczardo: Mr. Leopoldo suffers a disease is not my to have to inform that he is? Delegate: from today Don Jose Herman Luczardo he represents the party Republican Alliance of El Salvador is to say to the Delegated party SAND: let us listen to its words Jose Herman: town sauceño we will work by a better town, different and for that I need the support from a full pretty willow people who say if to good a willow that says to nonwings drugs, and that a high wing puts delinquency a woman she said: clear but we love a mayor who comes with real projects not that single the mentions and do not do them and a gentleman remains with the fair in the pocket: it is truth we do not love a mayor who under his hand hides that there are of sinvergüenzazas Jose Herman: I promise to them what I can do not what I cannot do and today to give beginning to a new town we will begin to improve the streets of the town an inhabitant: then we will know to get even of this Deputy: let us give an opportunity to a new mayor since within months the inhabitant comes the new election: this good but if the town does something ordered of all Jose Herman: together to say if to the new willow the town applauded to him hypocritically because wise of which you do of root Jose Herman Luczardo came Property the White Altamira and gilds were in the room talking Dora: mother whatever you won by the vile trick that you did with my sister? It has! Whichever I pay chepe to you? White: because you say that? Dora: mother the willow the whole town rumors that you sold your daughter, to your White daughter: as you dare to believe to that ball of invesiles Dora to him: I have the good news to you adamy this White pregnant woman: that? Pregnant Adamy that just left its room I exclaim to high shout: nooo! Dora: adamy hermanita we go to a psychologist if you love Wend my vaquitas, my things good to pay Adamy psychologist suddenly felt you feel nauseous and ran to their room to lock in themselves; while white I talk back its daughter gilds to him White: I prohibit you to sell your cows to help him to wing mustia of adamy Dora: she is my sister mother and this in tape by your damn fault and I never swear you never forgot that fact to you until I complete day of your death and white suddenly remembered the curse Ana had done before acecinar it Dora: mother also the commissioner, is to say my fiancè, my fiancè discovered who acecino to my ex- fiancè Héctor Antonio and nervous white I ask to him: who? He did it who made that vile trick Dora: soon you will know it and also I say you that they found tracks of that I kill my White uncle: that? My Brother-in-law Dora: if! White Mother: your sister cannot be pregnant woman, not that no! Dora: that you did with fifty thousand dollars $ Has! You do not become I that chepe promised that slice to you by adamy that hurts it so give mother me under caíste by your avarice? White: very the dog did not give anything me I am deceived Dora: you admit to see sold your daughter, I cannot believe it, that these done? Because as much hatred to my sister? White: it watches chiquilla estupida if you are not strong and cruel you do not survive; and because hatred to adamy that is not what happens it is that I love but to you Dora to you: I, mother today you did not disappoint to me with your act to sell amiii sister you know the disgust that feels she, the pain, the bitterness to take in its belly even drinks damn by your fault that drinks paid to the fault of the curse White mother: already! I advance to you that the destiny of that boy or girl will be bad because I will disappear Dora: hazlo and I swear to you that you refundo by White acecina: that? I Dora: if mother you killed to my uncle to me fiancè, and sold to me White sister: That tests you have will encontrá of my Dora: that so this ring that I gave me fiancè him is White: jajaja nonsingle a ring is thus daughter you are not so stupid Dora: mother your you are not so ingenuous east ring already was examined and there they were them track of White Héctor: and to me that devils matter to me, I never will go wing jail by acecina never Dora: you killed to me papa and m i grandfathers for that reason I inherit everything to him to me sister and to me he hurts that to single you he concerns the White money to you: cállateeee! insolent with that you pay to my sacrifices Dora to me: that is not sacrifice if White noncrime: and to little it can be delote and to me that? And dile to estupido of your fiancè which if it puts its noses that reserve where wants that you guard it and as you are its funeral coffin Dora: nonmother but died no! And if it beams although burn to me in the fathoms of hell I kill to you 1hay to you! God that better I do not kill White: jajaja you are my accomplice you go with me wing jail adamy in the room cried More single throwing itself to the ground time and time again Adamy: mother because? I do not want to this drinks I do not want it "does not cry" I enter white White: daughter finds out to me that Adamy: of which? More still mother more for White me: your husband endamo with your better friend glory and is lived together in Mexico Adamy: mother tell me that that is not truth I occurred it! White: it is the truth "shouts" Adamy: because, as much because you do not clear this God life to me? Because? White: adamy has spent two months and your husband does not speak to you does not write has you say Adamy to you: you already must be to nonWhite taste: now I want that you undo of this mugroso that delays abórtalo, muérete with the Adamy: and the money for the White abortion: since you do City to him of Mexico "Durango" In a polished mansion in Mexico did not occur to step entered wing of the new family of glory and Felix Gloria: my love I have a surprise to you, notición Felix: that? If that more than betrays to me wife with its better friend Gloria: I am, we do not go to make Popes Felix: I will be responsible for my son, but I want to let to me of you go to me far for where my lady handcuffs, master beautiful wing adamy Gloria: and your son who grows like a bastard, without name, last names, is! Your son Felix: that your you do not have a name to put to me son to him, you do not have a last name in addition I I will give my last name him, and today I must help my other children today who I am rich Gloria: if you leave to my life abortion me, because abortion Felix: no! That no! I will have left next to you and in mind glory she said... Gloria: you will return next to me in spite of your pride Mexico Querétaro occurred to step entered wing of a new familiar frame made up of a woman who this embarrasses and that soon it will give to light, and in that mansion it occurs to step entered wing of a scene of memories and goodbyes Mansion Peregrin Schull Belinda: ever since my husband Freddy Ignacio died, I feel single, sad, the only thing that he maintains to me lives is the joy of which will be born my daughter and it was called just as I Belinda the servant was called baby and this said: lady you have been many days without eating would have to take care of yourself by your bebita that soon will be born, single you this destroying Melisa: sister that girl who you will have will be the joy of peregrin Schull; our Belinda life will be your life: I will die but prométeme before that you took me daughter to know the Earth sagrada Baby: and where he is that? Melisa: if where he is that? Belinda: listen that Ignacio in one of its trips I speak of a town of but distant that town is in El Salvador is called the Melisa willow: this good but your and I will go with the girl your and I if! Belinda: my daughter will be a pretty princesita and sagrada but you took care of of her as if she was yours by any thing of the Melisa destiny: you never doubt it, I will fight by her and by you you understand to me I have! Belinda: estudiala there, you have left a notarial power in which half of my you come are yours and other half is of my belinda Melisa: I will fight although must I have left solterona Belinda: conviértela in one belinda musical of successes since Ignacio had wanted Melisa: thus it will be it hermanita Belinda: God thanks, mine to find hermanita me able to sacrifice myself by my the Dpto willow drinks El Salvador. the union In that old Maria convent handcuffs santa Estaba the evildoer sort psychiatric Ximena in of the convent seeing as he were everything that way, and while she walked between that group of beings without knowledge and reason it expresses itself in case single Ximena: you obtained your intentions mother, you do not know whichever I hate to you and a day I will take revenge myself of you or the altar somebody by me without I request it you know you have cover to me by this damn dress of mojigata I of nun While adamy in its black newspaper wrote this Adamy: love letter you know has passed long time my estomago to grown these damn mugrosos are going to be born and I could not abort them although it desire and desire, I do not believe that single he is a boy, people to it when she sees me say to me that they are two binoculars, and I reject to be pregnant, you know Felix wanted escribirte for decirte whichever I am strange to you. My days and my nights are interminable because I can assure that I love to you you While in the town people commented many things of adamy - it will have binoculars - they will be twin -- if but they are damn! - As that could gruñona of white do that to him to its daughter? - it has if! as it could? - But him note that will be twin or twin While it gilds it had bought a flattery for his future nephews or nieces Dora: adamy really you want to abort Adamy: if! Dora: you know you put in risk your life because single a month and means have left so that your Adamy descendants are born: hatred, not them desire and if they are born I kill Dora: if it better dámelos beams to me I will give Adamy: no, I will kill Dora: woman thinks late you will regret you cried Adamy: cállateeee! your you do not know to my pain my anguish bitterness you do not know nonDora to me: no! But I do not understand to you single I request to you you do not make case to which mother says that you abort to your children not adamy by my well hazlo píenselo Adamy: that you want that two bastards without last names, criticized by all Dora are born: and your last name is not last name, OH! To case they are the first bastards as you say no! Truth Thinks that the sides to laugh to sing crying, decirte mother I want many sides to you his first God steps knows so that Adamy put you: it gilds it will not abort them, nor it will kill them but it is that not that to make hermanita nobody understands to me, nobody includes/understands to me, nobody loves Dora to me: woman I want to you you are my sister, my friend, my mother and my Adamy whole: I lost to me husband, me Quito my better and self-sacrificing friend Dora: men and women there are too many as the water in a blue spring lets think about Felix, because? Sooner or later it will return Adamy: the master, although he struck to me mistreated Dora to me: and thus woman deserves your love does not think! That there is somebody you can love, and better taking the first flattery for your drinks Adamy opened that small small box in which it found two beautiful chains Suddenly in those emblems I settle a black shade and those fell slowly to the ground and adamy with the young Dora remained scared seeing it everything, while somebody opened the door of the entrance of the fourth Adamy remembered that of the last night of badness where his worse enemy gave the terrible curse him of the century While she gilds said: who walks there? White: I if I can enter not because it is my property it passes something? Dora: no! Nothing, nothing of anything mother Suddenly the telephone sounded and white said: it leaves I I will go called wing While white she went away said to shell a Dora friend Shell: pale woman these who happens to you? Dora: adamy happens something to you? Adamy: I want to lose to this niñoooo, but also I adore it "crying" Shell: woman to be mother is one of the great blessings but of the Adamy world: they violated that to me is not blessing violated Dora to me: adamy, hermanita quiérelos is your blood, your life our joy Shell: already sides when they are born because to me nobody clears to me that they are two, truthful the together ones in the good ones and bad the Dora: they will laugh the day of the mother will say congratulations to you mamita Adamy: fruit of a violation, my mother wishes that it aborts them, Felix I leave to me by my better friend, than life forces I have no has! Shell: your children, Yamileth Ma'rtir and Carlos; they are your bitter past and sweet they are your present and these that you along with take in your belly these three are your future you have because to live you are not discouraged, also watches I I am of package, and my father wants to undo of my son but I do not leave Dora it: adamy, thinks, hazlo by them reflects and, and I request to you you do not become gruñona nor bad so with your acéptalos children and as they are Adamy: I cannot! Shell: you do not say no! Because that does not please to the gentleman of skies City to him of Mexico "Durango" Gloria was speaking with white and this time plotted the purchase of drinks and that stops white was perfect that business of separating to the son of adamy; without imagining that these serian two Gloria: dejémonos of saluditos pretentious if! White: to the grain so that devils you speak, surely you want another favor Gloria: berry! After all you are an intelligent witch if! I want drinks man? White: and of whichever dollars we spoke? Gloria: I am not going to give to two dollars I to you I offer fifty thousand dollars to you White: well nothing of falsifications, dame your telephone you will have it in some months while it pretends with pancita of rag Gloria: I number is 7 958- 33- 29 you must say that you are Anastasia White Rufo: I you will give it well your you will come by the bastard While short glory the call and at that moment I remain seeing its husband who was in a picture and this glad one touching the pancita of rags was put to say Gloria in allegorical passive voice said: a son, a son you wanted that you will have, a bastard poor man, already but immediately me preñare Felix my love, your never you will return to never see wing NACA of adamy! Before you die Mexico {Querétaro} In house of Johann Belinda Peregrin Schull Belinda: melisa and you are going away to marry Melisa: someday it will be closely together of my the love; but so far nonBelinda: I that my daughter will be happy in your hands and a day your you will be understood it and you will be able to think to him in its loving life Melisa: not as much thus sister, but if it will be very happy because Belinda will always know of you: you do not say anything to him of me until it already fulfills most of Melisa age: but and it tell me that there is in that your so distant town the willow so that you want that from Mexico me berry to there Belinda: you helped to look for a rock him that is called no! Olvídalo Melisa: you speak of cacalutepec where I am left the sargada Bible buried, because the one that finds that Bible will be eternally happy Baby: many call the stone of the miracles, others call the stone of the most dissapointing misfortunes Belinda: she is why I want that my daughter berry with tigo to that pueblito and I request to you that me you swear it that you took In mind melisa to it said: this good but I will not go will not risk to your daughter me sobrinita Belinda: when my it drinks is born I die happy because I leave my small piece and your Ignacio small piece that there is we will see in the sky I I will be soon with you my love from aya will take care of of my drinks El Salvador Det. The union municipality the willow In house of Leopoldo who had left his state in comma today was far better was in the garden taking the sun, while pink low with it drinks and I take it garden to the Pink: this cargüelo is its son pattern Leopoldo: it moves away of my to that plague of far Pink son llégatelo: Sir is his son, he is not the guilty of which you suffer of sugar in the blood and of which it has been left you in comma Leopoldo: but it is the guilty of which Rebeca is Pink dead: without offending rebeca I say to the lady rebeca never care in its pregnancy always it was smoked, it taken and of obvious good it knew that its pregnancy era of risks, its first one was first of girl Leopoldo: we already leave that estupido subject and tell me you have but simple things to me Pink: he is all gentleman because it cannot eat any thing if one does not die to me and I do not want that patroncito Leopoldo: I want that you become position of the growth of this bastard who hatred more than to this disease? Property the Altamira White was threatening adamy while it gilds had gone of purchases by vegetables and fruits White: adamy I noticed that hatred to you to those deszafrados lice that you hoped; in addition those piojosos are condemned a curse, and your so ingenuous one you put yourself to think that he is one single one, no! Mírate seems elephant that means that they are two (White threat to adamy to that it aborts) Adamy: they are my children... I want... I wanted, before I was not wanted to abort them today no! Something or anybody did not prevent me and that White: who your? Adamy: White God: jajaja! God does not exist that said that Adamy ridiculous situation to you: today I feel love by my children not, the only doubt is that not without two or one, although I feel two White: they are two, two daughter because if outside one you did not feel Adamy: but it will not give them and it will face the badnesses White: I! It will order to me to choose the destiny of those bastards, and its destiny will be to undergo the Adamy sides already: mother a day you did not manipulate me to me but there are they you will not do to them the same no! And nonWhite: tell me whichever time you needs so that she is called on to give birth? Adamy: it touches to me in first of White July: practically you have left weeks Adamy nothing else: it wanted to die to me but of sadness, of disgust, to part I do not want to these mugrosos, not what I want if them nonWhite desire or: I do not understand to you, but déjalos to live that they come to this world that enjoys that they know and undergoes Adamy: mother I do not have forces, to follow, do not have forces; not that to do and in white mind it added: I must request to glory the money to him and to say to him when and to that hours more or less it arrives It spent the time time and time again, adamy towards heavy offices in the property since it corresponded to him to make the cleaning, to wash the clothes and to grind for the workers of the cattle and agriculture, and to Dora corresponded to him to go away wing city to sell cheese, dumbfounded and cream, while Gloria was being increased to the rags in his estomago to see itself but pregnant; and Felix continued fighting in its company of hotels, the children of adamy, he gilds, and Leopoldo grew, continuously happy although with love and others without love... Single Leopoldo remained laid down and bitter, while the mayor Jose Herman Luczardo had not made anything improve the town and people were in favor furious of the false promises of the new mayor After several weeks today Monday four was day of July of 1987 were exactly the eleven with twenty-eight minutes, in luxurious an automobile had arrived Gloria at the willow, without bringing their detachable belly nontapeworm pregnancy; and white had been going to see it since Gloria had met itself with her in a cafeteria to the front of the church: like these? {a kiss and a White hug occur to the hand}: very well and your! Gloria: very well thanks, mesera, mesera come please White: I want a loaded affluent coffee? Mesera: and the lady who wishes Gloria: a dot of peanut, and an ice cream of Mesera vanilla: thanks, this are twelve dollars Gloria: quédate with the Mesera gratuity: thanks ceñito with its permission ladies Gloria: already! It was already born drinks White: today or tomorrow but! And my money Gloria: they ten in this fólder this your complete amount in checks single changed OK White: and if they discover to me I go away to Mexico with voice! Gloria: no! That is your problem not the mine White: and if I do not give the boy you who? Gloria: if they discover to you it will take to you but your you arrive as if you did not go with migo White: I ingeniare your single one you must yourself accept that Altamira Property is had left I Dora: I must go me to the town adamy, today give the keys to me of the house that I give my fiancè to me Arnulfo Adamy: that well congratulations! Dora Dora: cuídate see you tomorrow Adamy: jorgito... health... health Jorge: health aunt amy In the mansion Argueta Manferrer Daisy drinks it of Claribel and Saúl already tapeworm three years is to say almost four Paty years: mother says ma... Daisy drinks it: mother... papa While hope searched after the doors as it drinks It grew with love Hope: unfortunate mocosa I hate to you you are the same face of your mother {Jorge and Margarita} With the fled one from the time occurred to entrance to the next birth of our new stars City of Mexico Querétaro In national the HN"hospital hospital" was boarding school There gorgeous belinda In a room was belinda and its sister melisa Belinda: júrame that your... that! That! You also took care of yourself since you do with your daughter belinda Melisa: you do not speak thus your daughter will undergo without you Belinda: she is that his single mother you are Melisa: but you do not say to me that you go away hermanita nooo! Belinda: to night somebody I travel and it gave a celestial message me and infernal Melisa: it tell me that it is the message and so that Belinda: the message says thus: an era of pain four loves will live in search of a past and a present one until finishing with a future, an era where a youthful and infantile group will give loose rein to dirty passions; forgetting that God exists Melisa: who said that to you? Belinda: déjame to finish my last phrases, good says the Reggae, merengue, the bachata, the sauce and the romanticism are united in a dirty game to prevail where single kindness will overcome the challenge that two twins try, two girls and elenco youthful Melisa: and you could see the face of that youthful group Belinda: if! And my soul demands and demands with weeping the suffering that you have to suffer Melisa: that? I do not understand anything, nadita Belinda: it leaves to the aim of God creative father of everything, and leaves the time is time and breche is opened soon I enter the doctor and said Joan: her daughter beed not worried lady will be born Belinda well: ojala doctor Melisa: if sister your belinda will be born heals and hard Belinda suddenly felt a pain in its Belinda belly: there is, there is doctor, doctor it did not hold, it has "shouted" Joan: Miss salgase salgase Melisa: I will go wing chapel sister resists your you can, can belinda you do not drop yourself Belinda: cuídala, if not on alive cuídala Melisa: you the right of perpetual ownership that if I will take care of it now leaves the doctor takes care of to you and the doctor luckyly reviewed the state in whom was belinda and were small pains his normal disease With the fled one from the time Exactly they were, - twelve the forty and five minutes of day of 1987 July the 4 lady adamy was working hard like always, because this day was normal for her had initiated milking won, soon had been going away to wash the clothes and today that was twelve and forty and the five and this woman was grinding tortillas, of the lunch and the supper, while white she was talking with glory; when suddenly I arrive the police, but they had not seen white because they stood around the property to wait for to Doña Blanca Gloria was a car with white Gloria: this it is your money but I want to drinks but the possible White soon: already! Sight shuts up Gloria: you have White visit: Who? I Where? Gloria: if! Your and in your White property: What? My property no! Gloria: not that? White: no, I cannot believe Gloria to you: I! wing one by the boy will return are left twelve minutes even White: it walks vetoes Gloria: cuidadito with playing to me bad Why? I! I if I kill White to you: already déjate of stupidities While in the property they arrived the police and the commander to look for white and only found the young person embarrasses called wing adamy... A woman police said: lady, good Accepts said: good young lady police happens siéntese please the woman there said: What so lady? Adamy: very well! Thanks and to that I must the honor of its humble visit to my poor earth! The woman said: permítame a little while déjeme to call to my Adamy companions: if! There is no problem naiden will say nothing to him and thus two police withdrew more while the commander I remain to outside with a patrol, when that young person saw the amount of police that surrounded the property I am scared much and the only thing that did was to persignar itself and to say: God keeps to me What happened? While in the mansion Argueta Manferrer working had arrived from the hope property Hope in the garden received Hope: - it tell me to What you have come? Jacinth: I have artado Aryan new features to him of the Altamira Hope: What? They were decided to sell it Jacinth: that place watches lady this filled one with police, has challenges artos there polizontes Hope: that wonder ojala clears you white ojala you remain without anything, nothing Jacinth: hour I go away for aya of return Hope: if it vetoes you do not walk of chismoso Jacinth: so long Property the Altamira a police said: you are daughter of Mrs. Aryan Blanca Queen Turcios Adamy: if, I am Glenda Adamy Aryan the woman police: knows where this her mother now? Adamy: no! Why? Another police: well! Its mother this defendant of several crimes organized by its own Adamy mentality: no! Nooo! My mother could not have done that she no! The woman police: according to the autopsy of the death of its father Medardo Antonio, I reveal that his father to part of to be poisoned was asphyxiated and there they were the track and an earring that normally belongs to its Adamy mother: mother Why? Suddenly that felt the pains Adamy childbirth {in mind}: it has! My, my son, son, my children help, I must hold this Police: - Adamy happens something to him: no! If, I say with permission Soon they received a radial message in which the commander said: come here this the suspicious one by the patio from the right and others by the one of the left and white I approach until them while the police maintained seriousness and preparation to shoot by any thing, other above of trees and hidden others between the hen house, others in the corrals White: berry! My son-in-law brought with himself to all the ball of idiots with himself Arnulfo "commander": lady you have who to accompany to us White: What? Arnulfo Poor devil: you stopped by three murders and White illegal merchandise are left: that illegal merchandise Arnulfo: to sell to its daughter by White money: I watch Sir I do not go wing police station until but late she knows because the woman police: its daughter this I already aim to give White light: if! My daughter will give to light this Arnulfo late: this good but the police is left to three patrols watching the property later Moments, had left leaving the three patrols in monitoring; and adamy was cooking vermicelli and had finished grinding when suddenly coat water to take from a mud pitcher, but could not that pitcher she I drop and I am debilitated but and but until you drag could arrive at old camucha, and recostó In a regressive count the clock was marked Exactly wings twelve and fifty nine minutes with fifty and nine seconds had come to this world drinks, while in the sky everything prepares returned black the sun had eclipsado a frightful voice was listened to say: the willow this condemned wing solar and lunar curse of the binoculars jajaja {Eclipse of the sun and the moon} That sinister and evil voice repeated badness phrases burladamente the voice: within years they will suffer but and but the entire world will belong to the king of the badness jajaja the town ran for a side and discouraged other while the storm had become terrible, rained strong flashed followed, rays killed animals and people, others died drowned, also was a sacred place where it was the palace of the virgins chosen sagradas in that palace the sky had myself broken and in the Earth there was a hollow and if badly she left that way could untie the tragedy but great of the era then it were the key to unite badly with the good and for it she would have to close itself both hollow, while in the sky the kind beings watched to the binoculars greater Angel: binoculars representing I of the good, ordered of the crown of the love them baptism like the chosen ones that frees the magic of the love of God in you San jOse: I San jOse give the mission to find for you the four them Earth element, in which they will serve to them to rescue to the world of badly and being able to badly close the key of and the good, and my gift is the grace to give one are laughter to each bitter face Greater angel: Ernesto the guard you are the representative and guide of the binoculars you will be traveling wing earth with the invisibility mantle that single those of blessed eyes will be able to see Ernesto: now I eat angel guardian of the binoculars I deposit in them the charity, the compassion, desire to help halos of more without hoping in return, and I grant to the Don of my swords "Z" the later White Altamira to them Two Days was planning the robbery of a boy and in its mind step to occur something him to its daughter to sleep it and thus did it; then they say that adamy had not seen its Adamy children: mother Where is my children? I want to see them White: adamy your you had single drinks Adamy: one, mother two one tráemelo I do not want to see them, I want to see it White: single he is one, one two I do not have! And I already seated it in the Adamy mayorship: How it is called? White: William, William Antonio Aryan Adamy: and because you did not put kings to him if it is I legitimize because I am married White: he is a Soon white bastard I enter with drinks in Adamy arms: it teaches How is? White: this he is your Adamy son when seeing it remembered the violation and it saw identical his father chepe it Adamy: nonNooo! Llevadlo véndelo, vítalo matadlo you do what you want White: here it is left you already I come I go to the Adamy mount I remain seeing drinks but it did not touch it, did not play with nor the anything While the small Araceli was in the white room was playing with the other drinks that white it had hidden; when I enter that old one and it said: What time? Araceli: it is my White pretty hermanito: to that bastard it has your mother sees see it if she gives the Araceli desire you: you you do not take it no! Nonthief bad grandmother, grandmother robona White I push young wing and that girl salio crying for where his mami While white in the street White amount even automobile: your son glory Gloria: veto already lárgate then White: I feel I will go away with tigo to Mexico Gloria: no! Your nonWhite one: I do not give you to drinks and you lose to your maridito and its money Gloria: this good Araceli him confeso to its mother which had seen Araceli: mami, my grandma robbery to the other boy she is bad very bad Adamy: mother no! Why you lay to me your daughter to me? Why? Araceli: you do not cry mamita you do not cry Adamy: nooo! My son nooo! "crying" Market of the town While in the town in the market the news ran boca.a.boca - they robbed the twin son of adamy - who? - - and How it was voice - they say that white robbery to it and that adamy this like crazy person who gives and gives to his drinks - poor unfortunate woman has been for as much Mansion Argueta Manferrer Llegaba Paty from the market, while hope took you with its Paty friends said when I enter: agarrense Hope: Why? Lourdes: What happens woman? Paty: white robbery the binocular of adamy Marisela: ojala had killed it Why I separate to without name of this beautiful and honorable town santo? Lourdes: you do not have heart Hope: it has! Girl his nor that outside your Paty son: poor men never change in spite of the deluge that God two days ago sent Hope: if you said Paty Paty: no! Nadita ladies Property the Altamira Suddenly Carlos the son of adamy rose to wing bed where she was his mother and it lay down and playing, playing without realizing it gave return him to the oil lamp and that bed I take hold fire, while adamy had not noticed because it was in the bath While Araceli was in the patio playing with drinks William and martyr was in the corral eating handles, minutes later was listened to that the boy requested aid Carlos: mami....mamita I burn mamita When adamy occurred to account the boy already was in a faint of as much smoke and the heat of the fire had killed it and adamy when seeing that salio running and shouting Adamy: nooo! But nonGod because these tests because Soon the people of the neighboring farm running to extinguish the fire and when they removed to the boy already dead so to speak were burt Adamy: carlitos mírame, sonrieme tell me that you want tell me breast to me carlitos háblame, carlitos dígame something hijito "crying" You die: lady the boy is Cinnamon-coloured dead: if lamentably if Mrs. Adamy: no, my son this dormidito if he fell asleep but is going to awake I enter the police Police 1: What step? How it happened everything? Adamy: my son was playing I do not explain anything as he were gentlemen understand, is not son, llevame to me has When seeing that Araceli loaded that other drinks she unloading the rage in new born Adamy: he leaves that damn Cinnamon-coloured bastard: he gives it to me very small brings I I will take care of Adamy: that damn boy I kill to niñito me to me carlito Llego Herminia Herminia: adamy suplico you you do not kill the boy gives it me Adamy: llevalo far where I do not see it Herminia saw the sky loading to drinks and this I talk back: God mine thanks I promise to you to be the mother of this drinks and I will be a good example for and the girl said: my mami this sad one because my grandma robbery to the other very small boy of whom chiniado Adamy has she: she is that my mother had it and she me went it to give and the two girl says that Police saw: Where this its mother? She is not even presented/displayed to declare Martyr: I oyi senor police that she said that she went away far from here Why had killed to me Medardo grandpa? I arrive Dora Dora: sister who happened Adamy here and gilds consoled and they embraced Adamy: I burn my boy and one went to the sky went away Dora: I feel much and you know today that you know that is my mother I have decirte something but of her Adamy: but nonDora: they say that she robbery to your twin son Adamy: voice also with that Dora Dora: adamy is the truth is on those awares by God understands my mother is not the white popcorn that your time or is that it forgets to you what you underwent with her Police: the search of its mother in all the country will extend and it was reported to the distant countries on her Alos days in newspapers, the radios, the television transmitters appeared the news of the white search where they identified that it even took drinks with himself; while in the airport of Mexico glory and white they even raised automobile for arrived Mexican capital wing, because white it walked with eyeglasses and wig White: welcome to Mexico jajaja to a life new Gloria: she lets walk speaking single like White crazy person: good bye we see pa when El Salvador country Criminal looks for Offer $ 50.000 Favor to call: 7 881- 45- 34 The times brightness and the clock he very marked the returns followed until they spent fifteen long years, in which adamy continued suffering, its children had grown, with resentment because they say that Martyr abandonment the home to the twelve years and put to the world of the alcoholism to the fourteen years, while Araceli the daughter of adamy had to marry without love with a cruel young person; but this made it by money to help its mother and to his brother but it could not since the young husband of her prevented it and he did not return to see his mother from long ago, while he has been gilding had given to light for fourteen years a young wing as they called Milvia to him, Jorge and Milvia were the sleeplessness of the beautiful one and undergone Dora, because Jorge tapeworm eighteen years and Milvia fourteen; there was a great difference between Jorge and Milvia since Milvia was rebellious with its mother and Milvia was of bad good feelings or perhaps it had feeling but as it has not been able them to show feels single and without love and familiar understanding to difference Jorge he is a young loving charmer, shared in common, friendly and mainly it happens remembering the Sunday that salio of mass and encountered over a niñita of ten years as the one of ten years that time fell in love with children and they considered friendship and to the fifteen years they swore eternal love and halos seventeen years hope separated them sending to a distant trip to their granddaughter daisy now return to be united the loves, but badly it has become a shade in them because they say that gay obsessed to position to walk a plan and that is that the a paid to somebody so that it enamors to Jorge and definitively to separate it of daisy the young candy of eyes coffee, but its plan to failed the paid woman has fallen in love with Jorge and rejects the money that pays gay to him.... After fifteen years the twin son who gift adamy knows everything even so but loves and adores to his mother adamy, but they say that the doñita Herminie cries by the young person since salio as she wanted to him is not to say that its sacrifice has been hard because she I stand to educate it but it studies but it likes to get dressed like a reaper, and to part of that it likes to sing solo; single platica when it takes a walk by the field, calls the DANTE; he is of noble heart in spite of the pain has feelings of love towards the others, he persecutes gay because he loves it, all they call crazy person and platonic illusionist and because she loves a star of the TV his name is: WILLIAM While the daughter of finada Belinda was baptized with the same name Belinda which was born 15 of August, this to managed to touch the fame and to be privileged when it was to make casting between thousand of children and children to select a star for the production of Ocampo Dew and Belinda I am like selected and from that then Belinda to worked in TV and Novels like: friends by always, adventures in the time, accomplices to I rescued and hearts to limit, and today fifteen years but late after leaving the TV it decided to take vacations but before that trio with ANDY LUCAS went to London to film a song in video paper clip doing The past returns to infra world has been opened and for fifteen years the united and single good and badly to been left the force of a group it will be able to discover the secrets of the past and to give him to aim wing badness and for it gets dressed WILLOW receiving a in full dress: Jorge and Margarita Together have: The binoculars William and William, in company of two ingenious and rival girls of two different loves they are: Belinda "Leticia", and Jennifer the group this formed by: Calin, Sergio, Louis, Jaime, pole and you will know there many but that will be united to club SCHULL 2002 Descubre that aim will have: White, Gloria, Hope, sister Ximena, Candy, Pole "Samantha" and Milvia ANA [ M Or N To L I S To

El- Salvador-Dpto-. the union municipality the willow January 2005 Mansion Argueta Alvarado After as much Don Leopoldo had become old and bitter its disease was the same single that the sugar in the blood was very strong Leopoldo: rose, rose sees immediately for here (angered) Enters pink with a Pink tray of fruits: if senor flame you Leopoldo: if! Clear that if called or is that these deaf person or What? And for who they are those fruits Pink: say since it wants, senor Leopoldo: when it asks to you something rrespondeme I have! And! Where this badly generated? Rose: his son will say no! Leopoldo: that marica is not my son, that is not man, is, olvídalo, if that single one serves to walk after the trousers of the men of the Pink town: that is its fault felt single very single, never had the voice of a man who said to him How behaves a man? Leopoldo: damn bastard, it scorn by died my rebeca, I detest it like nonhatred to nobody but that to the Rose: he is his son! And the errors of the past pay and very expensive and that past of very back long ago senor damage and you know you to assignment a serious error because you must not then have said to him that she has an aunt and two cousins, but as it harvested his hatred just as wing donates adamy Leopoldo: Rose vetoes: single redigo that the past is a return that returns has! And him warning that soon arrives its Frida sister from Mexico Leopoldo: it tell me rose has! Come the bastard son from adamy, to take the mendrugos of bread that give your Rose him: if! Exactly this in the kitchen Leopoldo: llámalo I have been wanting to see it, has served much to me, for four years, to worked very well the garden of the Pink house: there if, immediately I make it pass More in the same house in another room to the bottom he was the son of Leopoldo who was called: Rubén Policarpo Argueta Alvarado, pole was proving wigs of woman and in her bed tapeworm many cosmetics and was proving them all Pole: it has! William, my thus beautiful beautiful jardinerito you did not reject to me, either your jorgito and thus that began to see itself in a mirror and to take the pencils from eyes and lip, soon it was painting the eyes, later it continued painting the lips, later it put sandals, and soon I select woman shirts to put them Pole to it: this orange or better this of rose color, has in any case I am beautiful Pole: now this slave beautiful I have left, am my book there I have binchas and colitas to do two monitos and to raise to wing window to me to wait for to amorcito me Thus that to me had put a woman slave, soon she was reviewing a portfolio and she was put of crossed feet as if really outside a lady, soon later found labia and with that I lie down brightness in its lips after under its bed coat a mochilita pink color in which coat binchas and proved one by one and him taste the dwelling, later with a comb was put to comb itself, until one was put chamarra black and the face was covered Pole: damn you are papa I hate ojala to you you rot in hell I wean to you, but you I love William to you and this mansion will be ours, has but master so well to Jorge, good that has fixed one night for each one has! And What irony? Prime Jorge and William While in the room Leopoldo Leopoldo was platicando with William Antonio: are truth What you likes music? William: if senor he even gets passionate music but but the performance and the writing to me Leopoldo: to have échate that that the town says that your you sing followed I enter pink and said: the senor says that you sing that to him that is called VAGABOND I I AM the one that sings those of the industry of the William love: andale ahead because there is goes to him and thus that young person sang that pretty melodía titles vagabond I I am Mansion Argueta Manferrer Hope: it has spent as much time that not of Ximena neither of good Claribel, but which that it sends you by a year far from Jorge of that youngster who as much desire but is so estupido that it thinks that daisy has experience and it is not thus Hope or he was the more old that before or it had like seventy and two years.... It arrives in the same mansion was the servant in its room saying Paty: God mine perdóname by to be so cowardly I had to denounce it but I could not, today single I request to you that the history of the daughters of the lady is not repeated who does not do it with her granddaughter, you san Antonio of padua santo patrono of the willow I ask to you that you illuminate the mind to him doñita wing that no longer continues killing but by that sickly love that wishes by the young people, you I request it because I no longer want to be accomplice of her and this cross weighs to me too much, I already feel tired and it does not mean that I do not want to be with tigo clear that I want to load your cross not the one of the doñita perdóname And from the room hope it shouted to its Paty maid Hope to him: Paty, Paty unfortunate cat sees and that made kneel said: the time san Antonio and your Diosito the more and more bitter time watches I go away but I will be always with you and you with me she has! And I request to you that the lady adamy has faith and believes that his other twin son exists (persigna rises and) (Patrono san Antonio of padua) Residence Argueta Alvarado Leopoldo: chamaco you sing divine, and this that I did not believe when me my sister also said to it to hope and pink Rose: with its senor permission I am going to prepare the William supper: and dígame because? Leopoldo does not believe in God: things mine that you do not ask William to it: senor is necessary to thank to him to God, by the life, reason why it gives us by the food, the health, each porcada smile bad act that there is and the opportunity must to repair it Leopoldo: Who believed? You speak to me of that William: he is that I am rrapero, street but although they do not create I if she trusted and I believe in God, a God that is trino because this the father, the son and the spirit santo Leopoldo: Who has said to you that I do not believe in God? Clear that it trusted what happens it is that I do not demonstrate it and it is by that I have lived fifteen years with this William disease: a light does not fall in love to put it under our bed, or one is not oil lamp in the street and the dark in the house either Leopoldo: to that you talk about! With that William youngster: to that you must share what knows, because the light of this house is for all no! And also the smiles nonsingle must be in the street no! If it smiles in the street that costs to him to smile Leopoldo here: and! That I must do for being different? William: to request pardon and to pardon, to open to its heart and to be different with the others and of heart not by appearances Leopoldo: you are so good that I must revelarte a William secret: What? Mr. Leopoldo speaks without pain: your, your you have a twin brother William: another one with that Leopoldo: it is the truth and if doubts pregúntale to your William mother: to Whom? Wing street you know well that I have neither father nor mother Leopoldo: if you open on which I gave you years ago before you were in manicomió encontras and know all your William family there: incredible six months crazy I! Leopoldo: your you went crazy of pain, of bitterness in solitude, scorn that you towards the William town: it memory When all even shouted to me? And he was this remembering that whenever it happened in bicycle you shouted phrases to him like: you must disappear, damn, bastard, undesired, do not take place in this world, you are a zero left wing, you do not approach our children and that single lagrimeaba of its eyes with intentions to shout and to cry Leopoldo: bitter William was something sad: happened it is happened and! What step! Step Leopoldo: a day you found your binocular and the true curse will become reality, the legend will be fulfilled William suddenly said: is truth Don Leopoldo my binocular exists but not Where? What if is that it requests to me that helps it that undergoes Leopoldo: son mine unfortunate one will be your destiny, will suffer, lands on water and fought William: not that she goes to do of my, in first a no girl leaves approaches me Leopoldo: and your fiancèe Emilse Haydee William: no! The master Leopoldo: he watches mejo I say to something good William to you: he leaves and he is worth senor dígame what you wish Leopoldo: you studied the William baccalaureate: What? How? If I do not have nor to eat! Leopoldo: and your pay that is paid to you here, in addition I pay for your two years of bachelor, already pays in advance that if that does not find out anybody William: thanks! You are a divine angel, nobody loves senor you solely to me thanks and pole that was watching said in low voice: you I to you love, and I want to you very many In the fourth Leopoldo: son says that you write another William novel: if! But as which it serves to me if they do not see them, do not read them are only shaped letters Leopoldo: it walks vetoes to a truthful bookstore and that your novel the black fiancèe already this for sale and soon you will receive a substantial check by her William: in serious they have bought my work Leopoldo: until they have been exhausted, sight that my son has one and Lee time and time again William: God thanks mine! Leopoldo: I must have left your William autograph: if, clear if it is to you that I must so much Mr. to him Leopoldo: léemelo aloud watches east newspaper and that volume the grafica press that was the newspaper of the willow and began to read it William: the news of first category a gardener happens to make a famous author with masterpiece the fiancèe of black, the history of love without limits its name is: William Antonio Aryan Schull, was born in the corner San Juan Guala Criminal Says to its representative Jose Leopoldo Argueta widower of Alvarado, that young this writing another novel of its town the willow Leopoldo: the time today million know of you and that shot the newspaper to the ground and hug to Don Leopoldo saying to him William: you like the father are that never I had Leopoldo: son your you can see me as your you want, but the meritos are yours that means that you are not cowardly, that you are not good for anything a Residence Argueta Manferrer In the room hope was seated seeing the photographies of its three children Carlos Enrique, Ximena and Claribel CARLOS ENRRIQUE, XIMENA And CLARIBEL Hope: you three are dead very dead jajaja... and if my granddaughter interposes between I and Jorge also I eliminate it, because Jorge is my man I arrive Paty that venia of his reamara Paty: if you called Hope: and jorgito already came to plant claveles and tulipanes Paty: if Mrs. Esperanza: already! And to that hours Daisy comes Hope: wings twelve fall the airplane and soon it takes the train that passes wings to seven here at night Hope: either I sent to cinnamon-coloured one hour ago by her or must be arriving at the airport your vetoes wing cooks and there are a delicious supper I have! Paty: a doubt Why you are bad? And Why I separate daisy Jorge if they love themselves? Hope: and that to you that cat is incumbent to you your to not I put you in which it does not matter to you, and want that you know that here it is paid to you to work not by gadgets of Paty cat: give you, hour with its permission Hope: it waits for delay! Paty: What deseya lady? Hope: and Who takes care of of the children of your sister the one that died? Where they are? Paty: nobody, takes care of live in the streets with the son on adamy, together rob to eat, together sings, sometimes jun cough works in house of its brother Leopoldo Hope: these crazy person How? That nobody takes care of them and swim of thieves just as that badly I generate, we say that badly I generate but handsome just as its father and famous Paty: calin and checho live in the streets Hope: How? Those two chamacos do not have Paty names: if they have one Juan calls Carlos who is calin, and checho is called Sergio Ernesto Hope: and they study Paty: cotorrea or is ridicule Hope: no! it is not ridicule Paty girl: if they study thanks to the charitable soul of the son of adamy Hope: and that bare one of where if it does not have nor Paty house: his brother both obtained a scholarship to them to by means of Don Leopoldo the ex- mayor Hope: Paty, I feel much, and you know is very sad not to have money; it watches your nephews studied I I will pay to you but so that you study them it will increase the Paty pay to you: it had never seen it cry Hope: I do not cry single lagrimeo, Why? All of one or another form we deserve the opportunity to show that we can do something good Paty: I promise to him to put to him it last to the work to deserve that increased Hope: you do not worry your you worked just like before there is no Paty problem: within its skin of lion is its pretty heart and kind House of adamy Adamy had a new and small house in the willow in front wing health unit Adamy was writing in its seated single newspaper in Adamy chair: my bitterness, my pain, my solitude, my anguish caused that it lost mother, children, and husband, today I I am not nothing, nothing has has! Where Where? This my family, sad is my destiny, I am the woman but desventurada of the life by my insolencia my son martyr is a drunkard, my daughter case without love, my carlitos I burn by my negligence, my mother even disappeared, gives to me lost son way buscándote destiny but nor that I am today my life is not a desert Mansion Argueta Alvarado the William young person lowered the stairs of the mansion when pole raised and they were to means of the stairs Pole: hello! Like these? William: very well thanks and voice wey as it walks marking to the life Pole to you: it has well! I congratulate your book to you this gorgeous one you are a beautiful, handsome man, and to talented part of that and desirable one by any William: thanks for your galanterías friend Pole: you know, if your twin lived or existed would confuse to me no! Perhaps no! William: it has! To see when you go by the church we are forming the group of young people Pole: contéstame that you would say if in truth a day appeared your binocular? William: you know have arto to me with its leyendita for that reason I was in manicomió or is that to case you want that it returns to drive crazy Pole to me: I will go to the group of young people by you William: no! Pole by my does not see! By you to request pardon to God to please it Pole to him: this William good: that you say pole, we go to the park Pole right now: we go then in sung! I invite to you to eat later because in the blond dining room they prepare a chicken that is exquisite to become lean the William fingers: good because I walk hunger you the acceptance the new house of Dora While it gilds it lived today in a pretty one and great house who had left him its ex- fiancè Héctor Antonio Dora was in the kitchen cooking Dora: daughter to make a chicken empanizado you must throw the enpanizador to him first not later you throw fridora wing Milvia: it has! If you do not like since I do Then hazlo you Jorge who just arrived to work I listen what Milvia was this Jorge: that you said hermanita pretty berry! Discúlpese with Milvia mother: discúlpame mamita is that I do not have patience like your Dora: already! You will learn daughter Jorge: mother is necessary to leave a little food and to invite to William with her amiguitos to that they come to eat Dora in the evening: if, son is Milvia no problem: he hears mami and Why? My aunt gift to its son Dora: not, daughter things of her Jorge: if very small, better cuénteme when they enter Milvia classes: you gave of January Jorge: I want good qualifications, good behavior and nothing of hermanita fiancè Milvia: that not because chavo not because a fiancè if, but nonDora: either very or then pon the hungry daughter puts the paltos and the Milvia refreshment there: it has! Single, I, I! For everything it has hits Jorge to me: nonreniegos hermanita, comes I I help Milvia him: thanks, thousand thanks brother for that reason I adore to you you are the best super brother Parqué Jose Maria Rock (the park) That way they were crossing William and pole when the people of the market began to murmur in badly of William A called merchant raquelita said: watch has goes the damn Juventina bastard another soda water salesman said: bare estupido poor man enamored with an actress, nonslimy you do not take place here muérete or vetoes far from the willow Juana the salesman of pupusas said: in addition you are damn, you you bring the misfortune you, you are badly an example for this world vetoes muérete Llegaron Sergio and calin Pole: How they dare? Old crazy people Sergio: that she happens? Calin: How much? It must to William Pole to them: nothing these old ones are estupidas without unfortunate feelings a Juana: it watches means man, rather young with trousers I do not put to you in which it does not concern Pole to you: I am already enough if I am gay, but I am not shamed, and know that in these chavos that are here the discrimination and not like you does not exist who go it in mass and the unfortunate cults and are a poor man who does not know to accept what God to Anadilia envoy: he is that the truth hurts but they know this bastard must die, míralo the deluded one believing in the love no! If a poor devil does not have to believe in that William: ladies because they take care so much of me because they do not let to me live my life because they speak so at least without knowing, which happens is that you use the language to speak plagues, use the hands to build with blows Sergio: How much has not held them William? Calin: first they followed it piedradas, soon followed it with tomatos, bags of water with stones Pole: soon they drove crazy Juana: William perdóname perhaps! I have! Be too much unjust one with you your you are not the guilty of the past the guilty are your William parents: neither they nor you nor nobody are things that God has put to prove Anadilia to us: it is truth of my receives my but sincere desires and perdóname and today you can go to house to eat and to read the Bible with us Why? I cannot hate of pure taste, and I cannot either touch the Bible without pardoning and that pardons William to me: there is no problem I I will go, but they send to his children wing meeting of young people that will be all Saturdays wings four in the Anadilia church: you know if your binocular were with you your and they serian as two drops of water serian so good William both: they already leave that subject of the binocular does not exist does not exist! Raquelita: boy who does not know that your grandmother robbery to the boy before adamy could see Juventina it: pardon that puts to me but your sedados binocular if it exists and your and this wing one badness mona according to relates that your you do not create already is another thing but for that reason they have passed terrible things here in this town While in the airport a woman lowered of avio had not even seen the face him solely the feet Cinnamon-coloured: that beautiful this you Margarita young lady: thanks, and like this you? Cinnamon-coloured: it has very well! There this the train we go raises I I raise to the luggage Daisy: thanks (Course to the willow) More in the house of Herminia Garcías She was one marries great not with comforts but sufficient to live it said William, in a quarter William was contemplating with sweet glance each one of the figures which tapeworm of the Mexican actress belinda... because it is related that this young one for seven years I have been falling in love with the actress and today to turned a febrile one enamored with her and each figure that sees of her stands out it and sticks it in the wall then for she is ídolo, the woman whom but it loves, and in the wall it has a great affluent heart where it says (William and belinda) In the room of the house madrastra was his Mrs. Herminia Noemí, and salio William of that fourth Herminia Noemí: hijito you know well that I am not your mother but I adore single tell me to you! Why your eyes reflect a pain more? William: thousands of pains press my heart and the main one is because mother I leave to me I arrive Calin, Sergio and Polo Calin: that speaks wey will make sentirte different, it express what you want what you wish desahogate Herminia Noemí: they say to the truth desahogate Sergio: we are your friends and today you have gained to the town with your heart and you will be single never and your you are strong with your work you have obtained everything what you have berry! Today until the computer you have bought William: to carajo yet what I have I do not want my estupida moto, nor my Calin computer: friend if she does not want déjala a day to you will come by you your mother will look for to you but now here I, and Serb are your friends and doñita Noemí that much William wants to you: a mother, a father brothers a family was what but she wishes and never I had them you know who has been everything in, if single my Araceli sister she is the unique thing which I have and I adore today because I am a sweepings, a bastard Herminia Noemí: son you do not cry, your mother does not deserve to you I leave to you by an idiot legend, that is false William: I do not want to live.... Because God, because you gave this miserable life me, this despicable life (one goes away for the quarter of) Noemí: son, sees son... by God son you do not lock in itself you do not cry you make me feel Mrs. Noemí badly wanted to follow their son but calin I rise and was prevented it and it said to him in smooth words Calin: déjelo, that relieve single, and I as are its other Noemí desire: my son, my son is everything what I have... is not mine but the worse thing is than me encariñe with Sergio: but you already wise it, and he must not have encariñado because it was not his Noemí: if, I will have to resign More in mind calin to me he said: friend although I must sell the soul to him to the devil I I will help you that so belinda knows you and soon you will make your part Soon calin salio in races for the street, while William had opened that paquetecito of photos that had given Leopoldo him years ago and there it had found photos of his mother and her father (Felix, Adamy and Belinda) William: mother, papa Why gave this life me? Because damn he is? "crying" Suddenly William it saw that its Belinda love walked later by means of a full way of petals of rose dressed angel and saw the image of his mother next to Felix to whom his father believed, and by I complete salio his twin brother and the whole saw happy as they soon say it to rose color his mother said something to him that put sad Adamy: I hate to you.... I hate to you.... I hate William to you: mother because? Felix: I! I am not your father, we we are not your father your you are an unsuitable being you did not have to be born! Belinda: as you imagine that I could pay attention to without name? No! Never William: but that I made bad! What? Mother papa, your belinda "crying" Belinda, Adamy and Felix: muérete, muérete jajaja and that I react imprisoned of fury and weeping breaking the images of belinda, its Adamy mother and her supposed father Felix William: damn solitude, damn life; damn you are damn William you are and soon the voice of the other binocular I am listened to that it said to him: you and I are damn, you and I must see us and take revenge of all and that to us as crazy seeing for all sides said: Who you are? Where these? Cowardly dame your face and was when William went falling slowly to the ground and it was also put melancholic saying William: God because indeed I! I did not have a mother who caressed my cheeks, that gave a kiss me, hug in my birthday, that I made bad in which it fails to you, to case I did not come to this world by love It was there when I arrive pole and it said: clear he is right that you know something that you must know and all they hide William to you: What is? What they hide speech to me by God, damn speech is Pole: I notice to you that this will hurt much William to you: but of which already I have suffered no! No longer it can have nothing else makes me undergo Pole: you did not come to this world by love to your mother violated it.... They violated it... violated Vicinity While in house of adamy she was laid down in her room writing in her black newspaper Adamy: from the fatal night of my violation my bitter life, my soul I let love and today way as a shade as a dead Soon called wing door and that woman said scared Adamy: chepe... no! Again no! Who will be? And when I arrive wing room of the house said: Who looks for an unfortunate woman? And from a it was said somebody: I am friend! Shell your Adamy friend: it has! Already if it waits for it has I go House of Herminia Noemí While in house of Herminia Noemí pole it was I aim to open secret of the past and in the room of the house Noemí and Sergio they were talking Sergio: and the worse thing will be when it finds out that his father is not his father if not its Noemí uncle: nor you say it! He will be exasperating but by mouth of us it will not know Sergio: but all world almost knows that old legend While William continued crying and talking with pole its William friend: papa Why you did it? Felix you do not deserve to be my father I hate Pole to you: hey! Yey, Felix I do not violate your William mother: and then! Who did it? Who was that little man? Pole: the cuñadito of her chepe that patán did it has! My love perdóname I did not have decirte that perdóname William: it tell me Why I give mother to me? Pole: simple, your in this world you are a sweepings, a being without duties and rights you are the prince of the vague thing without office, but I love William to you: he has! If that well I a poor devil without duties and rights, I! The despicable being Pole: without offending amorcito but! Your you did not have to be born, much less enamorarte of that so belinda, is belinda that naco and pretentious William: good and that to you that it concerns Pole to you: it matters to me sickens knowledge to me that that dog I rob your love to me, that damn one that it does not want to you, that it does not know you, in addition nor you know William: he concerns little to me if he knows me or but God does not know that I am free to love, and grábate this I never would pay attention to you because your you are gay, gay Pole: damn undesirable gathered, unfortunate bastard without parents, brothers without family and pole salio furious wing time William him shout that everything I am listened to in the William room: largate you have arto to me, cheers to see to you me suffer, you have obsessed with me Pole: jajaja bastard impure estupido and Noemí in the room said: santo sky pole I reveal its origin to him and its truth and right pole passed by the room and Sergio said to him: that you have done, because you go cheers and furious Pole: to say what is and not to lie jajaja run to console their Noemí bastard: largate and you never return, you never heard Pole to me: it has! As it thinks that to me it goes to cheer to come to this cuchitril if it shames to me to arrive here by the nails from hell Sergio: largate before it forgets to me that sos a Mari Noemí: it leaves that rat impure, to that rate of two legs Pole: How I will amuse myself seeing suffer it? And now they run are going to tell him that I pay to Emilse so that she enamored it and she made it forget the cat of belinda has! And cuéntale that if it looks for very mexicanita wing belinda I kill it, I kill Noemí: you are the devil you are evil Pole: but that that I am the incarnation jajaja While William did not cry single he was standing seeing by a window for the William sky: belinda, because it enamors to me with you if your you are but who I, belinda by you I am becoming crazy crazy person, because it enamors to me with you if nor Who you are? And you do not know of my existence Why God mine? Suddenly Sergio and Noemí called wing William door: that they want they want to see me cry? Noemí: son by love to God ábreme the William door: I do not want! And déjame to say to son Sergio: brother, friend ábrenos the door please your these undergoing much William: pass this open Noemí: hijito I cannot leave of decirte son I cannot entiéndelo! I adore my William son to you: contéstame the Noemí truth: if it tell me William: my true Noemí father is Jose Angel Kings Lazo: if! He is your father, Why one night abuse of the woman who gave the life you? William: What damn fault tapeworm I? Which that senor has abused mother who for that reason I give to me What? Noemí: not Sergio: a day you found out that but today not no! Although Noemí says that it does not know if it knows what happens is that she fears to lose your Noemí affection: Sergio already shuts up Sergio: I feel it if for that reason I lose its friendship will accept it but it is hour that the clock I turned to reveal Noemí the past: Sergio... not by God nonSergio Sergio: to case you think that she feels pretty to find wing one mother and she does not say to him nor hello! Like these? How goes to you son? If he wants déjelo to it he frees if he returns is his if not never it were it William: it is truth if he wants does not doubt to me my Noemí: this good son Sergio: your this prisoner to a curse of hell and your binocular if he exists but not knows where this? nor with who what if knows it is that your white grandmother is the intellectual of that crime she sold it by Noemí money: your mother was sold by fifty thousand dollars that man who abuse of her Sergio: the others the single time you will say it but today déjenos Mrs. Noemí I need to speak of another thing with the William: walk berry by the supper if! And Sergio said to him: the love that you feel by the single call belinda is a platonic love, a paper love, a love that does William damage to you: but the master! I have so many problems, watches my father, my mother, my family, my own that I make friend with as much problem! He has! I of crossed hands tell me to have left no! Sergio: if a truthful day everything took a cursor and you family it will unite, and if masters to belinda do not open to anything or anybody that can stop that powerful love and if of heart you believe in God pidele with faith William: I could break each photo of my parents and belinda, but the love that I feel by them not breaks nothing neither nobody nor the time chains Sergio: that so that you have decided tatuarte photo of belinda in your heart that if it is to love really and I envy it not you create While as they say that the past it leaves tracks today we return to a visit to the convent Maria handcuffs santa, where today the girl which they have been leaving for years has grown In the great floors of that convent is Sindi, Yoselin, Adrián and Rosibel; mopping floors, others sweeping, others washing to the curtains and blankets, and sanitary others washing Ximena visited all the youngsters whom it had cleaning Ximena: mugrosa, bastard you have apurarte if you did not remain without supper acuérdate that you have today not eaten in all the Sindi day: by mercy lady my hands bleed, my back this adolorida Sindi brings with himself two pieces of moored fabric one in each hand since their hands very were damaged due to their Ximena work: Who said to you that you put that? To have tráeme that and Sindi hid its hands immediately here, but Yoselin that was very bad said to wing nun Ximena Yoselin: sort Ximena Sindi hides its hands so that you do not clear its priests to him jajaja Sort Ximena: to you who gave permission you to leave your work vetoes and clean good the toilet, because if it beams will not lock up to you to sleep in the warehouse with the Yoselin rats: it knows that old you even disguise of nun has to me satiates old hatred Ximena cockatoo: How you dare to offend my beauty? Of punishment you will not eat three days and you will be to bread and Yoselin water: I hate Sindi to you, I always despise to you your you always have privileges leaves well all Ximena to you: and your enséñame your hands already! And that I teach the hands to him and Ximena in ruthless form exempt him the rags and Sindi almost cried of Ximena pain: light, clean already immediately Sindi: my parents will come by me Ximena: they hurled because eras a load for them and they loved a man, not a mocosa to you pela Sindi cats: no! That is lie no! Ximena: and your that you have thought that here it is the palace of the virgins no! Nina the palace of the virgins is far from is wing here exit of the bridge of the town and in addition your nape of the neck you will be able to enter Sindi: but Why? Ximena: Why you are? Of impure dirty blood despicable Sindi: a day will be punishes no! Perdóneme is not my right to offend it Ximena: I pardon your insolencia now it leaves that you and it vetoes to rest While Sergio disappointed to William with which Sergio said to him: friend and your really you think that belinda would pay attention to somebody without fame and future like your William: lose but God mine ayúdame to take me of my to this woman! Sergio: ojala you do not have misfortunes if you know her William: your God father listens to you Mansion Argueta Manferrer had arrived daisy from its trip and first that had done was to embrace to its grandmother in the office of the mansion, but that woman without feeling had felt neither heat nor fried by the dulzura with embraced her granddaughter and what did she was to despise it and to fight with her.... Hope: you must disappear! Daisy: but For which grandmother? Why? Hope: the best thing than you could do was quedarte definitively in Guatemala in esquipulas not perhaps with momias no! Daisy: grandmother I have returned to fight by my man by Jorge and I will have left definitively here for always Hope: you do not challenge to me! Here you remained on my corpse, never that dead of hunger will be yours never Daisy: Why? Why you hate so much? To case you like that is your attitude the one of a jealous woman Hope: that marginal one died of hunger gardener, I do not like the reason is that pobretón is a hunger dead Daisy: I do not understand single! Dame one a single reason! "this leaves" When hope I am single said thus same Hope: only powerful the reason is that master to Jorge and I do not share nor am partner with nievecita poor man estupida that is the reason it master you heard cat to me While cinnamon-coloured the luggage for the daisy room raised, while in a window daisy it contemplated his loved watering the flowers and the a she threw kisses to him Jorge: I love to you! Daisy: I also love to you! Whereas by another window the old hope observed everything and furious it said: you are my powerful rival I do not deny In house of adamy She was remembering things that her mother was saying to him, and she reproached to him with Adamy insistence: mother I am violated... I am violated White: you must disappear to those binoculars, will look for a strategy for deshacerte of them Adamy: Why? White: of that curse of so monalisa, those bastards are in favor possessed people, will be you Adamy misfortune: I cannot and I do not want White: then when being born I will decide his destinies and thus adamy I finish remembering all that, which she had not felt is that her Araceli daughter had occurred a escapadita to take to him eaten and a little Araceli money: hello mamita! Speaking again single still you do not recover of the happened Adamy: no! And I cannot While calin had arrived at CIBER PAOLA Oneida: wave horseman you have to me left my owner my king and my senor Calin: I need your aid my Oneida love: for you want my rayito to it of Calin love: a newspaper of the 7 of November del2004 if! Oneida: that the date is not that in which I appear belinda Calin so: in the international fair of the Oneida amphitheatre: good I leave my life you I am going to take care of the other Calin: if my lioness sees my goddess of love and calin occurred to step wing at night search of a fortuitous City of Mexico seven Durango 7:00 p.m. Belinda today was the daughter of melisa, belinda had grown and had a future nonuncertain plenty of prosperity because years ago it had entered the world of the spectacles having recorded TV and novels, and today in these wonderful years of the new millenium of the 2000 for ahead has been dedicated in body and soul wing youthful music since it has left its childhood where it always opened to record with the subject friends by and hill with finishing touch his childhood giving him to the entire world the opportunity of jumps as a sapito Belinda arrived from classes with its friend Johanna Belinda: hello mami! Melisa: hello my love! As it were to you? Belinda: very well mamita! Johanna: hello! How this lady melisa? Melisa: very well and your Johanna: here it watches passing it na but Belinda: to have my loves mamita and amiguis they happen to the dining room to eat Melisa: perhaps we go, your papa had together in DEMO Belinda RECORD: perhaps they have to be seeing clothes for my closing of concerts in America center and the south America and they who went away for the dining room when just Fabian arrived the father from belinda: hello! Hello! Family How is? My two Melisa wrists: my love I thought that you would not come Belinda: papi as it were to you? Fabian: either very or my queen! She has! Hello young lady excuses that she has not greeted it! Johanna: no! There is no senor problem does not worry Melisa: good, good then for eating it has been said and that Johanna I remain seeing of feet head to the senor rescuing Fabian and this added in its bad mind Johanna: guao! That man, enchants to me has to be mine, nonsingle if not all this To the other day El Salvador Dep. The union municipality the willow In it laughed in a very pretty place to which all call the white stone there to him entrevistaba pole with Emilse the fiancèe of William Pole: you know to something Emilse Emilse: if, which is that master to William it master Pole: me you do not know rival as I can be very dangerous Emilse: I have something you you do not have! Pole: What? Your organ no! Mamita that me I will transplant it in Houston Texas and to me return if you do not separate I I will separate to you, and later me suplicaras like a dog with Emilse hunger: what I have is a heart and for that reason that William does not love to me, nor lands on water to me How loves belinda? Pole: nooo! Never that damn me it cleared it, and it is never better than you go away Emilse: if I will go away before but it will confess something to him if I will say to him that your your! You paid to me so that Pole forgot belinda with me: if you say something to him it has of you because there you open to getting up the fury vitiates that I take on the inside While the pole hatred overflowed with left a black shade that desentendió to the stop, and neither pole, nor Emilse realized, but in fact was that each bad act that towards badly formed and Fabian was giving to life even new so full being him of badness as pole City of Mexico Durango "Mansion Peregrin Schull": today wings ten enter classes, Belinda truth: if papito Melisa: and it tell me that plans it has for the vacations of Belinda Friday: not mamita, even not Fabian: and that so if we even go away old native town that I know Belinda: Where? Fabian: in El Salvador Belinda: no! Definitively no! Better manadme to the jail before going to that mugroso town Where are no good looking chavos? Where single it has vague? Fabian: santo sky Belinda daughter: papi is already enough! To that town I do not go Melisa: but if nor you know as the town is called daughter Fabian: the willow is called Was there when melisa remembered that had promised belinda adult that it would take to his daughter belinda to that Melisa town: definitively better we go to Spain, to Madrid, to France not but even town no! Fabian: in that town the love, true exists, have sworn eternal love there many Belinda: it concerns a radish to me but! I will not go and I will not go, so permission I have! While belinda went away melisa said Melisa: my love cannot go to that town I I swear to belinda the mother to him of this girl that we took care of that I would take it town to that but I am scared to that something happens! Fabian: and I thought to go wing san Antonio of padua to jurarte eternal love to you Suddenly somebody I call to the Melisa timbre: Who will be? It has if it must be the amiguita of our daughter and Fabian I rise and went to open the door while melisa did not realize that Johanna the friend of its daughter coqueteo him to its future Johanna husband: these very handsome today Fabian Fabian: thanks and your also but happen! Johanna: I today wait for you to eight in my house mother will go shopping with my brother and papas in this in Cuba in a medica meeting Fabian: but! While that step and greeting to melisa the Calin willow had been going when ciber to see again if it could be connected with belinda CIBER PAOLA Calin I enter wing MSN network to be able to contact to belinda Calin: damn belinda is conéctate andale Durango Mexico Enters Johanna Johanna: hello belinda How these? Belinda: thinking, thinking Johanna: it has! You do not say Belinda to me: if I say Johanna to you: these thinking just like I Belinda: it is obvious that nonJohanna: in the fiancès jajaja Belinda: my Popes do not let to me have Johanna fiancès: huy to that you do not know what huy is rene not belinda rene is gay Belinda: minds these jealous amiguis Johanna: déjate that subject better friend we already enter to chatear órale Belinda there: to ignite the computer then Johanna: chale and that ignited the computer while belinda entrance to the Chat, and suddenly Johanna its friend saw that step Don then Fabian and invention an excuse to leave and to follow Don Fabian, while belinda found a message in which it said: please agrégame is urgent... and belinda I add it and soon this said belinda: this connected and calin I notice that belinda had been connected by a message said: belinda finishes initiating Calin session: that, arrives finally God thanks to me I love to you! Belinda Chat: Who will be? Querera what? This way there is or message and it says: "hello I am called Juan Carlos, she is urgent to speak to me with tigo is of life or death... trusted you beauty and she wrote a message to him in which said: Hello I am belinda I received your message and your mail tell me that you want Calin: pasarte to prevailed and thus was that belinda salio of the room of Chat is published and went to private Calin: I am Salvadoran alive in the willow, and know a friend mine who has been seven years crying by your love, is writer, idolatrous you his room this plenty of photo galleries yours, and is an undergone young person and today who you listen to this history it will affect and quereras to you to help him the Belinda right of perpetual ownership you: to see cuéntame I have time to read has it goes my image to you in camera Web ignites yours and both ignited their cameras Web Thus belinda and calin occurred to a pasante friendship that belinda was affected with the sad history of that young person who had to him counted, while her Johanna friend was in the warehouse of the mansion with the father of belinda Fabian: that woman class you are your Johanna: a young person enamored with you my papacito, I love to you, bésame to case you do not like the young and beautiful women as I and that slowly naked front to which Fabian could not resist that that I occurred to loose rein to desire and wing fragant passion of that youngster Johanna: truth that you like Ja! That Fabian enthusiastically did not kiss while single she sighed soon of desire and Fabian saw the face of melisa and said: melisa I love to you I adore to you and it was when with Johanna loathing I push it and said: damn you are melisa, damn Fabian: veto far from here you do not look for me daughter: Johanna: I feel papa but no! Because she is my friend Fabian: he will speak with your parents of your hints or harassment sexual Actions that you do Johanna to me: it has you dismiss to me of your daughter and discúlpeme never will return to happen not like nor when that stupidity was happened to me perdóneme Fabian: he walks sees wing church he says and he requests pardon therefore I will do! More William was now with its friend Sergio Sergio: when you even understand she does not love to you, it does not know you, does not land on water friend to you, yours is a platonic love, a love of dreams a William illusion with his sad reality the only thing that it made it be relieved went the song and was put to sing a titled song although cannot see you, where did not sing single imagined with beautiful belinda giving to love in a full beautiful field luggers given by God Time but late with running of the dawn the days the dawn arrived returned to illuminate days more and calin found I complete message of belinda which said: perhaps calin, friend it master, like the a me but if I know it did not enamor to me of, but it cheers to me that it can and that write what sees and feels you do not say to anything a day to him I I will go soon your and I we will occur another opportunity to talk and you will be able to indicate to me when and where we will see ourselves After as much it seems to be that to the willow the finery was getting dressed him a new full future of love lights, even that outside stop the good town for bad always serious William the future, because today William venia of the market to leave to wing Mrs. Herminia Noemí Garcías to his madrastra, when adamy its true mother was going for the market to buy they were; William went in its motorcycle that Leopoldo had regulated to him by the years of work in the mansion, adamy went very loaded since they had ordered leaves to him of orchard for tamales, and this almost could not with them and William of good heart said William to him: lady waits for I I will help him and adamy I drop its leaves nonapropósito if not accidentally and William decided to help it to gather them and when she saw the face him said to him: suéltalas damn bastard, poor devil vetoes, thief, street guide, died of William hunger: mother! Why your mother? Why you hate to me? Adamy: it has is not happened to you to do to me film crying, you know me do not conquer two tears to me of cat and the young person I approach its mother and of her cheeks volume a tear of her William: your also lagrimeas mami Adamy: I hate to you vetoes badly been born, I infuriate of the last name Aryan William: I adore mother to you but! This good I go away but that consists already is satiated to me with your scorns, I by eight years have walked looking for your affection, always and been of surpluses good bye and adamy she saw its son who amount in moto and I move away very fast and was there when she opened the arms and crying she said: son mine returns I I want much to you While William in one marries full of roses that left until wing street roses short one and moto went in his and soon I arrive at the park and there I park and I enter wing church to pray, this persigno William: virgencita I am not the one who your you wanted, because seen indecentemente, my clothes me this defeat, my hair already makes me seem a dead, my form to speak of is badly educated, but today I request offer to carajo all that that I have, bad your madrecita mine during years you have received my flower my gift, to you I have always said congratulations to you mamita Guadalupe your you have congratulated to me in every Christmas, each birthday, every good moment and bad What this account had not occurred it was that somebody that single showed its feet was of after listening to very enternecedoramente all Jaime: friend mine blessed one you are who in the sadnesses and the pains you go to your mother of Guadalupe And William suddenly persigno and I rise and empego to speak with the young person who was much greater than the William: I am wanted to die Jaime: I have! Where this the fort that requests virgin wing to him of Guadalupe wing santa patron of Mexico, cuéntame walks speech desahogate if! William: my father left to me despise to me I am dead in life Jaime: to God you do not blame, I I believe it that all this has an explanation, buscadla and searches carefully the past and there surely he opens a William indication: master to an adolescent artist Jaime: and she knows William to it: she is Mexican and as a poor devil as I could say to him that How? If I am a poor poor devil Jaime: he has! You even fear rejection to him for poor man, friend the money is not nothing when there is a true love and a high faith to God the others you gives it little by little, but and you study your William: if by the work of a good senor and a good professor study I and my friends Calin and Sergio Jaime: and that good angel of the guard Who is? William: the teacher is called Luís Oscar Arriaza and the senor is called Leopoldo Jaime: then those two beings are two excellent beings whom they love and they feel that there are many like your without home, without familiar love How is my case? William: he is the teacher that but I admire and respect its wife is producing of TV and novels and is an exceptional woman and it is not shamed of my Jaime: you will be a great being a great professional, and from today we are friends I! I am Jaime Elías Mexican Ortiz William: I am William Antonio Aryan, I have the rare reality to have a twin brother who not Who is? Nor Where he will be? Jaime: soon your life changed you I promise it and for today it takes a flattery that I give an ex- fiancèe to me mine who was called Yuri Retana William: this virgencita is precious and brings the flag of Mexico will always wait it with me CIBER PAOLA Oneida: they naiden like your my love, had improved ciber I congratulate to you, today there are but clients, and say that they have better attention with tigo Calin: thanks... thanks my queen but all that we must to your beauty my queen to you, my better culito you are your Oneida: my love cotorreas truth I love Calin to you: the Vanesa hears and, with verónica and Milvia already time I do not see them, nor to Lilian Oneida: those go it following the tail to him any youngster unique wing that I do not see is to Vanesa since it died donates licha Calin: skies wise it but late will not pass by their house but it even tell me you are a woman in the Oneida forgetfulness: it is difficult Edwin was a great man and it will never forget Calin to it: I must myself go cuídate god bless you friend More Milvia, Lilian and Verónica, were seated in seats there in the park.... Lilian: if that it gives Vanesa hurts no! Milvia: I never serious friend of that estupida, huy is estupida, having much money it gets dressed in rags walks takes off and it enchants to walk in that idiot bicycle that has Verónica: if it takes off and single in bici Milvia: by God if that is estupida a fat zarrapastrosa Lilian: but that is pretty not it denies and it has a fiance' a Milvia love: that piojosa, pretendiente, no! By God, that without class and culture, huy nonVerónica: speaking of the queen of Spain that never bathes Milvia: piojosa sees, muévete, andale apurate Vanesa cat: they call to me Milvia to me: if your undernourished dog, no! Pardon I say chancha in bicycle That I approach them and Milvia was ed ***reflx mng of her and it raised nagua to him and in spite of that Vanesa she was beautiful with long hair, dirty face and with many florcitas armillas in his Verónica hair: mírala seems a tomb of dead with that little of flowers in the Lilian head: you are pretty Who you #***a-refl mng yourself florcitas? Verónica: if you are gorgeous Milvia I haul the hair and restregó to him the flowers in the hair, Milvia: it has! That ugly you are, nobody lands on water mírate to you you are dirty, you walk barefoot to that you play wing cenicienta, poor man of you would feel sorry to me because in fact money exceeds Vanesa to you: if it exceeds to me but I am but happy thus "in voice low and smooth" Milvia: poor man ilusa on weight, bastard you do not have mother nor papa and I if I have Lilian mother: Milvia by God respects is a being Vanesa: and I who I did young lady to him because it hates to me or it is that it likes my Milvia fiancè: your fiancè jajaja... cries....anda... cries Vanesa: one makes fun of of me because I am an orphaned Milvia truth: your you did not have to see been born for you is no space here you do not fit here in this Lilian world: déjala by your stupidity is already going to undergo the girl peacefully déjala Vanesa: because he insults to me if I to not must to nothing single I I want him to be free, I never put myself nor will put myself will encontrá of you Milvia: mugrosa, piojosa, ragged, you are very different from me I I am of class, I am one fine Miss Vanesa: either it has to me it is satiated or it is enough or I overwhelm the Milvia patience to me: huy! That fear Was when Vanesa single him first trompón and the shot to the ground and the two ran into there of the hair until later they occurred to blows and Milvia I am left everything struck and bleeding Milvia: piojosa this me the payments single dog calin made fun of of you jajaja! With the fled one from the sun I enter the night during which I untie a small storm while Vanesa venia in its bicycle walking on foot and she took his bici but not mounted on her, since it felt bad by having lost the only thing who tapeworm its mother Mrs. Alicia "licha"; while cuates seated in accelerates it of a house by chance was calin there listening to music with some of and exactly it was listening to the Small song "of My District of Zacarías Ferreira" Calin opened the door and first that as saw it was it rained and suddenly I listen to cry to somebody and made a look and it did not see anybody in the short while I enter for inside and was when Vanesa seated in the entrance and returned calin and when they saw Vanesa was predicted of its waist, crying it said Vanesa to him: to you you are the unique one that I have in my - life loves truth to me - and by it hurts - I have - Calin: - I love to you - Vanesa- I love to you since never I have loved Vanesa: but - it is not shamed that I being riquilla am a piojosa vagabond poor woman - with dirty face Calin: I fall in love with the girl of my district of which she saw without direction in his bicycle, of the girl of sad eyes, the girl with long and full hair of flowers, of barefoot, expensive the dirty one, but! - But of worthy heart and clean Vanesa: the master although pa since there am to change but by you Calin is not plowed: my William friend will be able to help Vanesa you: they did not make fun of of me Calin: you are not egoistic my love, my love I love to you, and my friends respect wings young ladies like your Vanesa: but! Milvia says that I am a ramera piojosa Calin: Milvia, by God Milvia has to him envies Suddenly appeared two bad boys gang members youngsters of the age of calin is to say of fourteen years, and these treated bad beautiful wing Vanesa Luis: hey never had seen a fat witch and in January jajaja! To stop Efraín: chale is obvious that that is a sow with dress and flowers in the head to even seduce to pig without body Luis: - it is truth if this town this but failed that the rumps of Juan camaney Cesar Efraín: you put yourself to believe! Here they abound dead with hunger, bewitched damn, chanchas which they speak and they walk with two legs, Vanesa bastards: either it is enough or by God, they make fun of of me because I do not have mother nor papa Was when Vanesa I cry and calin of single trompón made to Luis and Luis thrown in the ground said Luis: damn poor devil this me the payments bastard Calin: búrlate continuous and Luís I rise and coat a dagger and when Luis said to nail it to it to calin to stop prevented it and crying said To stop: not nooo! Friend you do it is just as we Vanesa: déjalo calin, déjalo that nontime that the young person undergoes Calin: we are going to eat I invite them to eat meat that I today robbed in the market To stop: we accepted but not in your Calin house: I do not have alive house where pole thrown with the feet for above moors the night Mansion to me Argueta Alvarado In a bed was thinking picardías Pole: Where you will be William? Where? And your Jorge who you will make the telephone Suddenly cellular sounded and he ran to contéstalo Pole volume the cellular one between its hands soon opened it and I bequeath I place it in its ears and said: I pull ahead I pull ahead! Answer But later it saw that it was a message Pole: there is man if it is a message says and pole read the message dear Pole when you need búscame you know to me Where I go I? Although it loves it that with you I cannot, so when you need another trabajito will look for bye to you kisses ciao F: Emilse Haydeé Monte Alegre and soon pole loosen the outburst of laughter and said: clear it will look for to you but for matarte jajaja, now you follow your daisy your return I will prevent your master with Jorge Suddenly it returned to sound the cellular telephone of pole and said pole: and now What? Pole I answer the telephone and said: hello Who flame? You who you had not gone away Emilse: I do not have! Decided to have left I serve to you more here than there is Pole: What? Daisy returned ~ no! You lie Emilse: it has returned and it is but beautiful which never, I saw in the park with your adored Jorge they were kissing jajaja Pole: cállateeee, and you do not make fun of estupida Núñez Residence Sources In a new house it appeared Araceli, if that were the home of Araceli the bitter home and without love.... Its husband I arrive to work, while Araceli read a story to him to the small Andy Aubert Araceli: the prince and white snows were happy for always and the enanitos took to the tail of the Andy dress Aubert: mami I do not want to you to see crying because my papi sticks Araceli to you: your papi is beautiful, is a handsome, noble man precious never sticks Andy to me Aubert: mami is ten years which I have and all speak of your wedding without love you are but unfortunate woman Suddenly I am listened to the voice of the husband of Araceli that said in angered voice Edgar: Araceli, estupida apurate sees for dame the Andy food here Aubert: I lie Araceli mother: a day we will go away my love far if While that salio of the room of the Araceli boy I arrive wing room and its husband said to him very angered Edgar: you already have arto to me estupida you must serve to me to wing hour that I say Araceli: it has! If! You will have because I say to you that your you did not ask me mother a maid, nor a slave if not to a woman for mother of your Edgar children: really, if really Araceli: although it hurts to you was but happy with Edgar: with the dog of Eustaquio Rivero Araceli: if! With the furious Edgardo I strike and the shot to the ground Edgardo: damn you are going away to die Araceli: mother I teach myself to love with the heart, not to Edgar blows: it has if How? No! Araceli: I was happy, poor, but very happy, I wise of joys, the beauty of the life, but nonwise of solitude, nonwise of a hell I never suffered! I never cry I lived super good until I knew my life you step to make a pain, a life of esclavización Edgar: it is your fault your you decided to marry with me by Araceli money: that was my error to marry to me with you by money to help me mother, and you have never given a single weight me for her Edgar: cállateeee! Damn I hate I want matarte to you unfortunate unfaithful Araceli: no! Unfaithful no! Your if you are unfaithful Who does not know that your you deceived with Milvia my premium to me? And you have taken many but wing bed you have brought them to me own house in my own bed you know for that reason I detest Edgar to you: the boy does not have to know this and if he knows it it will be your fault He was when chiquillo I enter and he said: too much late senor Edgar and that boy aiming to him with a pistol at its father said to him: you paid the damage that you have done mother to him Araceli: son! Nooo! - son is your father you do not do it Edgar: loose that malcriado pistol, if not it - loose I will give a Edgar beating you I approach little by little the boy and when I arrive at exempt him the pistol and after that it locked up it with key and it said to him outside from Edgar: malcriado you remained without vacations I have! You will not leave your room in one Andy week Aubert: papa vetoes, he vetoes much you stick to mother To the other day calin to him and the chavos were seated in the three Marias Luis: they know What chavos? Vanesa: What? Luis: for you Vanesa if you want to be pretty the secret of the beauty is the Calin love: you do not worry east Monday arrives the new Vanesa the enviable one therefore the mouth to Milvia Cesar Efraín will shut up to him: I! I am going away to die friends and I feel much had enchanted to be part of you Luis to me: no! Brother tell me that you will not make it Stop Efraín: I want that they do a promise to me? Calin: andale tell me that it is? To stop Efraín: júrenme that you denounced evil wing sweet Luis: we will obtain the tests on which you lived Vanesa there: of which they speak if that young lady is sweetest woman To stop began to cry and to relate a difficult history of horrors To stop: that woman practices witchcraft rite she robbery my joy, and all boy who arrives at that, hospicio, to that place so horroroso Vanesa: you mean to wing day-care center To stop Efraín: that same Luis: he undergoes too much you you do not know the horrible thing that he is to live there! And but that is not either participated to watch all that To stop Efraín: candy that woman robs the joy of each drinks that they take to that place, I I arrive because of my parents they divorced and mother did not want to take responsibility of my said that I was a load for her, papa said that no woman would accept it with me, then one night of storm I left the house and without wanting I was to candy that as beautiful woman as dangerous April of 1997 {Day-care center and Orphanage the selected virgins} and to stop was remembering a terrible past venia walking with a knapsack in its shoulder and a cap in its head when suddenly I stick a dolorcito to him in his estomago and doubled callus to the floor of one it marries in the sidewalks Sweet I arrive until and I interrogate Candy: How you are called boy - To stop: - to stop Stopping Efraín Sweet Romero Field of broom: - What makes wings twelve of the average night in the street? To stop: fleeing from a reality and thus moments later this it was in the hospicio where that gave food him and soon I take it to sleep, but the boy did not fall asleep I let leave and peculiar, peculiar he followed it and he saw it enter a cave where she had ugly things To stop: What is this God mine? To stop fact a ojeadita being left itself not seeing by Sweet the sweet evildoer: life source vitiates Ho! Powerful benedictus dame the moon, dame the black magic of a bird lechuza Candy: dark night, light of the candle of badly I mount Gods, the poison of badly throw in this glass of the chalice of blue hell, stone drugs in you I put completes serpent now goddess of the fear throws your poison on my hand muérdeme jajaja and that I let myself bite of the evil serpent and soon with a dagger crossed on the short candle a piece of pellejo bitten and put it on the glass that I throw the blue chalice, soon a rare full red heart of swords appeared together even clock of time, when between its things volume one but expensive and of the sky lowered to very bad things Candy: youthful heart to stop Efraín the time gave to your life and your joy to me jajaja Ho! Master of the seven lakes you descend from infernales skies to me jajaja Candy: powerful windows open to the booksellers muéstrenme the book of the seven secrets of mona smooth jajaja And thus beating for a hunt a book that volume and found what said: steps to take the virtue and the life from a young person 1 you will have to take blue chalice 2 you became saying this: Dusts of momia a gust of wind to intensify My hatred brought Land of pantheon wings twelve at night Pens of lechuza that you use Leaf of mandrágora to now encourage to your face and infernal position fulfills your mission jajaja Lie this became to stop said: no! It can be no! I am sounding tell me God I am dreaming Sweet: jajaja.... Now youngster distes does not tell you that in your food I gave pócima you of the glad secrets of your life and soon appeared four balls and one flower in each ball Candy: we are going to see the your prettiest favorite memories and began to see in the ball most sacred and those were 1 when the 2 at night to him mother sang another one was when the mother and the papa painted the face the day to him of their 3 birthday another one was when she gave to a kiss wing him mother and she gave a rose him 4 and I complete was affectionate papa and mother in the park with playing the ball and very happy candy was because it had robbed what she wanted Candy: now one by one they happened to me and you will give the eternal smile me and Sweet the lost beauty jajaja volume the four memories and these settled the body of her all and that that was transformed into a viejecita I leave his vejes and step to make a young person bad and later this I interrogate Sweet wing lechuza: lechuza dame your opinion tell me that is but beautiful that I Lechuza: there is mamita I feel much but it exists other but beautiful, that your of noble heart, all loves it is blond hair, red lips like a Sweet rose: Lechuza minds: its name is belinda Sweet: nooo! Candy: that that symbol means that enigma What? Lechuza: your enemies within years Sweet: Who are? Two beautiful children Lechuza are two identical boys: two twins and two girls you have the challenge to rob its beauty to them jajaja and that I finish remembering Calin: I! I create what you say because the binoculars are - the William Vanesa: - and because you want morirte? To stop: on the inside I take a badness gene that I have to transmit those Calin binoculars: What you mean? Luis: he means that when begins this season the virus of the VIH will give loose rein and this he will be our enemy and it infected to all until everything has become an epidemic of incurable disease! Calin: it cannot be To stop: so friends I want them and ojala God pardons to me reason why I go to do Vanesa: nooo! Calin: it does not matter to me if I die! - But you do not go away To stop: I do it so that I want entiéndelo to them, thinks I I will explode and be in three heart of you Luis: that is not the same no! Definitively no! To stop enslaved the knife in his estomago, later it coat slowly with blood, and soon the nail in the throat, and by I slowly complete the nail in the neck and it coat and that groso knife san callus from the 50 stop of mts. And to stop could to ludir something To stop: calin I order to you that I rescued to Sindi of the Maria convent handcuffs santa Luís knows all that Calin: if you I promise to it but to nontapeworms that matarte! To stop: it could not live, without my father, without my mother, knowing that they cleared desire to me to live single to satisfy they themselves Vanesa: because to stop? Because? To stop: I want that papa and mother do not go to my burial I request them? Vanesa: thus he will be Luis: and now with who I will be! With who To stop: Luís I have! Here your new friends and small brothers truth! Calin: the destiny I embark to us Luís, the destiny did friend to you ours and the death made brother you ours Stop: I go away happy because I have been able dejarte with good beings as they are it calin and Vanesa and that died saying in its lips: mother, papa I interest to them but the good to be of each one of you which mine, today that I followed the route of a wounded bird I have decided to clear the life to me because I was and I saw our single and shut up house and I had given everything to see them happy God pardon! I am not worthy to go to the Calin skies: nooo! Friend Why? Luis: you know the pain that feels to walk in the streets barefoot risking to us to that a glass puts to us in the foot, to sleep in the sidewalks surrounded with Vanesa newspaper: God! Why die good and undergone people? Why I do not understand it because? "crying" and to stop it was raised in airs and it gave a message that those saw from the three Marias and the people of the town saw it with astonishment Stop between the sky said: humanity, you do not end half of the life that you have looks for God will give the consolation you, calmed the wars and it will give the true happiness you, wise man but obstinate it uses science to make the good, woman tries to be faithful, good mother never you resign to your children and adamy that saw that said: pardon I! I have been bad mother perdóname God perdóname the skittles said to an a others - it is the aim of the world - hail mary santísima - by the nails of our senor - it watches is God no! I can believe it and a skittle knelt down and said: senor pardon mine, Ho pardon! God mine and to stop said: you do not hope the final day to request pardon and greeting and went to skies leaving a signboard between clouds Mansion Argueta Alvarado Rose: soon her Frida sister will come Leopoldo: it ignites the best television and that ignited it and saw that a reporter was narrated the happened thing makes moments Reporter: good! Of the climate we happened to you complete the local news we have the images with Federico lorca from the willow advanced Federico! Federico: hello! Chantal Alcántara fíjate that for less than one hour exempt a single youngster of fourteen years the life here in the three Pink Marias: What? That was is not but Leopoldo: Who was? In the TV Federico: the young person is To stop Efraín Romero Field of broom, Who says their friends who suicidal? By familiar problems, has to see young person dígame How happened everything? Calin: good if the parents to stop see the TV by this time goes its message here to them Luis: he donates Marisol and Don Juan you two never had to see received the blessing to have or Vanesa son: according to his fault the suicidal friend, the story that was this going wing marries and whenever he went he found it single and he shuts up that Where? Calin grew: and they know to stop requested that you their father was not in burial so if comes by this district they go to regret by the street guides we have our laws, our rules Luis: to stop went happy of this world Why? What tapeworm in its house did not find it in the street, and you its parents you are wretches, who by to be happy you risked the happiness of your son Federico: sad tragedy with happy end because the town comments to have seen a miracle we today transferred until the park and here entrevistamos to ladies Lady: you had seen the young person flew by skies and I leave a signboard that said the love is the only key to love a old one: and he said that the women were good mothers Agustín father: truely Federico said to real things: and that you think on this happened Agustín: that it is a miracle and an education that the town never forgot and mothers changed by the happened Federico: and that thinks of which their Agustín parents did: good I think that they did not have to leave his son who crossed the stage of boy to young person and! they had to be united but and she did not separate of Why according to they told that the young person I reveal that the papa did not want it because decayed that no woman would accept it with or son of another one, and her mother did not want it either because she hinders knows the reasons to him because Federico hindered to him: the police of the community this looking for the parents to stop, we return to the two studies from tele Chantal: incredible what step no! Good we go to commercial ones and when returning our milena reporter spoke to us of the curse of monalisa in the willow, also we go away to patricia Mexico with mara castañeada that platicara because belinda leaves to the television and music us by a time, good belinda we are going to you to be strange! I have! Also but ahead Federico entrevistara to the dante of the willow Days to days happened with measuring of the Lilian time and calin transformed Today to Vanesa was Monday began a new scholastic year the young people were getting at classes to occupy their seats Miriam director went with a new teacher for the hall second general year Miriam I enter the hall second general year, but before I enter pole, and all whistled others to him bothered it One: pole, sees here feels in my legs I I load my queen to you Polo: these feísimo you have not seen yourself in a mirror Other: my poli, poli sees siéntate here I I am going to give to you of the mine Pole: another day that walks desire I I look for to you Enters Miriam Miriam: good morning young! Todos/as: good morning him of God Miss Miriam Quiñónez! Miriam: todos/as siéntese by favor -.... and with caution and attention I call to the new teacher to who I do not identify myself who was until he was inside average saw the Miriam feet him: arriaza passes senor this will be its new group Already was when the face of a disciplined, educated and handsome man was seen, to which pole did not clear the Vista to him of Arriaza above: good morning young! Young ladies and Todos/as horsemen: good morning senor! Miriam: young people the senor will be the new professor of physical education, music, and science social (CC SS) Xenia Abigail: but and severe gift! Our teacher Sergio: this he is a stranger who comes to invade the friendship that we have with the severe teacher Juan baptist: young lady castíguenos but to this teacher no! I am in agreement with the opinion of the expensive student Sergio mona Sergio: What happens to you to you? Clumsy tiny beast Juan baptist: nothing that he concerns you to him I form a scandal with the arrival of the new professor and the students put themselves to discuss, because they did not accept to new professor Ma's in house of adamy She wrote in his black newspaper Adamy: I ask Felix! Why I kill glory to you? You did what to him so that he killed to you? Where devils will be your twin? That damn one, my love wanted to think that your you live and you will live for always in my and wanted that from here to the sky you know that nobody occupied your place in my heart, because my love by you does not have you limit nor barriers, I every night I sound with you, I see the kisses that you gave me in the bed, the night that you did woman to me, you made me feel the happy woman but being yours.... I enter Araceli Araceli: hello! Mami Adamy: hello! My treasure I did not feel to you to arrive Araceli: you loved so much papa Adamy truth: if daughter loved and very many Arréasela: cuéntame? How she was? - What it liked? Adamy: then sometimes timid the smiling handsome era, it liked romantic music and what but it loved it was to you but that to me Araceli: but - it tell me your you did not have but Adamy fiancès: single one before but the my eyes was of your Araceli father: Who was that other lucky person? Adamy: your uncle the twin brother of your Araceli father: already! Then if already I understood it of who you speak to Mansion Argueta Manferrer Jorge he was tenderly touching the flowers that the same one had planted in name of the love of its Daisy life, but seemed to be that who this behind was not the girl if not it old Daisy grandmother hope in a negligence hug to Jorge Jorge: What passes lady to him feels bad? Hope: hope dame the medicine that needed, 7y that is your caresses and your kisses, but if me the DAS in any case I do not cure viéndote to you and being able agarrarte therefore "it embraces" Jorge: suélateme you are the grandmother of my fiancèe, you you are the female leader, the patron here Hope: you do not call pattern to me your llámame hope your hope Jorge: How it is put to think that a servant it can need respect to a pattern? Hope: but my love, mírame I love to you you, your you could be the owner of all this, your you love to me me and that is what matters and does not matter that I am greater than your Jorge: I am not so obstinate! Master to daisy master to its granddaughter Hope: olvídate of that vixen that will not be yours before I eliminate it, I kill "furious march" Jorge: daisy is my love and she either I give myself me or is my woman "this also says it" The more in the INSA Miriam: he will be its professor and one does not discuss but so with Arriaza permission: young people single, I to me do not request one to them, an opportunity to treat them to you, you to me do not know either you Jaime: if! - It is truth I I am very in agreement with that Vanesa: if it is truth Prof. I I see in you an affluent person good Milvia wave: - and of when the word of a Calin cat is worth the trouble here: mírate black tomaza leaves Vanesa Milvia peacefully: your unfortunate bastard calladito All queen of Milvia and between commentaries were said to him: hey all we are equal Milvia girl: that they see ball me of they pen... William: already... already! it is enough we leave this by La Paz if! They said to him: we want to know all their name professor Lilian: andale Milvia cálmate if Milvia friend: surely this disguise of maestrito does not know nor to touch a Verónica piano: cállate.... These unbearable today, you came ill or that? Milvia: they do not see me the clown this in the front is marica without trousers not here Pole: it has if as noncat William mount: let take offense we listen the Milvia teacher: your piojoso primito mugroso cállate without home, just as calin, Sergio and the Luís Luis: I am honest and respected to the resemblances greater than I, do not offend although she offends okis to me Milvia: to the resemblance cats and cats like your of Lilian idiots: good it is the first day of classes and we have gone angering phrases, we do not let speak to us to Prof. Arriaza: good my name is Luís Oscar arriaza I am of a town very near this you you know the town jocoro Milvia: hear handsome payasito you are you married Pole: and to voice that matters to you, if this galanazo is married, Milvia: pole my queen saves the interrogation to you to you because for one hour I have been seeing you dribbling by the payasito Arriaza: if Milvia young lady I am married Pole: mangote hurts so that the God fact and with as much I wish has left I Todos/as: uuuuuh! Uuuuuh! Arriaza: What I said? Lilian: nothing Prof. which happens is that pole is Pole: I am gay beauty, if I am gay and I free for when you want Arriaza: not thank you very much young for my you are a horseman... With the arrival at night the boys had met in an old and dirty hall the church, and between the boys they walked William, Jaime, calin, Luís, Sergio, Xenia Abigail, Vanesa and William pole: that beautiful the choir has become to arm this good chido Xenia: let us change of small subjects I want to tell them to something Pole: slimy speech but that Vanesa express: déjala to speak Xenia: if déjame I have! Gallinita Pole: it has! Speech then Xenia: William - contarte- wanted no! Better - decirte- What? Pole: dile speaks William: pole already leaves her says what it wants to me to comment Xenia: What know you of the legend on you? Sergio: that knows he is much what I throw the mouth of a viper Pole: checho shuts up your poisonous mouth Mansion Argueta Manferrer Hope had organized a small celebration, a supper; with several guests of its social class While in her room the youngster daisy was single and sad listening to romantic music, when I enter its grandmother hope and him comment something Hope: my - love you have still not gotten dressed Daisy: so that? There is something in the house and with doubts it said: it has! If! The supper Hope: it dresses already! "it shouts" Daisy to him: it tell me a single thing - why it is the supper? What you plan to do today? Hope: Noel Archimedes widower of Bullok, - and I we decided that your you married with, because the millionaire is a good party and is of your class Daisy: - but mother - I love Jorge! - no! To that old Hope: - your! Beams which I say, and vistote or because today you were jeopardize with that senor or if not you truthful with me the Daisy: Why to me? For which God? Why not these today with pretty mamita me? That old one had left, to show its face of hipocresía..., while the beautiful girl I remain single contemplating to the flowers from its window Daisy: grandmother I will leave to your ridiculous celebration; and it never has supper but.... It will never marry to me with that old decrepito.... It will never leave me Jorge again as you separated the last time by a year in the church In that hall the boys to us were more choosing the songs to try Agustín: we must try two songs first that serve as meditation and these are for the presentation in the ceremony of this William Saturday: this this good flame tell me Mr. Agustín: if this good is something like which it needs that it beats to the Xenia soul: and this other Maria the white Agustín dove: Luis does not say to more these two young people: father this other like single I want I to have a million friends Jaime: we go to the test because this week will be long and pole went for a familiar meeting Suddenly William hauled the head like with pain and that was that it felt the voice of the other twin who said to him: brother... brother ayúdame.... Búscame.... Brother.... I am where less you you imagine it and all the boys listened to those voices and said to an a bulls - Time - It exists - he is the twin father exists and William said to him: Who you are? Because you call to me night after night and the voice said to him: where I am is no light, to see I am hidden to the eyes of the truth I am the bait for a mullida single inheritance I request to you that you take care of yourself looked for to you and together they killed Xenia to us: I listen to father has! And soon they say that we are crazy William: it has, has! Nooo! Hermanito tell me.... It tell me Was when telepathic cut communications since William Agustín faint the father was said: you would not have to reveal nothing of the today seen until discovering where this the binocular and if does not remember it when it wakes up you do not say to anything Luis: Jaime does not doubt to it: William, dante, friend, return hey! We are here and Xenia gave to breathing boca.a.boca him and that did not return and between its faint damage was to the glory image doing to him the knoll that did not see the image him and suddenly he appeared adamy that said: mátalo jajaja... mátalos Was when del- was seen the image - another binocular and the true William running salio and said: noooo! I do not touch mátame to it me and soon that returned and saying: mátame, mátame to me Calin: these good Xenia friend: How you feel? Luis: Jaime ten drinks a little water andale: we stopped the William test: clear! That God does not give forces me to follow Agustín: you remember what step? William: no! Single that it was platicando and soon I saw black and I was myself pa low to carajo with that father City of Mexico Durango Belinda it was letting be the beautiful one of the beauty and began to take a wig, soon volume a pair of before eyes, soon put black stockings, and by I complete got dressed as old fashioned and the doubt is How I am left belinda ugly or pretty? Descúbrelo in the next chapters But with a different voice as a voice less educated this said: belinda you have let be magnifies belinda today you are the little attractive feita Leticia peregrin Schull has! And everything by the love But this even nonfateful its face we will see when their parents see do not doubt it and salio of the door of their room and arrive wing room and that was scared when they saw it and soon they threw the laughter outburst of laughter and while this single one the feet were seen him The Belinda Rebel the Roquera and POP Dueña of the Youthful one happens very to ugly after being mona of beautiful Belinda: mother, papa this I do it by love and today I want that you two call Leticia to me not belinda Melisa: Why explícanos? Belinda: I want to see if somebody is able to fall in love with my being ugly, and without fame without knowledge that I am belinda, to know if the love exists How say? Fabian: he says it by your ex- ones that single they did it by being pronounced in Belinda television: papa I am fed up with who the poor man sees me like ídolo, I I want to feel perhaps what they feel this is not the option but she enamors to me with somebody and ojala you support to me to follow the man of my Melisa life: it cheers to me that you tell everything me like good daughter, and you never know never you understand to me! You never distrust of us your cuéntanos parents all we we will support to you in which we pruned Fabian: you never push yourself the old vices when you feel sad see where here these Melisa: we father love best for you the children to them of us, and we say to them what this bad one is because we already have lived it and we do not want that you they live Belinda again: mami, papi thanks to be comprehensive and kind parents interested in knowing of my, interested in listening to Fabian to me: cuéntanos but on that Leticia name and because you want that Belinda name: Leticia I want to be that Leticia as well as they see me I must try the voice and the form to act Why? I want to prove luck with the town boys, nonsingle with those of city and they do not think bad that I am a lost that nonparents never, and want to forget Freddy rene to me that I am deceived with my better Melisa friend: daughter was gay acéptalo tapeworm that engañarte Belinda: if confeso speaks with and me everything, and me flattery a novel Fabian: and today that novel you are going to read Melisa: who is the author? Of where it is? Belinda: of the willow William Antonio Aryan Schull is called and its novel is called fiancèe Melisa the black: berry! That young fifteen years and already guao made its first novel that Belinda young person is worth gold: I already read of and says that she is a young person undergone without home and that its life the last a sleeping where it takes hold the night Fabian to him: if El Salvador is one of the countries of Latin poor America of but the Melisa: you know daughter I saw a news article and I saw that young person in Belinda television: thus and that said Melisa: I speak of you and I speak beautiful things and said that a novel would write in your name that would title school love and I congratulate you by your soap operas and by your CD it said that eras a phenomenal and enviable young person wished conocerte a day and darte the first unit of love of school and Leticia was happy but did not even show its face and in its mind said: it adores to me Who you will be? What type of feelings you will have your William? Melisa: and you know note that does not concern the fame to him because it said that it wrote without interest to profit wrote to say what felt and wished Fabian: note that is an interesting young person is Marifer truth my secretary of DEMO RECORD said that in the newspaper salio the that Leticia young person (Belinda): it cheers to me that it is good wave the willow Parish San Antonio de Padua the boys tried the song very tenderly tell me Mr. William: Today in oration I want to ask Mr. Quiero to listen to your voice your words with your love Be like you are your servant of other Dime like and in that place I need more to you Everything: Choir Tell me Sir in that I can serve Déjame to you to know your will Tell me Sir in you I want to live I want to apprehend of you to know how to amaaar! William: Today I want to follow your ways next to the sea Your words with your love To be image of you All: Choir It tell me Sir in that I can serve Déjame to you to know your will Tell me Sir in you I want to live I want to apprehend of you to know how to amaaar! While adamy in its house wrote the memories of Adamy love sadly: my love never I am going to forget the only thing to you that I want is to be next to you, my love your you were but pretty who passage in my life not that to do today that not these why your you are my air, my love your you are the light of my eyes and was great the crime on the humanity to see dead your my husband I ask myself! Because my friend I kill to you if she loved to you like I? Mansion Argueta Manferrer the supper was using with luxury, flood of sandwiches, came champaña and many things, hope tapeworm to Jorge distributing more the drink glasses while she enjoyed talking with husband the future her granddaughter Hope: daisy this anxious one of being your lady handcuffs Noel: I am happy Why you have granted the hand to me of your granddaughter? For the wedding of this Saturday When Noel gave the date of the wedding to Jorge the tray with the drink glasses fell to him full Hope: unfortunate crew member in which you walk cat of a fourth Entro Paty or said: lady all this served can pass Hope: cat the soon gathers all Soon under the stairs gorgeous Sonia Daisy Argueta Manferrer (Jorge loves Daisy and he sees it with desires cry) That affluent beauty dressed in a precious celestial dress in full dress under the stairs of the Noel mansion: she is gorgeous prettier than a fairy and in mind that said: this is me night, my bitter night but and Jorge I remain sad seeing and said in mind: my love, I love to you, I adore to you but you do not accept to this man no! By our love no! You accept Hope: one went to the dining room with all his guests and while Noel I give the coat to him and the hat to Jorge and the volume to daisy and I take it to the dining room from its arm, that girl does not take off her glance of Jorge in which she walked saw for back While that room I am single and Paty said: Jorge my girl loves the old broken bridge to you forces it to marry Jorge: she never sent a letter to me in which she was in Guatemala and mine Paty never responded to wings: you do not judge because later Jorge can regret you: she is interested house with a man and without love everything so that him of a name and a social last name Paty: ojala the language is done chicharrón to you But in the Dora house the Jorge mother Dora was seeing an album of photos and between views she put herself to remember Dora the past: mother you were so cruel with your daughters who never you gave love us, which I matter to you was puno of gold metal, they have spent so many years that we do not know of you DAS nor signals of life What is not of you mother? Where you will be? More in the vicinity where adamy lives Adamy was sleeping when suddenly it was dreaming about Felix and glory his friend Gloria: happy friend cuídate with Felix Adamy: if friend thanks When suddenly glory removed a weapon and gave a firing him to Felix and killed it and she is there that adamy awakes and takes photographies from Felix (Adamy in the solitude sounds with Felix and wakes up taking its photos) in the church Agustín father had left More and Luis them platico something to the boys and requested his aid to them Luis: friends I request discretion to them, much discretion Jaime: Why? And so that Luis: I want to fulfill a promise? Vanesa: Luis speaks to direct Luís to the grain: I want that they help me to reescalar to Sindi of the Maria convent handcuffs Santa Jaime: What? Calin: I have! listened to say that the nun of is very bad and crude there with the chavalitos Jaime: there are two problems in the town and together we must give Vanesa solution them: as it is the other problem Jaime: so the Sweet the one of the day-care center they say that it does not take care of well to niños/as and sometimes gives the hot baby's bottles them, gives bitter milk them
That bad called woman Samantha with man aspect said: jajaja pobrecito the father died jajaja That hid the priest but when smiling sinister mind him callus, of the ear a arito which fell under a locker, but that cogio quickly nervous Suddenly arrived Luis and the chavos wing church and when hearing that Luis said: Jaime where he will be, where That will be the father said: I must esconderte damn curita jajaja if these estupidos do not discover More to me in house of Frida That went it taking and shouting it threw the objects of for is Esther here: there are friends who shame I have a estupida mother drunk Lilian: it has if as you support it better we go to a cavern Che Vanesa: if the that serious best Frida salio of the Frida office: pa where they go chingadas Esther: boy to a pretty cavern is mamita me cuídate Guacala Frida: even cavern All: if and that waves ruca Frida: better chévere takes from my pacha here this this rich guao wonderful That mullida and revolting bottle saw the girls and one of them said: of this lady no Esther: mother your these crazy person you know no longer your you are my dear mamita Lilian: your always God santurrona estupida naquencia in Mexico Gloria More saw of the sky lower a light of the sun that I illuminate Gloria: , the White I murmur: it leaves your Lara already and it tell me that it passes the binoculars taken from the hands were and strongly seeing the picture of her papa supposed Gloria shaking said: yayay is the aim, aim Cachita the servant also had seen the maneuver of the binoculars but that enjoyed seeing shake to glory and when white seeing it it said: that estupida time of which you ***reflx mng yourself I walk painting or I am your Cachita clown: see, it has above in the ceiling of the White mansion I remain seeing paralyzed and said: they are the emblems of the sun and the moon the together twins said: papa Felix we invoked see to you already towards White us: Felix, Felix cannot this dead, died Felix lowered of those two reflejantes emblems those two crazy people, white and glory fell slept to the floor Felix: finally together my William nephews (1) That waits for uncle papa smoothly I touch the hand of the cachita servant and it put it to sleep William (1) now if dinos because they reunited William to us (2) if as much that hatred to the this estupido and its William family (1) and same your already hermanito one wanted if your you hate I to me I despise estupido William to you (2) lárgate by where you came, I do not need dead to you invesil hunger William (1) not by where I came and in second your you called me by the nights and I went to platicar with tigo William (2) because it was sad (they both left tears twin) Felix: dear nephews are good of heart and I, love More in the institute of the willow Martha: as it will be William, that will be of Reina: nor that outside you its Arriaza mother: I am not nothing of and I want strange it to it and I worry about my students the same them master to all Queen: he has if the teachers love their mugrosos students because I detest them I enter the director quiñones and said: that it hates his students and because Yony: surely it likes some just as it does God years and it did not do case to him Queen: that is a Quiñones calumny: but because express that its Arriaza adolescents: we leave that by La Paz and already we speak of another Quiñones subject: to and that new features have of the young missing Arriaza: no my wife will leave to Mexico in a tour, Martha musical comedy: I already have a solution to look for William All less queen said: What? Martha: your wife goes to Mexico Arriaza; if, and Martha: they say that the other twin lives in Mexico because I his put that aya to being other Reina of bad way: and that you want then if that wanted it profit already Fidel: Martha speaks clear so that they understand Martha: I think Mr. Arriaza who with its students and some mine we formed a new musical group and we can take labels that say looks for Arriaza: that same one was going I to say governing wing to him that it signs the permission to me my students and a few his they formed the musical group Miriam quiñones said: by its position they can go to Mexico, by one of our better students they can go to where she is That lady I sign the letter and the time passed and passed Jorge cried and cried and remembering it said: daisy I want to return to verte my life returns, it returns More (bis shouted Jorge) in there Cinnamon-coloured the near farm one took a walk step by step and it said in its conscience: Jorge is my friend I cannot do this to him is my sexual one But you die said to him when seeing it: neither you think about betraying gavilana wing or know it as he is Cinnamon-coloured: no, already I know it I do not need that me you explain it Cinnamon-coloured I remain single soon put itself to imagine the entrance of the sky (Cinnamon-coloured imagining) In the San jOse sky: following and the following dead that went supposedly was cinnamon-coloured Cinnamon-coloured requested God and said to him: perdóname San jOse is I I regret God caught a small aparatito type TV and began to have what cinnamon-coloured it had done and there saw when cinnamon-coloured in the patio said: Jorge is my friend I cannot do this to him is my sexual Cinnamon-coloured one: Mr. God I wanted to him to ask pardon Jorge but I could not does not throw to hell lléveme to the San jOse sky: son you must go to purgatorio Cinnamon-coloured: that never I please me is that my mother whenever bled me gave an ugly affluent dust me that me revolvía estomago ah I perhaps have shyness for that reason I cannot happen to the San jOse sky: son is not called purgatorio Cinnamon-coloured: Mr. God and that whereupon then eat is not with fresh of orange I must be to flank I must put the llinas to me San jOse: son purgatorio is a Cinnamon-coloured very pretty place said: a place is jajaja is I I thought that I was an ugly thing to take San jOse: it happens, it happens, That I finish remembering and said: God I am on time to regret to me the evils that I cause More with the secrets in house of adamy Adamy: sister gilds tell me that there is of your children Dora: milvia studies second general and Jorge always cries the pains of the love like Shell: and your life adamy that there is of you you do not deserve to be happy Adamy: if sister that you have made of your life Dora: incredible I was before pretty and today nothing the blows of the life sight that to me to me everything bought what wanted and to you never bought nor a Adamy dress to you: either sight I have been or days without my son not if my other twin lives Dora: adamy I say you that mother has robbed your other son and I clear the name that she I take to the binocular is that your when distes to light, all were not she it walked in the broken Adamy: I underwent that moment imagínate that about fifteen Minutes before I felt like the pains and I grinding because my mother I never commit acceptance that these who went to make binoculars they were born Dora: if I remember that she went it platicando with your friend glory and I I believe that what people rumored is truth Shell: you say your what, good we are speaking clear you say that glory him robbery the son and the husband to your sister adamy Adamy: glory is not a pure and chaste woman and died Dora long ago: ojala God me of more life for decirte a day that a dead revive is not because you say to me that the dog that I violate this dead Adamy to you: nooo! that name is damn you never repeat it, never (it cried) Shell: you even cry woman you cry fight by on living your children mainly need martyr to you who is a Adamy skittle: nonGod because my family my mother my children because not I, because (crying) Dora: my son watches and my daughter you do not know whichever needs to me that my mother went away and I destroy the life to you in one night of summer (crying) Shell: poor we underwent them, I I have my own Adamy history: desahógate that this is the club of the sad ones of the marginalized ones without family without love, without protection Dora: everything adamy for the poor men but less of that than you say because the poor man if we know to even love that we must ourselves absorb the fingers Shell: I was a niñita of fifteen years when I gave light and my father I take to me son of the arms nobody gives reason me of him not where it will be (crying) Adamy: but a letter a document already must revelarte of the truthful Dora: your son will appear God does not let award wing pretty and sweet people like your conception Shell: ojala now, now more than ever I feel like the invesil woman on this world More in Mexico Felix: I of this estupido died of hunger already do not have long time in the world of alive the taking to William your tómense binocular William (2) Felix: if of the hunger dead that you say that true brother that she has come kidnapped you to sustituirte so that berries and you know your William mother (1) if my mamita never knew perhaps that your you were born or if or no, William (2) desire neither not to see it nor in painting Felix: what I happen to you is not fault of your mother is fault if not of that white lady the binoculars: of her but like? Felix: tómense both of the hand and Those are taken to me were taken from the hands and after taking itself from the hands they were transferred to past 4 of July of 1987 wing community of sanjuán in the borders of a called town the willow took a walk and saw when adamy ground, the tortillas of the supper and that woman to trasterminar to grind felt their pains childbirth and thus it made the food and that woman said: I must even make the food if my mother is not able to kill my very small, that them hatred Then that woman she broke tubular powders (vermicelli) and put them to cook and soon I wash the stone to grind and callus and thus I rise and wing went away bed and there it gave light and it said: she has, is mamita, mamita either they are born or they are born White: your naco son was already born Because two beautiful binoculars had been born but that woman no longer was in her exact ones and was in a faint More in house of Frida Glenda: mamita no longer you take leaves the Frida alcohol: and to where you go tipa so my Glenda love: boy to house of friends mamita takes the telephone in case it passes something you call Frida to me: cuídate good bye my love More moments later one by one arrived at house of Arriaza Llego: Luís, Calin, Sergio, Jaime, Samanta, Glenda, Leticia Arriaza: all are already here Calin truth: Sindi nonlack the student of Doña Martha Samanta: speaking of mona of blunt Sindi: good night they excuse that milvia late arrived More in the discoteca "the PUMPKIN" were the girls and its Lilian friends: there is sight these Héctor chocolates and tito will be in a moment in El Salvador Vanesa: to you will have when I am that papacito of tito likes enchants Esther to me: enamored with a small artist not never those they are more than we Milvia: I am satisfied whereupon they do the love to me once Verónica: that girl you are not mistaken those women exceed Esther to them: finally we agree in something, but they do not want a fault, a drink something that warms up All to us: chido we look for something net More in the property the Altamirano Jorge was there thinking But one went to the office of the property, without realizing found the map of a treasure there according to the Jorge: chepe seems an old map of a treasure in hell said More: that damn one does not have the the four map of element can locate them Shades: but the best thing we have if this Chepe does not do anything: clear the war is truth of badly is mine and single mine jajaja Shades, had removed a small ball that appeared tapeworm four worlds tapeworm to the hell that the fire represented and the other three element that was of the good More in the sky greater Angel: Jorge has found something of Querubín value: if it is the old map of the four elements that have been requested of the greater temple it has! But that is not so San jOse: if that temple san Antonio of padua we must recover it More in house of Arriaza Rosy: good night friends I am Rosy the wife of his Prof. Leticia: good night lady you are beautiful Samanta: either he is enough of cursilerías and we work or Rosy: Noah watches, Noah sees Noah was an average marica designer of fashions and Noe clothes: it has good, good Samanta when seeing Noah remembered her as it were before and as she spoke and in his mind later she said: Noe has is just as I: your, Leticia: I Noe: if your girl sees Leticia here: if that I must make Noe: I propose this girl of vocalista of the group Rosy Rosy: by my enchanted Samanta: I want to be the vocalista of the group she is ugly, mírenla with those great Luís glasses: he has if your like always Leticia witch: by my samanta is no royo your you can be the vocalista singer friend your you are my great Sindi friend: I think that serious Leticia better Glenda: I opimo the same Samanta: nobody requested its estupida Noe opinion to them: samanta is the new voice of the new called group: I COSAY OF LOVE BELINDA And The DIAM BEFORE GOD Samanta: thanks friend, thanks pretty friend I want to you I adore All to you congratulated to samanta when Jaime step said in his mind: this scent I know it and she remembers pole to me, no, cannot be the boys: Luís, calin together Juan I mention and Sergio in I circulate were and Calin: that perfume Sergio: if that perfume is truth I know Luís: I felt well well-known Juan I mention: nonsingle that down by the sexual part I felt a bulk and that single perfume used pole, Luís pole said aloud: pole To samanta was the colors and believed to him to be discovered and in his mind it said: I must kill it threw to me to peder all my plans with the binoculars and Jaime and me loved Jorge Leticia: and that it has to do pole in this Calin: no, nothing single was a joke Jaime also in its mind said: that I perfumed used pole All remained seeing samanta and Sindi said: I resign to sing with samanta Samanta: and I do not need estupida lárgate Leticia and glenda to you: we also small Them Luís, calin Juan I mention and Sergio: and we also Jaime: being thus, I also resign All: we want to Leticia Glenda: it is pretty has a beautiful voice very furious Samanta pretended to smile and in its mind she said: one by one me they are going to pay it very expensive damn Rosy: this good she will be the new world-wide voice the one that reviva pop music (it says it seeing Leticia because she already knows the secret of the true identity of Leticia) Samanta: I congratulate Leticia to you and that you prevail friend Embracing it in her mind said: if I allow it you prevailed so that before dead which they overcome these nacos to me in Mexico More the boys continued enjoying the trip, both twin with many tears they saw its mother in a faint in that mugrosa camucha and saw arrive at White glory even took twin there saw clearly when she surrounded it in a towel and she that retired and Araceli that arrives and said to him: for where you take me herma niñito tiernito White grandma: veto, vetoes aya this your hermanito Plus the spirits of the boys followed white when Gloria was with glory: it takes decided the fifty thousand dollars White: no, I boy with you Gloria: that your son-in-law will say to verte is White: and you think that boy to leave you rob all the fortune that today has Felix never (bis) Gloria: súbete to the car because I will say to him that you will be the master of keys and the nana of the boy Plus the spirit transfer to five years later; it is to say to year 1992. Gloria: Felix has spent five years watches, today that you are a dying I must revelarte the truth Felix: of which truth you speak to my love Gloria: you do not deal with to me my love that makes sick to me, and watches William Abraham is not your son, jajaja _ is not your son - (bis) - That boy saw everything what its mother towards Of the anything I enter white and said: dear son-in-law I rob to the boy and the certificate of sale to your esposita Felix: he has, he has, he has no, your white again not making damage Gloria: you are going away to die _ jajaja - Felix: but I have letter and a secret person who altar of you trisas the inheritance is of the binoculars of adamy never leaves nothing him to this that you say that he is my son and half of this house is of them my cards my fortune is of adamy not yours Gloria: William is the binocular of adamy me robs it to jajaja White: you know much and already you know this last llévatelo to hell your bastard pardon the bastard will not have inheritance your sobrinito remained without anything just as adamy jajaja! And that without touching to the heart him then firing and the boy I enter and said: nooo! pretty papito nooo! Until they could there follow the trip everything returned wing More normality in house from adamy Adamy: shell or you have cried much friend today I I can give to a solution or talvez you something that tranquilizes Dora to you: to have dile adamy that you think your Adamy: I think that some of those youngsters without home to of being your son Shell: can that the one that is my son always to state surrounds never had thought Adamy to it: you do not say to anything I I will find out More in house of hope ORT XIMENA Sister Ximena: if your you do not pay nonsingle I to me I give the girl if not also I release to wing mother of your granddaughter, daisy Hope: if it beams I kill Ximena to you I kill nun to you NACA already you know Sister me Ximena: if I do not doubt it so that you killed to Saúl the daisy father and you even have chained of feet and hands beautiful wing claribel to your daughter you killed to your son to claribel your future Ernesto son-in-law and if the police hypothesis is possible also you killed to víctor Saúl to the fiancè of clari Hope: all estupida that puts in my way fails Paty listened to everything and said: I everything but do not say myself and if it story kills to me she hangs to me is nonSister Ximena: you do not know that what costs to do That destroys in seconds jajaja giving a slap him said to him: you of nun do not have anything you are based on God to swindle Sister Ximena: and that to that matters; in addition your you buried to me in life forcing to me to dress this ridiculous disguise nun for that reason I depreciate mamita to you to and you do not say to me that the one of always is necessary to have of a daughter is to obey (it leaves furious) Hope: poor man of you where it is happened to say to something in addition serious your word to you against mine and we are today of the same nature More in house of Rosy Noe: this is your image Leticia Samanta: it has does not say to me compare it with belinda Leticia: perhaps I am ugly by outside but on the inside you do not know Glenda me: you want to see it identical belinda Leticia: déjala I have my secrets of beauty, and by William I do everything what she is myself because it Quick master that Noe clothes and that went away to change to the moment Samanta later: I already take do not think so that it looks like belinda will know God whereupon bells and whistles will come When salio thus: Samanta I remain open mouth and all applauded to him while she postro to the floor and said herself seeing the sky: God mine whole I do it so that it master more than to me life but you do not believe that you I do not love to you clear that if and I love you more than all in this Rosy world: excellent morning we left to Mexico Luís: and the Arriaza songs: are already known to them in the choir of the INSA have sung you Leticia: I if me baryes of belinda Calin in their mind were said: like not belinda if your you are only original belinda Jaime: I will not belong to the group but if I will go by my sexual one, by my better Glenda friend: my love because samanta watches so much to you Jaime: my Samanta love was not seen and saw very distrustful Jaime of glenda and samanta smoothly said: damn one by one everything paid to me what they have made Jaime said to me: dear friends, friends Arriaza gentlemen and Mrs. Ocampo escúchenme Rosy; arranged we are I and my I handcuff to listen to requests of all the Arriaza young people: in addition they are my students I adore the chavos all said: we listened to wey speaks to friend of the dante William Jaime to you removing from stock-market of the shirt a small box in heart form said the following Jaime: I love here in front of you friends friends before you Prof. and his Mrs. Glenda: my love that beams that you say to clear speech Jaime: I want that you accept to be my future wife All: Wu, brave Wu guao yes Jaime: that you say tell me All to me, they were watched mutually towards Jaime and glenda those spouses Arriaza and Rosy were embraced and happy very glad little kisses occurred, samanta said: Glenda is friend your to marry you already: there is Jaime is that, he is that All: it is that, that Rosy: he is very romantic what Arriaza requests to you: it is the love stage and the love of Jaime towards you is real míralo loves Glenda to you: my acceptable love to be your wife but first we will speak with Samanta mother: think that the drunkard of your mother is going to understand that Luís: like always a hair in the Calin soup: I do not put your spoons where they do not call Samanta to you: your youngster without home you do not have candle in this burial so calladito you time prettier Jaime: soon we will marry when Mrs. Frida leaves that Sindi tragedy: ciao me boy Luís good bye: I boy with you good bye drank Arriaza: hey! Jovenzazos we advance but late wings go away houses I I happen to leave it and to give to an explanation All: good! Thus all began to work; while they worked in placards, phrases and photos of publicity and other things more, Leticia was sad single and distant in a place separated from todos/as; to its side tapeworm a notebook in which time and time again wrote the name of his loved William Leticia I badly arrive the humorada one like always wing that all call samanta and this I approach Leticia and began to be bothering it Samanta: I doubt that your you are frank with William I that something you hide Leticia I rise with the watered down eyes of the pain its love but this time Leticia was defended: already samanta is enough excuse when we became friends I did not think about that you were thus; but it watches not if it is that you like William but I say to you is my only love although in my east past Freddy Rene my present is and by that love I am able to turn to me another one in an able fierce cat until killing by the Samanta: until in an usurper or I must llamarte belinda Was then that calin and belinda remained seeing itself Belinda and calin said in both minds: Calin: san blessed Antonio discovered Leticia to them: not please that still does not discover to me it is not Then hour all the boys ran to the listened to bullicio was when Juan Carlos "calin"; I arrive and began to put in I engage in a dialog Calin: jajaja jajaja listened to this ugly belinda your belinda jajaja Samanta: that? Sindi: this average of the Coco Calin: today if these badly samanta sees they see! You feel like (the headress) Samanta well: déjame I ever feel better than estupido (one goes away) Leticia (mind): perdóname God but thanks since you helped me and nearly it discovers samanta to me Calin that saw the notebook with those letters volume and said Calin to it: guao! Leticia loves William Leticia: no longer I am scared if it master more than to anybody and anything Sindi: enséñame calin I want to see Calin: tene (it gives the notebook him) Sindi: glenda friend sees see sight says to William and Leticia love guao that pretty Glenda: Leticia and William Sindi: cuéntanos all friend with hairs and signals really you are the fiancèe of the dante Glenda: they say that a light arrived to change the life of the Leticia: my father despises it does not accept it but I love it and if we are average Sindi fiancès: and! when How? You fell in love crazy person! Leticia walks cuéntanos: after which we suffered with the Ana badness and I we fell in love good; I did not want to fall in love but my heart did it I gain Calin: it truth could not resist is that my friend is handsome truth or I lie to but that if handsome like this no! More in house of Fabian and melisa Fabian: I do not want to see our daughter with that tipejo of a fifth is a street dead of hunger without Melisa future: because if it were by that reason that came to discover if that platonic love were real and the time and it love Fabian: you have heard say that to that they say to the dante huy to him the dante and walks everything tattooed not if that is no doubt is a sea wind onshore one But in Mexico a new personage had left but this were a girl with a small one were a new family a new residence a super family millionaire Ibáñez Mansion Innocence: girl has Jennifer visit: Who? She is that she wants Innocence: she says that he is a boy who is called Eric Jennifer: hazlo to happen not better to the garden, that between Mario Enrique: that it looked for bermulli but walks sees Thus went Jennifer went to the garden; meanwhile from above it lowered to Don very happy Javier with its wife Doña Camila Camila: hello son and your sister where it walks Mario: hello MA. Then she this in the garden with its brother-in-law com. Permission (of bad way because Javier does not take with his father: a little while they see for here already Mario: it is not that you are shamed because not that I am if gay or Camila male: son respects your Mario father: mother déjenme to live because they take care of my I believe that if I am or I am not gay that my problem and the fault is of the one of Don Javier Javier: Why? To have! explícate because Mario: because your always you said your you do not serve to me you are a sweepings a despoliation you cannot nor piropear to one young lady, soon you ran them house to me of ladies of that type of or understand Camila to me: it hopes tell me you have had to do with a young man if or not it truth Mario Mario: mother but I cannot either be enamored with a Camila woman: you like the young men or doncellas Mario: none of the two classes mother with permission But outside in the garden Eric and Jennifer Jennifer: that you want that Eric lost itself to you: he has! that single cuñadita humor if I come to approve your Jennifer kisses: never never! Invesil Estupido is difference between voice and your brother Eric: that invesil is not nothing mine but better it tell me that so if we go to the cinema with your Jennifer velveteen: that velveteen nor that eight quarters Eric: with your Mario sister Maria pardon Enrique not better Maria Enriqueta Jennifer: idiot Eric: Thus I like slippers very therefore; dome but That occurred return well and little by little I approach her and attempt to kiss it wing forces but she I reproach to him Jennifer: lárgate (he gives a slap him) Eric: to not this me the payments, dog, that has my poor brother who I do not have estupida Was when salio Don Javier and saw that Eric wanted to abuse Jennifer Javier and Eric who this furious Javier: lárgate degenerated Eric: my brother never will be happy next to you El Salvador department the union town of the willow In house of the teacher Arriaza and Rosy; they even followed the boys there together platicando single samanta is that he was to single part Jaime: there are rumors that you fell in love with William is Leticia truth: if amigos/as, and the pain, the fear the fear to lose it instills pain to me deseccion I it I need it without I am not nothing I am as a sentenced soul until death (almost crying) Arriaza and doña approached and Arriaza added: lety will return Sindi: calm! Amiga as Prof. William says will return the truthful everything already changed Luis: lety is no gift but valuable nor but appraised for my for my friends who your and William are happy and they love Sergio: if imagínate what did pole which made queen Ana and watches trusted that your you were alive and thus was by love ten faith soon we will go by and we do not return to the willow without our dante you the nonchavos right of perpetual ownership if or truth Prof. truth seño who returned Calin I privily approach Leticia and in the ear him whisper things; while samanta from where was express: there is annoyance by pobretón Leticia: listen to all and all and you two my allowed Prof. and my super producer listen, watch this song of test is new I learned it of the Samanta life: berry! The young use its cerebrito, thus and as the black fiancèe or the fiancèe in the forgetfulness is called jajaja Luís: always a your hair in the fly in doña house hope Doña hope in its room single one was more locked up distance in a bed remembering things of its badnesses, and this time the photo of Jorge, Ernesto had three photos in its bed tapeworm and víctor Saúl.... Hope: it has! Jorge if you had made me case you would not be like a dog without shade, and you Ernesto if also you had made me case not had not killed you and you that eras so Jove Saúl but that them step not to do case either to me - Ernesto- Saúl More in house of melisa and Fabian Melisa: my love takes a cafecito Fabian: you know melisa I want darte a Melisa surprise: you already accepted to William Fabian: if this either your desire from today are or come to this house my Melisa love: for that reason I love my sky to you my life my very small one I adore to you In house of Arriaza and Rosy Arriaza I order to the chavos that soon these were each one with their musical instruments and Leticia said Leticia: my song is titled girl of Samanta yesterday: imitating to belinda Sindi: some problem with that rocking cat Samanta: the girl of the day before yesterday or morning is not titled, Calin: she watches arpía or noxious animal not as it is left you well but if I say you that if wants to be part of the group you leave the other Samanta peacefully: infiurico you cállate pathetic Jaime: either or! Calléense! Arriaza: 5 4 3 2 1 and! Already! Thus it began to touch the group and very happy Leticia sang on the inside although sad; and this song originally was of belinda and girl of yesterday was titled When finishing singing all they applauded mutually and the others were congratulated an a and samanta was put but furious to see happy and prevailing ugly wing over Leticia Samanta: already coarse of pretentious kisses and hugs and congratulations Calin: chavos its special attention in samanta Samanta: and I because? or that? Calin: Leticia is a phenomenal girl who on approval passed the heart of somebody of us, and without imagining I fall in love with that somebody and also profit to forget to Freddy rene Samanta: and that single for that reason I gain it happens free to the Luís sky: I do not understand nor Pope but dale later I will understand Calin: a day of a these truth will be opened does not correspond to me to say it to me if I request much to them but much Rosy patience: very well Arriaza: I also small but the single thing one corresponds to her to say it to him because the heart offer is not understood your samanta mainly for that reason you they noticed it because that masters to William but the love of her of Leticia is healthy and yours it is a Samanta obsession: with permission I release váyanse to the Leticia devil: good bye, good bye see you tomorrow When salio also went away calin along with she, More in house of melisa and Fabian The LOVED PARENTS OF LETICIA (BELINDA THEY ARE FABIAN And MELISA Melisa: my love somewhat rare this passing in this town Fabian: because my Melisa love: it watches if you it realize today no longer is the same fíjate that this town this vacating little by little That man who read the newspaper saw in the news something that I call the attention to him and then it added Fabian: it listens to my love which says this Melisa; it teaches and together they read something that said thus: supposed friend robs son and husband to a humble woman of originality of the Melisa Willow: this is the lady that we saw that day in velorio of the finado Leopoldo nonFabian: you mean that she is the mother of the fiancè of your Melisa daughter: it is truth I I listen that a woman robbery to one of those binoculars that the fiancè of Leticia lives thus Fabian: like thus my love explícate Melisa: they say that it spends the nights crying so that strange to his brother and it feels that its other half calls it To the short while I arrive Leticia and said: papi, good night good night mamita Both: good night my Melisa love: my love tell me and William because days haberte Leticia already does not come: mother, William papa disappeared, almost already two weeks ago and you do not know, tomorrow same me boy to Mexico by the Fabian: for that we signed the letter my love sees, cuídate Melisa: daughter I am your mother and I say you that nonwraths to that Leticia trip: mami déjame to go is the man who then master because clear mother leaves my Mexican earth that she was by the Fabian: this time supported my pretty hijita love to you sees fight by that you love, or to the case your nonAryan the same by my love melisa in house of Frida was More arriving Jaime and glenda and found to Frida thrown in the floor with a bottle of champaña Glenda: pretty, mamita mamita wakes up Tremendous scare I take glenda when seeing it in the Frida ground: daughter already you came, was hoping to you but I fell asleep, I fell asleep Samanta: the jamito time never you will already be able to speak with Frida is alcoholic an addict Jaime: cállate intrometida, discúlpame samanta Samanta did not run pretending to cry, glenda had more taken to its mother wing bed to fall asleep Frida: daughter sees cuéntame like this Esther Glenda: and your mami you do not know of her More Jaime raised the quarter where samanta and samanta had been locked in; that touched the door and said: it opens samanta Profa. More on the inside samanta said: today made destroy your wedding jajaja Jaime by outside: samanta opens discúlpame please because me boy good bye When Jaime left the corridor salio samanta with his tears pretended and said: Jaime because nobody understands to me nobody loves (he cried) Jaime to me return and said itself: we go to your room and are platiquemos Samanta in its mind said: today my love I must give a kiss so that kiss Jaime sees your loved glenda Arranged to everything samanta us but him salio badly everything as it says by is him salio the shot by the butt, since glenda salio and Jaime did not go furious with her. In Mexico the binoculars were together more reconciling William (2): perdóname hermanito I if I want and I want to me mamita William to you (1): our mother is good as our brothers the spirit of Felix said: William your which you do not know your brothers and friends of your other William the binoculars took from the hand and when being united they mutually began to have and William (1) said indicating by one of its William friend (1): my great friend is Jaime is good William wave (2): and that who is that William kid (1): it is glenda Yisel the fiancèe of my friend Jaime and that that feita time with ugly lenses is my William fiancèe (2): for my that chava is precious but and that sad woman who is I feel something by her very near Felix: that is your mother and my ex- wife my widow adamy William (2): pretty mamita I am escúchame mírame mamita here, it does not hear, it does not speak to me - but if - if you are my - m adre-Felix: not God can I give the moment to you for knowing it but it is by means of the vision of the power of the emblems that you have your and your brother William William (2): I to El Salvador will know mamita me pretty William (1): he sees brother I I will remain, today is called on you to be happy William (2): but and your that will be of you vámonos together William (1): it is that I must fix your subject and discover where this the pistol and the letter of your inheritance in addition already will come the uncle friend from papa Felix Felix: I love them both and now you know that I am not his father, and that single one will say its William mother to them (2): I adore pretty papito to you and today I have one pretty family Felix: I in spirit will take care of to whom it remains here and another envoy of God took care of to which he travels in William substitution (2): glory did not let to us go Felix: I because you I say one wrath to it so that to occur one for misfortune of the same one; but that can change William (1): you mean that the one that remains will suffer or that waves Felix: not indeed but it was present at a crime to equal the one of fifteen William years ago (2): I do not want to see that William horror again (1): I will remain your wraths you will pretend myself to be the fiancè of Leticia and in addition but better nonsingle to them we will not say less to samanta Felix to it she interrupted and she said: no, lie will not have to say the truth to them to their friends although somebody betrayed them and for that reason they will know of the existence of the binoculars in the street More arrived Vidal at house from glory but nonsingle Vidal Vidal: that step wey does so much that I do not see Luís you Miguel: like these, Vidal Luís Miguel was the lawyer and uncle of William that tapeworm the power of a secret letter Vidal: we are going wing corner to take an old coffee Luís Miguel: Vidal tell me something Vidal. What you want tell me Luís Miguel: that he is of your life Vidal: have in the coffee we spoke if More within the house Felix: the hour to go to me has arrived, fight against wind and tides, against badness storms they are strong and they remember my motto MY BETTER SUCCESS MY GREAT MAS VICTORY YOU HAVE BEEN TO LOVE SO GOD and EACH HUMAN BEING and AS IT IS William (2): that motto is beautiful and we will fight by that love that is lost William (1): I unmask to glory Felix: it is not necessary to whom you must unmask is to white your grandmother of that, if you must be William scared (1): or I imagine the pain my mother when its own mother I force it to work I force it to that it aborted to us and she by love to us did not make Of the anything the spirit or had disappeared William (2): brother we change of clothes if you put mine and I it yours William (1) and that pa that or because William (2) has is obvious that so that that berry is itself I the one from the city To the ratito already left the changed binoculars they took from the hand, and they said William (2): you are I William (1): and I am you William (2): and nobody us he will be able to never win When the two old crazy people woke up Gloria: that pretentious scene of White love: nobody jajaja William will be able to never overcome us (2): if and that, fíjate that to you lowered the lover, and your better friend to you Gloria: nooo; Vidal could not go away with my better nonWhite friend: and this idiot of town that knows of your loved Vidal because outcries if this nor Gloria knows: no, that is truth you you do not know William (1): who today was William riquillo said: but I if and I pass you just like you did to your friend adamy to him you robbed its husband to him therefore low Eric when listening did you to you jajaja today the scandal and said: that he is that already cállense man I am sleepy Gloria ran to say sees son to him rest two sleepy average Eric it saw William and it said: they are two of those nacos and I must support has them! By White God: nonericito single it is one insurance is the ground that makes see two you In the coffee were Vidal and Luís Miguel Vidal: on which you wanted to ask to me to Luís friend Miguel: on your sexual preferences you even continue having relations with man and women Vidal: then to be faithful to your friendship if Luís Miguel: but olvídate of that today you do not have to fight by a familiar life to be happy olvidándote for having sex with men, because your you know that to those bisexuals call to them Vidal: thanks friend you I thank for it that you advise More to me in that cabin was single Jorge and said: llámame wing hour that you want daisy That took a walk and said: Llámame for me is important and I say to you I love your absence to you needs much lack see me that my soul does not want dejarte, Jorge was crying and very sad of paved and every time he was talked back and he said: For my whole it is fear I love daisy I cannot imagine my life to you without you I cannot I love More daisy to you was crazy without senses Daisy: Jorge lalala my son, my son is called Jorge Humberto She remained seeing the serpent and the tiger And that ferocious tiger saw it very furious and as with hunger and she tied of feet and hands it could not go and flacuchenta more and more pale, with ojeras it was, in a negligence that you die fell asleep cinnamon-coloured went away wing Altamirano property and I arrive until her and said cinnamon-coloured: Jorge, Jorge Jorge crying was with music to all volume listening the called song: "the TWELVE ROSES" interpreted by: Lorenzo Antonio, that Jorge sang Lorenzo along with the song, due to it could not listen to the voice of cinnamon-coloured, because that evildoer you die I notice that cinnamon-coloured he was not and awoke You die: cinnamon-coloured, cinnamon-coloured where these and the girl You die salio to look for cinnamon-coloured and it saw it near near the Altamirano and then you die said: cinnamon-coloured something was lost to you that way Cinnamon-coloured shout: nonsingle it was taking Cinnamon-coloured fresh air went for the house and on the following day the sun left In that high Salvadoran town alo rose an airplane All the boys were taking leave of their parents Jaime had gone to house of adamy Adamy: this photo is the one that I have of me son is only llévela Jaime Jaime: his son returned thus is the latest that we must make Dora: son god bless you in the name of the father, of the son of the spirit santo loves Adamy: that san Antonio of padua and santísima virgin of Guadalupe accompanies to you and all In house by melisa Melisa crying Fabian to you: my love you are not bird of malagueña Leticia: mami, please you do not cry I want Melisa to you: belinda daughter mine cuídate much, and you do not leave nobody discovers to you that you are belinda Leticia: mamita soon finished this lie when it returns I say everything to him to William because it master Fabian: daughter sees, she gives everything what you can of you by love to William búscalo, and prevails as Leticia belinda Leticia left the door saying Leticia good bye: mami I do not say good bye to you if not until soon cuídense More in house of Frida Glenda: rose, rosita I order pretty mamita me, and to Pink Esther: young lady váyase without no fear I I will mainly take care of of them of his mami I I am in charge Glenda: regálame your Pink blessing: that santísima virgin accompanies Glenda to you: mamita, cuídate That Frida was lost already almost all the Frida knowledge: you go away last you go away my girl you go away my Glenda heart: pretty mamita will return mamita dear (crying) All left and they met in which it was the airport of the rescuer where it was the deprived airplane of Rosy More in house of adamy Adamy: there is God mine no longer I hold, even when it is this agony, is Araceli arrived from the store with Roxana Araceli: mami platicando single nonmamita no longer we here are Adamy: daughter I do not feel destroys without my son William Roxana: lady that I can more say to him than the faith moves mountains has faith they will come happy and everything changed the Araceli side: ma. I have the news to you in the middle of the Adamy sadnesses: that more daughter if we cannot be happy, watches martyr is a Araceli skittle: mami accepted me to do the east PAES Adamy year: congratulations daughter ojala the life changes from now on, the boys went to look for my son William Araceli: mami to your binoculars although you do not create I that your other Adamy son even lives: that single one is a legend that boy does not exist Roxana: déjeme to put to me but if you are the mother of William must feel if the other boy by the instinct of Adamy mother exists: for my if it exists but not where, it tell me where God dame one more a sign in the streets of the Willow martyr walked skittle thrown with its friend chunpe: martyr your you are a youngster, aléjate of this vice affluent Martyr skittle said to him: and your because you walk here so that you do not leave it also absorbs chumpe: because I disappoint when losing to me mother to the being who eh loved from that then I more take by dissection wing life which I do not have my mamita that supports Martyr to me: I do not have family, watches my grandmother disappeared with a chamaquito that is my sexual my brother you understand blood of my blood the socado one: if relájate tomato and a drink chumpe: if we are giving spirits him to that one forgets of which is bad, your mother loves martyr to you which happens is that she has undergone you you think that they have violated it is a pretty thing to live fifteen years with that disgust not to visit a psychologist who treats it so that he forgets that has been horrible Martyr: not then that is the net one, of the net ones and I promise to you that I eh to fight to leave that in Mexico already was another White day More: who will eat in the dining room your or you I indicate white to the binoculars white and one of them said: I William (2) I either do not share tables with stupidities in the dining room were more reunited to Eric and glory Eric: he has I have a headache where this the naquito of your hijito Gloria: nor it is not concerned to me I arrive at the dining room Vidal and Luís Miguel both said: good morning Gloria: my love when you arrived Vidal: to night I have left in fourth the on watch one and I gave to the quarter of the left to Mr. Luís Miguel him Gloria: and to that we must to the honor of your Luís visit Miguel Luís Miguel: because it did not happen oneself to me to come already up to here I am arto to be in White Europe when seeing Luís Miguel said in mind: this is the old friend of Felix being fulfilled all Gloria: it happens you do not remain paradota is White man: good morning Vidal: lady later I want to speak with you Luís Miguel: with your permission but I want to speak things deprived with your lady after the breakfast if Gloria: cachita llévate the breakfast for the quarter of the boy if In its mind luís Miguel said: it must be the son of Felix In his mind also said Vidal: it must be the food for the binoculars White: and that tells to the men of this house Eric: with its permission me boy for the u Vidal: fíjate luís Miguel who in El Salvador is an affluent case lamentable Luís Miguel: to aja, and in question Vidal: fíjate that for fifteen years in quitito a Chi department of the Salvador, call the Union and in a smallest called municipality the Willow has been living a called woman adamy and gave to light two gemelitos and say that to one they took it of the arms when being born Those women were pale white that seemed paper and glory in its mind said: How knows all that? White: no! You cannot discover Vidal to me and except a your invesil your you do not know to anything Cachita: thus lady this good (she says it in mind) Vidal: for where you take as much food to case you fatten some pig Gloria: you leave the tray in the my room and other in the White nursery: with permission boy to the Luís bath Miguel: I boy to me already low quarter to talk with you Mrs. Vidal: then my single love you and I are Gloria: and he tell me as you knew of that impressive Caso Vidal in mind maintained: this is going to fall redondita Bajaba of the fourth Luís Miguel and said again: this late I will go to the Aztec stage and will take with me me William nephew him DAS permission (one goes away) Gloria: if llévalo is problem, and no your Vidal it tell me something as he were to you in the closing of your treatment Vidal: and to you More white was put very well of behind a plant that was in the mansion and doing signs to him it said with his hands and the mouth to him: that it was going to hide to one of them in the old warehouse Gloria: this, well Vidal: and single this, well now tell me something glory when you want wedding Gloria: already my love Vidal: I feel glory your you do not deserve wedding for that reason Gloria will not marry with you ´ to me very furious shot the plate to the ground and said: nooo! Vidal: my love I do not feel it and you do not shout nor you get angry will leave wrinkles to you and I do not want to see with avocado in the snout The more the airplane to you in El Salvador had taken course to Mexico In the airplane the boys discussed Calin: everything is perfect except the company of a bad woman worse than, Luís ruby: and seemed to Loreto or that the aunt wily Samanta: you are all, a ball of together stupid together invesiles Jaime: my love and your Glenda mother: this losing the Rosy knowledge I inform to them to the Leticia boys: and where we will sing Sergio: to that Rosy hours: six wings p.m. the presence Of the group is asked for All together ones say: I COSAY OF LOVE BELINDA And The DIAM BEFORE GOD Samanta: it has if love code belinda and the diamonds of God Noe: your girl all the way you you have passed it fighting Samanta: and to you that it concerns Jaime to you: it tell me that relation you with Samanta pole have very distrustfully said: pole was my better friend and you made it undergo Luís: no, not my queen poli, poli underwent by love to William not to us my queen Samanta: but it even loved Jaime such Jorge and you they put in its relation Juan I mention: by love to God samanta dates account pole was gay and Jaime, Jorge and William were Samanta men: but and that was love the one that pole felt by them Sergio: it thinks, thinks estupida that the big head that God I give to you is for that to think Samanta: I because you are so estupido Sergio desire of matarte Luís do not occur me: hazlo and you will know that is Luís Samanta: neither you know your Luís name without last name The more in house of Paty hope; lady and the young daisy when Hope returns of its trip: that she concerns estupida Paty to you: na. Mrs. Esperanza asked more: lárgate single cat metiche because you have been years here you think that I will say everything Suddenly to you I arrive peto and said: lady can a little while speak you with me Hope: paty vetoes lárgate if estupida the servant hid behind the flowerpot of gardens to listen what to the driver and Peto hope spoke: I want more wool ruca Hope: and what I gave you to not I reach you already we settled estupido Peto: then all world found out that daisy your granddaughter even lives the servant who do surprised with the hands in the mouth said: incredible one lives the alive girl this what God can make Hope: espérame boy by a drink you allow me, Peto: sírveme one also criadita mine jajaja Hope volume the bottles and in the glasses I throw the wine and I throw a little of poison kills rats And hope said: this is your last criadito laughter naco Peto: muévete gatunuela estupida muévete Hope without knowledge that inspected somebody with a secret camera never laughed imaginary that a camera would catch the moment at which it killed peto Peto: it has rich we offer to dear amorcito Hope: until the dear bottom we offer That without doubting volume the wine without noticing that the glass was filled with wine and poison plus some moments later that fell to the floor and I take with himself a piece of hope dress when callus to the floor and shook as if it had fried and hurled dribbles of the mouth and said: damn, damn tired rate of two But and but spoke that man to you suffering hurled and hurled dribbles Hope: jajá, jajá as everything a mouse died jajaja, that you thought that the mouse went to house the cat today no, never jajaja Peto: you are going away to die worse than I but you paid expensive to this the right of perpetual ownership you will shout to paty Hope to him: damn nape of the neck before you crawled as a dog jajaja and to end you it watches this this Removing a pañoleta I hang it and that died with dribbles in the Paty mouth I remain very desperate and said: I must myself go of this house went for the kitchen and have said: no, I cannot go will hope to me to young me in the city of Mexico In the office More spoke to glory and luís Miguel Gloria: What you wanted to speak with me? Luís Miguel: he will not be to you strange but I come to make justice Gloria: explícate because I do not understand you Already had stopped the binoculars to one had it in its own room and to the other in a fourth old one where they had kept all the old things from finado (dead) the Felix, and who was locked up was William (2) the one that for a long time mine had lived in that house William (2) God saquéenme on aid helps here More in the quarter of Vidal was white talking with Vidal: I watch lady everything on single you I went to El Salvador to investigate it White; estupido and to you that Vidal concerns my personal life to you: already that you and glory are thieves old estupida White pretending to cry said: I did it because glory I commit Vidal: that is a vile lie that is going away to think looks for it its grandmother pa that White is created: Vidal is the truth I I rob the boy to him to adamy but she never will know that because before I kill to you Vidal to you I remain pensativo and in mind she said: I will say that I do not know Vidal: I do not know adamy, but if she knew huy she would not doubt in saying it to it, and that to case you were not White mother: déjame contarte history as it is and you judged by his facts Vidal: be one that lies you prepare old ridiculous White today: he watches once his he puts adamy that violated it, and is the truth but I when but not giving me account that was pregnant he requested that she aborted but it did not want, later she to him hated the binoculars but no longer he could hurl them, then I decided to sell a boy thinking that thus they will die Vidal: and nothing else happened itself to him to sell it wing to it better friend of adamy to glory Who until him robbery the husband to adamy? White: and How you know all that? Vidal: easy I read newspapers and I find out to me everything, I continued telling me White: then then in house of Frida Esther with its friends affluent taken Esther arrived More (drunk): watch the Pink drunkard jajaja: Esther: that looks are those your seizure and this ball of kids who make Lilian here: I kid not easier that your cat you offend Rose to me: and that pile of men pa that brings them that they believed to see here that said to Radison hotel Esther seat: it is my house and tuno you send invesil to me Frida: but I if I send am a drunkard but if control so outside you remain Esther here: and Who goes it to prevent? Frida: I, and nobody more Rose: I also do not worry, for that I leave to the young lady glenda in charge before going away Esther: How glenda went away and pa where I crack to him? Rose: for Mexico to look for William that lost Esther to them: the bastard of the fiancè of your amigazo lost itself glenda jajaja Pink: unbearable girl vetoes to sleep Esther: girls, we see ourselves tomorrow or later More today the beautiful Salvadorans were arriving at the Aztec stage: Juan Carlos (calin), Juan baptist (Juan I mention), Sergio (checho) Jaime (Yimi) samanta (the witch) and belinda (Leticia), entered the very happy dressing rooms changed Samanta in the dressing room one by one said to glenda: he watches dead mosquita is worth to me that you are the pole premium but I say to something Glenda to you: witch pole friend tell me Samanta: Jaime will be mine and single mine nobody me he cleared it thus has matarte estupida Glenda: at really she watches as aspen tree jajaja estupida, if and always noticed I that your single one you pretend friendship and you are nothing but that a self-seeking hypocrite Samanta: jajaja in the Sindi dressing rooms has is contiguous fortune teller More and Leticia platicaban Sindi: Leticia I say to you that you take care of yourself mainly of those who are your friends and of your Leticia friends: - you say it by samanta Sindi: discúlpame because it is the truth I doubt that samanta is woman párese more lesbian or gay Leticia: not - you are mistaken single she is a humble youngster she is pretty she is one more a great friend in the dressing room of the horsemen Jaime: boys to give the best of you Luís: Jaime by William we do everything what this in our hands Sergio: if, I must justify with my aunt paty all Jaime: in addition we promised to wing seño adamy to take to him to its Rosy son it entered and it said: having boys already they are ready; Sergio: so that seño Juan I mention: it is obvious that to go to the Luís scene: this hombrunazo this prepared so that all the girls make rows to request their autograph, already I imagine my million of fan That I imagine a tail of girls requesting to him autographs and saw that it did not fit to sign and in its imagination one was tired wing race that they fan them followed More in glory house Vidal: now I include/understand much this boy who this in this house does not have any mortal disease as there were me this White glory: that single one was an excuse that I this who this old one that sees here proposed to him to glory to hide it you jajaja Vidal: I cannot believe More to it in the office talked Gloria: dame that letter and that testament that you hide Luís Miguel thought at great length and said: that means that even it does not know where this the letter and the original testament Gloria: estupido escúchame Distracted that it said: it has you said Gloria: in which cloud you fly, I want that you give original of the testament of Felix Luís Miguel to me: it is of William and of adamy yours to you it belongs neither a single cent to you, with permission that or is hour to go to me with the boy for the stage or will begin the concert and is the opening of a new group Gloria: that so important it is a conciertito of nacos Luís Miguel: he is beautiful to see as a new group is born as they with no need prevail to rob and to kill Plus the chavos they walked taking a walk and knowing very happy the stage Aztec Mexico they nothing felt that its good happiness could opacar until same samanta had forgotten to think by once about its life about doing badly Plus a mysterious personage in the Willow was seated in a single chair could be seen the hands and a voice was listened to that said: he has arrived the hour to face evil wing of Sonia Argueta Hope widow of Manferrer, already disconnects the camera tonight without fear to anything That man spoke on the telephone with paty and after finishing placing the telephone that man gave the face, thanks to God today I have returned turned a man If indeed that man were the angel, who supposedly had been made to make the good, had a face similar to the one of Ernesto, guard that that the man died years ago by the life of so many innocent children said: I Saúl eh returned hope once you killed to my brother the guard in hope house thrown she in a bed smiled More but suddenly she found something in the bed and said: as it is possible no, with this same glass it kills Saúl, and with this dagger nooo kills to its hermanito the guard! When hearing the shouts down paty said: these paying to old acecina jajaja That above ran be one that happened and already said: that it passes Mrs. Esperanza: who, and when they placed this to me when escúchame Paty speaks: perhaps I lady you were not yourself Hope: you call crazy person to me, I I am not crazy vetoes lárgate márchate déjame single (crying) Paty: God you do not punish single this being punished Hope: déjame, déjame there and this photo of the guard who does and this of Saúl and Claribel that Paty does here: perhaps the muertitos revivieron and come by their properties in the convent was that sister Ximena More and it took food to him to a woman who was in a cave and that woman was identical wing that hope had seen in the photo if that were the photo claribel, the woman crying tenderly said to him: déjame to leave no longer I hold this hermanita confinement Sister Ximena: you do not call sister to me who gives Claribel shame me: God punished to you you are monjita and you have been having to me here for fifteen years Sister Ximena: hártate and you do not annoy estupida More in Mexico Luís Miguel was being prepared to go away to the Aztec and while glory reunited to the binoculars and said: Who of you is the one who? Not who is the one of town and who the one of city Both ready to be discovered did not say: I am the one of town Gloria: he has, has hit, hatred to me damn bastard who are Both William: we are the children of a humble called woman adamy That reddened and furious he imitate them saying to them: we are the children of a humble called woman adamy Gloria: one to going with luís Miguel to the concert that if it did not try to escape because I am able to kill to the other and its mamita jajaja William (2) so that you love Gloria both to us: not then so that one signs the inheritance to me of the one of one of you William (2) to rob you want Both twin together said: papa I leave to the inheritance to us acecina Gloria us: who is going to go to the stage? The boys secreteaban themselves and said William later (1): I will go and I promise to you not to be able to save Gloria to me: we go apúrate Without glory occurred to account Vidal watched all its movements and Vidal when seeing to leave to glory said: whereupon it was truth Later hid them in house of adamy Adamy: there is Araceli no longer I have tears more than to hurl single I wait for my Adamy death had fallen ill of as much that she cried and did not eat Dora: they say that one does not know well what it is not had until is lost Adamy: if it were my fault, my fault In the middle of as much misfortune I arrive martyr and said Araceli when seeing it Araceli: lárgate drunk Martyr: tranqui, calm my cister, I want to see Adamy mother from the quarter said: they see son see that I need as much Martyr to you went to greet it and he said to him: mother today I am arranged To leave the alcohol if mamita by you by my pretty mamita Adamy: boy is son I already me to die, your cuídate Martyr: mamita you, you are not going away to die mamita chulita lindisima is mamita Roxana said: boy Sir which is I I congratulate it I leave that vice badly comes out ahead fights Martyr: if young lady and mainly plows it by my same mami because I also love Araceli to you: because I do not congratulate and I hope to you is net your fight to leave that today after fifteen years in Mexico the time flew More and then already people were hour of the concert arrived and arrived at the stage and Jaime distributed bulletins of lost William in the entrance, but William (1) when seeing Jaime said: my friends look for to me cannot be my Luís friends Miguel: you know William (1) no, not who are we go So on entered people and when William and gift luís went for the stage Jaime gift a bulletin to Luís Miguel but William it volume and Miguel said to Luís: that he is that son discouraged Jaime said: William does not want More to us in the dressing rooms all together ones were the boys and said Leticia: without our friend we do not go away here of all together today we will give the best Samanta said: pobrecitos think to find to the invesil of William jajaja Juan I mention: cállate cat fishes rats I enter Rosy and said: to have boys either it is hour has call or Those glad ones left its dressing rooms single Leticia I remain with Rosy and said Leticia: already this list the surprise Mrs. Rosy: perfect youngster in the scene yaqué was already the beautiful braca Mexican actress More lineé mounts calling to the young people to that they initiated and said Jacqueline: with you the group I COSAY OF LOVE BELINDA and the DIAM BEFORE GOD Jacqueline: with you its pretty elenco with its member I number one Juan I mention All world applauded very fascinated after that were appearing one by one until Jacqueline said: with you the only our only and true Mexican star that after for months of to have left the TV I have been leaving to everything by love and she is Leticia that will give its origin today us Leticia: hello Mexico hello pretty Mexican people guao them master the public asked who is that pretty mujercita furious Samanta so that they applauded more to him to Leticia that said; hello I am samanta Leticia: chicos/as, young people gentlemen and ladies Mexican and worldwide you know me more me than nobody Calin: Leticia you will say who you are Leticia: if because this concert will be in all the television transmitters in the public Jaime continued distributing bulletins More and that way it was William that said in its mind: Who you are truely Leticia? Luís Miguel: you like my very small my William youngster: if Sir is pretty people are retearta Jaime step that way giving another bulletin and said William: uncle already gives chancecito to a Luís return Miguel me: with well-taken care of son he sees Jaime: because you flee to me truth that your you are William Turning around the Vista William said: if Jaime pretty friend Jaime: because you came for here we go a little while to the dressing rooms William (1) if we go is urgent to me to platicar with tigo More Vidal of distant spot saw as William talked with Jaime and Eric went More behind them in glory house watched Eric: mother mándame the llinas with the naquito of William Gloria estiradota in a armchair seeing magazines of naked men said: that vetoes son not this Eric: mother tárenmelas please already muévete Gloria: boy When approaching glory already said: that time son Eric: mamita nice releases a musical group very chido caidísimo Gloria: thus and as that small group is titled Eric: this very naco the name imagínate I COSAY OF LOVE BELINDA and the DIAM BEFORE GOD Gloria: your son you will in a moment have one better already truthful Eric: thus mamita I will be famous as well as chente charrado the Mexican Gloria: better my sky better than that so chente one More in the Willow in house of Frida Frida: rose hazme a favor the best favor if Pink: what you wish my señorona Frida: I want to go me to the convent of the town llévame but encárgate to take care of of my Pink daughter: lady before you berry I mean something to him Entered Esther and said: lady knows that Frida: daughter I am your mother perdóname although he walks chuca I am your Esther mother: I am pregnant Frida: daughter that you go to make Esther: nothing else you say that Frida to me: that you want that I looked for the best party to you of the willow and it makes position of that belly that has pa of that is Esther: no, I do not wait for that if not that I hope that Frida: daughter I say to you that you must have that boy who will be my grandson no longer you take please hazlo by the Esther boy: and I mother who I die boy to the Frida devil: cuídate daughter who tomorrow to the dawn I no longer will be Esther shot to cry itself and said: pretty mamita all left you to me, my father, my sister I am single, single Frida: daughter mírame expensive wing mírame That seeing expensive wing him with the eyes Frida: pretty hijita me boy but will return no longer drunk if nonnew so that you are not shamed of your Esther mother: pretty mamita I love to you I want perdóname to you Pink: daughter I adore to you I want much Esther to you: lady from today you will be like my third mamita because the virgencita of Guadalupe is one my mami Frida another one and you another one are wings three them Pink master: thanks pretty daughter you do not worry that Mauricio is responsible Esther: but milvia hated when occurring account which I am pregnant of its fiancè Suddenly the door of the house sounded the timbre and indeed Esther went to open and was Mauricio and said when seeing it Esther: veto, vetoes Frida: déjalo daughter which between I enter wing house of Esther and did not say: lady I love his daughter I adore it more than to me Frida life: young she this Esther: nonmamita it is contiguous you do not say anything to him Pink: he is better to say it truth than to leave us that it burns daughter it beams your or that makes your Esther mother: it plows pretty mothers Frida: with permission we go to the garden in the property the Altamirano was cinnamon-coloured More talking with Cinnamon-coloured Jorge: Jorge lets cry I where this daisy Jorge: where, where this my Cinnamon-coloured daisy: to state with us Jorge she always lives here in the property that this Jorge opposite decided to go by cinnamon-coloured her salio but stopped it and it said to him: Jorge will not recognize to you is God entiéndelo man lost the memory Jorge: not because he lost it that he happened like this Cinnamon-coloured she: it gave light and when giving to light in, bad conditions lost the reason and the boy Quito their mother Jorge: because it that woman puts again in the other people's lives because she hates to us Cinnamon-coloured: she has is obvious that she loves to you and as this burned for that reason did it, but we go More by her in Mexico Leticia she continued engaging in a dialog with the public and she said: friends today I am in favor here of something very important, if my William fiancè lost itself from long ago who we looked for it and by there is chavo distributes the steering wheels (crying key the microphone to the ground and she went wing race to its dressing room after her ran glenda and Sindi) While samanta said. Friends I to sing itself am a solista has if I can sing Those ran and entered the dressing room the surprise for Leticia that shot to the armchair crying itself was when Jaime asking to him something Jaime: because you cry that he passes Leticia to you: it is that William I leave to me knowing that I loved it and she had still not seen William William (1) my love Who said that to you of my? That volt to see and shouting the hug and began to cry William (1) my love because you cry if I am I here never I leave to you, glenda sees by the Sindi boys: quédate I boy by them and will distract samanta Glenda here: perfect órale sees Leticia express: my love your mother cries by t tell me because you came because as William (1) my binocular this vivito and fishtailing the moment arrived the Luís boys, calin, Sergio and Juan I mention Luís: that you say Leticia: Co, Co, as you say your hermanó, brother alive William (1) if as well as it listening the this vivito and fishtailing Have this direction because they look for by where to enter and to see Jaime us: friend wey we will fight to rescue Leticia to us: you berries my William love (1) my uncle does not wait for to me single convince mother who I am well if I request that favor to them Jaime: calm we in the Leticia short while More plow raised the scene and said: short whiles already cry today laughed shout and I say that I am another person and for that she invited me adored samanta to that clears the Rosy wig to me: and we also called to glenda to that it clears to him before Jacqueline eyes: and it is only belinda peregrin schull Rosy: your Luís and Sergio rómpale the clothes When the boys broke the clothes was born this that time in the photo Leticia: I am belinda and she sacrifices me by a person who that this to here and that the master much Rosy: its name is Calin: its cybernetic love without knowing itself is William Antonio Kings Arias More William next to its uncle said in its mind: he loves to me I am I adores to me has and I am not nothing Luís Miguel: he says that he loves William son (1) and you to you as you know that I am Vidal: I said it that your eras the original son of adamy and that have William (1) kidnapped to Luís Miguel to you: today you do not return to William house (1) the lady is able to kill to me and to kill to my family I not me boy in addition who I must know the truth Vidal: that truth I it all you wraths for where your William mother (1) wrath my binocular already More Leticia said itself: I want to invite it to raise to wing joy celebration here That boy raised and Jacqueline gave the microphone him The together boys sang beautiful melodía titled (I go to conquistarte), interpreted by belinda and andy Lucas that melodía robbery screen since many happy faces smiled More Eric when seeing their enemy brother in TV said: mother watches the bastard in TV in the concert míralo is That was surprised and said: no, she cannot More be in the Willow many saw the concert for many of happiness and for many of hatred, jealousy, she envies but in house of milvia it saw it and see it express Leticia thus Milvia: there is that dead mosquita no, not that if that you are not better I sank better than that naquita of Leticia not More in house of adamy Roxana: lady watches this is her son mírelo, mírelo Adamy: that is not my Araceli son in its mind said: if that is the true and original William you obtained Leticia Martyr: mami everything this fixing your either these better ratito sight or you were terrible and mírate today until you stop Dora: not if that is Sarai truth: that is I authenticate son yours adamy is the original William Adamy in its mind said: my love of mother is not mistaken that is my true son Shell: God friend I listen to, ah to us but All know that; what? Shell: the father, the father disappeared a month ago Adamy almost: that missing father mine, all this badly More in and nonGod house Melisa Salvador Fabian Melisa: my love belinda our daughter is a woman soon us wrath of the house Fabian: and you have not put yourself to think that she already must know that Melisa: that she is not our daughter but that we can make Fabian; the truth my love is what always prevails and already is time of which knows to all the truth in hope house paty to it was seeing tele in its small room and said More: belinda is that that lindisima never I thought that it was so near us is belinda I want an autograph yours and of my precious sobrinito my Sergio More in the property Cinnamon-coloured cinnamon-coloured Jorge and: Jorge still is not time espérate just a little bit to rescue leaves it to a part in me Jorge: he will leave waters them settle that they rest More in the near property Daisy: Who I am? That kid I in front imagine she dressed mulberry color lila even beautiful garden in its house and suddenly in that garden it appeared a precious fairy dressed celestial the fairy: hello young pretty Daisy: I am not pretty I lost my happiness the fairy: my God love I give the happiness to us the life aprovéchemela is one and beautiful Daisy: it would give everything to see the man who master Suddenly that pretty girl daisy saw that in the garden of a black eddy she appeared a witch who was her grandmother who said to him: never, never truthful to the hunger dead jajaja, jajaja, jajaja Daisy: grandmother where, where this my son, where this Jorge where the old one added: they are deads, dead jajaja When returning wing reality daisy returned with tremendous scare that I exclaim crying: Jorge, my son, the curú my corcel duérmete my jazmín in house of Frida Esther and Mauricio More saw the concert and from above Frida and rose they observed them and Frida said disappointed: that happiness calls mourning, a mourning that opened a Pink wound: lady she loves mírela More Esther added: glenda watches my sister is one pretty dancer is precious you do not create Mauricio: but most incredible it is than that feita girl is belinda that still I do not create Esther: that group watches my love is not mentiroso on the contrary those boys loves the faithful truth and is wing friendship and there the only viper is samanta in Mexico in house of glory in the old cellar cried pequeñín William (2) and said More: pretty mamita because they separated to us is pretty mamita, I do not not even create that story That chiquillo with the broken clothes wire drawing in the ground was it cries and it cries William (2): glory I swear to you that your and my grandmother me is going to pay it very expensive Suddenly the William felt like bad and callus in a faint to the ground, first I touch the heart and suddenly callus to the floor then Plus the other binocular danced smiling with belinda and callus suddenly touching to the heart Belinda faint: nooo, William nooo! Rosy: What happens? What happens? Leticia: faint, key dies does not have does not die Jaime: William, William Luís: something happened to him to the other if something happened More in I publish Vidal said to luís Miguel Vidal: that boy this thus because of Luís glory Miguel: where this the other binocular, where he hides to that evil woman Vidal to it: we later go to have it we spoke we go runs More in glory house Eric overflowed with joy Eric: jajaja. Faint very invesil of my hermanito míralo mother Gloria I imagine the worse thing and one stopped to think and later it said in its mind: something happened to him to estupido of its binocular That ran for wing warehouse above to have passed with the other boy Eric I remain pensativo and said: that they hide these women White lowered to me of its room and said: that it happens to him to your mother who runs Eric: nothing else it saw that faint the mugroso of my brother and was run White: it said quédate here pending of the telephone That also went away running for the same place while Eric said: berry! As if I was recepcionista answering telephone that goes touches you mugrosa cachita to you Cachita: young person passes very mysterious things DES here that his papa died Felix Eric: How that things? Cachita: young as you explain yourself the kidnapping that her mother has done Eric: What? The kidnapping How? When? Why '? In that cuartucho dirty was glory and said more: that, not this estupido this just as its binocular I enter white: that step that passes Gloria: Very small William mine returns my very small one returns White; better than a weight except a hindrance dies serious less then Gloria: cállate white is your grandson at least compadécete a damn time in your White life: that never estupido will be my grandson never, William (2) seeing opacada mind never began to see and first that it saw it went to glory and it said: déjeme White lady suélteme: the sweet mother is jajaja was detested by the boy I lavish jajaja Gloria: these good William son (2): that it matters to him déjeme lárguese suélteme single libéreme please I want to go where to me it sucks White: sight that the refugee wants to go away is him taste the stay in the Radisson hotel seat does not want one like better than the Real hotel Madrid William (2) fell grandmother fell is already déjame old decrepit, your also hypocritical estupida glory lárgate acuérdate of badly that you have made Gloria: huy already you look yourself like your single William binocular (2) acuérdate of this White woman: thus and today that will say to the good frank loser of viíta William (2) I and my binocular we are one single one I am and I am the Gloria: as thus my William son (2) is as well as one single one your you are I and I am your William In the Aztec stage about the nine at night That William boy (1) had returned more and when returning William said (1) your you are I and I am your William and all surprised when listening the phrase and Leticia said: if William my love your and I am one, one single Vidal: with permission with small east permission Rosy goes away with me: Belinda listens is, the boy that you looked for, if or William closing to him the eye did not say not dile to him that and the boys did not follow the game and Belinda said: lady is an old fiancè mine and Luis said: Mr. Vidal you are the doña fiancè adamy that you here do Vidal: you confuse chiquillo to me I I do not know Jaime you: if you are because you lie and Belinda to us gave pisotón him in the foot to Jaime saying that she said that not that Luís was sacrificed Miguel: we go away William good bye (1) cuídense small already know to the plan truth IN I CAPITULATE 3 SIDES: BOYS INGENIAN THE RESCUE OF THE BINOCULARS A RRESCATE PLAN IN EPROXIMO I CAPITULATE TRUTHFUL The ADVENTURE OF A PHRASE THAT Nonsingular IS PHRASE IF THAT IS SOMETHING REAL And THAT IS NOT THAT: THE UNION FOR THE FORCE
# 3
ANA - SAMANTA-ESTHER And IRVING ARE The KINGS DISCOVERS WHO OF THREE WOMEN DO NOT HAVE TO BE QUEENS I now arrive to face the past in these articles of I capitulate, two villanas are defeated and they are glory and white she discovers the secrets of the glory past next It is the evil glory mother of binocular 2 After to have passed some days the boys ingeniaban the plan to enter the house of glory by the rescue of her Belinda friend: boys samanta this has not left I want to request unemployment to them like my friends and friends who are all and all Luís: it tell me that you wish my fan Calin: before everything I want, not nothing better speech your belinda Belinda: I want that nobody knows that I am true belinda if Jaime: I doubt much already everybody knows it but by us there is roll friend no chido by us All: she is well More in glory house Gloria: boys fírmenme the power and I let them go if William (1 and 2): not only we know that yours Gloria is a trap: then no will leave here never will see the light of the day More suddenly appeared Vidal and said: Berry! that adorable the yours future beloved ex- wife Gloria: not my love I can explicártelo Vidal: to explain to me that That salio in races without knowing glory that Eric had seen everything but nonwise Eric who was two not one Eric there: there is hermanito you are going away to die and Jennifer will be mine and single mine jajaja Plus the binoculars talked William (1): hermanito my friends will come by you William (2): if your you do not go away not me boy I William (1): I veto you I will later go away the boys informed of which already they found you will not have to give explanations you, but if I request to you takes care of of mother and my Leticia fiancèe, she has! But prométeme that you will not say to anything wing police because I plow that glory regrets all the damage that did prométame to us that you will not say to anything William (2): and if your you die that I will say them that I explain, that I occurred it to them hermanito, thinks please that we can be gone together vámonos both and we will be happy with our family and we will begin a new William life (1): this good I will go away with hermanito you be that as it may I I will go away but before Don Vidal must know that we will escape together William William (2): that man will not say all old wing to him of glory and wing procuress of our grandmother you do not say to anything William to him (1): we go away this same afternoon walking until a very distant place but Jaime and Leticia have prepared an airplane to save this same night to El Salvador More in house of adamy Adamy: daughter today returns Rosy and they do not bring to me son to me, me do not bring sounded it More suddenly the telephone of the house of adamy Adamy: I pull ahead if with who I speak Jaime: hello lady adamy I have the good Adamy news to him him change its state of pain to a state of allegory (joy) in its Adamy heart: Jaime speaks tell me found to me pretty son: lady for tonight prepares festejo unforgettable of arrival, today we arrived with their son William Adamy: they found it, found it no, I cannot creértelo Belinda volume the telephone and began to speak Belinda: lady please prepares a good scene we we will animate the celebration so that William has a good welcome good bye we see Adamy at night: re happy by that news Plus the Belinda boys has I am: the letter this throws vámonos Juan I mention: the planes of the mansion you have Sergio Sergio: if I take them to but I say to something that we do with Sindi and samanta Sindi: váyanse without fear I will entertain to samanta More in house of adamy everything was happiness without knowledge that the happiness of two seconds tonight somebody would be arranged to opacar it and this we see it in Chepe hell: my amorcito tonight I revealed everything to him, everything to my children Shades: my children guoa that sentimentalista is today you Chepe head: I am not head of anybody estupido I am called Jose Angel Kings and am the father of the these binoculars of adamy are my son and I regret the damage that them and I suddenly throw the body of chepe began to ask for itself of yellowish color as with brightness Shades: great head satanic the this furious one against you reason why you said Chepe: hatred to the Devil is God mine pretty Shades: jajaja living wingardio leviosa spirit do samanty revélate anti us already Suddenly the spirit of samanta appeared in front of them Samanta: that you wish my master chepe in that I can serve to you so that you have invoked me Shades: I invoke to you because the gentleman chepe has become good Samanta: huasipungo by the powers of the emblems of the sun and the moon returns to before make the devil of already Chepe: I must destroy wing people who are happy I have it to destroy jajaja Samanta: head the William already appeared safe and sound head I not I can it killed it master very many Chepe: estupida it was not your mission to find the love if not the rescue of the emblems and the diamonds of the four Earth elements Samanta: then I did not have a pact with time in addition we must go to close the door of hell Shades: if we must of aprovéchanos of the key but for it Chepe: if that to return they need the four elements of the Earth rhombus and thus I already circulate of the sun and the moon they plow a single Samanta: it is to say that that day will be an eclipse and that day you open to proxy of all the universe chepe Chepe: jajaja Samanta has finally you use your head for something good: finally Satan tell me cuéntame as the good to you Chepe could overcome you: then that Chepe day began to remember celestial clouds soon behind those celestial clouds was the main entrance to the sky and saw in its imagination precious clouds of white color and in it a beautiful and brilliant full temple of streets of gold all similarity to a paradise and saw crystal seas there then in that place occurred to step wing following scene where chepe remembered greater Angel: God I give the key to me and the four Earth elements Satan in that time were a precious evil angel and said: then from today servant of God regálame to me one of those Querubín elements: you are mistaken already those are distributed for two futures that soon will occur Angel (Satan): and because to me one of those so appraised elements refuses to me then then humble servant regálame an emblem or the one of the sun or the moon greater Angel: not because the advice of selected virgins I select an ambitious one like your and mainly fingidor Angel (Satan): I swear you that there are of arrepentirte and the revenge Will be horita and be implacable That evil angel had threatened to the greater angel in Mexico the boys More moved away of the hotel in a car rented by same belinda in glory house the binoculars More talked together the only thing that one was in him cellar of a left quarter and another one in him quarter of the house, William (1) was in the quarter and talked with its single binocular imagining and it saw it next to the William mirror (1): hermanito prepárate that today we go away of here the other binocular in the mirror said to him: already vente for here William (1): I will already go away I will put a pretext to go next to you for something robs the planes to me of the mansion you do not think so that they rescue When the twin said that glory to me I listen and said: What there are this son of a ramera? William (1): nothing lady, nothing single improvised a play that will present/display in classes if Romeo and Julieta Gloria: thus you will have you study the work of Romeo and Julieta that chance does not go That boy began to pretend a headache and said to William (1) lady, Mrs. Gloria: that it happens to you hurts the head to you tell me that it passes not you to you! you you cannot die to me because first one both is going to me to sign the letter the power or as that William thing is called (1): lady, has hurts the head has I want to me to see me brother before dying if please she fulfills my desire Gloria: you cannot be died, I I do not have entregarte vivito to me friend adamy although she hates More to me in the office of the same Luís house Miguel: friend Vidal tell me you since when you know that glory both had raptado children of that humble woman Vidal: I am the future I handcuff of adamy the mother of the binoculars and before that I and glory were Luís fiancès Miguel: I cannot think it if in the last letter you confessed to me that you were going away to marry with the Frida millionaire Vidal: friend I have confesarte a terrible secret of my Luís life Miguel: but that is not of dead because me Aryan accomplices of your crime Vidal: this is not very different you the Luís right of perpetual ownership Miguel: - for that we are friends - clear not then old - you and I will be friends I listen to speech to you Vidal: what step, I that I then pass but must myself reveal it Luís Miguel: that it is that shout friend Vidal: we go, we go but he runs Those listened to the shouts of the twin Gloria in where they were the binoculars Gloria: welcome to the nest from your binocular to the hotel five stars jajaja enjoy their stay More in the room Vidal I ask: What passes cachita that shouts thus? Gloria appeared above and said: nobody my safe love was the neighbors, hello luís Miguel Luís Miguel: hello, that such glory Suddenly appeared white and said: lady we can speak of the clinic of the month Gloria: if we go they are going to have a drink to speak of which he is More in house of Frida milvia had gone with its Milvia friends: Esther you the right of perpetual ownership that that me you paid it because entiéndelo well to milvia Maryoris bow nobody but nobody puts with her because it can that we have been friends but today I hate to you damn you are my worse Esther nightmare: déjame explicártelo please (crying) Verónica: net that never I thought that you were going to us to play dirty net friend you I say Milvia to it: that I am mistaken in selecting to a friend, if is not that nonEsther: Mauricio loves entiéndelo to me and entiéndelo (it cries) Vanesa is not worth the trouble to lose the friendship by chavo: you are not so hypocritical Esther Lilian: you do not judge the truth says Esther to it; because all we formed a pact of friendship where we supposed that to this group he would not separate nothing or anybody today I envy to Leticia and glenda by its Milvia group: to have and because you know well like hatred to which they are in my against Verónica: if because treasonous speech that we do not like the Lilian: our group destroyed by chavo that is not a triviality we are friends nonEsther: I swear milvia that I adore you as to a friend but in this of the love she does not send one if not the Lilian heart: it watches milvia you, always you you have wanted to him to put to the chavos by the Vanesa eyes: and you do not judge bad but the net one is that you cleared the fiancès to us because you cleared Gabriel to me Lilian: thus without telling that you cleared to him to Esther its Blas fiancè, and to me you cleared the love to me of Haroldo and the love of Marvin milvia you do not have if do affluent friend the one that she wants to be my good friend and the one who not also every one knows to where is the Esther friends: milvia I thought that we were Milvia friends: them right of perpetual ownership that me is going to pay it very expensive to estupidas hypocritical vixens More in hope house that found objects of deads lowered of the stairs of its house when in the floor found wire drawing a photo of Saúl the guard Hope never noticed that the red light of the camera installed by the same Saúl that was alive, had connected a camera in house of the same lady hope Hope: nooo, because the photo of this damn dog That astonishment to see the later pensativa photo but aloud said: somebody this putting this apropósito to me. The time Diosito nobody wants to me single your is a trap the one that puts to me hate to me by good is That called servant paty enjoyed to see that woman who shouted very scared by everything what she had placed him by orders of the same dead alive Saúl Hope: if I am not sure that I kill it callus kills it poisoned jajaja Suddenly a call and answers the telephone soon and was indeed a secret voice that said to him: like me breakfast cheers you jajaja and this he is single begins of your acecina hell (bis) Hope: nooo! Nooo! That I do not kill to anybody I I am not a poor woman and defenseless viejita, but contéstame that you are if you are your Saúl answers does not answer That old one was useless speaking but the call was truely of Saúl that said to him: think that the deads reviven acecina crazy Hope as of fear and cowardice got drunk the hair and voted everything and this added: nooo! Nooo! Nooo! I do not kill to anybody Diosito that say it so that your that time to anybody does not create bad things of my she has! Truth that I do not kill to anybody not the spirit said: you are going away to return crazy acecina (bis) ruthless short Hope the very furious call it sounded the telephone and it said hope again: that as much to joder you have tell me your name already and said sister Ximena: there is mamita these of the bad humor Without imagining that Frida had listened to everything what it was this average Frida sawed the door and I stick with the wall and said: Ximena is Ximena my adored niece but because me it did not say it because it said hope to me that was dead, here something rare it passes That volt and it was continued watching while sister Ximena said: adored mamita no longer I hold wing estupida of claribel every time says to me that I released it and that Frida cries Again said to me in its mind: santo sky claribel this alive one no, I cannot believe More to it in the hope mansion she said: Ximena watches, claribel for all this dead, died even when you are going to understand it Ximena: dear mamita tell me that to happened to my queridísima niece tell me Hope: daisy this dead, dead Ximena: no, not that this alive one and that passed with its daughter Hope: the daisy daughter mátala, because you say that not mátala Ximena: mami not to kill it that is not a crime and is crime before the eyes of God although I am very but very bad to kill a girl no! that is an affluent sin you know that if not outside your fault happy serious I would not have east sin it encontrá of God because you forced me to this Frida in his mind said: that girl does not die because I am called Frida Hope: it sees that beams with the mocosa it bushes, you you eat it you sell it you give it you burn it does not concern More to me in house of adamy she was very happy Adamy: children I am happy sight today arrives its Roxana brother: seño its son martyr is everything a horseman mírelo tare, tare Adamy: son, who pretty that is my martyr SHE IS MARTYR Martyr: not because I want to be another one so that my brother is not shamed to have carnalillo drunk Araceli: hermanito I congratulate to you, today all this leaving to us chido Adamy fair: and that because daughter to that she must as much joy in you Araceli: mami today we began a new life Martyr: if and I want to request to Roxana something to him All: huy, huy, huy Roxana: that martyr speaks Martyr: like much, and I want I pedirte here in front of your family and me family I ask to you that you accept to be my lady handcuffs Roxana: your, martyr always I liked although skittle but I liked and if acceptance to be your wife That house were full of happiness all were congratulated mutualmente but in house of Frida Esther it cried very sweet Esther: Diosito because I must do everything the other way around because Diosito Lilian: friend all we continued being friends, all we followed Vanesa united: perdóname, Esther I hurt to you and you never have done me nothing bad Esther: because everything by you Mauricio Verónica: it does not tint the fault of anything because it loves Lilian to you: that is truth and perdóname I was accomplice of milvia when she robbed the kiss of Blas she, she lay down with the Verónica: her always it to liked single to have sex, does not know of its consequences and know nor knows that it is love and that it pardons my Diosito father to me but milvia does not appreciate what has Vanesa: you do not remember since it has despised to me being gordita Esther: they know that it is what but it angers All to me: What is? Esther: that we five were the best friends we knew and always we have been united, and nonacceptance that everything has finished in a second Lilian: it seems the end of a novel which these living Esther friend: I wanted them because since arrives from Mexico you have been my friends my Lilian sisters: for us it is a pride although for milvia nonVerónica: if friend in the good ones and the bad ones you will be our Esther friend: you know I envy to my sister by its good amigos/as they are so good Lilian: that always that single group has tried to make badly have left we to please to milvia The friends in hell that evil angel continued remembering More when the greater angel I defeat it Benedictus is the evil called angel (Satan) Angel (Satan): today you die When I push it from above of the bathed celestial gold throne, but San jOse appeared suddenly and into few second it could transform its safe wing and to the greater angel and was in that then ones who the greater angel really appeared to him of after a the bad angel called angel of benedictus greater Angel: benedictus I king of kings servant of all fast and charisma you fact plague of my Benedictus punishment (Satan) explícate what you mean greater Angel to me: you he requests pardon to God by the offense that you have made me to me serve to him to humble Benedictus mind (Satan) you God does not exist that is a estupido invention yours greater Angel: you know from today settle down three ways that are: the sky, hell and purgatorio That Benedictus (Satan) loosen a fire ball suddenly that I press the greater angel but that than had the force of the love was freed single and said the greater angel: I the angel of the spiritual powers servant of or throw you to hell Was then when the greater angel pushed Satan or am to say to Benedictus (Satan) and that fell to hell term chepe to remember or in express the real world samanta here: guao that fights you had to be the king of the universe not that estupido damn angel it hatred because she did gay to me Chepe: lárgate in Mexico vetoes already is hour those ingenious boys More tried to rescue twin halos Jaime: watch the plane this way is a secret entrance wing Belinda mansion and the boys entered wing one by one mansion skipping that beautiful iron door filled with beautiful gardens (This image shows when the boys invaded the glory residence) In the house it was in the office glory and the White white witch: where this the pistol with which glory kills Felix where tell me Gloria: that it concerns White to you: with that I could kill to luís Miguel hinders Gloria to us: if he hinders to me, but I will kill, I want to prove that she feels Plus those or were within the house they tried to avoid the watchmen of which glory had ordered to place from towards or Belinda days: with cuidadito he vetoes luís and your calin Jaime: we go is this way the entrance vénganse is here where I explain William but apúrate the watchman: it hears chon you feel what I one hundred Chon: nonBonifacio and you who you feel because I feel hunger and Bonifacio dream: not because I see which this entering wing Chon warehouse: the prohibited warehouse this we go Bonifacio: it will be your dream that makes see that Chon you: not then but better we sleep for the night the boys Jaime: luís no, luís is not going to you to feel Chon: you heard somebody I sneeze Bonifacio: surely she was the old one of white that desmango of the bed or cachita that throws the Chon casseroles: it has Opened the mouth and one fell asleep again Plus the binoculars were in its room William (1): there is God mine pricks the desperation to me to go to me of William here (2): and it tell me already know that we joined ourselves in the William airport (1): not then if of course my sexual, single one I to you say to something I have a feeling something bad, and happens what happens vetoes although your you have hacerte to happen through I I veto you hear William to me (2): no, not it matters but you go because you go Suddenly boys were under which it was a dirty cellar and could arrive to where they were the binoculars, but I am not left time to be able to say I I am julano of so if that they had to go away and they immediately put everything in order More in the house on the inside glory did not say to white Gloria: we are going to take fresh air under the White moon: we go because we must plan everything well as we will get even of the crew member of Felix Those women went to the garden, in its room Vidal empacaba the luggage in him willow already was the night More more and everything was in movement preparing itself More the celebration of the arrival of William in the property Jorge and cinnamon-coloured they talked Jorge: you know cinnamon-coloured we go wing today celebration that you think you go away and you goods with today Cinnamon-coloured same me: not because we are going to plot a course More in Mexico Gloria: she watches, sight that beautiful this the moon, white pa that you brought that pistol I occurred it the boys already left the cellar and glory saw run to luís and calin, more Juan I mention said: _ watches is this the red beet hairs of William beet (1): What? William (2): hermanito I am scared nonBelinda: cálmate that already of a single time we will face William (1): my love you the order happens what you pass flee, flee Gloria: Bonifacio (shout 3 times) White: chon, chon, levántate William (1): treatment to retain to glory when William (2) already was in the street after fifteen years from the stop of Mayan Florida of gardens shout jame: friend sees we go JAIME WHEN FRIEND VAMONOS SHOUTS To HIM Gloria; no, nooo! of one does not go away here more than White dead: good bye that goes to them bad that squashes a train and it leaves to a ticket of a one hundred jajaja them More both watchmen s has by the inner door were more suddenly the door of the inner door I call to the timbre it was then when Bonifacio the idiot I rise and opened and it said: happen reviews Plus that went to collect to where glory; in the street those more said to William (2) my hermanito no, we go by I I want Belinda to it: Who you are your you are my William or you are the other William? That stopped a little while and said in its mind: I must pretend love to him and to be the other William Luís: that William you are wey speaks Jaime: I think that we do not have to ask to him nor to press it horita this very badly William (2) chavos you you helped me in exchange for anything deserve the Glenda truth: clear William you are our friend and the friends are in the good ones and in bad the William (2) I am the other William not your fiancè belinda but them suplico request does not say this secret to them to anybody my hermanito requested a favor for you All to me: What favor? William (2) said that we did not trust so of one samanta because arpía in the Rosy airport was one More: these safe that the boys will come Sindi if or nonSindi: the right of perpetual ownership seño never we would lie in something thus Samanta to him: those estupidos do not matter to them that we are here like Noe idiots: it has I sank, I sank, your you get angry much you will become feota in house More from Luís glory Miguel: What you want glory? Gloria: that firm because I am furious Luís Miguel: that he blames I have who the mouse cannot marry to the White cat: déjate of estupidos games glory and mátalo William (1) seño does not make wrath stop wing jail and you will not suffer who will suffer will be his son does not make ceñito White: you cállate Luís Miguel: lady you when you die needed two boxes one for the language and another one for the White body: mátalo estupida cowardly That began to aim to him with the pistol at that man, without imagining that from high the its son it observed it and crying his son said: mami I hate mamita (it cries) More when hearing the white shouts Vidal salio of its room salary from the stop and saw all Luís Miguel: mátame to have if you have nutgalls to take to another crime in mind Gloria: they enchant the challenges to me White: you do not have value you are a cowardly one, you are a cowardly one; cowardly jajaja Gloria: cállateeee! Crazy deranged Gloria tormented Luís Miguel: you do not do case to him, glory entrégate déjale the fortune to your hijastro to which you robbed White: you are a cowardly one, you are a cowardly one When I listen for the last time cowardly I am listened to like in type slow motion, and was when that firing and firing until finishing to the shots of the pistol and then Vidal shout: nooo! And his son said: you odioooo, mother; you odioooo! (crying) Gloria: llévate to this damn and enciérralo in the Sindi airport took a walk More of here for already and said in its mind with voice not hard said thus same: something them step, something happened Rosy to them: we have been going, either is hour we go or we were for two Sindi hours here: I váyase I remain Belinda: lady, hopes, lady waits for Rosy: that it happened the Luís interview was so long: Wu saw whichever photos took Glenda us: and heavy of my premium samanta Sindi: this in the airplane All already raised one by one without nobody realized William went with them, the airplane I start leaving Mexico to arrive course at El Salvador, I rise in air the airplane salio in high flight In a luxury small car it more arrived the gorgeous one, and Jennifer charmer to house of William (2) to visit it IT IS JENNIFER VENEGAS Jennifer: there is God here and that devils happens that they do not open to that volume the telephone Suddenly and I call and said: the William young person lives there Abraham Gloria: dile that nonCachita: ceñito does not live anybody with that name here this house sold it and today it is property of the capuleto Jennifer: excuse to Mrs. Tomando the telephone glory said: youngster lives William here, so that Jennifer needs: I want to platicar is my friend and between us here seño Gloria: permítame already goes by you Jennifer: boy to see my love you Gloria: to see your blue prince was expensive estupida sees by her tómala to you of surprise and agárrala there are desmaye jajaja Bonifacio: to its appreciable ones you order my female leader jajaja Jennifer closed the car and I lie down the keys wing stock market of its beautiful trousers in the airport of the Salvador were very happy martyr and Roxana More waiting for the coming of Mexico of its Roxana brother: my love we go I feel it but they did not come Martyr: love that we will say to him to mother tell me now that I explain Roxana to him: the truth my love is the best Martyr: God I thank for everything and I by you today know again the love you gave to a gift a beautiful precious woman me beautiful me drinks I love my chulita to you is me love I am thankful to you and to God it master Plus the airplane flew by the stop in the Rosy airplane said: we will land in the field of the willow we will arrive from Belinda surprise: lady this is our surprise All less samanta: they tare, tare the William Rosy: William these, alive, your mother will be happy William (2) felt sad and began to sing and crying song: I that there is Belinda: déjame will sing I if group ready All: if, we are ready already Belinda: this is twin soul for you William Rosy: son sees my arms and escúchalos sing Belinda: I that there is in a my part without living somebody lack here so that can be happy you knew yourself in where you are I gave to something I that your you are that you are my other William half (2): it has no longer I hold I feel badly sad single in Chepe hell by means of his magical ball More saw the arrival from the boys the Chepe town: my son comes my son plows the impossible life to him jajaja Shades; berry wing celebration does what the Chepe desire feels like to him: you poisoned the water of the Willow if or nonShades: it is that, that I do not decide Mr. to me Chepe: it tonight looks for and it intoxicates the water same night that today will know to storm Shades: and you as you know that More in house of Frida Esther: rose we go wing celebration if Pink: it sees, Esther daughter: you do not go with me or not boy Pink I: we go since she is already daughter because you must receive to your hermanita glenda that arrives today More in house from adamy Adamy: and my son, where this son Martyr: mamita siéntate and listens with Roxana attention: if lady siéntese and escúchenos suddenly the face of adamy change of smile to sadness and I enter cinnamon-coloured Jorge just and when Dora left the kitchen Jorge: mami I am happy, happy, Dora: hijito I believed verte no longer Cinnamon-coloured: the fled one from the dawn brought it and the night that rima to the young people wing dances, calls it to enjoy because today a cousin comes from the Dora: adamy passes something Martyr: aunt, cousin, siéntense friend please escúchenme Dora: that it happens I see in your eyes the nailed fear this It enters sarai and it says: the misfortune has fallen in love with your binoculars, but tonight it will have dances your son will come Jorge: twin binoculars aunt incredible Adamy: son speech please that you have in live coals Martyr to me: my brother and his friends did not arrive mother we in the morning went away wings eleven to wait for them and were almost the nine at night when we come from there and they had not even arrived mamita Adamy: my son does not have to be alive and healthy In the field he more was already to landing the airplane, when lowering William he thought about his mind and he said it in his mind --- Belinda: this it is your native town William 2: mother I am about to here by you to take revenge of you (in mind) This to me was the first conversation of belinda and William (2) the limosina I get to gather them more of about four minutes took in arriving at house of William to where adamy everything was solitary music was listened to in the park of the willow since today a new politician had won and to the sauceños many new things like the park had done them, had proposed the bottoms to give the recibimiento of the William youngster in Dora house was single More and furious milvia and this exclaimed of this form the Milvia expression: me boy to take revenge of you Esther you the right of perpetual ownership that that boy goes away to you to fall damn you boy to cross the time jajaja in house of adamy Llego luís and said More: we could not Adamy: they could not that, What? Sergio: to bring to our sexual William lost lady to us, it lost itself I enter Rosy and said to us: lady is this her son When seeing adamy said him: pretty hijito my love my treasure I believed not to return to verte I love the veracity to you of the William it began to change and it said: then I not suéltame that I am not of humor to receive your Adamy hugs: son who did to you I occurred it Martyr: belinda all this ready people hopes by you from the eight and are already the twelve of the average Belinda night: we will not go no longer you worry Jaime: we said lady tonight to it would be with you its William son it was put to think and it said in mind: I do not have to forget that I am affectionate the charismatic William Araceli: hermanito these or is pretty hermanito precious William (2) is paradito nontime with my feet that sos blind or that Samanta waves: hey to her you do not treat thus William (2): I l treat as the Belinda desire is offered to me: my love remembers the sacrifice of that person is by you who made William (2): pretty mamita perdóname if, porfi pardon if Adamy: if son I pardon to you because I love to you in addition I do not have of who perdonarte Two hours later the celebration was being celebrated and everything was happiness for all, they ate exquisite sandwiches of the willow the boys in the scene sang Belinda: we invited to ours recovered William to that it happens to sing with us William raised the scene, while his father chepe observed it and said: invesil poor man does not know what bare one is going to him to happen the cable of the microphone this and of a blow Her mother sent to it above from jajá who could reach to see the cable ran as in slow motion and the scene raised a ago when William said to take the microphone she it volume and a strong voltage of light she was shot of a single blow to the ground from the stop of a scene and when falling of its front much blood left and I am unconscious was when his son said: mamita you love to me you want to me I love mami to you nooo (it cried) Belinda: even call doctor but fast (he cried) All the friends of William cried and cried lamenting chepe the more single fall of adamy ed ***reflx mng themselves and said: estupida poor man who More on the following day put by that damn bastard wing exit of Everything was sadness after to have been one night of happiness term being one night of sadness to turn the life of a woman pain the doctor salio the quarter and said: Aryan relatives of the patient Glenda Adamy widow of Kings Araceli: I, I doctor am his daughter Dora. And I its sister doctor like this she William (2) like this my precious amita like this she doctor Doctor: she this despreocúpense good that the voltage that received was not very impressive Araceli: I can happen to have it doctor Doctor: if but single a William person (2) sees your hermanita, porfi sees acompáñala I request you Dora: ándale daughter sees dile that their son this good in Mexico in house glory in that ugly cellar was captive More William (1) and Jennifer, there in the room Gloria: berry, berry the gentleman I rise early Vidal: damn acecina I hate acecina to you, you I assure it that until your son Gloria finished odiándote: no, never, never you swallowed what you have said estupido Plus that boy Eric the son of glory in its room cried Eric: God because an ambitious mother because I was so I blind because always I had a bandage in the eyes I will release me brother who this in the cellar, right Eric lowered when her mother said to him: to where you think that you go my very small pretty hijito Eric: you do not call son Vidal added to me: I said to you-the until - your - your own son detests jajaja to you Gloria: truth that nonson, tell me that it is not certain does not tell me that nonson who not (it cried) Eric: that she hurts gives to lady you to me it, high millionaire swindler even humiliates itself poor dead of returned hunger as I Gloria giving with the prim arms gave returns sometimes shouting and crying and ing ***reflx mng itself as all a perfect crazy person said: son this house, these furniture is yours, yours Vidal: nonqueridita this is belonged of William Eric: nothing belongs mother to me I I am mistaken I was estupido, pa God if William pardoned That woman to me kissing each furniture expressed: son watches this is yours deigned of you of that naco estupido in the dirty cellar was not William More (1) is God mine no longer, no longer I want Suddenly I enter his grandmother and he said to him: it will clear that to you you bandage of the eyes so that you see your Jennifer friend That evil woman exempt him the rag to the boy and the boy I exclaim: I do not even understand as it is the necessity to have Jennifer here: your, your, your no, you are not my William not who you are I occurred it white: bingo fortune teller the divine clear heron is not the true William but better dame the keys of the car if Jennifer: those keys are not mine White; here my queen who says or says what without says I am only I I took root gives them to me or but I kill William to you (1) entrégaselas, if it is not layers of Jennifer to be able to speak I give the keys, and said white: thus we are complied better estupida niñita in El Salvador in the hospital of the city of San Miguel was beautiful adamy More talking with its Araceli daughter the William boy listened to all Araceli: mamita tell me something that so certain is the one of the legend which they cry out of the Adamy binoculars: daughter is true today I verified that binocular is not William, that is the other William or as I is called today dear Araceli son: mamita tell me as it is the bed in which they will appear the William emblems said in his mind: the emblems that emblems are those Adamy: of that bed to DES not to be itself safe where they were born, but changing of subject that if this depressed is Jorge Araceli: mami and that waves with the young daisy then Adamy: daughter says that even she lives but and Jorge where this my nephew More William (2) retirement and in the corridor took a walk and in its express mind: I must look for that kid and soon to those emblems in house of Frida the Lilian girls were reunited More: that heavy that Verónica truth: if, and what all we neglected is what this happening in the Vanesa town: that, What is what this happening in our chambroso pueblito? Lilian: that all the town this desabitando Esther and Vanesa: What? Desabitando in the sky it was More all normal celestito of soon of the anything arose the fall from the two emblems and these fell in a mysterious bed of a precious rock and high wing as all world feared and was where today hell if the emblems fell in the bed of the stone cacalutepe those shining crustaceans were separated one remote del another one but nobody could be imagined that, in Chepe hell was called more: we must find the code of the four elements Shades: and that so that Sir if Chepe can be known: that will open the union of the world of the good ones with the bad ones that we are Shades: that means that the code is like a part of the hell to destroy to that I throw Chepe Majesty to you: by his since if in the boarding school of nuns it in the patio of the boarding school were Frida More single (center), remembering what it had listened when the nun sister Ximena spoke on the Frida telephone: no, it cannot be as it could deceive them thus my sister in the hospital were the William boys More (2): Jorge I can speak with you prime Jorge: by its position race for that we are the same blood More wey belinda and the boys murmured Luís: so that they complain to platicar Belinda: we must take care of of this William and samanta because More William (2) was not said: Jorge who has happened with your chava because your eyes your voice and your mind express and mitigate the pain Jorge: friend I thought about that, but better flame to the boys they are good in the waiting room was samanta More and the lady gilds Samanta: lady and Jorge whom there is with that old love of which she had with argueta daisy Dora: not that there is with that Samanta: seño I trusted me I want to help Dora them: you really want to help us, finally somebody that is not shamed of my son to be poor, and who is not gay Samanta in its mind said: old estupida everything what you have done me and your son me paid Dora to it: to he has happens because so pensativa Suddenly she appeared his daughter and he said to him: mother lárgate voice you hinder sees búscate another Samanta place: milvia I samanta Vargas suplico you who to your mother you do not offend it nor it you need the Milvia respect: I am not of humor to listen to your sermons of sorry nun Samanta: escúchame before pídele pardon to your Milvia mother very hypocritically I bend the head and said: perdóname is dear mamita Dora: daughter is daughter I do not have perdonarte sees with samanta of stroll Plus the boys talked The waiting room Jorge: the e reunited here because I need its Belinda aid: and so that if Luís can be known: if so that, - that says Jorge today to us: so that All help me to rescue wing woman who master: to daisy Sergio: and the young Belinda daisy even lives: if we are arranged to ayudarte William (2) for when it is the blow Jorge: nothing else that is not All here: - and where he is - that-Jorge: he is in the Altamirano property in the property of your mother William Glenda: changing of subject there is another thing to solve All: more, and more Glenda: if more and plus All: that it is now Glenda: they say that my uncle Leopoldo, of its numerous fortune I inherit to many people and among them these your William Sergio as of left and always pasmado I escape to say this to him: but if this he is not true will When the boys covered the mouth to him Jorge: How he is that this it is not the true William? Belinda: very long Jorge is a history: then tomorrow we go away wing Altamirano and finds tell all All me: if tomorrow so that today we are uuuuuh, Wu of tired More in Mexico that Eric had gone to the cellar and released to William (1) but Jennifer it had been taken to the ex- quarter of William (2) William (1) and the Erics entered wing mansion Gloria: whereupon authority you removed to that from its confinement Eric: with the authority of which here your woman is the master not Gloria: son no longer you call pretty amita to me because, because Eric: you are a acecina White thief: estupido, neither you nor that badly generated the stairs will leave this house Vidal lowering said: to me you do not have right to raptar to me White: what it knew to glory yesterday today knew to Wednesday jajaja you know because glory wanted abandonarte you know estupida Gloria to it: clear that nonVidal: because me boy to marry very just a short time within with the mother of this which time here Gloria: adamy first I soon rob to Felix you to me and later to who Vidal: as shoe mujerzuela adamy thousand times is better woman than your even who poor but thousand times humble beautiful flood of values Gloria: there is Vidal and you who if you are a bisexual whom you liked luís Miguel, you liked my husband Felix, and in spite of that I promised to you to marry with you knowing that your you were even of argueta Leopoldo if I promised weddings with you but by he hurts Vidal without being contained gave a single touch him that that; soon callus to the floor, bleeding and crying said: I hate to you your you are not a man sweepings and the worse thing is than you boy to displease the life you the right of perpetual ownership Eric: to you it is the one who I hate woman thief, you took advantage of which I am a estupido youngster of fourteen years White: it leaves here, neither your nor William and the less the adored one turned aside of Vidal William (1) and that that goes it to prevent grandmother tell me, or is much that to the case you are going to kill to me as you killed to me White father Felix: your father is hijito, pobrecito of you your father even lives Vidal: I feel son for today the old one is the right, your father even lives William (1): that? The William hospital (2): That? Belinda: that of which William speaks Jorge: something rare this passing with you More milvia was talking with samanta in the third-rate cafe of the Milvia hospital: I sank the reason for buscarte is so that you help me and I am arranged to do what you request Samanta to me: it tell me in that you want that helps Milvia you: what happens is that I want to take revenge itself mainly of my friends and of Esther Samanta: and that waves with the group of babosadas friends who did all type to him of to me friend pole ah noneras you the one who bothered Milvia: please ayúdame I want that that mugroso Samanta falls to him: whichever time has of Milvia pregnancy: two Samanta weeks: monalisa is perfect Saturday is Full Moon will give to wing goddess there to him its sacrifice we will kill somebody Milvia: I want that the beauty of Esther is mine and single mine Samanta: you fíngeles friendship and tonight sees wing mansion aya I will give something you with which it will lose its beauty and Saturday will waste its hijito the time was flying well fast William and their mother already took far better and she wanted it, she loved it, took care of it; milvia followed went wing more mansion pretending to him friendship small wings, more in Chepe hell: I must so leave the body of chepe but before I need digiby the four cardinal points Shades: all the constructed one can be come down thus hands wing work presses to samanta and that mugroso digibay was deceits of the old goddess hostage of benedictus never existed that Chepe: tonight it is Full Moon will happen many things, as the death jajaja Above of the rock in the same hell in cacalutepe both emblems were together and shining because William (2) already had pardoned its mother, small the today they went for the property the Altamirano, all went happy singing full of rebozo and joy; more in house of Frida Glenda: belinda you do not think that we had to go with the Belinda boys: you know I what I say is that God helped Esther them who I approach them said: belinda in your face I do not see happiness that happens Glenda friend to you and belinda was surprised when listening that that I pronounce friend when always had been a Esther rebel; no, you create friend, sister to me pardon if someday I did Pink damage to them perdónenme: daughters I am witness of which she has changed today she and your mother is new in the boarding school had more gotten milvia to visit wing mother of Esther and glenda, taking with himself alcohol to cause that the lady fell again Frida: and to that it must the honor of your dear visit Milvia: it is that I bring a flattery to him that him control glenda and Esther its Frida daughters: and as they are they Milvia: and good bye That I move away more full Frida very well and rebosanste of joy opened to the gift and when seeing era a bottle of the best tequila and a bottle of guaro Frida: because daughters, porqué make that to me hijitas pretty, that I do not doubt in taking the drink and the volume I arrive finally the night and in the sky I form the Full Moon, samanta was preparing for the final spell That patio of the house of milvia was filled with things of witchcrafts in mediated of the patio was appeared I circulate with a star and to the other end a triangle with the face of the call monalisa Samanta: OH, God ass, God moon, God, benedictus, perverse shades take of my whole the good and conviérteme in a crew member yours plenty of badness Suddenly the sky was opened and a sinister outburst of laughter I am listened to and said the passive voice of that infernal demon: that chepe is perfect a useless one has not even been able to revivir my true one to be able Samanta: OH loves goddess of the off the track ones as I OH santa patron of loves OH my monalisa a favor pedirte love I in return prometerte traerte wing Monalisa life: it tell me like you can bring wing to me life if it is that you know Samanta: easy single I must reunite the four elements of the universe and must both obtain emblems of the sun and the Monalisa moon: the God ass and the God tonatiu say that there is to even travel distant place to find something that will bring wing to me life and that is the code of eternal Samanta youth: if but before we must obtain the true key to open three worlds and to make of those three worlds a single world the sky she will be yours my master Monalisa: that you wish samanta Samanta: desire something that destroys the beauty of a Monalisa youngster: there is no more perfect bewitching branch than the heroin of seven cascades of jade takes this single leaf you must grind it and to throw it in a drink this can until causing the death, Samanta: thank you very much jajaja Monalisa: single girl watches you must obtain my picture that this in beautiful arts in Mexico, that picture I will leave to govern the world, and watches if you want that that girl is a perfect spell the one that you want to cause to him is perfect and single a person will be able it cured Samanta: this is the leaf of the seventh cascade of jade the heroin leaf jajaja, it has but it tell me that gained we jajaja That goddess of the homosexuals went away and samanta I am seeing very glad the heroin leaf and said: what you can make hojita dear This is the leaf of Heroin of jade In Mexico in a quarter they were already together more William (1) and the beautiful Jennifer William (1): Jennifer I am the twin of the William that your you know Jennifer crying said: because William because to me, there is my mamita will be in favor sad of my is God mine I that boy to make William (1) you know we do not say God if you accompany Jennifer to me: if friend I accompany to you Both: angelito of my guard my sweet company you abandon to me at night neither nor by day Entered exactly white that said: say because he will be the latest that they plow More there in Mexico closely together of there in house of a beautiful called lady Camila, who all world said Doña to him Camila Camila: it has would pass to me Jennifer daughter to him who the servant I talk back: lady its daughter to being re Camila well: ojala innocence ojala thus is Innocence: because we do not pledge a candle to him to our virgencita santa with Guadalupe Camila: you know well that I do not believe in the saints, that those single they are idolatries, Innocence: but I in my small room will request virgencita wing to him that appears the girl Jennifer Camila: I have bultote of problems, my missing daughter and Mario Enrique sexual upsetting that I do Innocence: its bad faith will be the misfortune of its family, the pattern this very ill Camila: imagínate if that is estupido as his Innocence were happened to grant to him the power to him of its companies even estupido friend: lady watches which happens is that Don Javier Ibáñez does not have good relation with its then son and to whom could grant the Camila company to him: tonight More in the quarter of their Mario son has to have supper Mr. Javier with their friend Norvis consecrated Leonel Enrique that was being masturbando, to enchanted their room to him was filled with images of naked women, because that after finishing masturbar shot wing bed and was said: papa you were not moderate the totality of the companies for that reason today you are going away to die sight you took a refresquito with poison matarratas in the kitchen bred innocence said More: ojala you die old of crepito and me DES the part of your actions that you promised More in the meter companies center to me of Mexico DF was, in the office smoking itself pure an evil friend his call: Norvis consecrated Leonel and this said: ojala never you recover old damn avaricious In the office was a gigantic photo of the old Javier Ibáñez in an office was Don Javier More although all badly but there he was with a notary and Mr. Javier said: I want that the companies meter center of Mexico DF are of my daughter, Jennifer and that half of my money is of my wife and other average half of the average maid and for my friend Norvis consecrated Leonel the notary: and to your Mario son Enrique who you leave Javier him: nothing, nothing else deserves in house of adamy Dora: imagínate is Dora I I feel re happy my son is another one, is that that samanta is a Araceli angel: excuse that it puts to me where they do not call to me but samanta that is not a good Adamy woman: that is truth, which my girl says to you is certain Dora: it does not love my son Jorge and I agree Adamy: the our Dora has your is your problem not: better pa God as they will be the boys in the Altamirano More in the Altamirano Jorge: luís you know that you go to make Jaime: you and I Jorge will go away by a side every one your William you will entertain Sergio along with and calin Juan I mention: I who boy to make Jorge: it calls to an ambulance because me loved this unconscious Thus all they took course the neighboring property, while luís I enter wing suddenly property and volume something that was thrown in the ground and said: this is a better map takes to see it it in the house Then luís frame by telephone the town and requests the ambulance, plus the boys arrived William (2): good Sergio: good You die: something was lost to them mocosos Haze: we are not mocosos we are all men I I have fifteen years and Sergio: and I seventeen Mori's: that they look for Suddenly cinnamon-coloured said to him: a firearm looks for daisy thus hazte side even Removing you die said: of anybody Jorge does not take to it here: loose that invesil weapon Those were distrusted and you die said: we are cinnamon-coloured Then that firing and he gave a shot him cinnamon-coloured and soon he loosen another one and other that three shots I kill it, and Jorge ran to and said: nooo friend, friend your (crying) William (2) was not direct for inside to the ratito were listened to the shouts that said; nooo a serpent and a tiger ayúdenme the serpent did not go next to and it coiled it and that small today she was imprisoned of the serpent and those remained paralyzed means when seeing what passed Jaime said: William no, nonSergio: ponzoña loose to me friend cómeme to me and that single serpent removed the language like that savored a rich sandwich Jorge step and could untied to daisy while those entertained to the tiger and the serpent, more in Mexico at night already were reunited the family of Camila Camila: my love you with have supper already of this type and muriéndote Norvis: Mrs. Camila her husband wants to be happy déjelo Mario Enrique: berry, berry I speak to the heir Javier and their family ate very happy, more in, the mansion of the glory family Gloria had gone to I tan of William and Jennifer Gloria: as they are my William large birds (1): ceñito wanted to speak with you Gloria: repudia is me that you call ceñito to me, is ceñito Guacala, but if we go horita that is More in their room Eric was crying and it was put to think and it said: I must go to me of this house far where it must forget a bad memory Gloria to me without realizing I stop being fierce and Gloria became sweet heart: not that boy to do everything already what I constructed fifteen years ago came William down (1). She knows that I teach to my papito Felix in a dream Gloria; that, she tell me that was what I teach William to you (1): this MY BETTER SUCCESS MY GREAT MAS VICTORY YOU HAVE BEEN TO LOVE GOD Gloria: but if single God is product of our chiquitina mentality William (1) nonlady you watch you after not knowing how to love God to be always bad and I that you are not bad Eric all Eric pardoned itself to him who I listen said: I never will pardon nothing to him to this mujerzuela cheap Gloria put myself of foot after been to have seated in the launching slips and down he appeared Vidal who said to him: loose glory arrepiéntete to the boy and the girl HE IS VIDAL Gloria: wrath of never no first the Erics never die here: mamita you are not the woman who I dreamed White: the fairy tale mothers do not exist estupido Vidal: William already I have everything I have the letter the testament the pistol also I have White. What the pistol also? Gloria: How you could so be estupida white? Those two were taken hold of the wicks at the top of the launching slips, that soon William in a negligence was by Jennifer and I help him to escape, while glory and white fought glory in I bid up to white by the launching slips but white I take hold myself of the glory clothes that also I take it with himself White and glory when they die Cachita: this money ten and flees far I do not want that you are in messes with Cachita justice: thanks and your good boy cuídate dile to your other brother who was a taste to know it William 1: thanks ceñito for everything and that God blesses it From these launching slips callus glory and white the two were supposedly dead, then Vidal said: vámonos of this William house (1): let us call an ambulance by them Therefore they called an ambulance, plus those went from the mansion when leaving wing William street (1) felt tight and said is suéltame, suéltame Eric: something surely happens to him to your twin brother Jennifer: súbelo to the car I it will leave the airport More in the Altamirano property Jorge: that rays we can make release to William Luís with an object slept the serpent that, that callus to the ground and I release to William that either was had in a faint The more when it returned in if William or it were in the property of its mother; daisy already was reacted although with serum Doctor in the room Doctor said to him to Jorge: her lady handcuffs soon will be well does not worry Jorge: but she lost the reason that there is with that Doctor: that does not worry is fleeting Property the Altamirano Jorge in the room with the boy was reunited Jorge: now I want that they explain to me who is that young person who is not William Luís: Jorge is a secret and all we must agree in saying it Jorge: for that reason they are is inside belinda, glenda and Sindi; Sergio walks llámalas: speaking of the queens of blunt William (2): that pretty day they do not create Belinda: and those faces that happen that Jorge happens: I want that they say to me who is that imposter who is made call William Glenda: Mr. Jorge is not no William interrupted raising the hand and said: Jorge I am an imposter Jorge: it tell me because it beams by money, we do not have Belinda: déjelo to speak Juan I mention: if he is best Mr. Jorge William (2): single prométame to keep the Calin secret: if he is something that to flank and permítanos to give him to the surprise to doña adamy us Jorge: this, speaks please William well (2): I am the twin of William that that fifteen years ago lost adamy my mother Jorge: the Calin legend was certain: if the Sindi legend is certain: so certain that the town this almost with about twenty-four William inhabitants (2): you are my cousin and you do not know whatever I underwent I in Mexico So on told all history him to Jorge and after all Jorge she said: incredible what venia did my grandmother in house of Frida Esther lowering the stairs when milvia raised them and More did not say milvia: poor offered cat Esther; milvia pardon by the damage that causes Milvia friend to you: discúlpame your friend because your and I separated if we were so friends Was not then when milvia I drop a poquilito of oil in the launching slips and then it said milvia: it sees that the appointment with the doctor is for the nine Touching the Esther belly said: my son and of Mauricio is beautiful milvia I feel happy Then milvia already had raised another Milvia step: dear good bye much dangerous friend cuídate a Esther slide lowered and said: thanks pretty friend I want to you Was then when Esther I slip by the oil that had spilled milvia, Esther: nooo! That callus to the ground and I am bleeding while milvia said: estupida less jajaja ojala dies its mugroso along with That milvia raised in races the quarter of samanta in the boarding school Frida even followed More there and in its room tapeworm the bottles every time took more and due the bottles than him towards arriving milvia in name from its Frida daughters: it has because it will be God because I am mistaken In hope house it had arrived more at his house you die Hope; that beams here inept You die: step which tapeworm that to pass seño the camera as always it caught everything, and today in the cellar of its house was Saúl hidden from there listened to and saw everything by means of television transmitters and cameras Hope; that devils step because speaks soon You die: kill cinnamon-coloured and Jorge I rescue small wing along with a group of intrepid young people Hope: everything, everything what this has cost me coming down no, that it boy not to allow, kills, to Saúl and to the beautiful Ernesto the guard jajaja to but of insurance those that rescued very stupid daisy wing was not those street mugrosos with belinda and Jorge You die: I need money to go far Hope said to me: paty honest sees wing tends and cómprame three candles if That went away because she already wise everything, plus that old one said: you die you you are estupido, an idiot a invesil Mori's: no, lady was not my fault Hope; I even approach mirror that tapeworm and said to you die see acércate to him there Mori's: say - lady That coat a pistol and gave a shot him in the forehead to you die and I kill it, but that that do alive You die: dog you go it to extinguish very expensive damn will remorderá the conscience to you because William and belinda are strong That old one said: OH friend, mine, leviosa God beautiful moraliza fallen other to your networks you leave and to absorb the blood to him Of the anything appeared by the mirror monalisa and volume the blood of you die Hope: monalisa goddess mine I congratulate you have separated from me estupido a more Monalisa to you: it continues killing, hazlo without mercy without fear to anything Hope: everything comes Ana above pardon I say monalisa to me loves mine That ghost of monalisa already had disappeared suddenly that began to listen to the voice of Saúl that said to him: the deads we come by you dame to claribel and me daughter daisy That began to say like crazy person: claribel this locked up and daisy also jajaja More in the property Altamirano Glenda: your William brother is the heir of my uncle Leopoldo Salio daisy walking and ran Jorge and to take it Jorge: my love like these Daisy: I feel either now or memory everything very well that your you are my Jorge Glenda: and me you know Daisy me; if you are the daughter of my aunt Frida nonCalin: and now that it wants to make Mrs. Margarita: first that nothing to go to face today same me William grandmother (2) that could be dangerous Daisy: youngster I have listened to say that you are the chosen one of the legend and that within years you will meet with your binocular and one of them goes to die Jorge: my love is the other William not the one that your you know Daisy; it tell me and where you were so many Luís years: it is had in Mexico Jorge: my love this same afternoon we will go wing marries of your grandmother Jaime: glenda and I am going away to marry All: Bravo congratulations Daisy. And my son where this my son, where Jorge: your grandmother says that she has my love More today they were so happy adamy because it turned years and his William son was arriving, today in the evening of the Adamy property: I feel happy since my son appeared Shell: luís the boy of the group is my son adamy you me you said Dora to it: and as you verified friend Shell: the doctor days of lion tested of blood, fíjate to him that the single one I arrive wing house said that he wanted gauzes because l had one slightly wounded then I I cure and a rag that do with then blood later has been to the doctor that same day to it I give the analysis and it said to me that if that boy were my Adamy son: that happiness More in house of pink Frida, that venia of the kitchen found to Esther and distance in the ground in a faint bleeding Pink Estercita nooo: nooo my girl, died aid samanta ayúdame, samanta ayúdame In its room samanta said to milvia: surely already it found him we are going to pretend if Milvia; if we go, apúrate we go Those left fourth and from the stop it said samanta: that it happens, because those shouts Mrs. Milvia: Esther nonfriend no, friend (it cries) Pink: one died, one died and that I will say to him to its mother to its Samanta sister: single one is Rosy that is a blood fiction fact sauce pa perhaps to be called the Pink attention: as you dare unfortunate dog Samanta: it watches me you do not call dog to me you is dense damn Finally I arrive afternoon in Mexico as soon as they gathered corpses A doctor: this viejita this dead Another doctor: this this alive one of the two even has life probabilities Doctor: but this is called white this died Doctor: it espérese 24 hours to assure to us White had died but glory was alive the cachita servant had escaped In house of Jennifer they more left the office Javier and Norvis when suddenly to that I beat to him a dolo in the heart and callus to the floor temblequeando to the moments died and the spirit of monalisa absorbed the blood without Norvis could see that it was completing its body monalisa every time took form to be human Norvis: Javier, Javier háblame Javier Doña Camila who saw the novel said: the virgin wife who pretty leaves Adela Noriega there nonInnocence; if mírela almost equal real love Doña Camila: that it happens, and those shouts not and those shouts Innocence: something happens we go Mario Enrique: that he passes nonpapa, papa nooo! Just he was arriving Jennifer that said: pretty papito that happens to you who did that to you (she cried) Doña Camila: Javier my love that happens When seeing him said Doña Camila: Javier. Nooo (crying) the servant, the son and the partner the three saw the faces between one of them was the acecino Jennifer. The pneumatic body míralo mami this as deflated the body of that had been deflated because monalisa the ghost had taken its blood a tragedy a pain for Jennifer and a pain for the family glenda by Esther two tragedies in a single day did not fit doubt that the one that governed was badly. While they celebrated others cried for adamy after their great pain him venia the happiness surprises arrived at each Adamy family: it has finally I am happy finally in the sky More said this This greater greater Angel is today the angel: badly this winning to us to our favor we do not have nor the ten San jOse percent: if and worse this to arrive man not to change to God by a greed world the Ernesto spirit were sent today I exclaim querubín San jOse - it is our only salvation by love to God More in Chepe hell: finally monalisa my wife to coming the life Shades: if the town of the Willow this desabitado not that gives many Chepe: God remained jajaja More in house of adamy Vidal single, single: good afternoon All; good afternoon him of God Adamy: hello my love Vidal: Happy Birthday my Adamy love: and as you knew that I fulfilled years Shell: they do not open to kisses without a small gift Vidal: espérame already I bring the gift here to you Arrived all the chavos from the trip came Jaime, Jorge and the other William (2): mamita Happy Birthday pretty Adamy: thanks my love I love you I adore, you do not know whatever to you wanted that my other son was here that you had had the twin who robbed next to you Vidal to me: William sees William a little while (2) I remain surprised and said: Vidal, who makes Vidal William here (2): that he loves Vidal: he calls to your friends a momentito Llego melisa and Fabian and his small called hijito nachito Melisa; we late arrived at the pie Adamy friend: lady nor we have not divided it had arrived Rosy and their husband, with their small happy oscarcito all were glenda said: I cannot believe as much Belinda happiness put to the quarter and one got dressed next to the boys to sing to him to his future mother-in-law in back patio were Jaime and Jorge and both William More Vidal: Jaime and Jorge váyanse and cover cumpleañera wing More in the hospital Doctor: relatives of feed white Esther Pink Argueta: I, I am the person in charge of her Samanta: Milvia is doctor like this she: and its son like this díganos doctor Doctor: she lost to her hijito due fallen wing lost drinks it that she waited for Samanta: there is not and she like this Doctor: this, well already this outside danger In mind milvia said: damn it is because one did not die Arrived his Lilian friends: pink doña like this Esther like this dígame Milvia: she has I feel much but Verónica: we asked the owner of the hospital nonwing to him Pink decree: daughters lost to his drinks Vanesa: as she were that it happened Lilian to him: I assume it and I clear the name that I know that Pink person: who is, of who doubts? It is to case of samanta truth While milvia sent cautious filosas to him Lilian said: lady that sweepings does not deserve to be mentioned God altar his but if something is very real that in this world are many but many hypocritical women that by sex are able to kill Milvia very angered said from distant spot with intentions of which those Milvia women listened: I can be so dangerous by something already see what passage with that damn one to interpose in my way desmango jajaja Verónica: there is God I only I wanted that the world never lay always outside faithful to you God Lilian: but the happened thing can have as much hatred in a woman I cannot believe More to it in house of Jennifer were guarding to its father Javier in Mexico was hard tragedy and burdens In hope house I more arrive daisy with a wig that was not known very well received paty Daisy: paty I am daisy déjame to pass Paty; pass lady without fear if she happens Daisy: good afternoon Argueta Hope widow of Manferrer Hope: who you are your mujerzuela cheap Taking off the eyeglasses and hurling the wig said: you do not know Hope today me: it has you returned mugrosa dead mosquita has is contiguous and jorgito that you have made it Daisy: dame to my son estupida thief no longer we are relatives nor nothing Hope: your son watches hijita, your son died I could not do nothing I enter Jorge and said: that is lie Hope: not that man who berry no, I do not want to see it (crying) Daisy: that grandmother did to you Hope: the abuse of my -- who berry that berry daughter corréelo Daisy; you do not lie grandmother you do not lie this is my man you could not make that Jorge: that is one infamia a vile trick I never I have abused and less than a old poor woman Hope: old old I but if the abuse of which berry daughter corréelo later the time has itself, is yaya that leaves Jorge: this grandecita does not lie lady already does not lie Hope: because I ran because you wanted to me to continue doing the same and I to you I threatened denunciarte Jorge to you: but that is Daisy: Jorge really you made it incredible I cannot believe it vetoes, vetoes Jorge: daisy déjame to speak Daisy please: and the promises Jorge because you lay to me Hope is I that to do I am wanted to kill, not to kill itself: daughter that although you have not married to the civilian with already the daughter you can divorciarte in its mind the evildoer said More: it obtains it obtains it that ingenuous jajaja in house of adamy is my granddaughter the boys had more covered him the eyes with a pañoleta to adamy and to all the guests also they had hidden them entered William both and both pictures of the wall were united and formed single both pictures of drawing were created William (1) and William (2) to imagination of Jaime who was a great painter, and also says that this painting a picture but does not know the meaning of that picture but soon it will be that very famous picture since they have been in charge it 2 WILLIAM 1 And WILLIAM Adamy: who touches háblame to me William (1): Pretty mamita I am William (2): you do not know mami Both together: you want to see mamita Adamy me: if children quítenme this William rag (1): children and because Adamy children: I feel two William two voices if two voices challenge igualitas William (2): really mamita beautiful Adamy is contiguous precious: my binoculars or are together or that class of Both together joke is this: the best joke of our Adamy lives: I want verte, to see them together dream is what I want William (1): really mamita William (2): you are not mamita scared Vidal: my Then love together people was released and all were admired when seeing them but nobody moved the mouth all calladitos Dora: adamy sister and if God gave a gift you in your birthday that you requested Adamy to him: perhaps, that that cannot be Shell: that she cannot be adamy Adamy: I want to see my together gemelitos that he appears the one that robbed Melisa to me: and friend mine consuegrita that you think that God does not grant the Nachito things: my mami says that you are very good and that my papito God him trajee regalotote Fabian: lady consuegra you are good that God could grant a miracle to him in its birthday as everything says my compadre Arriaza is to put a smile and a great faith Adamy glad: he is not that that never Aryan miracle real that nor in dreams could be seen my together children William (2) mamita God exists to do happy William to us (1) my papito Felix said once I you and all the presents always we had to say to God this to him that: MY BETTER SUCCESS MY GREAT MAS VICTORY YOU HAVE BEEN TO LOVE GOD Adamy: it is truth son and for that reason as opposed to who we are I say God to you that MY BETTER SUCCESS ME GREAT MAS VICTORY YOU HAVE BEEN TO LEARN TO LOVE GOD Martyr: mami the skittle speaks to you then that Adamy: that of which Roxana: suegrita that says believes in the miracles of our celestial father Ana elsy: it creates knew the pretty thing that it is to trust God watches I I did not believe but their son and Jaime did a person to me who loves God Queen: I watch I underwent my days era of remorse and Araceli pain: create to see together your binoculars a mamita day Adamy: daughter to dream nonhill nothing but if I believe that God gives together beautiful gifts Both us: if because Adamy: because we lived and as they say that if does not serve to serve you do not serve to live and I get tired to cry and today I request to him to God by in against a your twin William son (2) mamita knows it pretty that she is to have mother and for that reason to you I during fifteen years surprises Adamy: I regret to verte gathered son did not feel to me badly More in the hospital in the quarter of Esther were the Lilian girls: as you feel like Esther friend: but and my belly already was born my son All well remained seeing itself while I enter samanta and said: I feel much queridita Esther: that it passes díganme that passes (crying) Milvia: my more felt Samanta condolence: your son died died Esther: nooo, because God mine my inoffensive hijito because Milvia: and this single one is begins of one long estrechita war jajaja Samanta: jajaja sees and refúgiate in the corpse of badly generated of your bastard son, is and dale this message to your adored sister and of passage to William belinda and Jaime dile that with samanta neither God nor the devil puts Esther; my son, my son no, not because I am wanted to die Mauricio Milvia: Mauricio is my man, my Lilian man I rise furious and also Vanesa and was direct to samanta and milvia Milvia: Mauricio is my man and you four for me are mediocre - sweepings-Lilian: estupida turns around to see damn turns around to see me me there am but fast órale estupida Milvia: that it wants to insurance you also know boy to you to clear to Imanol that chavito will be mine and single mine jajaja Lilian: atrévete (leda a slap) Samanta: Estercita adviértele to glendita that if it does not move away of Jaime I kill it, and also to belinda adviértanle because they can die she glenda and until its nachito smaller hermanito are sálvalos pobrecitos angeliquita Esther; but samanta no longer please mátenme to my does not have, I want to go with my son mátenme to me Vanesa I slap to samanta and it said to him: estupida you look like the gallinita of pole will be why I hate (it slaps it) Samanta to you is not left and it gives one him and one goes away More in house of adamy Adamy: quítenme this already I want to see me hijito Vidal: and that so if there were a miracle Those cleared to him the twin rag to adamy and adamy when seeing them said: my children and shot to the ground kneeling and said: God I love thanks Both to you thousand thanks (he cried): mamita we loved Belinda to you and their group sang the mañanitas wing mother of the binoculars and everything was full of joy between poor men and people of high class That woman was so happy that nothing opacaría their happiness They told everything to their mother and thus this day culminated happy for them but I arrive samanta when the sun went every one for its house began to hide between all this of it long Samanta: glenda, glenda Glenda: that she happens, that passes Samanta: glenda Esther callus of the stairs of the house and lost to its hijito and this like crazy person crying in the Glenda hospital; I already said who everything did not paint of happiness Suddenly the telephone of the house of adamy sounded and said shell call to him to a William from Jennifer William (1) to me is pásamela Cocha: they ten William speech (1): alo if like this Jennifer that because you cry Jennifer: my father died William died, died William (1): that that died and of Jennifer: the results of the autopsy will give William later them (1): there are glad ones and others crying that things of the life truth I feel it it passed to your fiancè permíteme William (2): my love that happens and to that hours it was Jennifer: it went like a four afternoon of William (2): it cannot be my love you you are venirte for for me town I I will go by you Jennifer here: your grandmother died and glory also says that William died (2): my grandmother died no, nonman because as much died already nor to where to bury there will be them Jennifer: Your grandmother and glory were calcined good bye already me love cuídate is please cuídate More samanta I remain seeing Eric and said Samanta and Milvia Samanta: that man chocolate guao that guapería Milvia: she has if that rich papi but is yours, she hurts that your future míralos sister-in-law you Quito Samanta: nonman, Araceli that is not rival for me Adamy: my died mother, died not (she cries) Vidal: calm that was the end of your mother to die by bad Adamy: my mother was my mother Shell: we left one for Suddenly entered another one the voice of Ernesto the guard I am listened to from him sky and single they could see it: Jaime, luís, Juan I mention, William (1 and 2), belinda glenda and Sindi Eric: that it happens I feel bad Araceli; and I also At the moments later all those that could not see the ghost fell tired and in a faint William (1) because beams this Belinda: that it happens because you killed the ghost: calm they are alive single sleep William (2) who you love the ghost: binoculars the emblems already are here in the real Earth world in a bed everything this being fulfilled Glenda: if, the legend speaks of the coming of an antichrist and the coming of a goddess that is called monalisa Jaime: if because the waters already are contaminated Sindi: the town this desabitado, every time dies and dies more people Belinda unjustly: thus he is the latest that does but badly it does not win to us Both twin: we are arranged to give to our life by love to God the ghost: to his worse enemy he has next to you Glenda: if our enemy is truth the ghost is samanta: I notice to them after all return at night under the Full Moon I will see in the patio of the church Moment them later were normal More in the Esther hospital: pretty glendita I lost very small me, to very small me that I make Glenda: pretty hermanita that was something inevitable if you caíste and you did not die is because God has a gift to you more Nurse; déjenme will inject a tranquilizer to him more Esther: that no longer they inject glenda to me and thus went that giving slept In hope house daisy in its room it was crying and it said more: Jorge and the promises of that beautiful small house for us three for your and I and my very small one who step Is Jorge because you deceived later daisy More a little while to me said: good and that there is of which passage with my parents Enters hope and says; as you feel like my daughter Daisy: very happy grandma, single explícame something because devils you locked up Hope to me: she did not want that that she deceived you since she did it with me or like him passage to you your mother Daisy: and which passage with my parents, never you have spoken of them nor to me you have given me to a photo of them Hope: then the photo is precise that I bring to you of them takes It is Víctor Saúl the Guard and she his loved Yesenia claribel Daisy: it was mother and the my papa was beautiful, truth grandmother, Hope: Daisy is jajaja: it tell me as they died my father grandmother, explícame, that is Ximena Hope: your parents daughter died in a terrible accident Daisy: but my mamita one was good truth, wanted to me, truth and my papito also Hope: your father loved eras to you his life, his treasure, but you mother still hated, memory to you when she said that old one wanted regalarte That remembered, a thing and there she was clear that she remembered that claribel said: mamita I am happy master to me hijita younger Hope saw and express: that girl mátala bótala abórtala Entro Saúl and said: vámonos that this woman wants that I am damo a beloved secretly of you this crazy Hope: no, of they do not go away, cinnamon-coloured llévate here, to this for where Saúl orders to you yesterday at night: no, déjela, leaves ago everything I what you want Hope: llévamela Saúl: hope please the request leaves I to you I give by mercy déjala please Hope being a little idiot according to her I approach the drawer of his camastrón and matarratas coat a poison without it saw Saúl it; done in the glass a little to him of that poison I eliminate that it had obtained from Saúl drawer: dame a drink hope that no longer I hold there are that charity at least Hope: my love I love to you, I love hazme to you happy, hazme to feel a useful woman olvídate of my estupida daughter I could darte all the luxuries a king life and that bad naked woman but that said Saúl to him: no, I cannot you are the mother of my woman and the grandmother of my daughter nor therefore you offered the sky and the Earth to me not and no! To arto to that I stick a pain to him and died of that pain and that evil talent to remove surrounded it in savannahs by the back door from the office and I take it to burn Daisy: grandmother who ugly died papa in an accident of traileres More in the cellar of the same Saúl mansion said: because you do not say to him burns you poisoned and that soon you ordered that they went to me to hurl and thanks to that I am alive in ele hospital More followed Esther too sad distance in the ground it cries and it cries and this in its moans said: damn it is so that you did not kill to me milvia to me because you and samanta they hate to me because if I have not done them anything Glenda: that, samanta is the wise culprit I it behind that noble and sacrificed good friend there is a badness (crying) Vanesa: I must say to him that samanta wise of the plans of ex- queen Ana wise she who Ana I order the death of belinda Verónica: that we have done to him because as much hatred because God mine Lilian: but that carved up dog does not know that is Lilian right of perpetual ownership that each tear of our friends paid to it right of perpetual ownership to them perdóname God perdóname (crying) Verónica; the life (crying) Vanesa has made us pieces: our friend was his victima soon said that they serian your and belinda, cuídate Lilian friend: also it is necessary to protect the binoculars and more than to protect to warn them to them that they take care of of that viper wing time she said that one would get even with nachito Esther: there is pretty mamita because mamita you she dresses that irte today mamita I love me to you son died, died More (crying) in house of belinda Melisa: my love that good that we can be together but I want to speak with you Fabian: if love already is hour of which our hijita Melisa knows to the truth: belinda my love siéntate here with migo Fabian: my love your, belinda you are not ours For belinda that callus as a water bucket that running salio of the house and went away wing I shut up Melisa: it leaves, she knows what does if it despises Fabian to us: because she is one, badly it is been thankful, my pretty hijita must pardon that him we have lain fifteen years in the church Jaime was saying More in the altar and said: God mine, you do not allow that so acecinados misery of hunger, robbery, kidnapping, thefts and sign (says the father ours) Suddenly I enter expensive crying belinda approaches Jaime and said Jaime to him: because you cry, because belinda in your muéstralos ojitos note Belinda crying Belinda: Jaime because to me because as much badly this happening here because (cried) Jaime: your belinda you have made the correct decision to look for God Belinda: because they deceived to me thus that way because never me they said it is (crying) Jaime: tranquilízate and soon we spoke boy by a glass of water In house of adamy the together boys more said adamy and their happy twins were re Adamy next to their binoculars said: Sir nothing I fear because that mother this with me, animates to me in the good thing, corrects to me in the bad thing, in the sadness he accompanies to me and together we laughed of joy because we know that we are with tigo Mr. Adamy: Sir I to you request by the eternal rest of my mother that it was not good but your there are it to pardon William (2): I also request you by the soul of Mr. Javier Ibáñez, and who them DES Christian resignation to its William relatives (1): I request to you so that in the Earth there is peace, love, and mainly by Esther Diosito you that you are good ayúdanos to that the world is not lost in the badness. All the sky was already covered with a black layer although they were the two of afternoon that was a great storm that badly it was causing, soon the goddess monalisa had to come to the world from the alive ones, to finish destroying it Finally I arrive the night the sun was hidden and the moon began to leave but it was not the Full Moon but the moon last quarter The ghost left and belinda even followed in the church crying and suddenly she said: that badly scent is as tufo to hijillo of died That badly felt to smell of the dead if and indeed it were the one who in was closed, and dead More soon the chavos arrived one by one and entered wing church persignando itself Glenda: Sindi, if you knew like this the life Sindi today: and Esther as Glenda feels: there is Sindi without mother, without his son, feels terrible; made More Luís in the street trizas wing had not even entered church along with its friends said: guao that preciosura is that that will be If indeed while many left the villa of the willow others arrived and this era an envoy, in more lavishes cave of cacalutepe that today was you call the hell arose of which by means of a beautiful water source they saw arrives from the new personage the town Shades: I believe that to revivir to Gelga aguayo it was the best option because thus in a moment her wife will be able to return Chepe: in a moment he will kill chepe and I will be I same benedictus of before and he will face me that angel greater than she threw to me of my throne In the height in the San jOse sky he said more: no longer there are possibilities of saving the planet From the height was possible to be appreciated that the planet earth was destroyed thanks beautiful wing capacity of the man, was possible to be observed the world destroyed, contaminated that dirty smoke who left, waters black, and nonsingle of a country if nonworldwide, seeing the all this greater angel said: he is inaudito already overcame Querubín to us: no, that if that not never, and you are our supreme force San jOse: I that those chavitos did not allow that the world destroys Querubín: master sees downwards sees all this destroyed the world lost itself, the black magic gained That to us with spirits of brave I rise of its throne and said: badly it will never win to us but the question is Who this behind all this? Because monalisa and Satan disappeared hell is governed by another San jOse person: Sir my master my servant of our God father I who this of behind all the that All Angels, querubines, the fairies of the precious garden were astonished when listening to say that it knew myself that was the evildoer who had caused so much badly in the Earth and all talked back to say: Who is? San jOse: he is that old enemy our who hides itself of behind some disguise All: you speak of benedictus a fairy: that cannot be querubín: if that is the truth benedictus right of perpetual ownership to rob the universe both and emblems That in greater angel in its mind it said: the fault is a mine fairy reads thoughts said: master, my master you are not the guilty In the Earth in the hope house that woman was more in her bed when suddenly a voice said to him: hope because you lay to him to your granddaughter because Hope: Who you are háblame tell me where these? It has, already déjame peacefully the voice repeated burladamente jajaja, jajaja me you are going to pay them one to one jajaja - jajaja That shouted like outside its squares: nooo! - cállate, cállate, cállateeee! damn cállate Suddenly its granddaughter I enter and said: that it passes grandmother More in the cellar of its Saúl house cleared the microphone and said: that happens to you to make the damage More wing humble and poor people in its room daisy and hope Hope: that you look for that you think that it speaks of your mother and your father, you are not going to never know the truth, never (it shouted) Daisy; single grandmother I come to decirte that it passes you Plus that went again to its room when arriving one lay down in the bed and it said: Jorge my love because my love because me Paty that was in its room doubling the clothes said: you deceived meant, Jorge is mistaken Said to the servant paty and hope said: Jorge is badly thanked for a taken advantage of Daisy; grandmother me boy this late of the house for a place where nobody knows Hope me: the train divides wings five for where you go away daughter Daisy: I want to far go very far gift to me of does not see Jorge More Jorge walked in mounts and by chances of the destiny rock of cacalutepe raised to wing and when raising first that it saw were both emblems and when seeing it said them: hurra is the emblems the legend is real alive! eureka i.e. That never I imagine that the guardian of the emblems was, a terrible sumbadora, because that after taking emblems both that snake saw Jorge and said. No, it is not a sumbadora and the rite sauceño was that the sumbadora, was snake that was able to pipiar (to punish); to a person and which the man who held pipiada of that frightful snake if he let myself beat by the snake all the women were going it to always pipiar (to beat), because the rite was that the man whom outside able to occur with the snake and no man never gained never, no woman went it to take hold to hijazos (to beat); and then in which Jorge said to run the snake to him it tangle and gave return him and there the serpent began to give him with the tail and it time and time again struck then that in after negligence, that the serpent threw it and I beat with a rock and it went of rolled for down, but that damn serpent, it persecuted then that quickly I do not leave myself and then volume a rattan that pricked the then hands that with that rattan defended of her to the minutes later overcame wing snake, and that serpent became smoke and disappeared, tired that and everything struck said: my friends the binoculars, are sad their aim poor since there are to die if I worse to me face something That saw the hands all red and sangrazas due to the rattan, because that went away wing marries More in house of Frida Rose, was recostando beautiful wing Esther in its room, and in the fourth inferior one he was samanta and milvia Samanta: he takes this single leaf you must grind it, and soon he does not give me it, he sees your house and he ignites the candle that I said Milvia to you: chido very well Samanta: single you pronounce the name of the loved being and acuérdate that must be present Milvia there: you do not worry will invent a escenita to him of repentance More in the vecindario where pequeñines Gelga lives adamy settled a rare woman with two there: estupidos mocosos good know that I and you are not nothing, to nothing Adrián: clear that if old ridiculous Yoselin: mamita because you died because Gelga: mamita because you died cállate already, you work will be to entangle to luís and calin Adrián: it has if your work will be in netting to belinda and Sindi Gelga: that intelligent you left dear hijito Both to me small: it has if mamita dear In the church belinda went more of behind badly the scent and went to give to wing warehouse of the church and there in savannahs in he was returned Agustín father and when seeing Belinda it said him: nooo, a dead, nooo Jaime, a dead All those that were in the church until the people who walked of visit praying salio to a listening the shouts of belinda Luís: because outcries Jaime: if belinda that and passes that I scare to you a woman said: surely That dumb average was a toad said: it is that, it is that All: it is that, that Belinda: it has, it has, a dead, there is a dead Jaime: that is the father if it cannot more be nobody than the father where this Belinda indicating said: have in that casuchita that says that it is the warehouse or what it is PAROCHIAL CASA OF the WILLOW All ran to have what happened and when seeing the father the people covered themselves, noses due to badly smelling that tapeworm the father somebody said: it already takes his short time here of dead Jaime it cried and it said: father and now who took care of I to me I lived with you thanks to you I I studied now and that like Belinda: cálmate Jaime please Jaime: I cannot because all I lose it is God mine by quéeee! In Mexico today it was the burial of the millionaire more Javier Ibáñez who had died of envenenamiento his mortal rest in the cemetery of the city of Mexico, were left today Doña Camila: there is hijita that we go to do without your father which we go to make Jennifer: mami nothing is not mamita Plus the mind dirty said between if Innocence: old poor man ridiculous today you can podrirte in hell and the one that Doña Camila was consoling Mr. Norvis Leonel said in its mind: pobrecito I give all its fortune to me jajaja, and until his old Then his Mario son Enrique it did not remain after and it said: papito has you burn jajaja Jennifer; God mine papa More in the Willow in the willow time after they had taken the corpse of Agustín father, the ghost I illuminate the beautiful patio of the church and the boys were illuminated and raised to the air the ghost he said to them: we will see the world as this of badness More in house of Dora Milvia: Mauricio calls to you because I need pedirte pardon before going to me of Mauricio here: you go away milvia and pa where you take morenaza to him Milvia: they see this fourth single one here I want that you see where that they give my Mauricio memories: the done magic everything to already fly my love this dying milvia I loved to you but your you wanted to me to use being been I the man the male and today I am free Those arrived at a quarter and milvia said to him: Mauricio I love to you and that began to touch it of the legs for above and soon him coat the strap and naked it and she naked him and did not resist the passion that was but strong that the love that said to feel by Esther Milvia and Mauricio made the love. In house of Esther samanta in the quarter said more: OH patriotic, santo demon ayúdame to that this potion is the best one, infernales spirits of the abysses, little of dusts of died and little of land of pantheon jajaja rat ears biscocho, legs of salamander jajaja and now my goddess my monalisa, my God ass, my supreme benedictus denme its power its hierarchy and that this potion makes of Esther the undesirable monster see jajaja, and that the beauty passes wing loves of infier to us my master monalisa Of sudden movement I form in the house of that a great ray and samanta said: a omnipotente ray, a gust of wind, and now infernal potion fulfills your mission jajaja That potion that samanta towards in horrible frying pans, winch to fervors and soon, the water of clear became red and to the one of the other frying pan Black became and samanta sinister laughed and said: now just a little bit of red and just a little bit of the black jajaja When I place a substance I exceeded the other I form a color like which you see in the image that follows the DEATH SLEPT Suddenly somebody I call wing door of the quarter of samanta and when listening samanta said: Who can be? Eh made a spell of disappearance and disappeared to all those lights that it had with pócimas and it said: it advanced Rose: young Samanta excuse: to you are the your estupida one that one dares to hinder my dreams What devils you want then? Rose: not because to ask to him if she has been going to see wing Mrs. Frida Samanta: that and so that nor it is my nana, ah and dile to your adored glenda that I, I this that this is the woman here who loves Jaime and if she puts n my relation does not know what she happened to him and Vidal will know me The more in house adamy; my love for this month end is our wedding not then if Adamy: if we are very happy love the dress melisa made me the lady are good people who today arrive to go to buy fabrics Vidal: somebody flame the door you could open Araceli Araceli please: mami looks for Adamy to you: who daughter who looks for Melisa to me: I woman we go wings purchases your wedding is soon Adamy: we go then, good bye my love Vidal: I will be things later I look for right here my love to you Paty ran more to Dora house and exactly Jorge arrived at house and paty from distant spot said to him: Mr. Jorge, Mr. Jorge óigame Jorge: if lady the offer her lady daisy or the lady hope Why did not defend to me knowing all you? Paty: she already this paying all Jorge: of which devils you speak your paty Paty: he is somebody that this taking revenge itself of her through my Jorge: - and What you want? Paty (paty gives a letter him): Sir the lady daisy goes away this today waiting for the train that passes course to Mexico, deténgala if ma deténgala Jorge: it is my love I cannot lose it but since I do Paty to him: I have a plan gentleman or young person as she is myself that it likes that they say Jorge to him: and that is that That in the ears told the plan him that tapeworm within the house of Jorge its sister milvia was More with Mauricio and she said to him: my love and that happened with Esther Mauricio: I, to Esther neither to you do not want any either to them are for being my women The more in its mind said: clear that master to Esther to single you I do you case by interest to that dinerito Milvia in its mind said: of you do not go away jajaja Mauricio here: muéstrame where it is the quarter that you say, that there is to remove the coffer from gold Milvia said to him: Mauricio you must ignite a candle in name of the person who you shows it and in this case she is in my Mauricio name: if it does not matter we go I what I want is Mauricio money way for where milvia I indicate to him and milvia I remain shutdown and said: poor man of you your ambition and badly game with the women will put to you in my networks for hacerte to pay everything, all the damn between clouds boys More flew William (1): he tell me as it is your Fantasma name: my name does not concern Belinda: I to you know you you are Ernesto the guard chavo that killed to defend the needed children not then clear Luís: guao that chido you died to defend to the innocents without Calin home: Ernesto the guard until its name says the guard to it is a William guardian (1): I always wanted conocerte and pedirte a manito so that you helped to the William guard (2) the guard me so that she brings the ghost up to here to us: they do not create to be many questions, in first I I will be its Glenda guardian: the bad thing is that the planet this good made trizas From the stop that flew could notice the destroyed planet More in hope house an unexpected visit I arrive at its house and it took care of the door and said: you, you, no, nonSaúl: if, I, I the dead That push the door in which that said it to close and I enter by the force then hope said: he will call wing Saúl police: llámala and explícales of a dead walks that this alive one, and that you killed with poison Hope: What? What you want? Saúl: and where this my daughter and my wife Hope; deads, died as you would have to be Saúl: God will come and that day you, you requested to him you crawled like a dog Hope to him: to truely, that time this mugroso town this destroyed the power and the ambition of the devil has not gained it to anything comes your God Saúl: you are mistaken many will regret, but it tell me where this my daughter and my wife if I to night saw to my daughter Hope: that that dresses is not glenda my Saúl niece: so estupido you think to me very well if I know glenda, to Esther Samanta walked of purchases in the same warehouse that melisa and adamy Adamy: melisa watches time that girl who goes ` for dressing tables that Melisa: if and that there is with her, you know that if I see it is that it is looked like the body of a Melisa man: we go we follow it Those women followed it and samanta I enter dressing tables of the warehouse canoe and melisa and adamy entered of behind her samanta thinking that nobody saw it said: there is estupida wig as you hurt to me already I am fed up with you exempt Samanta, the wig and him right callus when the two women and adamy entered put the foot to him wing wig when, samanta said to gather it Melisa: a little while dame your face to that hidden you Adamy: pole, pole no, I cannot believe your alive Melisa: you know it is gay you know Samanta: malditas if they speak I kill Adamy: I promise not to speak to you the polito right of perpetual ownership to you pretty you the Samanta right of perpetual ownership: doubt if does not fit you are the mother of the mediocre one of William nothing else because you will be my suegrita I do not kill to you but to you if because belinda your daughter I clear to me the love of William Melisa gave a slap him and it said him: defectote does not give shame leaves to halos men peacefully you the Samanta life: estupida mujerzuela to me no dog beats to me, and this your daughter belinda paid Melisa to it: no, not please she no, I promise not delatarte you please to you the suplico Samanta: híncate, arrodíllate, humíllate suplícamelo Melisa knelt and suplico him to samanta Plus the boys they flew of the best Ghost: it watches this as it is of beautiful William (2): if he is my cousin Jorge William (1): cousin mírame I am here next to Ghost you: escucharte Glenda cannot: daisy raises, not you Earth berries More in the real world, arose this Jorge had arrived dressed police, while the train arrived and daisy raised the train and Jorge dressed police did not see daisy it and he raised the train and he said: who of you is daisy, if Sonia Daisy Argueta Manferrer That I raise the hand and said Jorge: I Sir who loves Jorge: this prisoner by attempt of homicide leaves Daisy: I, when? To where? Jorge: leave please I say That salio to it and Jorge said to him to the gentleman of the train váyase this is a love exchange thanks, has excuse all hear chido good trip All: hágala happy the chavos in Foz of ghosts said Jaime: that is love of the good Daisy: your Jorge your who beams here lárgate, treasonous Jorge: you really think that I lay down with your grandmother, who little you know my love me The other train approached and daisy said: me boy far very Far from you Jorge: I love me to you love perdóname, if something I have done you perdóname Daisy amount to the other train but it were useless what Jorge made the ghost became cupido and said to him: Jorge sees alcánzala: like, I can make the train already enough balance sheet, volume went away I lost When seeing a horse Jorge it and amount in and went away persecuting the train In the boarding school to Frida they had more gotten it to visit Vidal and she - sad and Vidal was angered when seeing it: Frida I can speak with you Frida: if that you want to deceive Vidal again to me: I want revelarte a secret of very many Frida years ago: he has if and in question you deceived another woman or who Vidal: I was loving of rebeca your surprised Frida sister-in-law gave a slap him and later you calm ale said: if it does not fit you doubt deceived your better friend Vidal: déjame to finish of contarte Frida: more even more And from the garden of the boarding school it watched sister Ximena who said: there is pobrecita, the deceit loved his, its better boy to give me him to eat to claribel Vidal: your brother was bisexual Frida: that I do not tolerate it that you stain the memory of my brother you are canaya hypocritical Vidal: I was his lover, I by money laid down to me with, whereupon you think that I was myself for Mexico Frida: it give to disgust lárgate me, lárgate Vidal: perdóname, I am mistaken and for that reason I must say to him to adamy that she will not even marry to me with her who this very happy she More soon that I leave sad with tears in its eyes In the house of Frida. Samanta in its room was and this said: suegrita tonight of celebration will die one of your bastards, will leave single to whom master to and I will say to you that pole and Vidal were loving is to say and Vidal jajaja to I More in the same house in the quarter of Esther, had gotten samanta to annoy it Samanta: hello Esther Esther: you come to burlarte of my Samanta misfortune: not on the contrary I come to decirte the Esther truth; What truth? Samanta: Mauricio and milvia are even llámale to milvia and truthful that this in its house commands to your cats to see and the truthful Esther: no, you do not lie More in the house of milvia she to me and Mauricio pelaban the ass of a candle and Mauricio said: that there am to say milvia I occurred it Milvia: I gave phrase by phrase first I gave - I am not wanted to go - Mauricio: - I am not wanted to go - Milvia: of here if Mauricio: of here if Milvia: eternally I want to live with Mauricio: eternally I want to live with Milvia: milvia Maryoris for that reason I pledge this candle ass arrives Mauricio: perhaps milvia Maryoris for that reason I pledge this candle ass arrives That did not know what said and then milvia said: finally Mauricio finally you are single mine and mine Mauricio: milvia you want that Milvia in their mind lives with you said: he is effective but and milvia remembered what samanta was this Samanta: if somebody votes this candle the spell were revoked on you and the devil cleared your Milvia life to you: if samanta (it finishes here remembering) Mauricio: my love I love More to you in a horse Jorge it persecuted to daisy in the train and sang the song (VOLVERE) Jorge: my love your you cannot be gone, a year That man is a century (Jorge) cried sweetly and decided to go away wing property single the return with the horse and he went mounts after mounts More daisy I do not fit nor to it arrived half from the exit of the town the willow and decided to piar and return to house, and hope when seeing said it to him: it knew that you could not leave Daisy to me: grandmother me boy but to the boarding school of the town Hope; you will be nun Daisy: indeed but I do not want to forget, everything and to begin a new life Hope: it sees if that is your decision sees daughter I not you Quito The boys with the ghost went away to visit other places and saw rivers, seas, dirty, burned forests desforestas; cities completely full of maras, thieves and for them this were incredible the ghost told them of all badly that he would come for the Earth and of the arrival of monalisa the goddess of gay according to counts those of that town After a time later the celebration of commitment of adamy was celebrated and Vidal like all an adolescent who she did not love the boys as they always reanimated the celebration or Esther even was of another form, Jorge had not come wing celebration from the commitment of his aunt adamy, where he got dressed surprises since they had arrived from Mexico Jennifer with his Mario brother Enrique, in addition today the family to adamy or was but great since Eric had come to live wing he marries of adamy In the boarding school daisy went it even crying more had not known wing that was its daughter; and in that you will cry daisy under the moon DAISY Sad daisy with a beautiful popcorn in its hands said to wing moon Daisy: single moon your guides my steps While it watched Frida over a side and it said Frida; it is daisy my pretty sobrinita that altar and on the other hand of the garden watched sister Ximena and said here: pobrecita she must know that her girl this alive but my mother kills to me if ilumíname finds out that I do guíame God mine, Daisy walked single under the moon and she believed to see that the moon moved and it said to wing moon to him Daisy: moon, lunita, your that you are so pretty my messenger of love and dile to Jorge that it master (crying) There daisy I release the beautiful white popcorn, wing as him had put a beautiful letter in which it said this phrase: Jorge my love I love to you and it lands on water to you saws you are where you are Jorge also under the moon said: daisy my small one that altars today your single in the world my small one of sad glance that you cheer the soul to me, moon their eyes are a lucero for me the master Suddenly a precious bird I arrive with a letter in the tip and Jorge said: moon will be a message of the my small of my sweet love dove fell in the Jorge hands and Jorge read it and the letter said: my love when you will return, my listening to say that your you were yourself by a year is something difficult for my a year is too much my love I love Jorge to size to you read the letter was said: my love I will return, I will return by dear you you do not think that I do not love to you clear that if and continued reading the letter and this that said thus: here east drawing goes to you that drawing with the pain my love by you I love to you Jorge: I even can see the train divide you you saw me with love as I to you Jorge love to you lands on water to you and a year without your love it I cannot live full Jorge on illusion said: my letter said; that I cannot live without you to if soon I go by you my life, soon we will be together, the time happens but espérame is difficult I that it is difficult to live without you Were the words with which Jorge answered the letter of loved his, because that sang the song I will return while the popcorn wrote its beautiful letter went away flying to take the message and Jorge said: moon, messenger lucera of love cuídate good night I love my life to you (it throws a kiss to him) More in house of adamy in its celebration of commitments with Vidal somebody announcement something then if this did somebody that had arrived from Mexico to bring with himself many damages more Then in effect was spoken of the new called evildoer Mario Enrique Samanta I approach adamy and it said to him: nothing of which you know happens to you to speak mosquita dead More in the church San Antonio de Padua of the Willow, Jaime cried so that even it could not believe the death of Agustín father Jaime: Luís no longer I hold Luís: old, we are going to distract by an old ratito Calin friend: without voice Jaime we do not move here of Glenda: my love thus I do not like verte please my love you will be thus in our wedding Jaime: that they do not understand that does not leave to my conscience I peacefully to me I had to be with the father I did not have to go to Mexico Belinda: we include/understand to you but if all we knew, which will happen to us, we also avoided entiéndeme your this is a work of badly taste that somebody did it to Glenda intention: my love this happened before we went to Mexico Jaime: you are you do not know do not feel my Esther pain: and I Jaime who you say to me to me that I lost to very small me to my son Jaime: your and single I we know to the true pain I without mother, without papa and now they clear to protective me to me angel to me of William guard (1) and I from he drinks I was given, they threw wing to me street I was without home a dead of hunger that thanks wing Mrs. Noemí I am alive, Jaime all we happened through hard tests in the life to be happy we must undergo William (2) to suffer and your you do not know as I underwent pregúntale to me brother Eric pregúntaselo Eric: net that if but in this it has here locked up cat is somebody interested in making undergo them Sindi: if they do not create I to me that less Eric and Jennifer are samanta All: that that cannot be To the aim they managed to convince Jaime and the arranged one still on was put and said: I must follow the life follows God mine ayúdame your that becomes your will it mine to Frida house had not arrived More today at night that had managed to remove a then pink permission was happy Rose: lady you are guao Frida: if pink thanks to pink you, and my daughters where they are my you drink Pink: they went for the church to convince the fiancè of glenda so that it accompanied wing to them celebration by Frida commitment: and because the Pink celebration does not want to go Jaime: it is that somebody I kill to the father agustín Frida: that to Agustín father to that so good man, not - does not dig doubt that badly to us Rose gained: if lady badly the Frida: vístete and we go wing More celebration in hope house she it was seated in a armchair when it sounded the timbre, and said she: paty, paty, muévete by God, and do not hurry I must open that Hope equals DAS are the servants When opening was to calin the nephew of paty: it has you are your muchachote beautiful that you want Calin: to see me aunt paty Hope: it happens, it happens see That this way I take to wing library to it and when entering the boy she I remain average shutdown seeing it of feet head and said in clear mind Hope; he is handsome but poor but for the ratito there is this as to become lean the fingers it plays with That put and it put key to him wing door, and said: and your as you are called Calin gallant as it were everything sinvergüenza mujeriego said: I then nothing else and nothing less than rubidium fields Hope; nothing that to see with the cat of paty Calin: single I do not say to affection aunt Hope to him began to touch the legs to him and seducing it then that boy in his mind she said: to this old one covered of tickets I can remove tickets to him to help to me sexual Jaime him Hope him towards questions very you become attached to the subject of sex Hope: nape of the neck you have done it chiquillo ashamed Calin said to him: no, Mrs. Esperanza: I ` can teach to you I can be your teacher if your you want What you say? Calin: not then if, you say you do not have because to say nonHope: then this is your class first and that began as opposed to to undress it, and soon naked she and nor because she was an old one of age as of sixty and eight Calin years between kisses and hugs it said in mind: guacala, this me did not pardon it has is worth small cuttlefish to me More in the celebration of adamy arrived and arrived people because the premises the source had become the premises filled with a beautiful public, suddenly a messenger I arrive and said to Messenger martyr: adamy is the celebration of commitments of the lady here Martyr: if, because Messenger: not because it is that it brought to him this on for her Martyr I sign and received on, but in which it went for inside put on in stock-market back of the trousers, and samanta when seeing that said to its new Mario friend Enrique Samanta: Mario muéstrame the intelligent thing that you are sees and tráeme on that that man put wing stock market That went and martyr had seated in a chair leaving of a side I exceeded that that in everything a ruffian could remove on and I take Samanta to it: very well now he takes the microphone from the platform and dedicates that that says there to the Mario fiancès: to your you order my Samanta love: hazlo by my love That went away wing platform, more Jaime and the chavos arrived wing celebration and more back I arrive Frida and the pink lady when seeing said it Vidal: this a gentleman of the orchestra threw to me of head said: attention, attention somebody wants to dedicate the following thing to the Mario fiancès: good night When seeing it arrives it Jennifer said to his group of Jennifer friends: something plots east Mario William (2): that it can be my love if nor knows my Jennifer mother: but I if I know it the Belinda: no, you do not worry Mario friend: for adamy and Vidal That I recite the following thing: hello Vidal and adamy I hope pass it Of the best thing remembered my I am pole, pole jajaja Vidal in mind said: no, pole, pole as it passes that through William stop (1): pole, pole All the boys: pole, pole What? Samanta of behind the platform with the other microphone said: Vidal I am my love you remember our night of Adamy passion said to him to Vidal: Vidal you deceived with gay nonVidal to me not More in Chepe hell: samanta you are a genius nor the same Gelga has done nothing by destruirte Shades: I said that girl to it is the best Chepe: you were not mistaken when creating it you are a perfect man Shades: if their Majesty Together thanks sinister laughed united even group of evildoers In a hospital of Mexico he was more, returning (reacting) from his state in comma the evil glory and first that said in mind he was: adamy me you are going to pay them and your and your children because they cleared to me son to me More in the celebration than it was at night followed those Jennifer from down shouted to him to Mario saying to him: brother holds leaves that Mario: Vidal you remember the day of the candle of my papa when you made me feel a woman being I a man, you remember that you said to me that what to you interested to you was my money then today I have returned from hell for destruirte signs your love pole, pole More Frida that furiously had raised to wing platform took the microphone and said: Vidal as opposed to adamy I say here to you that I hate it make sick to you Adamy: another one I am deceived more not because I am so gross always I am mistaken always passes the boys the same to me quickly they were divided and they gone to look for pole that said by I complete: if you clear to me man to me adamy I kill to you as well as he kills Agustín father, you already know in whom alive I Melisa quickly catch that and said to his husband Fabian Melisa: that pole lives I I have seen my love it Fabian: and you nor know Melisa: I threaten of death when saying in whom hid but this always here close (desmaya) Fabian: that it you must denounce - my love water please aid - Nachito aid: mamita mami that happens to you because you fell asleep thus and you struck Frida: Vidal, lived with my brother Leopoldo, alive with me sister-in-law rebeca the wife of his lover Leopoldo Adamy salio running and crying for his house very desolated Of the men, while samanta I send a watched filosa melisa, while melisa was in a faint; plus the boys they looked for and they looked for and everything was useless nothing could be found, samanta said: belinda your mother faint your mother On the following day in newspapers and public the news of sensible fallecimientote Rodrigo Vidal that I kill myself with a cutting weapon, because in the town one commented of between the little people who surrounded to the willow then in home by the candy adamy Adamy: then I feel much Vidal that your errors were great but acceptable and that you rest peacefully Plus the boys they left for classes, among them went belinda, glenda, Sindi, samanta and Mario Enrique who entered today, and Jaime, Luís. Calin, Juan I mention, Sergio thus all returned to classes the binoculars were going to the institute to watch beautiful wing belinda in the assembly hall of the direction were more reunited to the teachers Fidel angel: today wing second hour is the scrutiny to see that will be new queen of independence Reina: by his since the prettiest Arriaza will be samanta: you do not worry that the judges will be, the lady director, the executive of my wife, two police and other delegates Queen: the beauty of samanta always won is the truthful Martha: good looking that Esther is pretty and that Yony desire: I think that belinda since it gains best the Some minutes later all were not decorated of blue and white since today was little what it was for the fifteen of September In his hall classes the boys were Arriaza: chavos I feel the binoculars cannot return to the institute but if he plows the PAES to them Milvia: Prof. Ojala everything leaves as we planned this fifteen Arriaza; I want that they help me to choose wing reigns of the flowers of our independence to that they propose Jaime: I propose to Esther the group of the united boys were more and all proposed to Esther of queen, very infuriated samanta said: that if - that single one has face but the body has More plus a mosquito in the boarding school after as much the beautiful Frida had returned that platicaba with its niece daisy, since it had seen it of a little far but I approach her to talk Frida: my love I come to platicar with you because all along you happen sad disguising your pain Daisy: I am sad aunt but this she surrounded although he is sacred terrifies to me of Frida horror: What displeases happens in this site? Daisy mine sweet dove! That sitting in a chair in the garden was sad there as Frida (always kneels down on its feet and it says to him: levántate, levántate floriecita mine Exactly arrived the beautiful evildoer sister Ximena: you but she is not a girl the one that hides but Daisy there: but Sister Ximena even lives: acércate and ayúdame that if it lives you do not see sight spills a little this water That I take water to him and bread beautiful wing that was locked up When seeing it Frida said: claribel your claribel here because niece mine Then did not have more remedy the Ximena evildoer which I push Frida and to daisy that already water was giving him and hill the secret door with a gigantic stone that was in the garden the women shouted on the inside Frida: déjame to leave, déjame to leave Claribel: he is useless I I take to twenty years Daisy here: it opens, opens More by outside said Ximena: that pretty I have wing here mother, wing daughter, wing granddaughter jajaja

face is evildoer who soon your you will discover it lives in cacalutepec next reads the wild bad nesses of this secret being to whom all judge with the name of: MONA

Continuous the evil nun retaining to one drinks innocent, you create you who Ximena must be punished, and who will make the town against the binoculars, it follows in the continued one of school love

Sister Ximena had like prey to her sister claribel, her Frida aunt, to her niece daisy that would happen this yet, but never I imagine that the nun just arrival the called youngster Alicia had seen everything and this remained astonished, and nonsingle that the pink lady was in the office of the boarding school and meanwhile Alicia that watched all the maneuvers said: I will say everything to him, to the greater ones to the monsignor I will go wing Diocese of San Miguel Plus that repeated Ximena burladamente: you remained for always, for always remained More in the institute after all, Esther and Mario talked happy and Mario volume of the hand to Esther Mario: Esther with you I feel happy not because but I feel as maripositas in the belly Then samanta and Milvia passed Samanta: fíjate is Milvia that fell the mocoso to me that waited for I Milvia: samanta here single are vipers wanted to me to clear to Mauricio and today Then Mario lives with me was put still on and said: another offense more than him beams to me fiancées and you will know that I am samanta and to voice back of sánate Samanta: Esther your, again clearing other people's fiancès Then Glenda, Sindi, reigns Abigail, Ana Elsy and Belinda that they observed, everything ran and they came to see that it passed Belinda: What happens here?
Milvia: nothing that it suddenly concerns estupida
Samanta to you in his ears I listen that monalisa said to him: that blond girl that so Belinda is the chosen one Esther: I swear samanta to you that I have not robbed you the love of anybody Samanta: to you think that the destiny mine already was written of which all dead fly was going to me to rob the love of the men who master Milvia: your Esther, and your cantantilla belinda your metiche you put with migo does not know single that it passed Glenda to you: and that milvia your you are a rival for my, not your not these, wing height of belinda and wing time I feel like more discharge than your estupida Belinda: and he remembers that the one that puts with Esther puts the group yet code belinda of love to God in the house of adamy she was solita More crying Adamy: pretty mamita because you had to die because, because you deceived to me, because when small you sold to me When suddenly suddenly somebody I call wing door, and it went to the call and opened and outside that was it was surprise Adamy: that you want you come to violate damn Chepe again to me: you cry my queen jajaja, one died the fiancè to him, it has was to him Adamy: cállate, cállate, and tell me that you want Chepe: courteous at least to the father of your children ofrécele Adamy Seat: chepe they are not your children because I have been father and mother for them Chepe: you do not leave to me with cheap speeches estupida, and tell me when they will know the Adamy truth: never, never chepe lárgate, understands my pain my mother died, died Chepe: adamy discúlpame I believe that bad I and been carrying Of the anything that one began to hurl tears being that the body of Satan governed more in the sky the greater angel said seeing in its visions which passed between adamy chepe greater Angel: that is false its tears are hypocritical in the town the willow More ran the rumor that white the mother of adamy was alive in the institute Mrs. Miriam prepared more for tonight a degree celebration in which the candidates selected themselves, clubs because there were I throw a nocturnal meeting of parents of family in company of his Miriam children: good night dear Sirs present parents of family alumno/as in the meeting of the institute for the selection and coronation of the queen of the flowers of our independence mother country a family mother said: I think that this meeting is useless and is right that Esther is the next new queen of independence mother country a family father added to which it said to the woman that talking back: if it is truth by my it is no problem is pretty the woman: all we are in agreement with that election if, or nonYony: and the clubs will be samanta, and sindi Samanta: that they think that I am surplus or that Fidel: then we thought about you because you are girls whom a good Belinda body has: Prof. I can leave if you want Jennifer: I eat I also integrated the group Prof. Arriaza: belinda is not that your and Jennifer has been selected for a footbridge of fashions that we will present/display Samanta: I do not agree for that Adamy: and because your samanta you do not become position of all Melisa: How much we must pagarte so that you let murmur like dark-brown? Samanta: my dear ladies I do not want to be part of that disparaté the very furious director said: of when he has taught himself to them here to make rebel to you Milvia: and that he has to do the died mosquita of my aunt in this then Adamy: then much Miriam: samanta student since this institute I am based I found with democratic intentions to help to which Samanta needs: she has if director saw as she gives in the heart dígame me to be democratic is to deny the even even education of binoculars that do not have nor that to eat that is to help no, please Miriam: but those are sea wind onshore a Adamy very destroys almost with desires to cry I rise and it went away while Arriaza said: Samantha does not have feelings and all the parents went saying things of the institute Mainly the proud mothers said: our children are due to leave this institute Other: he has if here there is no ethics, discriminate against the poor men huy Plus those two women who left saw the binoculars embracing to their mother, and the ladies almost crying they said One of them: young people you are going to study here in the institute does not matter that we must make Adamy: lady we are poor for that reason to my very small they do not love Another lady to them: that lady adamy I do not know you from small, and you have been woman, to four winds humble honest woman Just lowered of your car of luxury, a student with your driver
That badly boy when seeing the binoculars with his mother said: huy tirso you must take care of the car well sight that in the institute every day are thieves here, sea wind onshore and dead of hunger Plus those women who listened to that they said to him to the Adamy young person: That young person hears you have name ignored wing then voice of adamy then the women who were with adamy said to the young person the woman to him: that you did not listen what young deaf person-The said to the lady these to you -: not and that, you think that I revuelvo with hunger deads More in the residence of the Argueta family, in his office she was, Mrs. Esperanza taking a walk and having drinks from wine then this thought of very gracious form and said: as I can undo of that estupido of Saúl? How? About his mentalities she was thinking about calin and she said more: calin because you denied your aunt, and to that it matters to me if what matters is that you do the love to me as I wish it when she does not need to you single I vote jajaja Suddenly to you I enter wing library (office); paty and said: lady and calls of the boarding school of monjitas Hope: to of being for my monthly donations trámeme and lárgate then That gave the telephone here him and it went away but hope never I imagine that paty I remain watching it, nor sister Ximena I do not imagine either that Alicia just the arrival watched or to her Hope: What you want estupida? Ximena: , already already mamita it has if you want new features you leave me of cheap insultitos there am Hope: it speaks since you want I occurred the one that I am not of humor nor I am your Ximena toy either: they discovered dear mamita to us Hope: that? They discovered Ximena to you: nonmamita if I sink I you sink you that you the right of perpetual ownership mami Plus that Alicia said: no, I can believe this woman to it is bad is not very devout woman, neither sister, nor a nun is the demon The more paty said: your teatrito hope came to you above and it said paty to him to Saúl between it is its turn and it cuídese Saúl: despreocúpate that to this viper I am not scared to him and Saúl and paty listened to the conversation by telephone Hope: it watches estupida before you sink to me I kill to you as well as it tries to kill Saúl Ximena: I do not fear wing to him death jajaja Suddenly the girl it began to cry and salio with the Ximena telephone and ran to hide the young monjita Alicia Hope: it has I say to you that I am lady Paty: a poor lady Ximena power saw: lady mami no, is cállate mocoso aside from disabling with my mother I have with disabling with tigo is Ximena attempt to cover the mouth to him with a rag young wing when I enter Alicia and said: Ximena sister I can load young wing Sister Ximena: Alicia sister tómela and cuídela then while I come llévela to the patio That salio but am listening to everything giving him to young wing a pachita of milk More in the cave of the Frida boarding school: claribel that step because your here Daisy: aunt, you know your Claribel and daisy remained seeing itself mutually and daisy remembered the photo that her grandmother had taught to him and then she said claribel: Frida that there is of my daughter, and my Frida husband: not clari. The only thing is that he is of your mother in the Altamirano property Jorge said More: something bad passes my love to you, is something worse Jorge order everything to the workers since the property had lain down to walk Regina: Mr. Jorge goes away: if Regina, dile to were that it takes care of of the cattle and the harvests of Regina banana: he will return Jorge soon: not, because Jorge is a personal subject salio with the horse suitcases ran until reaching I complete boat that left to the Willow
Jorge taking the last boat from the day in the institute was More followed the discussion nothing else the millionaire youngster era and nothing less than, one of the ex- friends of the boys William (1) and William (2) said: calin, that beams in that car of Calin luxury: hey died you of hunger This era does not call calin to me I I am the illustrious Christopher Manrique Rivers new calin that had been born of hatred and the ambition, hope and was calin bad, egoistic
(IT IS NEW CALIN "CHRISTOPHER MANRIQUE RIVERS") William (1): poor man of you as he washes to the mind a few William weights to you (2): this-- this mistaken because I have fed up wool the women followed platicando with them there a woman: but because you humiliate to your friends who to case are sinned to be poor, in addition today both are very rich since one is inheriting of a numerous fortune of its uncle Felix and a other numerous of Don Leopoldo other woman: a day your bad desires will be made ashes your money will not serve to Juan Carlos because you nor in hairs look yourself like Christopher Calin: respéteme old proud the other woman: a day you requested the pardon of the poor man as your and all we are it niñito and ojala the good heart of the binoculars pardons the woman to you: truthful with the eyes a day because he párese that you were poor but always you lived like the nacos because wing society you thus do not belong with that your idea Those women went away and adamy went more with them I enter new calin inside, but the twins said taking it one from a side and another one of another William side (1): to where riquillo before you render to us accounts of where you are milloneta at night wing tomorrow Calin: that it matters to you badly been born William (2): déjalo does not deserve that he is our evil friend the hour in which we became friends of does not know what is a friend Plus I arrive at its hall classes, all the girls extracted its glances to the Milvia: guao is gorgeous that is that papazote Samanta: it has although mona silk Vista mona remains there am Belinda: and that from where calin with that Luís arose: that waves cuate as these went away to greet the boys of high category and I leave to luís with the prim hand waiting for its greeting, when seeing it Jaime said more: hey calin that rays that waves that you do not greet to your cuates Calin: I know Jaime you: we have been friends per Calin years: I do not know you you I believe that you are a estupido Lilian: hello muchachote beautiful Calin: hello doncella Who you are your? Lilian: you are not so estupido calin you are not made already you know Verónica me: friend déjalo and sees here you know that the piojosos the extreme one by some ten Vanesa dollars rises to them: of my you do not hope but your and I we are not fiancès already you understand calin to me Calin: it does not concern in addition you to me you are a current NACA and vulgar Arriaza: young people siéntense each one in its seat In the hall you marry were two single furniture hoping by the Calin binoculars: so that so many saquéenlos single furniture we are in September no longer is possible that the died bastards of Arriaza hunger enter the teacher of them I admire when listening the one that said calin Arriaza: your! Speaking of one of your better friends of whom when defended to you you robbed dirty meat to eat Calin: there is cheap professor you better you cállese and makes his Belinda work: Prof. And to the aim that passage with the candidates for the fifteen Arriaza: Esther your being most beautiful will be, the queen of the independence of El Salvador, the new sovereign of this Samanta spring: masterful poor men do not know nor to select if they are idiots Ana Elsy: he watches samanta coarse of insults already if Queen: he accepts that you lost treasonous Samanta: cállense malditas you no longer are neither my friends nor nothing today, hatred
In the boarding school in that cave they more followed those women Daisy: lady you I know Frida: if, you know daughter if your grandmother allowed it I believe that you know Claribel: quié? You mean? What? Frida: if niece mine, which your you think Daisy: no, not that not - if if Frida: if daughter she is your mother, your mother Daisy; mother, mamita Claribel: my heart my beautiful clavel your you are my very small and your papito that passage with the Daisy: not mami but what I want is to leave and shouting here that I want mamita to you Frida: my sister hope must much that to explain but yours I understand daisy well to it Daisy: What you understand aunt mine? Frida: your grandmother did not want that you were the heiress of which I inherit Claribel to you: Who? Frida: who that then Claribel: Who I inherit it? Frida: my brother Leopoldo I leave part him of its goods to your daughter In the boarding school by outside in the office of the director sister Ximena it was more passing this that hope had gone to the boarding school. Hope: and Ximena speaks well: dear mamita They never imagined that they were listening to them Saúl, paty, and Alicia, either did not imagine of the arrival from Jorge to the boarding school Hope: it tell me where and as you maintain to claribel locked up with metiche of Frida and Ximena daisy: mami fíjate that this flying is thus Hope: like explícate More in house of adamy Adamy: my Araceli love as it goes to them in the Araceli institute: very well mamita I am - I am Roxana librarian: I and martyr go away of trip shovel tomorrow property to the Araceli dawn: you boy to surprise Amigocha, and your mami as you feel like after the Det. death Mother of my grandmother and Vidal Adamy: badly very badly daughter Suddenly somebody called wing Araceli door: mami delays to somebody Martyr: it must be my aunt gilds, it goes Araceli sees open That when opening I am scared much and it was backed down very scared without being able to speak single indicated and adamy said: What happens? Roxana: friend seems that she dresses to a White dead: if dear daughter your mother this alive one not died Adamy: good mother who that these alive White mamita: that! That is the form to receive your grandmother and you to your mother not better, dame to eat and ay are not so pretentious the twin boys left cuartucho and when seeing white old wing
William (1): that you here, alive
William (2): it will make bad wine me kill to me, payment William glory (1): who is the one that died then
White: estupida of cachita jajaja perhaps not then or to having Been glory to Eric: my dead mother not any! Not dígame that is lie not (desperate) White: after all -your mother wanted to you but to her way so this William good (1): moan decirte that but surely is that if died Adamy: because? You say that
William (1): because the cachita call salio before we and in addition if it died it was your fault your you pushed it but she I take to you with himself so I doubt that this
White dead: nor it is not concerned to me but if it died I cheer

In house of somewhat bad Frida it would more be about to--to happen soon, in all the homes of the Willow everything what venia above With the white arrival was a storm everything was new the binoculars had left the house, today was a special day today was the fifteen of September and willow beast in full dress being received it with a luxurious parade, in the band touched the boys: Jaime, Eric, Louis, Calin, Sergio, Juan I mention, Mario and other Whole enchanted world saw shining of the clubs the student band of the INSA, the beautiful candidates accompanied by supreme queen white Esther Argueta in far from the parade were samanta and Milvia Samanta More: today she will be crowned as she reigns of the fealdad Milvia: How him beams for that? Samanta: júrame that there are to be my faithful Milvia maid: provided Esther does not clear to me More to Eric in the boarding school they followed after twelve days locked up those Claribel women: I kill it, not because my mother made all that Frida: she is bad, very bad Daisy: she made me think that my fiancè lay down with her and not mother who to believe Claribel: daughter if she ran it is because she, did not obtain with what wanted and for that reason same I separate to me of Saúl to Ximena my sister of Ernesto the guard because she always falls in love with our loves Daisy: it is mamita truth said me that they were lie and I did not believe two specialists More outside to him prepared an explosion, Alicia I approach them and said: Why they investigate guarded Garden of the boarding school? Ximena: Alicia sister watches which happens is that they say that here there is a locked up woman Alicia: and because she does not say better than you have a locked up woman there That lost the colors of a single one and she said to him: dear Alicia comes will explain to him better here than they do not listen I take it far from the garden stops within the chapel in the cave on the inside was collapsing More and exasperating shouts stuck those women More Jorge met with, Saúl and paty Jorge: single we must know as it is the base that opens the secret door of the Then pink garden also was there and said: I believe that there is to be the stone of the seven sacraments that opens Saúl to it: if because that garden is sacred by that stone Jorge: I of whom it can help us Pink: it speaks already because we do not hope to that they die Jorge: the twins and their friends have the powers of the four Saúl elements: What? The Pink legend is true: they say that if because samanta appeared the other More in than salaries of a street was in favor of where it would pass the float with the beautiful ones and precious ladies among them it went sindi, the new friend of them, yoselin, and Xenia Abigail Samanta said: OH! powerful thousands goddess of the evils aparécete in my pócima Suddenly a ray shot an orange leaf key to the almost invisible smallest bottle was that bottle
Milvia astonishment and was said much: OH! samanta you are my master I I am your servant Was then when the rooster song three times and the poor spirit of Sarai salio wing time and said to him to Milvia: you are my Samanta servant: she is mine, mine jajaja Sarai: you promised not to deny to me and you made Milvia callus to the floor and said: nooo! God that I have done because this Sarai punishment: you opened to deny three times to me before the rooster sang and, gallota song me you promised it not to fall in the evils

Samanta: jajaja vetoes immune spirit Milvia levántate today you will know my truth In the house he gilds While it cleaned to everything she suddenly I enter fourth and more saw the candle for of ass, and he found it without being spent nothing and there in a hammock all idiot was Mauricio, saying bobadas Mauricio: cálala, lalala, I am rich very rich I have many babies have nobody gains Dora without occurring to dull account the candle me and I extinguish it and after making that Mauricio she went and Dora said
Dora: because daughter, because witchcrafts for a man if I teach to you to love More with the heart in that place of the house of Dora in laughed close walked Jorge Jorge took a walk in laughed sad rose to wing stone and it said: my love ojala the binoculars helps rescatarte ojala again me Jorge went away little by little walking single with walking left laughed
When Jorge moves away More was the time than soon I arrive wing stone from cacalutepe and it discovered an entrance and it said: this way there is entrance that knows as it will be on the inside, not then better boy to me already approaches the night and the celebration of the coronation in the cave of the stone of cacalutepe within her was Gelga More
Gelga: that so monalisa did not clear me to me beauty watches I decide this photo old and beautiful and today that young I to me Shades: Gelga your you are old these wrinkled Gelga: dame the book of the alchemist then and new truthful me Shades without fear some firing towards Gelga and I kill it and that I am twisting and said: because, because you did it Entered chepe accompanied of monalisa that as soon as the face noticed to him and that said: as you say that you are more beautiful than I Chepe: finally you did something of having, and you know Gelga sends to you to kill because you hinder to me you do not serve to me you have not made damage not at all Shades: and the one of the single book was a straw were not truths jajaja That I absorb the blood of Gelga with which it does not fit to create its face even needed much
samanta said More: Milvia already I arrive the hour from which you destroy to Esther jajaja Milvia: damn hatred I rob the love to me of Eric Samanta: I also love Eric Milvia and master also to Mario them master to all and for that reason I want that you help me to take revenge to me of one, to one Milvia: and I who I gain Eric if or non Samanta: then it desire but destroy the life of that pretty woman I I want to be more beautiful than it, has and the secret you will rebel it to its due time But in mind it said: your estupida you will fall asleep in I sound deep will be the punishment of your lujuria your you paid the damage that you will do to Esther the band to him I come near with rage and joy for the Esther town flooded of the float smiles with its luxurious face in the hope house she was happy More because it became broken three birds of a single shot Plus the terror approached to those women in the cave, plus the macabre Ximena had taken to the beautiful Alicia youngster who was approves to see if she studied for Ximena nun: I watch hermanita boy to kill those estupidas jajaja Alicia: not if I stop Ximena: non Alicia, Alicia not because I will prevent jajaja Alicia: How, and dígame where a filosa and picuda rock was the key to enter that Ximena cave volume and said: be and the girl volt to see was then that Ximena I approach despacito her and it said to him: mírame; and then she gave him there with the edge, and the girl died of single fijazo (blow) Ximena: jajaja... jajaja that happens to you through meterte where they do not call to you
Then soon the bad spirit who walked loose consumed the corpse of Alicia leaving nothing else his clothes; after seeing that Ximena he said: nooo, that one became if I, I kill it, kills (cried) and salio running of the garden, while that spirit in that same place savored itself saying: they have, that sangrita ricura has Savored the blood and it went away
I build spirit of monalisa said: very! soon I will be the queen jajaja In the parade that route had finished more lowered to Esther first, and soon they took it scene to a beautiful in which Belinda shot to the ground (to see photo)
There Belinda I recite a sweet song wing memory of our father God Belinda in company of the boys sang while all humble people saw and Belinda it song the song that we know you like (WITHOUT PAIN
(It is Here when the group Belinda and the diamonds of God makes debut by third time) Then Belinda I finish singing and Arriaza volume the microphone and said: good night it is for the National Institute of the Willow an honor to present/display its first nocturnal parade, today - I leave them with the young person who suffered what she is going to sing is to say to them to recite Raised the scene the William binoculars (1): good night as they are the evildoers began to shout saying Mario and samanta. Milvia.: lower to that street guide, sea wind onshore, thief Those binoculars felt sad that all the good ones shouted: raise the perfect ones, súbanlos Arriaza took the microphone and said: that error is to be poor that here if all the Salvadorans we are it or to have who is the plus riquillo Esther volume the microphone: there is somebody here does not have a sin that speaks Samanta today: and you estupida queen sweepings that as much you think yourself because you will be crowned today Milvia: grábate well this your smile in the lips can be congealed in second Arriaza: badly incident good bye we listen the Miriam young people: he is an enormous one to please to be next to todos/as you in this eventuosa night, after by third time Mexican Belinda and its new group I make debut, now we listen to a new twin halos horizon giving them an opportunity with you the binoculars William ---William (1): many congratulations to our princes Esther first and Irving first and are for that reason that I request a strong applause that is listened to a strong William applause (2): we have prepared thematic and a this song for it William (1): many we lived it and few but the reality is not that we do not have papas like us sometimes and what I request to them is that the little people who are one and think that she loves God we cannot leave badly governs William (2): this is for you and all the s that they will want to listen to it the binoculars sang in company of their friends the son That the children sing
The William Children (1): that the children sing Who raise the voice, That makes to the world listen So on they sang all the beautiful song and until Belinda was next to them
Ana Elsy, reigns, Jennifer and william2 Belinda and William 1, Sergio, Louis, Sindi, calin and Vanessa and Eric, Jaime and Glenda... ALL SINGING THE SONG "THAT THE CHILDREN SING"
while they sang they podian to see by screens gigsntes imagines of poor nines that requests to God by its family, sucks, Pope, brother and friends who request by the flowers by the nature, because they do not want wars if not a full world of peace and love
That the children sing, who raise the voice that makes to the world listen, which they unite its voices and they arrive at the sun, In them it is the truth. That the children who live peacefully and those sing that suffer pain, that sing by that will not sing because they have extinguished his voice
I sing so that they let to me live. I sing so that mother smiles. I sing because it is the blue sky. And I so that they do not soil the sea to me. I sing for whom they do not have bread. I sing so that they respect the flower. I sing so that the world is happy. I sing not to listen to the tube
I sing so that he is green the garden. And I so that they do not extinguish the sun to me. I sing by whom she does not know to write. And I by whom he writes love verses. I sing so that my voice is listened to. And I to see if I make think them. I sing because I want a happy world. And I in case somebody wants to me to listen.
That the children sing, who raise the voice that makes to the world listen, which they unite its voices and they arrive at the sun, in them it is the truth. That the children who live peacefully and those sing that suffer pain, that sing by that will not sing because they have extinguished his voice
At moments but late it was the coronation more and the beautiful one, belinda was called by the director of the Miriam institute: belinda is for the institution a pride llamarte to that you crown wing sister of your better Arriaza friend: before the coronation we are going to enjoy a beautiful parade of fashions with very pretty girls of the INSA Martha: next the parade with the regressive count Miriam: 5 Yony: 4 Reina: 3 Fidel: 2 Rosy Ocampo: 1 and beautiful action Thus began the parade of fashions headed by the gorgeous one to car it Vanesa followed by precious sindi Maribel, Ana elsy Velasquez, reigns marine, reigns insipid Abigail, ILSA yoselin Maldonado, Lilian idalia, verónica Zoila, and until finishing with finishing touch with the two babies of the scholastic year with beautiful the Belinda and Jennifer
Great elenco of the parade and the last ones was Jennifer and Belinda More in house of adamy Adamy: mother I feel here happy of tenerte with White me: perhaps daughter perdóname I was too much crude with tigo perdóname because I knew that chepe was going to you to violate Adamy: because White mother: daughter I sold to you but very the dog I do not pay then looks for to me compensates it in its children for that reason I even sold twin Adamy: of your fault today my children are in favor fugitive to a curse of that such Ana who revivió you remember Ana was my friend and by your very small fault I end up hating to me and cursing to my White: the daughter that woman already revivió and you do not know like me to flank work to begin to recall to mind to regret to me each Adamy error: mother I have not forgotten that disgust that man it hatred more than to anything in world While in the municipal mayor ship one was occurring entered the new Esther sovereign first, and Belinda was receiving the crowns from the Arriaza teacher, since Belinda was going to crown wing new sovereign Esther first next to the prince of youthful times who was represented by Irving
All world observed the coronation and the band touched very glad receiving to Esther first in its throne, of new queen of my two thousands five - independence in the Willow, Belinda was remainder the hairdo of the new queen and e went to do delivery of the crown placing it to it, like the symbol of new sovereign when samanta said to Milvia in I publish Samanta: Milvia today is the moment, I boy and volume the microphone and your you rise it give the Milvia hug him: if this good
Samanta gave a liquid in a tiny boat Milvia
And it ran volume the microphone, quickly said: good night to all and your belinda your delay you do not crown even lacks my gift escapes to me of hell and in the scene belinda with the other microphone said: too much, late the grasped crown; given and crowned Esther it greeted the public
(Esther "I" and Irving "I") Esther: you have the key that there will be my heart... and for that reason I cannot lands on water Irving: They said to me That I am nobody. Nobody is perfect and the severe voice of samanta said: - and Who says? That your! Stupid bonds you know made an election of prince badly and reigns the teachers said: that voice I know Arriaza: if that voice is not new Miriam: if who is díganme that excites wing people single molote I form that people gave to return wings him chairs and milvia said: with the microphone it said: This hug you the offer a friend of you Samanta: Arriaza loved my you do not recognize jajaja to me Rosy: What? Loved as he is that and it congratulates being the sovereign of the monsters of the willow jajaja to you Arriaza: already who is Martha: who is? Arriaza: he is the ex- student pole, the dead assumption the boys met and said looking for each one by their side and nobody could see samanta like was invisible Samanta: Esther the revenge my Majesty is because him robbery the fiancè to me friend milvia, later you follow your belinda and your glenda and amiguitas you of milvia jajaja Milvia raised triunfal the scene, and him shot the crown to the ground to intention
(Milvia and next to Esther) Milvia: pardon its Majesty fell the Mauricio crown to him: you did it to intention trims and from down the director it said: milvia student leaves Esther finishes greeting the Milvia public: voltéame to see damn and watches Ana elsy shout: it has something in the hand (bis) Milvia: your never you will return to never laugh, and your maestrito Arriaza I swear you that your, your wife and your mugroso escuincle paid very expensive by to have chosen like sovereign this mona Esther: it excuses I order you lower to you to low Milvia: you to me do not order anything to me cat has or you are going to me to lock up in the jail Arriaza Majesty raised to lower to young wing milvia but she raised late too much because she was when Milvia shot eliminated to Esther Esther shouted strongly and said: nooo, my face, my face my nonmamita beauty where these because it despises to you because God mióoo! Glenda when seeing said it: heaaaa, - nooo - sister who did to you that Who? Because? (it says It with Pain and it distresses simultaneously) All approached and saw Esther that was lost its Samanta face said secretly; they did not guess I am pole and me Jaime saves to the demon jajaja to him: that you have done of my sister-in-law whom Samanta: later jajaja follows belinda Where of it was Esther was much people all saw it and they were admired, while Esther shouted and cried with a that Miriam pain: we have ruthless students in the Arriaza Institute: we already know that the doubt was milvia is the one who that that I speak to Ana elsy: she is obvious Prof. who to having be pole to Ana elsy: it is Irving truth: if net that if samanta Gets to see, this goes with a white veil
Samanta: bird Maria Purest What step here? Everything had become of a dream I even murmur of tragedies More on the following day all world commented the happened thing and Esther was in the hospital being registered by best doctors Doctor: it does not have cures lost her face and this is eternal Doctor branches: that does not have cures and according to the file extended to night they say that it is a spell to rob Glenda beauty: God mine that I do! What? That I explain pretty mamita me to him that doctor Doctor: she lost the knowledge after the shouts locked in herself in I circulate that she separates it from which could be so beautiful, and I eat medico surgeon I give to my opinion this him is not disease this is a fatal spell who I destroy its face that badly does not exist Jaime: How? William (1): if they exist Jaime acéptalo he is badly a that nor do not exist the evils Sir Doctor. Today the ambulance already this transferring to its house is of taste that pays of pure taste Glenda money: that I will say to me mother to him who friends who I do as I say William to it (2): glenda your mother this disappear fifteen days ago Disappeared Glenda: my mother no, because everything of a single Diosito because (she cried) Jorge: young lady we are going to rescue already we know them where they are, the police goes with us milvia later paid all this Luís: all this of head does not have bad that by good does not come Samanta was in the hospital platicando with juancito and Samanta said to him: juancito luís wants quitarte to Xenia Abigail fights with if you did not remain without Xenia - you do not leave you cost much but much Juan I mention: that of which me it clears this to see More juancito it said to move away and samanta stopped it to say to him that: you do not say to him to luís that I said More in the Dora house milvia to you was crying very sad and deserted by happened the one previous night Milvia: nooo, God because I did that to me friend because it mistakes to me twice with her Suddenly I enter its mother and it said to him: because milvia because Milvia: because that mother? Dora: milvia I teach to you to respect and to gain the love of a man with the heart not with (he was then that milvia change and was put pale, pale and said strengthless falling) Milvia: mami no longer I hold I want to die (faint and I remain unconscious) Dora: daughter, these burning in fever Adamy santo sky had arrived at Dora house, with her White ---white mother: daughter búscate a medico for Milvia, has does not gild this is badly that stucco in her Milvia: mami you voted the candle that tena caught (tired) Milvia faint and I remain unconscious Dora: mami died, died my girl is (crying) Adamy: calm Dora déjame with White her permíteme: and that you are going to be able to make your useless estupida defect of the life Dora: mother by God by once in your life lets fight in the street of the boarding school was filled with police More, had prepared ambulance, by everything and everything

Many cars crowned the street of the boarding school plus that evil hope from distant spot observed everything and said: to me they do not go to me to take hold is of taste and that woman called Hope frame to the boarding school but he was useless nobody answered the telephone, because as crazy Ximena had taken young wing and salio by the inner door that was the one that all had neglecting Ximena said when leaving: me boy far from where they do not find me the police to pushes threw the door and entered nuns, people here who were against and fought against them those who connected the pump... the nuns were scared that the police I order that you would desabitaran all the boarding school because they were going to stop cruel wing evil called nun Ximena
Plus the pink lady, Belinda and Glenda went prepared with helmets and rose gave instruction’s and they arrived distracted where that people and could be dissolved a hole that way entered the two girls pink I remain outside even enamoring worker Belinda and Glenda entered

Glenda: mother, mother where these Belinda: daisy lady daisy where this average you them squashed women listened to the voices and said Frida: daughter is my daughter... daughter see here Daisy here: he is Belinda if he is Belinda is doubtless
This man I finish and said: the pump this list When listening rose said: a pump and so that gallant, Why we do not go away your and I single to the hill pelón? The man: my life when you want we took beers affluent you cold and soda waters More hope return wing furious mansion and shot the door and said: damn it is, damn your infame daisy I hate you you robbed to my love Jorge and your claribel you robbed the love that I felt by Víctor Saúl the guard and paty I call to the Paty police: if I already arrive the acecina the accomplice from the misdeeds of the nun it does not see that they are mother and but immediately fast daughter before the account criminal and escapes More in house of Esther they were its friends Lilian, Vanesa, verónica Lilian: that bad he is milvia Vanesa: and I do not doubt in that samanta I help him of this is Verónica no doubt: mírenla this as died in Lilian life and its friends was taking care of of the health of Esther More in Dora house
Dora: mother because you if the pain and the anguish ate away to me and me sister to us adamy you were and you robbed the boy because explícalo Then was suspensivo to see what happened single was bad and bad then chepe had gone to Dora house
Blanca and Chepe
Chepe: adamy I violate to you because she I pay to an exquisite amount Dora to me; mother because that mother, that is lies also White; cállate chepe you do not speak more because I am able of Dora: to kill it mother as well as you killed to me to me loved Héctor Antonio the father of Jorge More in that place of the boarding school the police and the boys had entered the rescue of the women and then, there was a lawsuit between the three workers and the police, because ms omento DES then by the inner door left Frida, claribel, daisy, Belinda, Glenda While calin I approach wing sagrada and then stone the means moved and the door was opened but no longer there was nobody Saúl: I already kill them, the acecino Jorge: they cannot be dead that non Samanta: my love confórmate and sees see then Jorge ran to have what happened, Louis outside I arm a scandal along with Juancito and then all left to have what happened and samanta I remain and closed the secret door moving the stone and Jorge said: saquéenme of aid ayúdenme and samanta saw a signboard with a yellow drawing here that said danger
Blanca and Chepe Chepe: adamy I violate to you because she I pay to an exquisite amount Dora to me; mother because that mother, that is lies also White; cállate chepe you do not speak more because I am able of Dora: to kill it mother as well as you killed to me to me loved Héctor Antonio the father of Jorge More in that place of the boarding school the police and the boys had entered the rescue of the women and then, there was a lawsuit between the three workers and the police, because ms omento DES then by the inner door left Frida, claribel, daisy, belinda, glenda While calin I approach wing sagrada and then stone the means moved and the door was opened but no longer there was nobody Saúl: I already kill them, the acecino Jorge: they cannot be dead that nonSamanta: my love confórmate and sees see then Jorge ran to have what happened, Luís outside I arm a scandal along with juancito and then all left to have what happened and samanta I remain and closed the secret door moving the stone and Jorge said: saquéenme of aid ayúdenme and samanta saw a signboard with a yellow drawing here that said danger
Also I notice that there were two cables and said: devil that I do if the one will do Boom to him! Boom! , Boom! Thus he was samanta both united cables that the boarding school to the second that she salio by the inner door skittle in pieces
The moment the daisy shouts were listened to that said: nooo! Jorge not It police: What step because I explode? William (2): my cousin was inside I boy by the William (1): glenda and belinda also entered I boy Those boys entered and to the moment they left safe and sound, as they had in their hands and in its body all the power the ambulance moved away for the hospital with the Jorge body Sergio: and belinda Jaime: and glenda, because it tell me háblame that William step (2): they were not was useless Suddenly William (1) said: belinda not belinda your no, _!nooo _ And belinda said: my love I am alive, vivita Claribel: Saúl my love I am Saúl here: my love I believed perderte, my life your mother is the cause of all this Daisy: and Jorge and! jorgeee, because they do not say to anything William to me (1): I feel it but Daisy went very bad for the hospital: your William I occurred it where, where this Claribel: my love cálmate that woman my sister has to your daughter she this even lives me, confeso Police: controlled this she they say that this has by eddies it we go Then all ran and you line up went the cars, and soon were is More samanta went away wing marries to make fun of of which it was passing Lilian: I already arrive the gull from the Samanta nest: estupidas already they saw as I have to Esther therefore it leaves you Esther them: hello as you are called Samanta: I jajá, jajá the return of choqui and the your witch of the seventy and one Esther: I am beautiful mírame I I am Jennifer Lopez Samanta: and Barbarian I you die and your motola Talía Esther: that pretty name you love your being my Lilian friend: already the one is enough samanta is sufficient damage that you have made him Samanta: they know that step today kills to Jorge jajaja and also kills wing mother of this badly stared at, jajaja Vanesa: that is not certain Samanta: it sees and it asks all world will say to you that I operate the boarding school but were by my work jajaja More in Dora house, was passing all the town for laughed Dora: mother sight that people barbarism goes pale laughed Adamy: What happened? It watches that pile of cars, the police, my children All it laughed it was surrounded by police adamy and it gilds and white also went to laughed
That Ximena woman walked all those parts and the girl cried and she said to him: cállate mocosa that is going to me to listen suddenly Ximena lowered a discharge and releases rocky water tail That way it lowered to William (1) in a thing type boat and said to Ximena: lady gives to young wing this surrounded by police the town wants to lynch it by her Ximena crime: they never catched to me and you muérete That decided to flee by a mount and I flee with the girl
Ximena: estupidos trees hinder to me and your it shuts up mocosa shuts up More in house of Dora Sarai: milvia because milvia I you said it That milvia was unconscious could not react Sarai: milvia but own you badly as they say what you wish for another one in you revolcó but I I will help you because God loves to you and that is what samanta tells that will know that is God More in house of Calin hope: I come to contarte what this passing Hope: my love speaks, speaks Calin: my love says that you caused the explosion and that your daughter locked up to your other daughter alive dead wing and to your granddaughter I cannot think that you have done them that you are a monster Hope: What? Explosion you say that you speak my love tell me where I explode? That I explode? Calin: hope I boy your and I do not know myself, you know ojala God punishes to you because your crimes have been discovered your crime that you killed wing nun sister remedies Hope also seducing it touched it and it kissed it and it was not left and it moved away of her Calin: suéltame makes sick to me which I want is your money but he is not yours is of your granddaughter and your daughters Hope said: I will bring cheuque of fifty thousands and truthful that I if I have Very happy mine that thought that a check towards hope when coat of a drawer the weapon and it said: whereupon by money you did the love night to me after night so today you die single unfortunate dog after all looked for sex and passion and wing time separarte of that badly I generate of William your Calin friend: no, no, not please by our love I love hope to you my love I love Hope to you: that you think that I believed She to you I approach and unemployment and, the kiss and in the kiss the attempt to clear the weapon and she to him was readier and then she I threaten it and it said to him: pajarito wanted money of guao free if I gain 50 thousand years in hell outside the residence were Luís More and Sergio put by above and managed to enter wing marries and as in the source he left to hope the keys of the kitchen Sergio, I look for and he found profit there to open the door to them of the kitchen and entered hope aiming to him at calin and then he said hope: today you die When firing almost put Luís and callus to the floor bleeding and dying and that woman said: nooo! damn crossed, Calin hatred: I hate hope to you I hate Sergio to you: thus until today notes much that we want to you, this woman is the mother of claribel and she maintained it locked up fifteen years attempt to kill its son-in-law, to his granddaughter and that same Hope: it went to do with you if you had not put your luisito jajaja Paty I enter the Paty police along with: she is the criminal I I have absolute tests these videos recorded the death of cinnamon-coloured and of peto my fiancè and many crimes and infamias more than I commit myself to shut up Police: you in name of the law Luís are left arrested: it has, me boy to die you váyanse I die déjenme here That bad woman went away and in the attempt to go away to means to try to cross the door I stick an attack to him that made it vomit to shout aid and suffered and suffered saying: there is water, Calin water I do not doubt and ran to attract water to him Sergio: let us call an ambulance a doctor which is Hope: it has, it has, it has - hatred That throwing dribbles died and soon the ambulance I arrive and in that mansion the spirit of monalisa drink I bled it of hope and with that I almost finish even covering its face that ugly went monalisa and the boys said admired
Transformation of monalisa
Sergio: its clothes and its Calin bones dress disappeared single I have left: something rare this happening is the curse of the binoculars Police: if I had not seen it not I create santo sky Commander: this vámonos place this possessed person of (scared) in More laughed the police here persecuted crazy wing of Ximena and that had moved away of the river going to leave hurled young wing in the stone that all we know as the stone of cacalutepe In laughed Police: Frida disappeared: búsquenla is very dangerous Daisy: búsquenla by mercy has to me daughter by God búsquenla Claribel: daughter the police this making their work already is organized Commissioner: the commander of the Armed Forces already I order its troops for the capture of Ximena Police: a group of soldiers registered the edges of the property of the finado one vetoed blonde and the other near edges Commander: each group has the his Other police: it was not possible to be seen swallowed the Earth Jaime: wrath so far does not have money to be transported in house of Esther she was More even with that badly then, Esther was lost its face and wing time its mentality and for her today was no better friend than samanta Esther: friend dame Samanta water: by his since if choqui jajaja Esther: and you who you make lárguense my friend and I am happy Plus the three girls lowered and in the kitchen they noticed samanta Samanta: What want estupidas? Lilian: you dare to continue doing damage to him me Esther friend and truthful you with us Samanta: huy if it watches as Vanesa aspen tree: mosquita of fencing already you we noticed Samanta to it: if I want, kill and if not because I make it undergo everything what she made me undergo to me Lilian: when we have done to you something bad to you as is the poison that guards stupid voice Verónica: I have a doubt which happens is that you look yourself much like pole in hope house the boys transferred More to luís for the hospital, while the hope corpse whom single their bones and their clothes had had left, was taken to be calcined More in the city of Mexico today the forense medicine delivery results to Doña Camila, about the death of Don Javier Ibáñez, and that Norvis Consecrated Leonel was happy with its position of the company () Meter Center (MC) In house of Doña Camila Innocence: lady looks for you Doña to him Camila: hazlos to pass innocence please Doña Camila: in which I can serve a man to them: we are agents of the public ministry the Frank forense medicine lawyer: I am frank lawyer Ulises parras Doña Camila: much taste Mrs. Camila widow of Ibáñez the man: I bring results of that and as they killed to Mr. Javier Doña Camila: How? Who was that canaya? Doña Camila was a woman who pretended itself to be one pretty innocent mujercita, with a Frank glance of simple woman: lady its husband who did before all Doña Camila: I have supper, with me and a work colleague and with his children the man: truth that the relations between father and good children were not Doña Camila: between Mario and no, but between Jennifer if they were best the man: in addition to that, to the maid Mrs. Inocencia Perez had promised a slice to him when Frank dying: the hypothesis maintains that watches lady the suspects are: Mario its son, Norvis its colleague, and bred Innocence Doña Camila: but like? Because? In there same Mexico she was more or in intensive therapy the woman who was I throw as much damage glory or was better today was being transferred to her room stops within very little given being of discharge, and this said: soon in a moment I will go by my son in Monalisa hell it observed everything and it said More: Satan you must Satan: my love benedictus is perfect single that must Monalisa: to leave the body of that debilucho, and I need the emblems, the elements fast that look for More to them in laughed William (1) by accident of provocation by Ximena had fallen And he had not even been rescued and in that callus to the bottom of gigantic ones he puts that he obstructed it in an eddy and it was then when its William binocular (2) nonacceptance the reality of not seeing leave to its binocular and felt like bad and shot, more at heart one pretty siren said. William twin you will die them but side left to clean east world takes this is the element of the water when leaving your whole clearly of which it was mud, sagrada contamination will be water William (1): thank you very much William (2) good bye we go away sirenita, and your pale green binocular the sagrada and sweet water sees we go When leaving all were sister when seeing becoming
Thus the river I am clean, when seeing this miracle the people said this is work of the powers of these mírenlos binoculars are these the possessed people hijote adamy and in hell monalisa said: that youngster in stock market of the t-shirt it takes the element of the single water need three Shades: samanta took off in a moment does not worry them Monalisa: jajaja I will be the most beautiful Shades: here between us you are gay, woman or man who is explíqueme Monalisa: and that to you that it prints to you if I am or I am not what I am then in addition that is the enigma not to know to the secret in the property the production was sprouting again More was good production which put happy to the workers in the town on the following day More followed the anguish, with the exit of the sun divided all the boys in search of the lost niñita and of the Ximena nun, the sun in savannahs I rise with great avidity, signs of which this serious day of storms for all In the Dora house they were most of people visiting it and wing time in search of Ximena, Dora: adamy that we are going to make my daughter this; badly very badly Adamy: sister gilds we will fight because she comes out ahead White: this is fault of your binoculars adamy you understood Adamy: what I understand is that you hate them but Why mother? White: adamy estupida your children must die, to die Shell: because lady because single of death you speak because she does not regret and she pardons his grandsons White: cállate metiche nobody I call to you where it does not concern Adamy to you: that good that these here shell Shell: pa that I am good White friend; in order to be hindering invesil Shell: lady not with you Adamy spoke with her daughter: luís this in the hospital to night was baliado because of hope, but that viper that made as much damage died Shell: What? My White: I gave to your husband Dora: friend if the this baliado one in the Adamy hospital: Luís mother is (shell shuts up there) the Shell: as one sees that you hatred and the ambition never go it to make see the world of another White form: that, if that that they pronounce to of being his lover of turn once by every night for the three Dora: mother that to us does not matter, sees whatever, this to us happening in a pueblito, no longer says in a city everybody is bad White today: there is from long ago me the story of you has yourselves if always become attached to Diosito jajaja Dora: ojala is not late when you regret the damage that you did to your own daughter your grandsons to him White: Pobrecitas, you are so estupidas that the jaws stay hoping a miracle of God to see if there your daughter is saved Dora: mother you saw that pain I feel because my daughter salio to you before thought that was just as its father but nonShell: if only ponzoña that there is here is this White: Lárgate of me house lárgate in house of Frida she was More with its daughter in the quarter but her daughter did not recognize her voice had extinguished everything was sad for Esther, had gotten Mario to visit it Frida: but like step this rose? How? Rose: that the one was badly generated of milvia that pretended to be Frida friend cried and in his moans it expressed: because, to me daughter because not to me Mario: lady thus is the life, which tapeworm to happen was going to happen, but I never thought that samanta outside thus Frida: What? Samanta that did samanta I occurred it Pink: her daughter lost to his drinks, and in addition to that she she was gotten depressed and thanks to glenda salio of that depression Arrived wing marries to the quarter of Esther Mauricio and said rose when seeing him: I get the bone of contention Mauricio when seeing Esther shot the ground to cry itself and said: Esther, because they did that to you because I was not when you needed to me because (cried) Mario: you are not ashamed shameless first with which it did the damage now to him you is not that the impudence is brutezco Pink: veto here of Esther: who you are aid you want to me to kill Frida: daughter I am your mother, your Esther mother: my mother is not called samanta, samanta Esther began in its glances to imagine to samanta and it saw it doing damage to him and Esther said to him: because samanta that I have done to you tell me Frida: samanta has much to explain to me (it leaves) Pink: lady to where Frida goes: cuídala much if I do not return, hazme please to take care of it as if outside your daughter Eric: I boy with you lady we go outside to this my car in the single mansion of hope More arrived its dirty, muddy daughter all with the average dress broken leaves, in the head, and Ximena rattans: it has finally in my house, my today single house jajaja... for my house your dead mamita mother jajaja my house has finally you paid the obligation that you made me load that disguise of nun finally you cost the life which you did to me and what you forced to me to do jajaja finally púdrete in mamita hell went to the quarter raised and soon by a secret extreme door I enter wing warehouse or this a the cellar, and it saw a great multitude of electronic devices and said this: berry cameras in my house guao with this I will be able to observe everything what they do and they undo that well because I review all the cameras were not completely empty without marries, Plus the boys arrived at the hill pelón and soon others arrived wing cacalutepe and samanta was the one who wing saw drinks in single Samanta return I remain and said in its mind: ojala does not see mocosa mugrosa you But everything clumsy him salio because the girl I cry and the boys listened to their moans of hunger and samanta said: damn mocosa Jaime: the girl this above in the bed of cacalutepe Belinda is this: the this above bed if it is the bed More within the cave in a ball was seeing what passed Monalisa: that girl is the one that I want to rob its beauty to him Shades: but that place I know it? Where he will be? Then - shades _ did not imagine that the place was same there nothing else that they were within the cave and the boys were to outside the William cave (1) I boy by the Samanta girl: I accompany this Belinda good to you: go with much well-taken care of Ana elsy: belinda friend sees your good you know as she is judas is rebellious dangerous; a slide with your fiancè nonQueen: not then Ana elsy is right They raised the stop of the gigantic stone Put above from the stop saw the boys and said samanta to William (1) Samanta: William you enchant (it began it to take from the hand) William to me (1): you know well that I love belinda to master samanta entiéndelo Reina down said to him: you were right your Ana elsy dresses belinda time Samanta did not stop that kiss to William, and furious put belinda when seeing this and samanta enjoyed more than what we believed More in the hope house Sergio and calin arrived Sergio; because you did that calin because Calin: the old one went the one who began to touch to me and to kiss Ximena to me she carefully observed everything from the center of Ximena cameras: old even a romance with that chavito of at least fifteen you liked buenotes Sergio: not because I not if they pardoned those to you of the group outside this Calin: ayúdame I am mistaken - master - to Vanesa Sergio: but you humiliated saying it to him dead of vulgar hunger in house of Fabian melisa was single More in its room writing a letter to its daughter belinda and he said to him: belinda perdóname I was not your mother but your father explained you single I better I say to you that the enemy has closely together you I cannot reveal the name because the right of perpetual ownership that if it said the name would kill you to you and to your Melissa friends when finishing its letter I keep it in a beautiful one on
Fabian I arrive at its room and it said to him: that it is that my Melissa love: a letter for my Lucero friend who for months I have not been seeing in soap operas Fabian it: jajaja, and offers to say to him that it does one and it leaves she as well as my destiny you are your Melissa: my love my destiny you are your Plus in the hospital Daisy: doctor like this Jorge dígame Doctor: not if he saves, there are no life probabilities Daisy; doctor does what can what this a its reach Doctor: who if the this best one and can leave ahead is the wife of the Daisy: she is my mother and I her wife Doctor: your single mother needs vitamins and many pair to improve and either the truthful thing The more in the quarter was removing Luis to remove the bullet, had finished to him and or had if do transferred to a quarter, also had gone to the hospital and its room its mother Louis shell: ojala seño you had been my mother Shell: son (crying) Luis: because she cries lady is necessary to enjoy and to live each one on our days being forgotten last Shell: she is that your, your you are Doctor that I enter and said: that so you feel Luis --Luís: chidisimo dock already I want to go to house, as if it had I say to house Shell: if you have my house it is your house son I I adore my dear hijito to you Luis: ojala you were my mother More in that hill of cacalutepec
William (1) as it is happened to you to kiss wing to me that master is to Belinda already was raised Belinda and said; to me she is the woman who loves not you Samanta: damn I always hate to you--- you clear to me what master Belinda: samanta but if your and I we have been great Samanta friends: we have you said we have, that we are not - and that we loved the same Belinda man: discúlpame believed friend to you mine William: but single I love my Belinda
Samanta: ah that dramatic Glenda down with its friends commented
Glenda: samanta is bad and something hides because always it says that they have cleared the men to Him whom it loves who you are samanta?
Queen: surely he is somebody that knows and knows each one of our movements and these us more near which we imagined but who he will be
Jaime: but it loves not they her
Yo AM a dios
La frase escrita simboliza es
Decir que quiere decir
“yo amo a Dios”

William (2): if we are not salty all this of Sindi head that was a youngster whom it liked the flowers it walked enjoying the perfume of a beautiful rose when suddenly it saw a signboard that had symbols as well as these: I A.M. to God the written phrase symbolizes is To say that it means "I I love God" Then Sindi when seeing this ran and said: boys symbols see Samanta: and to who they concern those letters that you found Glenda and Belinda to him: to us and, somebody that seraje órale because Queen speaks: Who are you in fact samanta? Freddy Rene: of where are you? Ana Elsy: Why? I feel something because you were somebody very near Samanta: and to you that devils matter to them my better past tell me Sindi that they say to the letters Jaime: we go because be one that happens we go William (1 and 2) it remained unemployed and it said William (2): you do not go I I create William (1) that is the legend of ours legitimizes Glenda death: that he dresses in the letters Sindi *Sindi: vi, a cross and two man fighting and a heart of red color divided in two halves the binoculars: that is our blood spilled by the fight of a Jennifer love maintaining to its William fiancè (2) said Jennifer to him: my William love you do not worry you-- you are not going to die William (2) that is our destiny my love Jaime: but? Who says that the destinies are written? Glenda: if the one that commands here is God those were sad and remainders reason why it was going to them to pass more in the house of Frida returned and I enter wing marries Pink: that step? Frida: sírveme one wins or me I to it serve Eric: no, neither rose does not use to it, nor you because you have cost to him and has either fought for that reason to leave to the pink alcohol sírvanos a refreshment of tamarind to each one Frida: ojala God is truth son thanks for everything you-- you are a good man blesses and fights by Lillian Eric to you in its mind: ojala Lillian did case to me in that uninhabited mountain More the boys went to see and the binoculars; very sad they saw the figure if same of how samanta would kill one by one
Glenda: that it meant each thing of those Jaime: the symbols cost to discover what they indicate but the reading of the drawings shows Glenda: that my love, that is what shows Jaime: sample that somebody one by one killed to the twins although they must whereupon defend Samanta: if you marry with me your destiny to you it changed to my Freddy love rene: I say that the legend is a myth that has occurred life him so that always this put between eyebrow and eyebrow Ana elsy: it is truth which says my fiancè and know to Freddy rene twin: that while this group this united Queen: it never passed something to them because the group is called club schull Sindi: it is truth since Ana elsy, reigns and many but they were united our group is stronger because schull we are a group strong Queen: we will get to discover everything on the person who us this betraying Freddy rene: I think that treasonous this in the Belinda club: my strong love we have to be Xenia: all we have been able to forget strong pains will not overcome Jennifer one more to us: together and never united they will win to us Both twin together: to who of both you want? Sindi: How you will do to him? Surely one by every night - like sos so all-consuming of Samanta men: to the fiancè of belinda Both they raised the hands and they said: I am Rene, reigns, Ana elsy, belinda, glenda, Jennifer, Jaime, ed ***reflx mng of the Barbarians grace of sindi... Samanta: then one of both is the one that master and to whom touches that will be my future Glenda husband: and as it is the fear thus to samanta Samanta: then the fear is that I am the one that is to cause that this is fulfilled Sindi said to him: you are idiot gross, obstinate In which sindi said to him obstinate gave to an average tap or this pat him, that samanta is key the wig All said when seeing that to him very shaded: pole, your pole that Samanta beams: if I am pole and that jajaja Samanta made run and belinda persecuted it and suddenly belinda put wing cave where supposed mind was monalisa was then when shades I catch to belinda and samanta she was not hidden of behind a scrub and the others chicos/as listened to the shouts and moans of belinda, while it go in the scrub to samanta by back a serpent it appeared and it said samanta to him: your and I we are enemy I veto, lárgate bothers your glance does not leave me vetoes is exempt Samanta the wig and was not said: it has as it hurts this damn wig to me already I am fed up with this wig
Samanta without wig running the serpent
More in the hospital very impatient daisy was and wing went chapel of the hospital to say Daisy: God mine Diosito ayúdame I want to see young me, wanted that Jorge recovers to very begin a new life fascinated Daisy saying was while sindi I arrive without making racket, or movement some Daisy: papito God please I request ayúdame to support this pain to you, to you mother santísima, you that you are mother that you underwent on the foot de la Cruz the death of your son ayúdame to support my Sindi pain: elsy is not necessary Ana: God has listened to it and the prize of its sufferings Daisy did not see sindi, Ana elsy and reigns backs that said to him: single I request to God a signal to find to me very small Sindi: God and the virgencita listens to Daisy to you: not because my daughter already lost perhaps this dead Sindi: woman of little faith (the girl cries there) Queen: your hijita is this beauty she drinks it but pretty Besy Raquel is called Daisy when listening that I cry the young slow volt; very slow, and it saw in arms of sindi a precious girl
Daisy: my daughter, my daughter Diosito thanks Sindi thanks: God is great and all it can it to which it requests gives him and to that it looks for it finds his mercy is beautiful Daisy: and the chavos where this belinda, where this glenda and the chavos Sindi: we discovered that Sergio who infortuna mind I arrive said: that they discovered sindi speaks Daisy: you do not leave in live coals speaks by God Sindi girl us: What? Samanta is Daisy: samanta is that? Sindi: it is the same pole Queen: although they do not create it is the meritita truth Sergio: that has been the clumsiest lie of the world pole this dead for Margarita months and Sergio: pole, pole nonSergio: we go immediately where this that ratera Daisy: samanta is a credible man, which can take control today of science until hiding a Sindi criminal: and luís that passage with my loved luís Sergio: and you know because they fought luís and to juancito sindi Sindi: not or me - it matters better we go that samanta is dangerous The more in the quarter of Jorge was the unconscious one had not even returned but suddenly, was as if one imagined to be entering the sky but what they were watched were nueves white and Jorge was entering the sky with a small nubecita in form of I circulate direct to the sky, in which Jorge could be noticed took that nubecilla and in the entrance the greater angel said to him: your you are man of noble heart that by love you have died because there are to want to see your wife by completes time Jorge: no, I want to be with her the master, and we could not have been happy a second always badly to be in favor of of average greater Angel: your son of God brother mine you know who is God and as Jorge can be seen God: if, my mother said to me that God always esteba with me greater Angel: if because God lives in the hearts on all we
More in Mexico in the house of the father of Jennifer, her mother was in a quarter of the mansion with Norvis, Norvis: my love I love you do not know to you whichever I love to you, I adore to you but I by encubrirte to you am your accomplice and we are three involved in the crime Doña Camila: jajaja never nobody will know the truth that I you aside from the way to Javier jajaja Norvis: my love I am tied to this love which I feel by you I love to you, I adore Doña to you Camila: there is I I must continue pretending to that I feel much the pain the duel jajaja Norvis: but Camila you did not have to kill the one that cost to you to say to him that you loved to me, that we loved Doña Camila: it has by God not this of ridiculous situation so to speak that was going to me to say if Camila takes all my fortune and escápate with my friend Norvis Norvis: and you know to who blames the police Doña Camila: no, nor it concerns Norvis to me: then to your son, your loved Norvis, innocent wing of innocence I boy to expose Doña to you Camila: if it beams you do not know with that you put, in addition I it by our Norvis love: but by money, to love it does not concern the money, which matters is the love Doña Camila: it has if but to eat if needing the money because not always we are going to eat love and if you want púdrete, and devuélveme the meter actions center (M C) Norvis: that it hurts my love but you and I we know very well that the single fortune is for us two solitos Doña Camila: it is for both Norvis: not fíjate that the fortune I am distributed in parts for all; part for Jennifer, part for innocence and me Doña Camila: according to I have understood my husband distributed of this form its Norvis inheritance: How if mine can be known to lady loved? Doña Camila: to of it is form. The companies meter center of Mexico DF are of my daughter, Jennifer Norvis: of that malcriada mocosa that does not know nor what loves Doña Camila: half of my money is of my wife who talks about to me then Norvis: there is ja that follows Doña Camila today: other average half of the average maid and for my friend Norvis consecrated Leonel Norvis: the companies I thought that me you left old me estupido green tail them this good that you have died Norvis was a boy of twenty-eight years, was not as old as vulgarly we say In hospitalón of Mexico already better and glory was much more recovered more Nurse: lady and you as Gloria feels today: very well thank you very much young lady Gloria seemed to be that that blow had made it change and today was better and humble she began by forgets past from zero Nurse: and you do not have children seño that has not come to see it Gloria: if I have one but I lost it by idiot who I was mistaken believing to live in a estupido dream Nurse: lady watches is nothing no better than to pardon and to request pardon when one does that feels re very well Gloria: if hatred, the ambition, renco the jealousy destroyed my life young lady Enfermera: I do not know it but sépalo you who for me you are a friend and I am called Fátima lady glory Gloria: thank you very much Fátima by its friendship In hell was already belinda placed in table Monalisa an iron: finally I will be most beautiful jajaja Shades: it loves mine you need for your pócima the four elements the Earth Monalisa: What? You cállate that you do not know anything While monalisa prepared scientific instruments like type, Belinda returned in if and llanterío of fire saw that, those similar discharges leguas of fire wing washes of Monalisa volcano: Black POlvos of momia L at night for my Necessity clothes the voice and the laughter of an old witch Altar to rejuvenated my hair a terror shout Little by little everything what monalisa requested was complementing More outside the cave the boys looked for Belinda but they could not find it, they look for and look for did not find Na gust of wind to intensify my hatred jajaja N powerful ray to mix it everything jajaja fascinated Monalisa because his pócima was ready said: now infernal potion fulfills your mission diabolic Shades were in the middle of the space was seen, a star in I circulate and more in the wall a triangle with the face of the devil was seen Shades: master who thinks to make with pócima That woman I distribute it on the body of Belinda and minutes in leaving another one did not take belinda equal Monalisa: that it is of you Belinda clone: you know me does not ask it, my mission is to destroy the Monalisa binoculars: so that you will destroy Belinda clone: obvious not that so that the world of the black magic does not disappear Shades, very astonished I remain with the opened mouth, of which her master had created Belinda clone: jajaja poor that is taken care of of my because boy to destroy Monalisa: jajaja your and I am equal Belinda clone. That there are to do with this estierco of the Monalisa life: he will send it after the seventh cascade, after the seventh hill of jade Belinda clone: good bye me boy because they look for to me, cuídate jajaja I do not doubt much More the bad woman monalisa and made a spell and Belinda was transferred even place happening flying through all the 7 cascade
After passing the seven sagradas cascades, passage by seven hills of jade
After arriving wing seventh hill from jade I arrive falling slept over the element, of the Earth and that made it be locked up in a very pure crystal small ball and belinda saw like a princess well this like the beautiful sleeper, in that crystal small ball, and just there same in the sky an opened layer was seen, that it united to the sky with the Earth and in the sky there was a gigantic black hole

(It armors beautiful sleeper) More in that hill salio Belinda (clone), and when seeing said it samanta: this alive I thought that monalisa was going it to kill William (1) my love where you were Belinda clone: it has by has no longer you annoy we go apúrate has and nor Wednesday you say to my love chicos/as to me, surprised saw belinda clone without knowledge that that was not original belinda Glenda: belinda friend because you behave thus Belinda clone. Because the offered desire occurs me and that waves then Samanta: from distant spot I send something as dust polen in form of which key on all the boys and soon she tele was transported from where it was and went to give behind the Samanta young people: coat has do not see that Mexican mosquita already its Belinda claws clone: estupida vain Jaime has your you fall either samanta to me but or badly: we go that it is best already the this day was long Belinda clone: your cállate, that so many cheap sermons give More in the sky was Jorge Jorge: the air is clean and pleasant ojala was something identified the air greater Angel: there is sight which goes Suddenly a round thing of color there, indigo key on the hand of William (2) when falling this said samanta to him in its mind: one is another two element already have one each has these William binoculars (2): brother is similar to which I nothing else give the siren to you in the water that that is clear blue color
Agua Belinda aire William (1)

Samanta and Belinda clone, observed with much fervor the element with desires to have it Belinda: préstamelo pa to see it brother-in-law friend mine after taking it Belinda that element I behave in color ardent orange like the fire, and Belinda I
Drop it because I burn it

Belinda: infernal Samanta has I am burned that is something: jajaja I burn divine wing estupida heron William (1): I do not understand because of insurance it does not have to be because single the binoculars can have it Jaime: if that to of being More on the following day than already were Monday in the institute the chavos commented arisen with Esther and the past with the boarding school the one from the explosion, although nobody - wise that his worse enemy was with them, in the direction of the institute the director said: I cannot believe first fifteen of September that still finishes in tragedy I do not understand because Who the Aryan? Queen: surely Fidel was badly a joke of those sea wind onshore binoculars: by once in my life I defend to those boys they are not the guilty because as much hatred did they Queen: berry and is not the truth since those binoculars are everything grasped misfortune here after misfortune; as the legend said it a storm arrived by the union of the Martha binoculars: but you are very juzgativa as you can assure that the binoculars made that prank in addition already are young for that Queen: he has and who can More be an extraterrestrial Martian in the inner door of the institute, he was Belinda clone with his fiancè William (1)
Belinda: boy already has to me you take care of (it says it in boring way)
William (1): my love, many things have happened in these months but I want that they erase and we begin to live new things above were all the boys watching them, to William, with Belinda clone, and said
Glenda: incredible Belinda lost the love in a few
Samanta minutes: it has if she is actress as they think that Belinda goes to him to make case to pobretón More clone without touching the heart said: How you think that I? You boy to make case to you a being who single served me as toy dirty and left jajaja the mine single thing is to go of flower in William flower (1), I cry when listening these words, not indeed I send the weeping if that spilled the tears to him and he did not say: I, as much he wanted to you and well you to it know, God truth she is my queen by whom I undergo
Belinda clone: there is estupido gemelito I I am an actress and you a no- no pobrecito thief of you as you put yourself to believe I to live with you a nonsingle romance was not a game of young boys as you put yourself to think if you are an average naquito writer Bajaron immediately all the chavos Sindi: What passes Belinda to you so that beams that? Belinda clone: your better búscate to reconcile with Luis or calin in the Altamirano property Mrs. Regina was disturbed More who wing breakfast time reunited to all the employees in the great room of the property and I invite them to eat a young man said: to that it must the honor of the Regina food: I want to inform that Mr. Jorge was attacked, in an explosion the milkman to them: What in and that?
Regina: they say that to rescue wing woman who fateful him so many headaches Another young man: and as this the pattern his I put that well Regina truth: - you are mistaken, one struggles between the life and the death All: that between the life and the death the milkman: he cannot die is the best head than we have had and we are Nicaraguan but never you have said things of Regina racists: today the new priest of the Willow will come to offer a parea mass that Jorge can be better Young man: then hands wing work we go to prepared the Regina chapel: you Benito Juan vetoes by the father who for hours has been opening arrived benito Juan: I will go away in the red car you--- you prepare everything in the town More, in the hospital was daisy very sad
Araceli: daisy has faith I God was listened to
Daisy: you do not know to whatever I have requested him to God by my love Jorge
Araceli: I that your you have suffered you had yourself to face so many things by Daisy: first which that estupida of Emilse put in my relation, soon even gay that it wanted to me to kill Saúl: my hijita love you must go to sleep a ratito wing marries Claribel: if mamita we go is that you have been three days in Araceli candle already: we go friend I I will accompany Eric to you: I also if it is not much annoyance Araceli young ladies: not then by my there is problems, but no she not Daisy: please clear that it is not no annoyance friend
Eric: I run to wing house to them we go and you gentlemen remain
Saúl: I veto my love I will take care of-- of Jorge you do not worry
Claribel: my love I am not wanted to be left Daisy: we go mamita mírate these kept awake Claribel: this good my love In house of adamy it was calmly when suddenly I arrive, chepe and said more: you pardon me by the one of the last Adamy: How you can request pardon to me after you lent treta wing of my mother?
Chepe: it violates to you by money and because your mother I pay then Adamy to me: if but your twins never will know it that your you are its father Suddenly chepe began to feel the voice of its body that turned it evildoer, and after that the binoculars arrived, and they remained listening to the Adamy conversation: your children never will know the truth that father so sweepings you were
Chepe: and to little that they matter to me those mocosos estupidos by my three times can be died and in addition my mission is to clear its Adamy elements to him: of which you speak these already being crazy very crazy because if the Coco slides to you the twins asked
William (1): How he knows of the elements?
William (2): easy that time that is our father is not obvious that -the -of knowing it all William (1): and that so important can be these two currencies that we kept in our pockets

William (2): now I include/understand all brother which happens that our mission is to look for the four Earth elements William (1): and which this has to do papa in because the binoculars entered wing marries Adamy: children already are here because they came Chepe soon: mujerzuela is already hour deals the truth to your Adamy children: not chepe Chepe: they want to know who is his father the binoculars: we already know Chepe: to if and who it is the together binoculars say: you and who can be then Adamy: as they knew it? William (2): mother we can see the things that nobody sees but I and my dead brother we are able to see the Chepe: jajaja watches whereupon wizards were born jajaja to you my chistosos children who William (2): you want a dear papito pruebita and the binoculars took themselves from the hands and raised chepe that they made it strike himself against the wall, and after that they moved the pictures of they themselves in the air, when falling chepe to the sky very Scared said: no, you if you have powers the legend it was not certain Adamy: children if the legend is certain where are medallones emblem rivers of the sun and the William moon (1): mami says that medallones will be in a bed where the sun William is born (2): and it cannot be in the bed of our house because from the birth of the sun Chepe is not seen there: and where they are the elements that have reunited the binoculars both showed chepe elements in Dora house was sarai More that llervera trying, to make react to milvia but this did not return in if Sarai: woman your daughter is not a vegetable like Esther she I ruin the life to him to Esther, and the sweepings that I go to ruin it to one I ruin wings two in the hope mansion More were arriving daisy, Araceli, Eric and claribel Araceli: that it feels lady to return to its Claribel house: I feel happy is incredible all this we are going it to remodelar Daisy: if so that the old memories remain voted Eric: not then if this house is precious just as the one of William Abraham your brother Araceli Araceli: if she is beautiful but it has bad memories More in the institute were in Arriaza classes: somebody that says to me that they know about the war where died monsignor Oscar romero Arnulfo In the blackboard very well was written a subject in great that it said this:

The Arriaza teacher was in his class and had asked that: they know about the war where monsignor Oscar romero Arnulfo Glenda died: single I that it was one long war where the farmers they fought by its lives Jaime: I that romero monsignor was the broken pocket because the a all the one that needed it was helped him and its crime was Belinda justice clone: nonman if that curita gave chanceé from which they kept the arms within the church of the Samanta: until finally the estupida one of belinda says something true that such monsignor was guerrilla who walked with those Sindi things: these very mistaken your and belinda because that man the only thing who requested was the cease to the fire wings firearms, to case that was Arriaza crime: congratulations know very well much of that now your belinda and your samanta, you tomorrow will bring a report to me about the life of romero monsignor Salio the teacher of social who was Arriaza and I enter the teacher of natural sciences who was Yony Yony: good morning young All: good morning Yony: incredible truth, what it did not happen with Esther I believe that is Lamentable Ana Elsy: if incredible and who it did not go to imagine a tragedy thus Samanta: there is already better Prof. we are going to give the Yony experiment: have every one it happened to the front to make the sample of his work in the electronics Thus was the chavos were happening one by one when glenda I arrive the hour said to him to belinda Glenda: it touches belinda Belinda clone to us: it happens then if that does happy Samanta to you: there is pobrecita wing clears fiancès humiliated Yony to it: silence berry that happens to that it touches man already to him, passes your single glenda Sindi: friend I happen with tigo but that if belinda you forget our friendship For a moment stopped belinda clone and it was put to think and it said in puts: I must deceive them to rob those Belinda elements clone: perdóname glenda please by the friendship that always you and I always have had Glenda: there is friend, Samanta friend: if already one did not imagine that this usurper was not so that estupida Belinda and glenda presented/displayed their experiment doing to ignite a center with many electronic equipments Yony: now your samanta In the mansion of Frida it more was with her very sad daughter crying on the foot of her Mario daughter: lady says that milvia this paying those that her Esther daughter did to him, this ladies is not single work of milvia anybody had to help him and is anybody that can be Who? Frida: but this is too strange because milvia this unconscious and my daughter is lost the Mario face: lady this párese as a work of Pink badness: to young me what they have done to him it is witchcraft watches is that the face is rare has it as color plum and its eyes as is burst gives fear to see it Frida: but who will be with those Mario witchcrafts: I think that being somebody near one, I know a case so the girl youngster as well as she rene did that to him by jealousy to their Freddy beauty: by God that single one is in fairy tales Frida: that you mean Mario: this is witchcraft is obvious that if because the person who has bewitched it, is wing that says to see that it wants it to kill Frida: daughter, Esther to that time your that she wants to you to kill Esther: and you who you want they call to samanta Pink: and that strange love to samanta is rare when never they have taken well, have been always hated are like water and Mario oil: can that that samanta has to him I throw the Frida damage: that girl is not good what happens is that is timid by God! Samanta is a Freddy angel rene: an angel is ja as well as no, you to it then say if you knew who are that samanta so Pink: young person and you who you know that as much she knows to case doubt the good thing that he is samanta has not if it is as good as the bread Frida: and you who you know to Freddy rene: no! Not I not nothing the Mario right of perpetual ownership: he is typical of the groups youthful; he is to be faithful to his Freddy friends rene: but they know something worries samanta this to me as new sovereign and you are not on the awares Pink: nonyoung I if that samanta is a farsante and nobody is created Mario: not I if I create because samanta kiss to apropósito me cuate so that Lilian saw Rose: the wise person not if and then Frida did not doubt: then then! I also that samanta is bad but I eat I saw that all rene wanted it could not speak nobody was going to believe Freddy to me: what I fear is that right of perpetual ownership to kill belinda, glenda and to nachito and doñita wing Rosy Ocampo Frida: samanta did not kill anybody that we go it to prevent goes unámonos to the willow and requests that they remove to that cruel sovereign and tyrant Mario: if this good In the Dora house he was sarai more even trying to do something by milvia but the only thing was inaudito Sarai that said was Sarai: daughter you, are the guilty this is the result of your acts and your bad decisions Dora: that it has my drinks Sarai: it tapeworm some enchanted and somebody I ruin it and stucco in she herself, because you thus watch case to me you were Dora: I was, sarai she had above ignited a candle legs Sarai: single somebody of pure heart can revivir it Moment later arrived - White with the head covered by a towel Dora: mother you bad time, very shaken White: more badly truthful you your with this bad news that I have Dora to you: Sarai mother speaks: woman strong you, are of good heart resists this test that will say Dora; that? White: she is on your son Dora: that she passes to me son to him, who has this in the property nonmother who happens White for the first time of his eyes flare tears and crying he said: daughter my grandson this hospitalized for three days Dora: that it has mamita because Goddess is thus with me because Sarai: God is not thus that is thus we are we them human beings White: daughter I that your these bad good you have to milvia unconscious, and Jorge was in intensive therapy but night I enter comma Dora: who said that to you? White: a woman who says that she is the wife of the Dora: Who? How she is called? How she is she? White: not as it is but if it said to me that daisy was called and it said to me that Jorge had been left in an explosion of a boarding school Dora: White daisy: that same me Sarai said to it: but if - that already this dead Dora: I that to make mamita I am wanted to die she does not have herself, God Sarai: she sees the hospital I I remain by your White daughter: if daughter sees fight by them, I remain to take care of to your children finally adamy this good, although worried Dora: because? Mother who to him happens White today: they say that the binoculars found the legend yesterday and has two elements all the legend this becoming real Sarai: déjame decirte that the binoculars will give their life by these two girls, but an omen says that the twins will leave winners although much blood of your family and the friendships of your White family will run: that small if single milvia is the one that this thus Dora: mother also this thus Esther the daughter of Frida the niece of the finado White Leopoldo: this town this damn by my grandsons but I are them to save although she must to me die in the house of melisa she was very sad More she took a walk by the house and she said: daughter ojala me pardons because I have a feeling something bad Suddenly young people arrived wing marries of melisa Adrián: good morning seño Yoselin: good morning him of God seño Melisa: thanks good morning in which I can serve Adrián to them: we can enter Melisa: if they pass siéntense Adrián: thanks Mrs. Melisa: my nachito love brings two refreshments of tamarind for our Yoselin guests: we want that Melisa helps us: in Adrián: we want house where to live because for days a woman I have been adopting to us and disappeared Yoselin mysteriously: Gelga was called aguayo Melisa: but if that woman died fifteen years ago as she could be alive, today I understand all Yoselin to it: she said that she wanted a book of the alchemist, and that she and samanta were going to kill belinda and to his friends but also she added to something on the one arrival mona something thus I create Adrián: a day left and it never returned like ago a month Yoselin: and the lack of food made look for this house us that we saw close, and it wanted to us to force to that we separated the group of its Melisa daughter: and you want that we adopt Adrián: that same Mrs. Melisa: he will hope that my husband comes Those two young people had dirty clothes affluent and melisa gave them to eat and those ate eagerness yet and noticed that they did not eat from long ago In the institute samanta was single more presenting/displaying the experiment, when she said to ignite the center was when the center I explode, and she I am with the stopped hairs and the face everything to humada and without wanting I touch the small wires of the center and those wires electrocutaron that has left average idiot, all were ed ***reflx mng of them. In the sky the Ernesto ghost the guard was talking more with San jOse Ernesto: I have to go to take care of to belinda to that called place the hill of jade San jOse: it sees and it takes care of of her That low spirit and low until arriving at that crystal ball where belinda was locked up and slept, soon that saw both holes the one of the sky that was a black hole Ernesto: it is the entrance of the sky to hell and happened of badly the wing the earth that means that badly this in the alive Earth in some place I must notice halos chavos to them In the property the Altamirano had more gotten Deiby father to celebrate eucaristía in the sagrada chapel of the Altamirano Regina: padrecito like this all that way Deiby: very badly all this of head never had seen so much badly in a town benito Juan: but after the storm the Deiby calm comes: that is truth son, but this is too much Regina: and that passage with the fugitive nun Deiby: because they do not say that they have not found it I enter the milkman and it said: father already this ready everything can pass Regina: father and Jorge like this Deiby: I do not have to lie Jorge this very serious can die The mass had been celebrated in the Altamirano after all, all requested to God by the health of Jorge between tears were sad Moment later in the town the boys had left classes, Arriaza and his alumnos/as, had been going to visit Esther to their Frida house: pass this she here Samanta: I remain in my room already I am satiated to see Esther Glenda: nobody forces to you that berries to see me Sindi sister: to me nobody clears to me of the head that who it has caused to him all that to Esther you are your Samanta witch: health, health that you berry or, or you arrived at that either lárgate mojigata Alos moments withdrew to see Esther in small groups and all so on entered to have it, I complete group was the one of belinda clone, with the supposed friends of her Esther: that they do here that they want Sindi: like these Glenda: hermanita comes to verte Esther: and so that, if I do not have anything Belinda clone of his knapsack coat a mirror and said: at if mírate as these Belinda clone gave the mirror him to Esther, watches she is Belinda clone, shining a black dress laughed very happy

Belinda clone seeing itself in the mirror After which that gave to the Esther mirror it very distrustfully to him volume; and nervous Sindi: Esther dame that mirror nonEsther Belinda clone: déjaselo if she must know and accept herself as he is feita Jaime: Why beams bad? Sindi: one takes advantage of which my friend glenda this down preparing Belinda foods clone: jajaja nobody can surpass my bellaza jajaja Sindi: and that you create who are better to be pretty or to be intelligent Belinda clone: it has is obvious that by his since of course that to be pretty beautiful pretty, mírate is Esther without fear your you are ugly, ugly Luís exempt him the mirror to Esther Belinda clone: déjaselo estupido left without Luís home: and to where you want to arrive then belinda already these carrying to you just as samanta that passes majé to you Sindi: you are estupida and discúlpame but if you have become estupida William (2): belinda sister-in-law which you try in the morning you ruined the heart to him to me Jennifer brother: my friend considered you because you saved from me Belinda fiancè clone: huy, the divine heron I speak, if single does not lack the pobrecita of Esther I do not say choqui jajaja Jennifer: it excuses belinda because you behave at night wing tomorrow Belinda thus clone him had returned to clear the mirror to luís and to Esther had been given back it, when Esther was seen saw as the prettiest woman could not leave her plan to him to belinda because William (2) had, contacted the powers closing the eyes caused it that was pretty Esther: I am beautiful very pretty Belinda clone: damn, it is because this damn one cannot see its Jennifer defect: already the time then God can more than your hatred and your Juancito jealousy: belinda eras thus because you have become evil because damn you are explícanos that we made bad that we are paying to very furious Belinda salio from the quarter when lowering did not raise glenda and of it said: because you go away Belinda friend clone, very hypocritically it said to him: me boy because I must go to me house In the house of melisa it more arrived to work Fabian Fabian: good night my love good night my precious champion like these your champion mine? Melisa: good night my life When seeing, the young people said Fabian: and they who are Melisa: I want to speak with you and solo in my room we go Fabian: with permission young Yoselin and Adrián: his Mr. Ma's soon they were in the quarter speaking Melisa: my love they are two young people without home Fabian: and now that you want my Melisa love: he wanted that we adopted Fabian: but, you know them Melisa: if they said everything to me, escúchalos, and if - time they do not have house, do not have to eat Fabian: but it understands you create you who accepted belinda and our this I aim to be born, and nachito that will say our children has! Melisa: my single love I have left two months so that the boy is born of our love Fabian: it takes care of that pancita, this good I acceptance that you are together made position with me of those Melisa youngsters: my love for that reason; I want to you, I love to you, Melisa tapeworm seven months of pregnancy and were happy, and not to leave belinda and nachito single; when to her it was called on to give to him light, it convinced his husband that they will adopt young halos that had arrived at their house the time passed little I diminish the time mediates and melisa it little so that its bebecito was born, in the hospital was needing Jorge even followed in comma, had not returned in if, daisy it had put secretly to see Jorge this cried next to in his tears were when Jorge almost moved his hand after a month in comma, plus the William (1) went it cries and cries in the farm the Altamirano property
Regina: William young person (1): if lady in which I can serve Regina to him: there is chamaco you as you are of bad goes benito Juan: tonight we have Regina joy: and that because benito Juan volume to Regina between his arms embracing it of joy said to him: - Mr. Jorge already returned in if William (1): (with sad face) he said: that good ojala first as happy God fixes to everything and the Seine as before benito Juan: alégrate boy leaves the pains of Regina love: if and it watches in the room that this sees runs That I enter slowly without running; Benito Juan, burladamente said to him: taken care of you fall of the race seems that it runs plus a turtle that your Plus in the hospital was adamy and gilds very happy because Jorge had reacted Adamy already: note that loves much your son that girl Dora: if that is truth and watches my granddaughter gorgeous Adamy is precious: they see load your granddaughter, daisy comes Daisy I approach and it gilds position to its very happy granddaughter in arms, seemed that everything was returning to its normal echo in the house of Frida Esther even followed More in its state of which its face had lost, Mario and Frida decided to take it to wing city of Mexico, to pay by an operation in the face of Esther In house of claribel everything had been remodelado and it had become today the luxurious mansion of the family of the Guard Argueta Ximena Even followed hidden and decrepita by the nights it left to rob food to the refrigerator, shell was happy because with her the one lived that was its hijito More in hell monalisa was furious Monalisa: as sos so estupido chepe I said to you that half of my life was yours because your eras the one who the other estupida one of samanta would even release to me and are robbed the picture for that reason I am not still original monalisa and I must live in the body of this clumsy queen Ana but the good thing is that jajaja already robs the body to him to Adaly
(Benedictus same chepe and monalisa) Shades: my master benedictus is more intelligent than you Monalisa: cállate that you hinder to me, benedictus your you are an idiot imagínate meterte in the body of debilucho samanta had traveled More to Mexico with Frida and Mauricio. The chavos had already arrived also wing property Altamirano William (1): brother you have returned William (2): and you like these hermanito William (1): sad you cannot ask single contéstame to me so that you used the power that you requested Sindi to me: I use it to avoid a Luís pain: and your as you know sindi William (1): if as you know that because single we can know I to it and my Sindi brother: single I do not observe everything when belinda I give the mirror to him to intention to Esther to cause the William pain to him (1): and my amiguito my nachito where this did not come either nor oscarcito and where this she came That William (1), saw that Jaime even walked the last painting collection that knew to paint and William said to him: that horrible Jaime is this figure that; I paint badly as me I imagine Adrián to it: yoselin watches that is the time that the one that I mention Gelga Todos/as: Gelga Adrián: if that same Gelga aguayo Sindi: that there is with the painting adrián Calin: What you know your of this work adrián? Adrián: single I that Gelga said that samanta she and one mona would come Xenia Abigail: but Gelga already came Ana elsy: also already Juan came samanta baptist: then mona is Luís: this work of art is Jaime: if Glenda is badly appeared: my love this I who am if this is monalisa Adrián: exact that is monalisa knew it single that Queen Abigail did not decide to me: if that is monalisa but that it never existed single was a Regina painting: now that memory the town said that to Ana reviviría and would come to be sovereign to become monalisa the only goddess of the beauty of the feminidad and masculinidad Jennifer and their William fiancè (2) threw a look to him wing painting of Jaime

Jennifer: if it watches here it began painting it Sergio: more or less little by little Ana watches here was having left to him elsy: I propose that after classes tomorrow we begin to arm tracks Xenia Abigail: it is truth because little by little we must arm breaks Jennifer heads: if but before all the Sindi group: the group must return to do the one of before it passes with club schull or with group belinda and diamonds from God Jaime: net that if our group to be example we have helped to rich and poor in difficulties What happens? With the William group (2): calin us insult of died of William hunger (1): it denied three times to us said that he was not of our class Jaime: but that to case does not say the Bible that there is to pardon nonsingle seven times seventy Sindi: either or! Let us pardon so that they pardon William to us (2): if but they hurt but the words that the blows, amiii offended to me mother mother understand it has! Jennifer: my love already n is left to nothing in the world time all the this lost people of your town the willow this desabitando itself and the planet this I aim to operate thing that single east group is happy to see Sindi: by God we forget the bad things and already we live a different life Ana elsy: if this patán offended tube to me well cauatachona Vanesa this bare one it does not deserve to be part of our group huy Reina Abigail: already Ana déjalo Yoselin: What happens? With you if you were enviable and now they do not give hurts fighting I I do not want that our group fights William (2): but another subject is very strange that all walk of behind the elements that have given us William brother (1): because you say Jaime to it: first that nothing is necessary to protect them because if by any thing we neglected them they rob them today and but that says that this alive monalisa Ana elsy: if by any thing they discover where that hides monalisa must inform fast Queen to us: if they know something we must be more united than ever and I so say it by samanta and monalisa William (2): it is strange to me that belinda wants those Calin elements: boys belinda is not belinda I that nonLuís: crazy anvil anvil being spurt of crazy wey Entro together benito Juan and said when seeing the binoculars benito Juan: incredible they are igualitos you not then that old legend is certain
William (1): that you of that legend know benito Juan: much by William (1): tonight of bonfire us against everything what benito Juan knows to Don Juan please: Wu, by my is no probl. Juancito: chido that is tonight William (1), I ask to him privily its brother as well as that if belinda William had come (1): William came she (2): nonbrother, did not want to come William (1): William hates to me (2): designate me boy to order my things permission wey That went very fast for inside while William (1) I remain single and suddenly it began to sing William (1), sang the song of: kalimba I am not wanted to enamor I did not want quererte I I did not want quererte, and I could not avoid it, I believed to be able to defend to me, But to my heart it you cannot tie CHOIR and I not my love who I do buscándote, If I win to you I lose freedom, and I not my love who I do besándote, If I am not wanted to enamor. Guard in silence my kisses, Despídete without turning around, Because to besarte I lose myself, But to my heart that can explain to him. CHOIR and I not my love who I do buscándote, If I win to you I lose freedom, and I not my love who I do besándote, If I am not wanted to enamor. CHOIR and I not my love who I do buscándote, If I win to you I lose freedom, and I not my love who I do besándote, If I am not wanted to enamor While William (1); it sang the boys walked by the property seeing as he fed the cattle, others knowing the cultures coffee, banana, maize, rice and cotton others visiting the beautiful creeks of the water rivers warm sweet. In the town adamy and gilds more were in the hospital, Dora: it has beautiful is my granddaughter is precious is my Adamy heart: daisy you are an excellent truthful woman and who this love will be awarded Daisy: lady first God everything what she says to me makes reality Dora: daughters I never have had you good faith but if I say to you that there is a reason for which I have not had you faith Daisy: the faith does not deposit in me deposítela in our celestial father Adamy: and because you have not wanted it then, that so powerful reason has done that in you Dora: samanta said to me that you were a cheap woman who you had revolcado yourself with many and that she knew Adamy very well you: but that gilds is not I aim was adamy to say to him to its sister who samanta was not the young young candy that all saw Dora: samanta that, that you were going to say Adamy: this good one already for hiding to things samanta is not a good woman and I say to you that by anything in the world you trust her Dora: and because Daisy: if, because Adamy: because samanta is When it was going to reveal that samanta was a man I arrive the doctor and it said to him: it can pass one of you to see Mr. Jorge Daisy: berry you mother-in-law Dora: it does not see you, because you are his woman In the city of Mexico they had more arrived wing city, Frida with Mario went to the hospital and samanta went to a called place the hall beautiful arts, samanta was even walked taking a walk, that found that image of the picture that had given a supposed spirit him who used to be called monalisa city of Mexico
Samanta: huy this so that the querera Ana Samanta I remain disperses seeing the image and later it said: hands wing build But later that painting of Jaime remembered touching said it: this is identical wing that pinto Jaime that means that Ana is monalisa is jajaja I have in my hands Ana to you but already hands wing build
What samanta remembers and I cry out a rare fulgor of witchcraft and the picture began, to unnail itself of the wall, and suddenly that picture became, hair net and disappeared and went to fall direct to the department where they in Mexico shut in today
The first image is when the picture begins to put hair net and the other images are those that are in the museum of Mexico in Dora house the white grandmother took a walk More of here for has when suddenly he appeared chepe in the door, that identical man to Felix White was put pale, pale when seeing that there he was the being who plus hated it that soon he began to bitterly cry tears after Chepe tears: you are a damn acecina is the hour in which it renders to me to damage to me brother (crying) Crying said white: think that I that I am seventy years old do not cry the salary bitterly to me made acecina and your but that nobody knows that your son was my form to take revenge so to speak an adjustment to me of whatever by your fault and your brother paid but I twice regret nonsingle one nor Chepe: because you killed it I swear that there are to pay its White death: that more payment if my grandsons are dead in life, who more than I sold to me own daughter to you you do not know as I regret Chepe: and I my children my gemelitos hate to me I lost to me another woman by your White fault: you know chepe the pardon, it is good I I feel happy because I was claws of the death and here I am alive that means that God gave the opportunity me to amend to me but to you also your children pardoned to you already do not hate to you we have had luck imagínate that that lindisima princess belinda has saved us Chepe: not - God cannot pardon to the old condemned acecina White: chepe when you learn to pardon and to request pardon you will even know the meaning valuable that there is in a true repentance because God if it exists if Chepe exists: cállate, cállate that by your fault my children were born damn subjects to a damn White legend: you from before wise who Ana became one monalisa by hatred and the jealousy, she was witch your ex- woman and the curse was as much fault mine as yours Chepe: that this alive one and has come to kill my children (it cried) White: that woman cannot be alive nooo! (crying) posos Moments later the spirit of monalisa in Dora house and began to mystically say to things to white and chepe Monalisa spirit: you and your grandsons are going away to rot in the fathoms of hell like your chepe and White you loved adamy: you do not dare already damn you have damaged so much because nondeliveries to belinda because you are scared to him if fear wing damn beauty Chepe: to my children not mátame to me mátame Monalisa: clear that it will kill to you but before you were present at the death of the twins truthful like takes the head to them, as their hearts are transferred by the swords zeta White: not my grandsons not before Wendish him the soul to the Monalisa devil: then me you will have it to sell me because I am the devil I Chepe: to my children you do not have with me what you do not want my love but to them not either adamy Monalisa: to that the truthful one suplicando to me crawling by the ground as a worm and will squash it Then was that white I rise and escupió to monalisa and that I react and said: huy damn you paid very expensive but before I want verte requesting mercy by your relatives jajaja

Shortly after in house of Frida he was pink with the friends of Esther Lilian: ojala Esther leaves with good of its Verónica operation: it is necessary to say to him very many to san Antonio of padua Vanesa: rose and you whichever time take already working in this Ros house: I, take like my twenty-five years of work in this Lilian house: then you go to help to us to investigate on that samanta so Pink: that - samanta I see, poquito a suspicious Lilian it: just a little bit pocote Vanesa: this girl samanta has man ruses and is a small box of surprises without fear to mistake samanta to me is the same Pink pole: not that nonvery small Lilian: it is Pink truth: Why? Not because they say that Lilian: you received the body of pole or the ashes of the Vanesa: you were your only Verónica family: in addition because there are several Lilian coincidences: How thus? Verónica: see day fifteen of September appeared pole or the voice of the Lilian: if but that were a recording in casete Verónica: aja and the day of the commitment of adamy also was a Vanesa recording: now that you say it if it is truth pole this alive one is truth not like but that day that the doñita melisa faint wing only person who feared to him was to samanta that because I saw Verónica it: in order to leave doubts I propose that we register the things of samanta Pink: if that this good because some paper of identification must of having In the farm of that woman hope all were already the Jorge young men more working it also both full farms of cattles, and culture today was a preciosura to embroidered indeed saw a beautiful small house that was, where been it had kidnapped daisy Next to that single small house was a wall that stopped the ARYAN house of the property KINGS and the chavos all together ones demolished that wall All were happy shepherding the cattle while they shepherded, mounted horse, others were sad and sang new songs composed by them More wing borders of laughed was calin solito crying
Calin cried but wing time was put to sing because there was lost the love of Vanesa Calin: it is obvious that for my single invention the solitude, no longer I have left tears of as much crying by you Vanesa I feel like dry poquito to little me boy to die very despacito by you my love I need see sálvame to you and perdóname smells to Me of solitude today it smells of solitude to know how that no longer these to me to think that everything I finish that no longer you will return to feel that I lost to you and I must live lost in the sadness that you left in your place It hurts to me not to have your love and treatment to forget and I do not do but that to remember I feel that the life in your memory goes away to me It smells of solitude love to me to tears of the heart to fear and to feel pain to suffer and to do damage to me It smells of solitude love to me are gray days to arrive are nights without being able to sleep when not knowing how to live without you never I swear to you that it smells to me of solitude And I become ill to me to think to where it is that you will walk if you will amuse yourself without my I do not want to imagine I die by knowing if at least once you will have thought about my talvez With desire to return it hurts to me not to have your love and treatment to forget and I do not do but that to remember I feel that the life in your memory goes away to me It smells of solitude love to me to tears of the heart to fear and to feel pain to suffer and to do damage to me It smells of solitude love to me to gray days to arrive at nights without being able to sleep not to know how to live without you never I swear to you that it smells to me of solitude Love whichever I surprise verte to you does not do as much damage to me (verte does not do as much damage to me) by you I I am suffering without you I am dying of love It smells of solitude love to me to tears of the heart to fear and to feel pain to suffer and to do damage to me It smells of solitude love to me to gray days to arrive at nights without being able to sleep not to know how to live without you never I swear to you that it smells to me of Solitude calin: Belinda smells to me no longer of solitude you will come Vanesa no longer More clone was single, when suddenly I arrive William 1, to where she
William (1): my love mírame to the Belinda eyes clone said in mind: he is handsome is beautiful I cannot be resisted to the William (1): my love you forgot our Belinda love clone: my love I do not love bésame to you is me love perdóname
William (1): I love my love to you I love júrame to you that no longer we are going to fight júrame Belinda clone in mind: it has I really love to you I love to you and I was not made to love but I do not resist to this William man (1): there is belinda you do not know whichever I love to you and I wish Belinda you clone: my love perdóname William (1): of which my love already of which not because I love Belinda to you clone: I have a surprise to you, closes your eyes OK William (1): What? My love that Belinda surprise clone: they tare sight that this here William (1): chido affluent nachito like these pretty cuñadito Nachito: cuñadote I boy to mount well in sprinkled and your William (1): also or in another one
The days flew and flew belinda clone had become good with their fiancè and in these days it had enjoyed much that until had learned to make tortillas of maize
During the strolls in farm belinda had mascots like a monito, a small dog and a horse
Today all walked walking in a field of the farm that was a pretty field filled with flowers, because Sergio had taken to the camera of photos Luis: belinda and together saquéense William a photo and later William and Jennifer So on took photos eating things that had taken to their day of field
Jaime was painting to belinda while she was seated in a straw armchair Luis: hey that chido you were left belinda Belinda clone: enséñamela Jaime Jaime: they ten is my wedding present William (2): guao that pretty this Belinda clone: órale if this nice guao
Jennifer: and that you is not going away to remove Luís photos: I and your my Sindi love: it is not that I finish royo Sergio: yoselin and I takings the our already William (1): and nachito my papi is not going away to remove a Nachito photo: I already take thus belinda
Belinda clone: it already says to one volume one my Nachito love to you: boy to see the cows and the Jennifer horses well that indeed horse mounted I cross by the river and when low seeing it of the horse and saw as that boy lamented itself on rocks of laughed where the clean water Jennifer fell I approach and it said to him: Why? Your cheeks say things of you Calin I raise the face crying and it said to him: Jennifer says that the men do not have to cry that way Passed yoselin that its putting mind wanted much to calin and saw when calin was narrowed crying halos arms of Jennifer Yoselin: there is this estupida goes to make a hindrance in my plans in the river calin said More: Jennifer so I was estupido, not who are my Jennifer parents: not calin your, you are chavo that bonds you think much that not that your you helped William to make its dream you are a hero and with pride, and the one of your calm family those are things that happen in the life is necessary to know how to accept them Calin: I am a sweepings, I Juan Carlos single Velasquez have an aunt an aunt who did not say to me more than my father and my single mother generated to me and even left me like dog without Jennifer owner: you are not so absurd, a boy whom it enchants to him to write small colloquies of love is beautiful at least you have an aunt not and I a brother a fiancè whom he loves to me my parents died the life follows but they live in my Calin heart: single that I am a hindrance all I do not become it bad I fall in love mistaken I do not have mother nor papa (it cried) Jennifer: your boy your and single one you are the unique one who must raise his face in stop and to say I am calin or as you are called or this Juan Carlos and you know that you remember what the strong pain and mostrémonos say to ocultémonos professor Arriaza invincible fighters and Calin: that, you want that the street bastard without home says olote to I of all I am on its feet like fur coat Jennifer: you are mistaken your - you are one pretty person you have a great heart, which has is low car considers Calin: and it tell me that I can make Jennifer: I gave to the truth arrepiéntete of Calin heart: there is Jennifer I feel so sad so single as if outside a wall, sometimes desire not to live Jennifer: you are not a young person with talent moral principles although, you do not have house, car, articles you have a beautiful one pledges your love and your opened heart to seed makes friends, acuérdate what what also says says to our friend Belinda that there is no problem that n is solved when you have true Calin friends: my article that it loved more I lost Jennifer: and who is that article wing that your plus you loved Calin: to me mother she was my favorite article my only article of love They went away walking and calin took the hauled horse and Jennifer, went mounted in the horse in the city of Mexico in house of Doña Camila More arrived the federal agents and the investigators had gotten to stop acecina wing of Don Javier Ibáñez Innocence: pass gentlemen who wish the official (commissioner or commander): this Mrs. Camila Elizabet widow of Ibáñez Exactly left that woman when it said innocence: if she is Doña Camila: so that I am good Mr. Franco: the suspicious crime already salio wing light between the three suspicious faces that were who you create that you are Doña Camila: the official is innocence (commissioner or commander): this safe you of which you say Franc: lady she this discarded Innocence: I nontapeworm reason pa of killing to me pattern, easier that you and I Camila taking hold the idiot or was not DES tormented (Doña Camila or dresses red) Later of as much wing earth was arriving at its aim each apt one by common that it was made was good or bad, and in this case to Doña Camila him had arrived the Camila hour: you are estupida criaducha Frank: and you lady innocence to that culprit of acecinado Innocence creates: I think that then, that Mr. Norvis Consecrated Leonel is a lover of the lady Doña Camila: she was not the official (commissioner or commander): and then who In the farm the Altamira belinda clone said to Belinda clone: I like much but I amused myself now with you I have destruirte William (1): because my love because you do this Belinda to me clone: suéltame is or déjame huy I do not support Then William to you 1, it was put sad with desire to cry throwing everything of here for already, and in that it sang pair being relieved Again No, no, no, Again suffering not only I lost the dignity I have returned to fall in your deceit and I swear quee to you does damage to me No, no, it will not keep resentment to you Although it feels a great pain Already I saw you as another person and my soul you do not pardon it Veto calm, safe I am going to you to forget and when the weeping wants to me to win I swear to You that I am going to shout (choir) Again you leave Me in the anything and I say So that if this already had lived it It will be that it was written in my destiny tenerte and perderte later Again Me you leave enamored so Because I continue living in the past Will be that to your memory I am tied and if you return I return to want to you Again It will take in the back a treason and in the chest a great pain After which I have given you No longer I love you to my side Veto surely calm I am going to forget to you and when the weeping wants to me to win I assure to you that I am going to shout (choir) Again you leave Me in the anything and said So that if this already had lived it It will be that it was written in my destiny tenerte and perderte later Again Me you leave enamored so Because I continue living in the past Will be that to your memory I am tied and if you return I return to want to you Again Which I return to cry by you I have it to admit That although you have deceived me I I die by you Again you leave Me in the anything and I say So that if this already had lived it It will be that it was written in my destiny tenerte and perderte later Again Me you leave enamored so Because I continue living in the past Will be that to your memory I am tied and if you return I return to want to you Again No, no, no, Again suffering No
William (1): Again because! You play with me
Sindi: this already is not enough More in that department was samanta very single seeing very gracious the picture and said between
Samanta thoughts: samanta to that truely Samanta masters coat a dart where they were two photos and between the bow with his enemies
# 5

In this I complete I capitulate that it is the passport in the end dies Glenda Adamy here, Melissa and is decided the end of each one of the good ones here and bad it leaves your from that outcome of bad nesses and kindness

After to have passed these two days, the binoculars they even cried the death of its mother today the storm had moved away single already While they say by the town that Jaime went it to see flying the time and that day with day cried the death of a great love, say that Glenda saw it come from return beautiful wing; and that in its mind sang a song which all normal mind knows as mourning in my soul... and says that while their lips sing every night of love remembered each kiss of and Glenda Because one night went away wing creek that all call to him eddies it then according to say appeared to him a fairy
That it slept it and soon even passed sub-world, where saw Glenda and platico very beautiful things Glenda: my love your eyes show to passion and love to me Jaime: your lips I want to kiss
Glenda: I also wish a last kiss yours
Jaime: last not if you want irte llévame to me
Glenda: you Glenda has your hour not -arrived- the mine Jaime kiss the lips from the candy
Jaime: your lips erase of my mouth the Glenda sins: your voice illuminates my love to me
Very happy Glenda and Jaime were
Jaime: you berries you do not leave llévame me Glenda here single: I cannot my love from has I will be always with you Glenda I rise and way wings horillas of a beautiful one to crack of water and behind was Jaime
And that Glenda callus to the sleepy sea but Jaime I raise it between its arms
I kneel down and said: sky because me you have cleared it because Then soon the low fairy and began to raise the sweet body of Glenda and Glenda raised skies and Jaime said slept because the one that this living was a dream
Jaime: Glenda you do not go away but I –arrive- Professor Luís Oscar Arriaza with the wife from the doña rosy
Arriaza and Rosy
Arriaza: young it wakes up see we go to me house
Jaime: Glenda sees you do not go away of me returns that the pain kills I do not want perderte to me
Rosy: Jaime Arriaza sees wakes up these in dreams of things on your fiancée: son sees Jaime I raise and hug to the professor and said to him: professor died- died that ago I
Arriaza: Calm we accept the aims of God, watches I- I am I reject my son is of lost not where it can be
Jaime: one went for always I leave single
Arriaza here single: these here single you do not have my house my affection the affection of my wife and the one of your Rosy friends: we go wing marries bad time you already take to many days here single Jaime to you: I am wanted to die I do not want to live I do not want Arriaza: hey! Veme here hey! veme to the Rosy eyes: Andale we go, watches I I feel made my son trizas was lost kidnapped it in my own noses I could not do nothing Arriaza: that is not the together Jaime who knew Glenda better we hard go fight we will know itself that committed the crime Jaime: crime you say Arriaza crime: if she were acecinada of a firing Jaime: we go today I have reason to live I must discover that Rosy crime: nonsingle we must recover to us if not that also we must fight to also look for me son to the son of Don Fabian to Belinda Jaime: who it has to nachito has to Oscar and Belinda Arriaza: if that is truth but we go see
Jaime: OK we go Therefore they went of the river - in house of Claribel and Saúl they were more next to their daughter and her son-in-law Jorge
Jorge: I am the culprit of which my aunt died I- I was the Luís guilty: - we lost much in is incident Sindi: what I ask myself who I kill wing lady adamy, to Glenda, to doña Melissa with its bebecito that single it perhaps needed days so that Daisy was born: but and Belinda, where this Belinda, where Yoselin: the twins know but they are destroyed crying in the cemetery from in the burial remained there yesterday and today Shades have not returned More samanta today had been going to give to a visit to their master monalisa: lady has visit In cacalutepec that nobody had even discovered, the cave of wolves occurred to step even new allegamiento there; if it were the transformation of Ana in monalisa Samanta: here this what you have ordered to me now I want my spell so that William Antonio is mine by something kills three birds of a single shot Shades: you killed four so that two the pregnant woman Monalisa was: hello you brought my Samanta figure: and your that you create, because clear it does not travel of lives non-
Monalisa: you are perfect, today has in your networks solito to Jaime
Samanta: I have two men who will be mine and single mine Monalisa saw with ill the painting and said
Monalisa: it is perfect
Samanta: it takes
Monalisa already: where this mine, thanks!
Samanta: tranquis my ruca this then órale dame mine I already fulfilled OK Monalisa here: seven hairs of wolf that are such seven hairs of the devil with this you will have to put 3 to William and four (4) to Jaime to destroy them and to do with them what you want
Samanta: because it does not watch the painting is exceptional is the magician monalisa and your estupida cheating today you will be the queen of the beauty but that wing that calls
Monalisa in mind said: poor man of you samanta those seven hairs do not work deceives jajaja to you Samanta: guao arpía that -SOS- your man or woman has since he matters to me if already I have what I want
Monalisa: Ho I will be but beautiful and no woman me will be able to never gain Samanta under observed it as she vanguard goes away to say Ho who beautiful I am samanta added in its mind: your joy lasts to you very little because I and of being the -the next in being queen of the world and all the women but beautiful Monalisa: samanta your although you want to be, but beautiful that I you cannot Samanta: she has and because lady and loves mine if we are of the same nature or to case Monalisa forgets to him: as you put yourself to think that gay will be much more beautiful that a woman you are ridiculous with your disguise of woman Shades: I did not trust that the devil is crooked master, but in addition I gay but you have two bodies his I and the one of your Monalisa lover: you to shut up, as you dare
Samanta: that? To case he has not noticed that made see the face him of Adaly
Monalisa: Where?
Samanta: there it sees your estomago this your lover your adoradísimo or saying, the masculinidad because the feminidad is Ana your ridiculous one you are not nothing and monalisa saw his estomago
Monalisa: this it is the punishment for the lujuriosos young people as your Adaly touches to the death the death to them jajaja Samanta: it has! You do not say to me that already you forgot when it put in a corner to you has in the real palace Monalisa: already olvídalo Samanta: it watches today until the father of the binoculars wants to you to leave. No! My life all wants to leave, that means to you that your you are not nothing single you are creation of which you became lean the Monalisa blood almost when seeing wing height of its chest chepe wanting itself to go out his estomago she I exclaim: chepe never will leave there until the same death takes to us because this time I take many to never return Samanta: you know What? I have glided to kidnap to Jorge and to kill it Monalisa: thus - and How? You go it to do if it is possible to be known because your ere a useless Samanta: stupid good bye, but a day until the crows they despised your meat monalisa because you will put decrepita Monalisa: my life we will put ourselves or one also forgets you to you that I transfer a little to you my feminidad in Houston Texas Samanta: you are mistaken does not forget to me that it resigns to which but I had to see well-taken care of my organs my body (one goes away) When samanta went away that very happy Monalisa said to do his pócima Monalisa: OH! God of the badness revélame malevolent them spell épicos to be invincible the satanic powers my ayúdenme to do only invincible monalisa More in house of Jorge - Dora cried; next to its mother the death of adamy its sister the Doña Blanca daughter Dora: there is pretty Diosito because my so good sister that she was she as much that underwent from childhood to adult I I had to die by White her: my daughter I was the God guilty mine castígame ami All the mourning dressed these Doña Blanca women said: that gilds was the destiny of your sister to clear the husband to him to a humble woman Dora: there is mother still we are going to hardly fight two days of the death of your daughter and still you hate it that you do not have White heart was crying of lost pain having a as good daughter as the White water: it gilds I cannot continue living with this pain my daughter died perdóname Araceli: grandmother What! What! We go to do without mamita I I do not have anything because to live Dora: if we do not have something because to live the twins and your mother you will be the White mother of them: they are not going to me to pardon daughter hate to me detest Dora to me: not that Araceli non mother: pretty grandma they are not very good both are White: my daughter died damn is the one who I kill damn all the life More in the room of the house of Frida
Mauricio: when that to me even took off to him adored Esther there is God, and as we are going to him to explain that her sister was acecinada by whom Who did it? Lilian: she watches we we resisted, died glenda, but Doña Frida this rejects Verónica was terrified of panic because she had seen that samanta I kill all those Vanesa people: but that passes verónica to you that passes Eric to you: it seems that she even dresses ghost and exactly samanta Lilian entered: berry, I arrive the woman from judas iscariotes, the trepadora robs men Eric: I never have kissed you you you kissed Samanta to me: - hello small which so after as much dead, she has and your Eric tell me that you do not like my kiss Eric: by God these, crazy Samanta: and that as is already buried despoliation as they feel? Lilian: has and as you want that we are mujercita, and watches estupida despoliation sos invesil voice Samanta: bravita me salio potrilla Vanesa: of insurance it wants that we are in celebration Eric: samanta and of where you come Where you were? You the day of those Mauricio murders: and those so ugly hairs of that they are so that you occupy very pale Samanta put but soon replaced: they are for my medicines in the feet, it has with permission, it has! That day of the murders I was in my room remembering to me friend here Vanesa pole: he tell me something where you knew pole? Samanta did not find that to answer and nervous Lilian was put: girls and boys single there is an explanation to the nerves of this Mauricio: What? Lilian: samanta truth that your you are Samanta pole: jajaja these niñita crazy person you do not have better joke Eric: - and where you were the past fifteen of September? Samanta: there is Eric as you put yourself to think that I go away to decide if we are already in Verónica November: a last doubt samanta Samanta: it has hits to me that you want Verónica: that beams you always visiting cacalutepe Samanta: it has is that Verónica: nor and finished but it tell me Who lives there? What know you of monalisa? Eric: because you are tyrant today in your position of queen to answer went samanta when Mrs. Frida lowered and said Frida: it watches you have me to respond that you did my daughter to him What? And imprisoned Frida of the fury I approach and by the clothes volume samanta that later the tapeworm almost hanging it and samanta as soon as could articulate slight Samanta sounds: there is, there is suélteme and imprisoned Frida of fury and weeping said: that you gave Milvia What? Because with my Samanta daughter in mind it said: you paid by all this damn Frida: Who SOS? Why as much badly you brought to me house from that night that you arrived? Rose: déjela ceñito please does not kill it not by God non Frida: déjenme I with my own hands want to finish I want to undo of this Mauricio disguise, the Erics and Mario separated samanta and Frida Samanta: I have not done him anything to Esther already I am fed up with everything to my blame to me until of the dust of this house because they hate to me because Frida: voltéame to see and júrame that you did not have to do nothing Samanta: I have not done anything what happens is that these and those hate to me detest to me because I am a Frida collection: perdóname was a hysteria attack pardon daughter In mind samanta said: estupida old poor man was believed my drama jajaja me go to extinguish them one by a Rose: better we already take a Samanta coffee: with permission boy to me quarter All: the second step of the residence happens is own Samanta when raising said: these damn ones know something While verónica it watched it terrifies samanta did a sign saying to him that it was going it to eliminate if spoke
In the home of adamy their children arrived more today from the cemetery after almost crying all one night and everything to him a day but William (1): mother, mamita where, where she will look for (crying) William today to you (2): you do not know whatever drained has in my mamita heart returns Suddenly the spirit again from adamy salio in front of them and she began to them to allude to Adamy: happy you those of good heart, because of you those of pure heart Those boys are the kingdom of the sky said: mamita you returned, mamita Running to embrace it, all the hugs were in vain because he was already a spirit, and the boys began to remember, beautiful wing adamy serving the food to them in the humble table, while William (1), sang the song today I have returned
in its hearts a love has left vacio because they habian lost to the being but wanted that she was its mother and because the binoculars single tenian both and to their sister since their Martir brother case with the Roxana young lady and is habian marched trip then in their sadness William Antonio the known binocular as twin William 1 song this song
While the beautiful image of its Adamy mother was in a beautiful and beautiful picture of art great vacio I am left in the family Aryan when murio acecinada the beautiful one and undergone woman of Adamy name... that was acecinada at hands of samanta
And its song empezo –Asi-
William (1): Today I have returned Whichever times being young I said to you With my kisses said you that it loved to you Little by little with time I was moving away of you By ways that move away I was lost (bis) (Choir) Today I have returned mother to remember whichever things I said before your altar and to rezarte I can include/understand that a mother does not get tired to wait for (bis) the return you ignited a light to me, smiling from distant spot you hoped to me; In the table the food even warms up and the table cloth, and your hug is my joy to return (bis) (Choir) Today I have returned mother to remember whichever things I said before your altar and to rezarte I can include/understand that a mother does not get tired to hope (bis) Although the son moves away of the home, a mother always waits for its return; The gift more beautiful Than to the children gives the gentleman Is its mother and the miracle of its love (bis) (Choir) Today I have returned mother to remember whichever things I said before your altar and to rezarte I can include/understand that a mother does not get tired to hope (bis)

When this I finish its sweet song, among them three between a William conversation was opened (1): mamita because I cannot embrace to you tell me mamita
William (2): mami because you were yourself the one who did to you that who mamita
Adamy: children I already am dead the binoculars: and of us who will be William mother (1): that I make mother with me pain to not I have you to you nor to Belinda that I make
Adamy: children my body this dead but my spirit will always live in its heart Suddenly the hands on adamy settled extended and of them it appeared a heart in mulberry color which became red and it was divided in two halves and the spirit of adamy had granted itself to them to the binoculars said: children mine my heart part in two so that it is between you and my memory alive eternally in you
William 2: mami you will be in each rose of the
William1 universe: this is for you if I say to you I want
William to you 2: I love you by each drop of love that you’re us distes mamita
Adamy: ámense as I love them... learns to pardon and to correct their on time both twin errors: if they ten by mamita insurance
In the house of Melissa-- Fabian his husband more went it crying
Fabian: Melissa my love, my son my love your you were yourself without taking to me because In the fourth Fabian one took a walk touching each object of Melissa, touching the clothes woven for the new one he drinks and he said: because God because to me son because! (Crying) That was with the shirt unbuttoned with the thing thrown in the ground and the shot with a picture of the photo of Melissa to cry itself very desperate by having lost the love of its life was so stirring to see it cry by a woman who was worth gold as she is worth it
Same Yoselin and Adrián Yoselin More there: pobrecito the gentleman this destroyed
Adrián: because she must pass this wing to him good people
Yoselin: if, Melissa were, good its daughter Belinda is good sight that pretty photo of her That Yoselin volume a pretty photo of Belinda beginning to lagrimear said: Belinda God helped Adrián you: something has forgotten see to us we go and those ran to the nursery
Yoselin: What happens?
Adrián: niñoooo! Where this the boy?
Yoselin: Those see we go we review the house reviewed the house and they did not find anything or a signal of the
Adrián boy: if that maintains it kidnapped there is no another explanation When it left Don Fabian and it said: explanation of or that Yoselin: of - of-Adrian’s: the boy has disappeared Fabian: not surely he walks with Belinda Yoselin: Belinda is Belinda no Fabian: Belinda that What? By God no! No! Adrián: if Sir Belinda depreciation before Fabian died doñita Melissa: my children, my house, my life, my professionalism all this lost one What will be of this family? Melissa because! You were yourself because
Yoselin: not that to say Sir not
Photos of Belinda
in house of rosy Ocampo, it was single sitting without mentality More since there was lost the knowledge, while the husband of her suffered when seeing him to suffer by the boy and they asked themselves because of as much badly and hatred in a so very small town
Arriaza and Rosy
Rosy: my son, my boy, my drinks
Arriaza: where he can be my son Where?
Rina I enter and said: Sir I can help in something
Arriaza him: and you it dresses who I take to my boy? Damn it is who?
Rina: pattern does not cry
Arriaza: that! And that wants that it makes a celebration or that the one dies to me of laughter is not my son who this lost Rina is my Rina son: the one that I take it she is a witch I saw clearly when Jaime disappeared there in that corner: and you can describe it How was?
Rosy: my son - and you who you do in my house who you are? I love my Arriaza son: my love already you will look for it and Rina saw the painting folio that Jaime walked and when seeing the figure of monalisa said Rina -Rina: young person Jaime that
Jaime: What? With that
Rina: that I take to the boy if right of perpetual ownership by my Arriaza Santa were that it mother: even when they are going to insist with that that woman does not exist does not exist
Jaime: they say that the children of the age of five to ten añitos use them to make ellipses of youth according to says the legend are due to have three children the hours passed the planet whole recovered but the bad grass had not been overcome and this was being prepared for its evil presentation, the boys followed sad, but they followed ahead and they glided to look for Belinda, did not even know of the rare disappearance of the children in a house were all reunited next to the binoculars More all the group
Jaime: Glenda because Glenda your nooo!
Jennifer: that pain I feel who my father this dead my mother also I am made in the storm you do not create sufficient pain for my Sindi: if, but we needed to look for Belinda (crying)
Samanta: so that they need to that so that if as much badly it has caused Luís to us: Sergio already knows itself who I kill Melissa, adamy: no, nor the hairs of that assassin or Samanta assassin: William (1), your you cannot be marched
William (1): it is my destiny to die by my friends it appeared Ernesto in ghost and it said Suddenly: I bring the last omen of the life of the binoculars All to them distressed with those black clothes, soon began to cry because it already was little what they would see his great Friend William Luís: in question that foretold Calin: if speech please that eats the anxiety to know Ernesto to us: the four Earth elements symbolize the death of the twins by four of you one of all those that are here have to betray tonight to William Antonio Samanta: it has and like because there are to make that Sindi: if because as much badly Ernesto: it is today or never twin they see half of this world this place setting of a red layer and black intense everything has to die by a Sindi curse: that by a Samanta curse: he is not right that dies the one that this damn not we William (1): I am the damn one and this same night wings twelve I have to give themselves and to die William (2): that m0nmalisa has not given Belinda entrégate to you spear that Belinda that lives here with them Jennifer: my love wants, means that your also Luís: it is had to give More in the mind of calin said: of one or another form I have to pay the damage that I did I will give myself before Llego Adrián and Yoselin Adrián: What waves as it goes to them? Luís: more or less and to you Yoselin: badly very badly Sergio: that he passes my Yoselin love: he is that the gentleman this very badly Jennifer: all we are desalted just as the consternado one in the Adrián pain: it is that nachito Todos/as disappeared: nachito Jaime: now I understand better who have Queen Abigail: who speaks Jaime who has Jaime: this
Sindi: no! No, that is not truth Sergio: net that we are not for jokes today Jaime Ernesto: it is the Sindi truth: it is not that that does not exist Jaime: robbery to Oscar William is net she (1): my hermanito not my hermanito minds your minds Jaime: Rina the worker of rosy saw when this painting kidnapping to the boy and disappeared and doña rosy lost the Sindi reason: Why? The children I arrive the night in house from Frida were the friends of Esther, next to her Esther: your, your- you are Lilian
Lilian: friend already you recognize to me is precious pretty friend (I cry)
Esther: and you’re pretty Vanessa and your verónica there is
Vanessa: pretty amiguita that already this returning
Frida: there is pretty daughter you have returned has hijita you do not know whichever you I have surprised When Esther began to remember everything of its two chest left arajas gold, who raised the sky, but Frida and no of the girls saw what? What appeared, but if were certain it is that those arajas would overcome evil wing monalisa
Frida under contented wing cooks and gave to the news to rose finally the happiness had returned to illuminate the hearts in that Lilian mansion: Esther tell me you remember something on samanta seems to you familiar that Esther name: samanta is bad, bad she I cause this along with my Milvia friend they two Vanessa; and you remember more or less when you caíste of the stairs if they pushed to you or non Esther began in its mind to turn around and remembered, that Milvia the hug and felt that something had dipped in grease of water and said: if Milvia friends I throw something to the ground so that Vanessa fell I to me: she knew it here was locked up cat
Esther: me Quito to hijito me is its fault me the robbery me Quito In house of Fabian it was all wire drawing like a perfect disorder more, had arrived Frida to visit to him and to clean up the house, to give to him- him to eat Frida: it eats just a little bit although he is Fabian: Frida the men do not have to cry but I could not retain my weeping, my children Belinda and nachito are kidnapped lost not that to do if to die or to look for them Frida to me: he cries if you can cry, but he lives fight by them you-- you are strong fight búscalos I-- I help you
Frida and Fabian
Fabian: when I lost to you does not conform to resalida a prefeeling of me thought to me gave to the truth the humble small house me that was our very sad nest I am left Frida; Fabian best than pedes to do is irte of this house if you will not drive crazy Fabian without containing its weeping cried as a boy and repeated the name of Melissa Frida: Fabian is three Fabian you do not know whatever I feel you you lost to two of a single one not to could not for his weeping and cried like chiquillo Fabian: God I am not satisfied is God that I do without wife, children, anything Frida: resígnate to which God chose for your wife but your children are alive you have them búscalos and you found the humble small house that was of Fabian and melisa had been single I remain a cruel wound in its heart when losing melisa was wanted to die and said say that man s does not have to cry by one more a woman the reunited boys were having supper and knows like William (1), hurt the foot to intention and samanta was washing William to it (1): you do not humiliate yourself today you want to me tomorrow you hated Sindi to me: that you mean with that William (1): that you will live and I will die Juan I mention: you do not repeat your death that we will stop Sergio whatever the cost: you remember that there is an alternative of how salvarte to you and your brother All: as it is the William alternative (1): there is no it more to die in cross worked by my brother martyr More in the single house of adamy and left in the patio two mullidas crossings were thrown color coffee In house of Claribel in the fourth together Jorge and daisy was more Jorge even mentioned the death of their aunt Jorge: hijita kills to me aunt is Bessy ojala me pardons Daisy: you did not kill anybody was the legend you do not take the blame of which she had to pass Jorge: but adamy suplico me who did not give medallones of the sun and the moon them and I of abusive occurred Daisy them: either my coarse love, your you are innocent, nothing nor nobody goes to us to stop pole, this dead, samanta or is a dark-brown one in your mind we are happy me grandmother this dead I enter Claribel and said: Jorge you are a good boy, Saúl my love passes Saúl: we have decided that you can be married with our daughter when you arrange Jorge to it: gentlemen, I am the true daisy husband Daisy: my love the wedding alo we grew tico needs Jorge: my love the wedding by the church not your when you want Claribel to it: desires of Saúl wedding do not notice to you: that he depresses as much Jorge to you Jorge: nothing Sir we will marry when it arranges my Saúl wife to it: not háblame like of man to man Jorge: I feel like culprit of the death of my aunt adamy, Frida, glenda and the ceñito melisa Claribel: Jorge but Saúl: he shuts up, and váyanse you pa outside Claribel and Margarita: Saúl permission: your you are not the one that I kill them or if Jorge: Sir but is not that I gave the emblems them to those boys and that damn emblems were Saúl: that does not mean that you killed poor wing of adamy or to glenda and melisa Jorge does not recall to mind you are innocent More in that supper, Luís that was a little intelligent coat a small recorder and recorded everything there what these talked; and without imagining that it would leave desplanché there one long chain of innocent crimes, samanta alluded to the following thing and the supper was in the parochial house Samanta: William my love thousand times I have said to you that I love to you and that I you can save William (1). Your jajaja, samanta nobody has not made me laugh like your Samanta: by your ridicule and pride you paid is enough up to here I tolerate William your very furious jokes you are going to pay expensive all this and all saw samanta and was then when samanta I open myself to reveal all Samanta: estupidos they were let deceive so easy of my jajaja Luís: What? That you mean to Samanta taking off the wig said: this watches who I am All: Sindi pole: we believed dead pole to you because Samanta: because that if I wanted to kill belinda William (1): you know where they have prey to my belinda and to the children I occurred it by the love which you say that you have Samanta to me: I was the one that washed the wounds to you and the one that were going to you to betray since when you knew it who you said them? William (1): I am not wanted decírtelo single tell me where this my love belinda and the Salio children the ghost of Ernesto and said: poor man of you these boys are stronger than your Samanta: not as much, because Jaime kills to the curita: because you did that because samanta pole, because Samanta: because it discovered to me first that all, you remember when I kiss to you and you pelaste with glenda because Jaime discovered jajaja to us remembered that kiss, remembered to have gone wing Samanta race: then I arrive the curita Agustín there from metiche buscándote and I tapeworm in flow my wig because she hurt to me and as she discovered to me kills jajaja Sindi: I said that to them was rare then never we had seen the binoculars it: and my mother who did to you because its death and that also did my future mother-in-law to you who you killed Samanta: he has is that your mother followed to me in a store until the baths and surprised to me clearing the wig to me, - when I shut up she put the foot to him, the this already verónica wise person and I noticed to him that if denounced to me it killed Pole remembered everything what narrated
The same pole appears 1samanta
In cacalutepec it was more arriving calin and one went away to see that legend that found the time happens, and change of side gave to returns wing then him stone and there of after it was the filosa sword trying to remove it was but it could not decided to return itself stops after
More in house of white Dora tapeworm a rosary in its hands
White: God mine pardon, pardon by all badly that I have caused perdóname to you, being always harvests enamored with the money perdóname
Dora: mamita God listens to you whenever you regret White heart: and because this glad daughter, if sister finishes dying you
Dora: it is that Milvia this reacting mamita
White: you have not given me but the better news than my wide-awake granddaughter already is beautiful daughter the happiness comes by you
Dora: by all - mami-Más in that cave new monalisa that, by a magical potion had become today monalisa was this so and as time its transformation of Ana to monalisa, but before passage by all that during its long trajectory where it absorbs blood...
Ana happens to make Monalisa today Shades: very different Monalisa loves you are you: today no longer they call Ana to me, is expensive popcorn Anita guacala Shades: and this magical painting that robbery samanta is perfect More in that house the binoculars next to its friends followed reunited listening to the misdeeds of samanta
William (1): thus it was your love that you killed until my damn mother (their friends cry both twin and all)
Samanta: thus it wanted to see them crying all, specially estupidas wings of Sindi and Jennifer because Belinda already this muertita
William (1): no, Belinda this alive me says the Samanta heart to it: bingo that heart that my love feels and the one of Belinda
William (2): acecina, you think that my brother loves non estupida Samanta to you: you cállate undesired Jennifer idiot: a little while invesil my fiancè you cannot stick but I if unfortunate but not so that better he tell me estupido pole because you rejected the body that God I give Samanta to you: bastard you cállate that your mother died equal hijito that your papito Jennifer: cállate, cállate I hate you as never I thought to hate to anybody Samanta: they know to something more I- I went the one who gave to Milvia the bottle him so that Jaime lay down to
Esther: but Why? (It shouted to him crying) Sindi: that you we have made dinos by God please there is Samanta: they as much know benefit to destroy to Milvia and Esther jajaja Sergio: and pa that you made that
Luís: who is your master wing that you pronounce in pronouncing Samanta outburst of laughter: they know so that Eric travels to Mexico: obvious that to go with Doña Frida and Esther
Samanta: he warms up, hot Calin that arrived said: to make badness and that you then can more do, if single Satan thinks about that
Samanta: it has made me cry has, because clear today my master is only the supreme one of the Sindi beauty: where this- your master where this monalisa where Samanta: you already know that Mona Luís is called: and that you hoped that fairy was called godmother no! Infiutica
William (1): whereupon class of being we are treating
Jaime: _ that to case you do not feel the pain that dinos please déjanos to go samanta Sindi: damn you go to extinguish blood by estupida blood
Samanta: I kiss to Jaime wing also forces and William Antonio jajaja Jennifer: damn since you could thus do something to him to Belinda like, like Samanta: also I saw when the glory kidnappers took to William jajaja Sergio: I always thought that this was Judas disguise of dead fly
William (2): she tells me and who is your master and Mrs.
Samanta: the same one that gave to the curse to you fifteen years ago the binoculars them: that Ana, Ana is the worse Samanta nightmare: today mírenla is monalisa, mírenla... jajaja That bad called woman samanta coat an image of monalisa by means of its powers showed it
The badness was watching the Earth
In house of Fabian even continued crying was a single total and complete disaster that Frida profit to raise Fabian quickly: one died, one died my wife and my two Frida daughters: Fabian Belinda this alive captive of a spell Fabian: but which she is what has my daughter who to case its beauty does bad Frida taking a picture of Belinda said: she watches is the most beautiful girl of the world never a woman thus nor my own daughters are that beautiful
Belinda and Frida
Fabian: my daughter this alive one you have given to Frida spirits, spirits me Embracing the Straits in its arms to Frida very happy Fabian and cheers it raised to Frida and it said: Frida thanks thousand thanks Frida
Frida: we go wing marries has we will wait for the news of her in that cave was More monalisa that said: it is already hour of which it loosen Belinda later I will know to capture it and suddenly monalisa I communicate with the Earth boys in that meeting of the boys I am more listened to say: twin binoculars... Jaime: Sindi is pa twin you: who is Samanta: monalisa is my master jajaja
William (1): What love you? Monalisa from the outside said: it looks for Belinda after seven cascades; after the seventh hill of jade there in a paradise this Belinda jajaja William (2): and who? It says to us that it is truth or it is a trap yours Monalisa: - shades accompanied the binoculars were seen them mutually and said together: we go away already Monalisa well: it has watch that good obedient youngsters jajaja calin added More: twin brothers you cannot be gone of the sword already I found I here Late I was because William (1 y2) - they took from the hands and they moved away in the air, after that a miracle happened Jaime: Single God escúchanos they cannot go Jennifer: virgencita my love cannot still be died llévame to me by (Throwing tears) the Sindi: nonvirgencita my friends still not please nonHo nonLuís: they cannot go away direct wing déjanos death God to us to at least go with them by fa pretty Diosito Sergio: not - God your you know they if they are good I not better me boy I and they not or at least llévame amiii Calin: I thank to him to God because I could help William- you but bright santa of the ojitos I request to you that you help us that it happens a milagrito, if not so that I want to live Yoselin: San jOse chaste husband aid to that the binoculars do not go away Already had disappeared; but suddenly it appeared Ernesto like a miracle, all the boys shouted glad and fascinated and samanta very furious he said: damn you are monalisa I will destroy estupida I to you I will be much more beautiful or beautiful who you who I am Then soon those were reunited Ernesto: acostaos in the ground Jaime: if but that he is fast is urgent they they cannot die nooo! Sergio: express thanks also God because you also listened to you beautiful virgencita to us All laid down and Ernesto with a baryta slept them to all except samanta could not be slept but this I cry lying said: déjeme to go with you I want that they pardon Ernesto to me: it is that you are bad, you destroyed its Samanta lives already: it is for that reason that I want to go so that they pardon Ernesto please to me: this, well and that callus sleepy of a small one, lightning of yellow light Soon those I lift the fighting spirit of them leaving its Earth body It more arrived there Frida and Fabian, rosy, arriaza and more back Araceli, Martyr its wife Roxana Frida: they have gone away of this Araceli world: nooo! pretty hermanito where they are Fabian: I lost all my wife now wing time and my two children who we have done quee! Martyr: mother you you do not take by mercy déjalos next to us the voice to them of monalisa said: they are mine takes to wing death to them jajaja Roxana: they listen to that voice says that: they are of her takes to wing Araceli death to them: Who is? Where this? Rosy: muéstrate already by God Arriaza: this in the Frida sky: it lets do badly and dinos that you are Monalisa it said: Frida your Frida my classmate you do not know Frida me: you are your Ana, your Ana Monalisa: if I am, but I am called monalisa estupida Frida: but because I cannot verte because Monalisa: it is that I am the successor of the devil while comes Araceli: woman man which you are dame to hermanito me is already n I hold as much pain Martyr: God mine where they are my brothers because I had to go to me of trip for blunt instead of being here when my mamita Llego died gilds and White white: my grandsons who have been of them where are Dora: Araceli where they are my nephews where Fabian: criminal devuélveme to my daughter belinda gives it Monalisa me: white the damn one that I damage to me you have come White: Ana I am old of seventy years dame to my Monalisa grandsons: because your daughter I clear to my husband chepe for that reason the twins paid that Dora: and aya you did not kill adamy already you obtained Monalisa: your words lorita I ignore as even dog Soon I arrive Margarita and Jorge; Claribel and Saúl Jorge: mother Dora: son who beams you must here be in rested Monalisa: Jorge thank you very much estupido by your fault died adamy jajaja Jorge: damn bad luck mine of to have found those damn Claribel emblems: it is not the guilty does not have Daisy: the fault is your either single you or The more those flew by great black tunnels thorny mounts, and soon they passed seven cascades and they passed another red tunnel lined; and they passed seven hills of jade suddenly in the sky appeared the sun and the moon but they were not united those lowered to wing mountain of jade and soon they walked much and the binoculars arrived first wing box from crystal where he was belinda, later the other boys arrived Jaime: belinda William is this (1): my love already I am here wide-awake Ernesto: he is useless must saw that layer of the sky that the this opened binoculars: and like Ernesto: the binoculars bring the emblems: by his since if Ernesto: they must say to him to first wing moon ayúdame I I give to my dreams and my William heart you (2): moon takes this my humble one and tame heart but ayúdame to raise to close that layer Suddenly the moon began to stretch a hand and I raise to William (2) William (1): sun, your that you shine, by love, passion and blood ayúdame to raise I offer my life to you in return the sun said: the sun is not necessary for that you you are my master I stretch its hands and the binoculars soon were repairing that hollow of the sky Both: let us put the emblems happens what happens I want hermanito to you Those put its two emblems felt like a great Earth explosion which all those that was standing fell to the ground and monalisa, I exclaim: these did not obtain repairs to the damage in the atmospheric layer in that place of the paradise the binoculars were re More well after the explosion, everything had been a total success Jaime: chido Jennifer congratulations: but belinda does not wake up Samanta: nor the altar ojala that dies Since samanta I pronounce that was thrown of the pure place and came to fall with blow in its same body wing earth, and the people who were present where samanta callus said to him: where this my daughter? Frida: where this belinda, nachito, Oscar Rosy: my son How this? Like this my Arriaza son: as they are all Frida: the condemned girl where this belinda and the Samanta boys: jajaja, Chi, cállense are dead that the death does not listen to if jajaja Frida does not take to them: samanta these Samanta good: déjame your you are not servant of badly vetoes I do not touch aléjate vetoes and samanta went away thus acting because already it was losing the knowledge Fabian: my daughter like this and my son samanta escúchame Samanta: listen to I I love Jaime the binoculars but single they are mine very mine by aléjense mercy I boy to kill wing revalues of belinda, Jennifer, as well as she kills glenda Frida: not amiii daughter not your - your Rosy: damn because Fabian: not she not this good déjenla this very badly Arriaza: please déjenla and samanta went ing ***reflx mng itself like disheveled crazy person of the hair More in house of Esther, their friends formed breaks Lilian heads was in the room with rose and the others were above with Esther
There it was pink Lilian and talking
Lilian: I cannot be mistaken that samanta hides something and that day I could not review Rose: not if to me one does not take off to me of the head of which pole this alive one; but because you say that samanta hides something bad? Lilian: I see that verónica this almost dumb from the accident of the Pink Institute: and that it has to do samanta with that, not to case she Lilian: I am almost sure that samanta had to do much in that Rose: and that we can make pa see if samanta that is picarona Lilian: easy she not this horita, na we more enter to play its things are the secrets there Pink man: órale sees fast you but... I throw Lilian waters to you: and if he comes by there is the brujita that Rose: you do not worry, I to be great silbadora here and anunciarte with a whistle ay comes Lilian: when listening the whistle I lower I hide what she is myself That raised while pink the idiot was done reading a pretty book of novels... In that house it was Sarai and Milvia Sarai more: Milvia daughter mine because you had to sell your joy by a man, who I do not value average Milvia to you listened and between words it said: , the dog.... Of.... the Sarai it was put it renders to listen and it said surprised Sarai: the spell of the candle, single daughter a person who is mysterious and miraculous you cannot save and give its life by you Milvia: , dog... of... the Sarai: daughter you listen to me is not that it is useless will die Further on in the sky it was joy greater Angel: all it had it coldly calculated Ernesto San jOse: if it is truth but what it is not possible to be remedied a fairy is the death of the twins: that he hurts that two so kind beings must die querubín: the arrival of a crystalline being will be the painting to give to aim wings sadnesses and misfortunes in this town greater Angel: you already prepared the experiment a fairy: that? It means that one single greater Angel will do of the binoculars: not... That... dictated the time to it More in the Earth in hell (stone cacalutepe) Monalisa: I must find that sword damn before samanta takes it and it kills That to me in its throne had a mirror of almost thousand faces and followed it saw it and it said: mirror mirror you that you are miraculous, you that you have the gift to speak tell me now if of the women I am most beautiful
The mirror responded to its request: as you put yourself to think that your you are most beautiful if belinda even exists estupida the evildoer monalisa said: I am mysterious no, that I am as it happens oneself to even ask estupido mirror to me, I already seem the queen of the white story snows jajaja Mirror: you already wanted to be white snows but you... Your are not feita, feita Monalisa: estupido I am but beautiful who your and that white snows or that Mirror: somebody that does not know if she is woman or man to whom him robbery its identity offends jajaja to me (with a sinister voice) Monalisa: but I pretend to be woman does not eliminate my maridito chepe and that stupid of Ana jajaja More in the paradise of the seventh hill of jade Jaime: the binoculars did it are alive: if the sun and the moon half of the legend is certain in cacalutepe half of that signboard of the time that was disappeared More
I LOVE GOD That signboard that postulated a called legend: I love God everything was returning to paint perhaps just as before the happiness she would begin, the chavos jumped of alive happiness when seeing single the Ernesto binoculars saw them and in his mind it said: I cannot say to them that they are going to die because even not this predescribed what will be the aim of them William (1): belinda my love already I am here I come by you William Antonio (1), I approach belinda the one that was slept in that beautiful Sindi crystal: belinda. Amigocha wey escúchanos we have come by you is my Luís friend: friend sight that we overcame to samanta All: and samanta where this Sergio: I escape nonErnesto: this in the Earth Calin: What? And we where we are Juancito: it has obvious since we are in the paradise of the sagradas virtues Calin: belinda friend reúnete with your loved William (1): váyanse is useless I I will always remain with her for déjenme Jennifer: my brother-in-law of we do not go away without you and belinda William here (2): brother if we tried both with William elements (1): this good - that passes what is to happen Using elements both of the Earth the binoculars became angel, guardian and entered the head of belinda and in its outside belinda dreamed that it was marrying with William in front of a beautiful cascade of the nature, more moments after the father I ask to him William if it accepted it said to him: that It was not when belinda I react with blow that that crystals became thousand Belinda pieces: my love where these William where these All shouted a miracle pretty Diosito William (1): thousand times papito God kiss your sagrada earth the one that we have destroyed the kiss because I want When William to you (1) Earth kiss salio of her an element in blue color sky
-Agua Jennifer William
Belinda Tierra Aire

After that they spent some hours plus these, rescatistas they had returned to its world to the birthday after this step a period of fifteen days in which the town of the Willow rose after the tragedy happened in the Willow in the premises of national institute of Sauce (INSA), in house of the binoculars even they, its sister and their Roxana sister-in-law even dressed the mourning; in the quarter of their mother the binoculars were, since today they had commanded to make a beautiful picture of her
Jaime: berry this is the photo of your mother ten sight that pretty I am left Araceli: if I am not left órale Jaime well chida if that you can paint Jaime: it was the inheritance of Agustín father to I learned to paint and to draw William (2): thanks old we thank for you William (1): it hears brother when you go away to the retirement Jaime: they have not even said to me when, but better boy I must to me go to make the cleaning wing parish the binoculars: chido n0s we later see in the mass Jaime: OK because we see When Jaime went away the binoculars chatted things of their William mother (1) "crying" said: mamita that it now plows without your kisses when laying down to me and when raising to me William (2) "crying" said: and I mami that I lost to you for a long time mamita as I have been resigning myself after for twenty days already William (1): you know Abraham I want much now to you is necessary to be strong and not to notify bad to our sister Araceli William (2): the news that we are going to die; it neglects I will not say it neither to Araceli Yamileth nor to William martyr (1): I want very many hermanito to you as well as I love my other Araceli brothers remained watching them and it watched them very sadly demanding the pain his Araceli mother: poor brothers mine apiádate of them papito God who do not go away William (2): he hears cuéntame like this that of which the husband of my sister struck William (1): that man was a monster caused it that he lost two children of the blows that William gave him (2): evildoer who was not I here stops to kill it William (1): one night we surprised fíjate that we were all the boys and we took the police and we surprised it beating to him as if outside her own daughter has you saw as she wanted to desar it to me to William blows (2): and it is truth that it and you were wanted and that she fed William secretly to you (1): if we are wanted much as it loves you to you and in addition if sometimes food robbed and me it gave it and I shared it with Jaime, Calin, Luís and Sergio William (2): you know cheers to me that we pardoned papa before it died and that we pardoned wing William grandmother (1): now lack to rescue to nachito and Oscar my pretty hermanito William (2): we are going to eat and but late we see that we do Monalisa I release to nachito and Oscar and al another boy, seeing that he could not use them, in addition the children tormented it with shouts and to times they cried, then the that late children arrived at their house already that she went them to leave of door in door but I do not let myself see of any father, the one that if it is certain is that the wonderful internal joy and I fall in love del colorful and pretty town del willow, while rosy, arriaza, Fabian, Frida and all the others had returned to make happy and say that Fabian rumored love affairs with doñita Frida Samanta in a left property was single disheveled crazy person more, say that by the nights a black horse left to him that was called black ends; samanta watched all those that she had killed and every time became crazier from which was Belinda more did not accept to see lost its mother and her hermanito and Adrián and Yoselin; they adored to belinda and Don Fabian In Dora house everything was more changing the color returned Milvia began to recover, Jorge was happy white already was evicted no longer could walk had been as a vegetable due even spills cerebral that it had had, and this had to that she took the blame of the misfortune of her family; to who painted better the life to him was to Luís, since her mother conception (shell), adored it and today she dressed wing fashion since shell the owner of the vicinity was but the rich one is to say more to dinerada of that place While Jennifer was very sad because her mother had died; after the hurricane of badnesses of monalisa and the hell, that I attack everybody, there Mario mentioned also Enrique In house of Frida it was a burning fire flame more the one that had stipulated when whole she that in fact samanta was the same pole nephew of her In INSA today Miriam Monday was summoned more in meeting, with the educational ones of the INSA Miriam Quiñónez: the PAES of this year is important and obligatory Martha: one does not worry about something have gotten the competent authorities to watch Miriam: if that is truth each one it váyase to the corresponding classroom All the teachers saw the director of the INSA Miriam: that? I said something bad, I walk painted as clown Those wagged the head to everything what the bad director said Miriam: What? Speak has hits to me that they have to me like its Arriaza toy: we want that the twins become this Miriam examination: nor a point Queen: Quiñónez young lady I plead for twin the today excuses but they deserve an opportunity and is this director Fidel: it does not say to us that nonMiriam: it is that problems come complete from the Arriaza ministry: you know that not because they were enrolled Queen: please he makes an exception because not to give a Miriam opportunity them: they broke the laws does not have right wing PAES Fidel: if they have they they have helped us risked his much pellejo by the Miriam institute: excuse those boys are damn, I do not want to see them Queen: we tried companions we later go Some minutes in house of adamy happened this Roxana: Araceli we must go to the Araceli institute: for Roxana: so that they help my brothers-in-law to make the PAES Araceli: and Roxana: that the director, - I expel and they did not go to classes like seven months and Araceli means: we go, we go More in the house of Pink Frida: lady if it is not thanks to Lilian that found the pole papers huy we had known to nothing Frida: if we had known because she I reveal everything to its friends Pink: but it has a great obsession with the such William Frida: right of perpetual ownership that Esther daughter would kill to Milvia and me, and if it passes something to him bad to Esther I I die, I die Pink: changing of subject wing goes to go you Jorge wedding Frida Saturday: ojala God wants that if, because my niece is beautiful and Jorge has demonstrated his love by her In the mansion the guard Argueta Claribel was more in rechambers of his daughter daisy along with his granddaughter Bessy Paty: he has already spent two months after the young tragedy until finally its illusion is made real of bodorrio Claribel: finally my dream I throw hijita reality Daisy: mother you think that I did not suffer to think that envida me she would clear it, and soon samanta that was that picaresque one of Paty pole: Daisy watches its precious dress is beautiful: Paty you are like my second Claribel mother: daughter I have a feeling the two: that? Paty: if lady says what has a feeling Daisy: mother tell me that it is not certain; Claribel nonmother: she must be a mother triviality daughter, as you go away for the United States after the wedding From those Ximena cameras the daisy aunt more observed Ximena: there is queridita Saturday twenty-eight of September it will be an unforgettable, estupida date or dies your daughter, Jorge or your jajaja Claribel: something has forgotten the premises to us where it will be the Paty celebration: because they do not make it incredible, as of story Daisy: Mrs. Paty Paty explíquese: na I say more so you it celebration does it in a campito that this has by cacalutepe Claribel: so far no, Paty man: they are throwing the house by the window nonDaisy: this kid your idea not since its will becomes mother two All: jajaja In hell monalisa said more: the descarriadas ewes approach me Shades: lady loves infernal you goddess of the beauty an elegant woman knows all Monalisa: huy and that I say then to you, that Saturday seen to me in full dress I leave this cave Shades: and that passage with the legendary sword where this Monalisa: that worries to me and in addition, the elements the legend will be fulfilled by my Shades: and single the minimum part has become Monalisa reality: in a moment belinda already crawled like a worm crying jajaja, wished to me not to have been born Shades: they say that Jaime goes for a retirement of Monalisa catholics: that does not have future is a naco religiosito idiot In the institute in the direction the bad woman was crying more, strong and proud suddenly I arrive belinda and Jennifer and Sindi Miriam: Who? Belinda: I can speak with you Miss Quiñónez Miriam: no, I very am not occupied Sindi now: single they will be about two Miriam minutes: pass then Belinda: thanks lady but who happens Jennifer to him: good morning Miss Miriam Miriam: llámame Mrs. Miriam Jennifer: well thanks Mrs. Miriam In the near property wing Altamirano was samanta in the barn more and suddenly it began to see all the dead that said to him one by one with voices Adamy: acecina, acecina Samanta: I kill death to you, lárgate muérete vetoes again I hate Agustín to you: arrepiéntete man you are man sírvele to God Melisa: the pardon of the God sins can give you regrets to pardon is of humans and is much more human to begin to love Glenda: it loves your Samanta fellow: I love, to William Antonio, Jaime your fiancè to Jorge, master to the binoculars for that reason boy to kill to belinda I love, to me fellow not because they are my Glenda fellows: you love them with desire and they want to you with Adamy friendship: you are gay and they and you need a woman Pole samanta: I am gay a woman I do not need a estupida woman is jajaja All the voices: arrepiéntete
Samanta was attacked by voices of all those that it had eliminated Samanta was as going of its dead mind and counted and watched the Samanta: one, two, three four, my love kills them is pretty Jorge I I am pretty, William belinda is ugly bad I if I am beautiful more beautiful Glenda: the beauty is virtue and úsalos intelligence is a gift both you have you Samanta: died your these dead I am beautiful belinda is ugly, jajaja Adamy: these crazy person, crazy person jajaja Agustín: crazy person, crazy crazy person requests pardon and you do not pretend Samanta: huy puní kills padrecito to you jajaja a viejita with three pelitos in the culito guess that it is, do not know is I _ is nanceé, will not be guayaba is not the slime in the institute in the direction were namely More those three girls treating to convince the director that it gave the opportunity them halos twin of the PAES ago
Jennifer Sindi and Belinda
Miriam: that such William is inaudito the one that bad nicknames dante huy its tattoos give to pudor fear me is Jennifer: but it cannot deny that that dante sings beautiful very beautiful Miriam: if I do not sing bad the rancheras mainly likes his song finds you, she pleases me that a student imitates to famous like tito a child, but he does not have to come to this school from high discipline and Belinda morality: it is poor if it had the resources would pay to erase those Miriam things: and that you say of that regueeton to me that supposedly Sindi is perreo for you: merito young lady watches is to have that boy who sings a song born of the schools and institutes, those binoculars are phenomenal mainly the dante William has demonstrated to us that no badly she overcomes Jennifer. Love of school is a beautiful song what that novice to his Miriam love wrote to him: and that his puts that I must give him to the prizes gramy, I is not forum of Television Belinda not here: by that I loved Mexico because they medaban the opportunity to be made like artist, and in Mexico they allow that each young person makes his Miriam ideals: lárgate for Mexico that needs Mexico Belinda: Mrs. Mexico olvídese is a country with talents that the pain is worth if I had not found the love in a guanaquito as William I were not here, and the only thing who I demand to him is one second opportunity by God that to case you are perfect is not mistaken dígame Sindi: that it costs to leave the dante to him makes its Miriam examination: but it is that rule of this honorable Sindi institute broke them: that kiss of February occurred pole it but to intention, in addition pole rectified it to have made apropósito to separate it of belinda Miriam: this good you gain Belinda: because he cries passes something to him, because you always are hard mandona? that behind that hard woman like a carreto this a sad woman and sweet Miriam: she is not that it admires whatever to me love that youngster, you and Jennifer has fought by those Belinda binoculars: young lady is two strong and undergone youngsters that did not have the opportunity that many have with the Miriam money: it gives nostalgia me I adore them have taught to me that never is late for correcting errors, you know you three you are an example for the school for that reason glenda, Jennifer, Sindi and your belinda are the honorables students of the INSA Belinda: I to you young lady love like a my Miriam mother to it: mother, I mother but, in confidence I want to them here to reveal something that has been oppressing to me is a cross that weighs and I take for fifteen Belinda years: young lady the group love code belinda and the diamonds of God accepts everything to him for something we are the friends by always the new united group called Schull club that means love, pain, and helps Jennifer: I lady lost everything to me mother, me father, never thought that what I lost in Mexico went it to found in El Salvador these boys are my family today Sindi: and I lost to me mother never I knew of her; I grew in a convent of here of the town where she was the Ximena evildoer but it was good with me I do not apostatize of her That director watched wing very compadecidamente Sindi youngster, when she talked was then when she interrupted and she said: Sindi, I never knew to be a woman, much except a Belinda mother: Miriam has children you: I had one but as it makes a bad decision in my life I lost it and for me it was the pain greatest Sindi began to lagrimear and Jennifer said in mind: ojala first God is your mother Miriam director because thus your Sindi you will be happy Miriam: my daughter I lost one night me padrastro went to even leave it place and Sindi never said to me: and the name of its daughter knows it we could help to look for it Miriam him: they were not one single one was childbirth double Belinda: What? Childbirth double twin Miriam: Jennifer in mind did not say: there is God even when the mother of Sindi appears Sindi: for a moment it seemed to be that you were my Miriam mother: my children have returned and great they are but by fear I do not say to anything Belinda to them: who are where they are díganos Miriam: they are your When I enter arriaza and said: the examination is already hour begins Miriam: a little while arriaza Arriaza: if Miriam young lady says: call to the binoculars, these every day come to the inner door of the institute deserve the Arriaza opportunity was put happy that hug governing wing and said Arriaza to him: thanks young lady thousand thanks do not know whichever cheers to me that my children make the Miriam examination: its children like thus? Arriaza: for my they are my children does not know whichever have helped Miriam me: berry! And of them good the new one In the property he was samanta in the single room more and with a rag average green position in the average head watched the face already to him walked without wig, and was reading a book but to each ratito it was questioned to ask itself that it was? that it wanted, then it was put to call wing daisy mansion
Pole samanta
Samanta: it is the house of Sonia there Paty daisy: if she is this that wished, to Mr. Jorge, if just Jorge arrives right now: who is Mrs. Paty Samanta: dígale that I am the wife of benito Juan Paty: he says that Jorge is the wife of benito Juan: Regina, Regina that happens today in the property Paty: the taking Mr. Aryan Jorge bow Jorge: it brings then Samanta here: hello my love since there are been Jorge: veto wing cooks and tráeme a refreshment of Paty grapes: with his with permission Mr. Jorge: who you are? And that you want? Samanta: that modales Mr. Jorge: my wife hopes by my leaves and says what wishes Samanta: Mr. Jorge benito Juan this dying, and an epidemic has attacked the cattle in the property comes here for immediately Jorge: and who you are Samanta: I am Lisbet the niece of Regina Jorge: I leave already for immediately espérenme in the bongo drum (boat) laughed But that samanta said single: I wait for me here to you love for matarte together with me jajaja today you go away you and I go away have I love to you Plus the young people already they were finished his examination of the PAES, Mrs. Miriam quiñones was in the direction and in his weeping and moans she said: Adrián, Yoselin as I say to them that you are my children, lands on water pretty children I I am mistaken is God I I am estupida More in the daisy house, it lowered the stairs and when single seeing in the room she said: Paty for where Jorge Paty with a refreshment in hands went away said: I did not think that it was in the fourth Daisy: mother, mother sees (she shouted daisy) Paty: so that you need it my love I occurred it Claribel: if my life tell me that you want? That it happens? Daisy: they see siéntate here is urgent but muévete mamita Paty: huy this scares to me, puts the hairs to me like zorrillo Daisy: that it was what you had a feeling Claribel: my love I cannot revelártelo Daisy: mother I occurred it of that depends my Claribel happiness: I saw a fire, fire much Paty fire: the devil is crooked and a bad play us altar this time Daisy: that Jorge did when you were yourself for the Paty kitchen: there is lady as she were going to see it I if she were in the kitchen nor which had cameras of Claribel monitoring: Jorge who became Where this Jorge? Paty: I remain speaking on the telephone with a woman when I was myself; bis that of the property pa I said that I was the wife of a benito Juan Daisy: it is a trap mother are going it to kill, benito Juan does not have lady is unmarried Paty: the cameras lady the Claribel cameras: we go, later you speak of that and has in where the secret cameras were hidden said Ximena: damn criaducha, estupida you boy to kill unfortunate dog Margarita and Claribel left and Paty very fast also leaving single everything without remembering the girl, without imagining what it was approached
Ximena: today I will go by the mocosa will kill it and I will go away far, will be the latest that you will live happy damn Claribel and your daughter goes are going to me to suplicar are going away to humiliate in the institute appeared Ernesto More and she said to William the binoculars to him
Ernesto William (2): that beams dressed guardian of the Sindi love: What happens? By your face I see bad William (1): if I gave speech Ernesto already: Jorge this in danger is going it to kill samanta good looking him a William trap (1): since I make him to go and my Ernesto examination: That of a full miraculous no ray is problem the problem of in each I circulate the good answers of all the Sindi: huy finishes guao that Belinda woman: it is work of Ernesto I do not doubt it, OH! if aya this Jennifer: boy already finishes to More minutes later all to me were above of the Sindi bridge: that it happens that as much they revolotean Ernesto: a group váyase for the house the girl this in Jennifer danger: that young man speaks clear Juan I mention: I, calin, Luís and Sergio go away for the Ernesto house: you they are transferred wing Altamirano Belinda: it is pole and nobody or it is more time to receive accounts not Thus all were distributed and the the three shades went to each place The more if to imagine the binoculars in his house there were nobody I take advantage of to rob single element or lacked one for their collection
Shades: today volume was left to my master with these gloves them happy and I go away that volume the elements and it went more in the house of Claribel Ximena was in rechambers it of the very small girl called Bessy Raquel
Ximena: estupida mocosa I have vestirte guacala hit the children to me but despídete of this world jajaja Ximena volume young wing and went of the rightest house arrived Saúl when it lowered the stairs of the house and as it walked a pistol said: tírate to the ground or I kill to your granddaughter jajaja Saúl: déjala mátame to me Ximena: thanks for the cameras jajaja, your daughter never, never will be happy never estupido Saúl: and my Ximena daughter: died your granddaughter I will have fulfilled my revenge my thirst to kill by desire jajaja - That means negligence to put the girl in the armchair and suddenly Saúl I rise and I fight with her but he was inaudito too bad because that in a negligence volume a bottle and became broken in the head that soon faint, it was what I take advantage of and volume the keys of the car of Saúl and went away in which the car left that elegant vestibule bathed in coronales diamonds by above, arrived the boys
Struck Saúl
Calin: for where wrath the gentleman fast Sergio: this open Juan watches the door I mention: but apúrate watches the gentleman here this - too much late the one that goes aya he is samanta Luís: flowery alcohol water water seven spirits which is in the medicine kit stops Calin express: no! Damn that is thousand rays is bad the bad nun has goes if More Jorge is she arrived wing property but as first he were passed by the neighboring property I listen to shouts that said: aid aid my son dies ayúdenme and was that only the warehouse of the barns was open where was the grass and the horses and what it was listened to was the pole voice but was recorded in a small mini recorder Jorge: that it happens, that there is? Where this speaks? The doors of the barn were closed and samanta pole half-naked was laid down in then then straw beds said samanta
Samanta pole: come well to cure my epidemic of love Jorge: pole... pole you are not your Samanta pole: if I am pole mírame dressed woman jajaja... she was what you loved a woman transplants all the one to me of a woman Jorge: How? When? And -Where? Why? Pole: by God my love I explain to you and pole began to relate something thus, saying Pole: I became woman one night that my father died in the mirror appeared a spirit who offered to me to be woman in exchange for which I destroyed without compassion Jorge: - and you lent that to make damage Pole: my only opportunity to aim was my opportunity the fact - done this Jorge: I cannot believe it and as it were all that Pole: then aya arrives at Houston transforms to me already had all ready Pole began to remember the process
Pole happens to samanta
Pole: the doctor who took care of to me was beautiful was my according to man me made happy first was Vidal has you saw that well he felt to me but I always thought about your cousins in voice and in Jaime loved much
Jorge: by God that you have in the head these crazy people the town in the house of Frida had arrived Lilian and verónica
Lilian: they say that pole this alive and you did not believe
Eric: órale is already enough is necessary to do something new by God we are not going to allow that to us they continue damaging
Frida: if but task? If we do not know where it can be in favor of God
Verónica: How many innocent they are more going to die? Because of the obsession of Frida pole: and monalisa Lilian, verónica, Vanessa, Mario Enrique, pink Mauricio and the Eric’s say: monalisa
Mauricio: What? Not if that is a painting of they give Brown
Frida: that it loved I but I more I saw Rosy: if it had to me son I take because of her me had returned almost crazy Fabian: and she had kidnapped to belinda and me Rosy son: a doubt is Who acecino to all those innocents that day? Verónica: I who was? Vanessa: it speaks and nonstreets because you grant other crimes more Verónica: samanta I saw all she to it was above of the ceiling of the institute and I threaten myself to kill itself if Lilian said: the wise person if that single poor devil to kill and to kill is his Mauricio mentality: I believe that that this crazy person More Jorge and pole continued talking Jorge: I marry with my loved daisy, because the master and we married this Samanta Saturday: but if you die today as well as your aunt adamy as you are going away to marry single that with the demon with my head greater Samanta ignited a wick from above and she put safe by where she salio but later I remain shutdown and said: my love I die with you I love Samanta to you put but he was too much late Jorge already had been rescued by the binoculars and samanta burned and shouted Jorge I love we see in hell jajaja to you and the horse black ends revoloteaba on the fire; as I am shipwrecked devilish. More Ximena had left its automobile and had raised gigantic called stones: The THREE MARIAS All this in a few minutes were tragic, after all; that as soon as they reinitiated a new life, plus - shades monalisa had been going to give to wing lady the elements that had robbed Shades: their Majesty is their three Monalisa desires here: Belinda, Jennifer, William (1) and this that means Shades: that saw I three names and three elements that Monalisa means: that means no, better will not consult my books of witchcraft jajaja More daisy and its mother Claribel and Patty had arrived wing property All the workers were trying to throw water to calm the fire; but everything was obvious nothing could be made single was the car of left Jorge wing borders of the alley
Daisy to the distant spot had seen fire Daisy: mother was fulfilled your prefeeling Jorge this dead, dead Claribel: daughter you do not cry the a to be Patty well: if young daisy does not worry that badly this prevailing in our town but we not here- here gained
Daisy: it is nana fire, watches Jorge died
Plus a strange revoloteo spiritual shade to samanta and I take the black horse to it became a shade of a man and one put to the body of samanta and this was even transferred crystal drawer where it was possible to be seen as if it was in comma; but in fact - he was unconscious could not return to his reality, all this was because of its frustrated desires and daisy was distressed
Daisy I arrive wing property and it said outcry, and it shouts Daisy: Jorge, Jorge where these? Claribel to consoled in its arms, maternales Claribel: hijita already hijita God knows because step, which step Daisy: mother the wedding was Saturday mother I am wanted to die Paty: it has I feel much but that could do something thus Regina I arrive and said: ladies my Lisbet niece says that here pelona was a woman Daisy: pole, pole that cannot be God that heartrendering Lisbet: discúlpeme I did not think about that that piraña would do damage to him to its future husband Daisy: destiny, you cleared me one, now Jorge... do not have again to be alive Claribel: nobody daughter nobody on lives to the fire On ponto from the distant spot said Jorge: my love I am here because you do not know to be without me Daisy: Jorge these; alive the wise person my love That very romantically ran to embrace to Jorge Plus the binoculars left the fire and that fire became an angel of the sky and after being angel it added: binoculars this tómenme is the last element I I am the fire That element became an ardent monedita and there it said fire
William (2) FIRE

All those of the property were astonished and they said: incredible others exclaimed: he is a possessed person I better I flee from this property
Daisy: my love that legend that all the town has cried out is real
Jorge: my love you must know that that tended this trap to me the same pole was samanta, that we believed dead years ago
Daisy: thanks to God my love that suddenly died that small called aparatito cellular sounded and daisy I answer
Daisy: hello if Juancito that step as these Juancito by means of telephone line said to him: well and you as you are that passage with Jorge Daisy: nothing already the this either binoculars rescued this perfectly or and my daughter like this my very small
Juancito: she, she
Daisy: if my daughter tells me, that she happens where, this like this.
Juancito: I hope you resist this that I will say Daisy to you: it does not tell me that the cellular one is not truth Jorge volume and said: Juancito speaks but with mere net órale fast
Juancito: I because I am called - Juan - baptist - orantes- you the right of perpetual ownership that we could not do nothing the papa of daisy this unconscious one because of a blow that gave Jorge him: who struck it? Like? Juancito: with a pistol I strike Ximena, that monjita of the convent where Sindi lived All the faces in that property after fire became a sea of tears and sad nesses, the union I form and all decided to leave the property and left to races loosen, to rescue chiquitina young wing to the small angelito More Ximena no longer held the weeping of the hunger that tapeworm the Ximena girl: estupida mocosa cállate, cállate, damn escuincle I hate to you -you are going to die because of your parents the girl it tensely cried in and Ximena coat one of its mammary glands (chiches, sines) and began to say to him: you have hambree sucks jajaja here will be the latest that you make chiquitina estupida you are going away to die in the mansion of Pink Frida exactly More finished speaking on the telephone with Sergio who had called to him to inform to him what he was passing
Frida: Who was?
Rose: Sergio Ernesto Lozano
Frida: that he loved that youngster in this Pink house: to warn that pole died samanta rather good When it lowered of the stairs of the Lilian mansion and the other Frida girls: that good that Lilian hindrance died: nooo, today my friend did not cure itself because badly to dead Frida: she tell me that it is lie which you say Imprisoned Lilian of Frida pain take hold and shake vigorously strongly to Lilian Frida: my only hijita is not going away to die no! It cannot be Verónica began to acclaim Pink weeping hard: that it passes Verónica girl to you: pole, I kill wing lady adamy, young wing Glenda and wing lady Melissa (crying) Frida: for that reason he walked fleeing damn estupido I kill hijita me
It is verónica crying
In the house of Dora Sarai she more felt that bad power that disappeared, by a Sarai moment: that malignant power even lives Dora: samanta died I am burned in a property Of soon Sarai had a vision and saw, that to daisy they had del above bell tower of the church, with intentions to kill it the faces was not known totally was destroyed White: woman who passes Sarai to you: nothing ladies White: I am old but she does not blind, far from it deaf tell me that she passes Sarai to you: one more a tragedy, ah and must know that her daughter no longer will return to even wake up that its body even has life lady gilds Dora: no, my hijita must live Sir takes my life, your Sarai you cannot leave dies my girl my very small one and that Dora volume a picture of her daughter and crying embraced it
(Picture of Milvia)
Dora: there is mamita is contiguous my daughter goes away the only thing to me that I have White mamita: daughter gilds ten faith and patience that God never takes but forgets Dora: because mamita sight first adamy, soon Glenda, the lady Melissa, and later who? Mami that follows more because as much innocent blood in a quarter was Eric crying next to Milvia More Eric: Milvia you must fight to live friend, your friend you will be White: you mean to the bone of contention Eric: grandmother she is not the White bone of contention: and then who? Eric: it was that marica of pole, that wanted that I was his fiancè but not never because I love White Lilian: Lilian boy is a good woman I whatever to supported to Milvia to Esther and to Araceli in the house of Claribel Mr. Saúl had returned More in if Saúl: that I pass my granddaughter to me where this Calin: calmaos have another car to go after the track of that estupida of Ximena Sergio: I already requested a taxi and it does not hope in the street we go Saúl: we go fast órenle Luís then: better it says pídanle to God that that heartless one does not have I throw nothing Sergio: calm I that my heart says to me that they are in favor well of my pretty aunt who this in the sines of my celestial father On the gigantic rock which they were three were two groups one in of the left and another one in the right and the center it was Ximena more and the pequeñina Ximena: lárguense Daisy: dame to me daughter, aunt dame to me daughter Jorge: dame to me daughter, please takes my life by the one from my very small Ximena: jajaja... the girl is estupida just as your hermanita, it has! Date queridita account that the happiness never arrived at your family never arrived, while I live Belinda: déjela entrégasela, I give my life by the young Daisy: you Belinda I am not his Ximena mother: cantantilla Mexican estupida, vetoes to Mexico to see if they give casting you for another novel you do not come to hinder metiche, has because it does not kill to you when I hid to you in the Belinda boarding school: and to everything it honors Mexican, with pride in my heart, that to case never you had Ximena love: jajaja... jajaja today you gained your novel to hell together bastard wing Jennifer: that girl is not no bastard, has her William parents (2): please she gives back young wing Ximena: those damn binoculars are the causes of everything what this happening, your bastard and your hermanito the imitators naco of reggae, if they had not discovered to Belinda today serious rich Daisy: no, the cause you are, badly I generate black thorn

The binoculars, Margarita and Jennifer together evil wing ex--nun Saúl arrived together halos from more Ximena boys: I arrive who lacked jajaja now releases the film titles sells mother countries VRS the damn bastards the binoculars: you say by us Belinda to it: and by me, nonvery small your if you are sells lives acecina you killed wing young Alicia, your these crazy person because I do not sell mother countries because I came by my illusion of love is not that country does not want amiii on the contrary... master to Mexico Jennifer: you could title your work like the fiancèe of the crimes without Claribel organization: a question as you as much know of us Paty: lady I said to him that the Saúl cameras: it is my Ximena fault: berry, berry! finally the invesil of Saúl I notice its tremendous error Ana elsy: a doubt ex- Ximena nun: proud you cállate estupida... and died of hunger for that reason the happy spirit very to your loved Adaly jajaja Ana elsy: she concerns a radish to me, I what I want is not nothing In hell shades she was scared and she said more: samanta my creation you cannot resign to destroy, it lives your you can single your and I we will be the new sovereigns (Sombras and Monalisa) Shades: you know that monalisa amuses more Monalisa to me: that? It has! If that this does not serve samanta she was estupida it deserved to die Shades: not wanted Monalisa: and - then - What _ Shades: that your you let yourself win by three children, and who you are even imperfect to part of that you are a drawing mírate never you will be perfect never Monalisa: my mind says that this that you created was a flaw error of the life like everything what Shades came from benedictus: lady samanta is not going away to die she is my creation and is more intelligent than any being, his obsession to make but beautiful that nobody took to wing death and single you to it, very single will squash like a worm pulguiento jajaja, has! And that gay call pole better known by samanta that is thousand times more beautiful than you because you also take gay and lesbianism in its Monalisa creation very gotten upset by the saying of the mouth of shades said furious she: How you dare to say that gay to win to me in beauty? You want that it kills That means to you shaking and refundiendo itself for back it said: no, lady is that she is that Monalisa: she is that, What? Truth I want verte suplicando mercy to me damn Shades armed of forces one recovered and it said giving him to a push Shades: never pardon would reduce me I to request him to work of art neither which he was crazy, that you pass you create to humiliate to me no, if you are estupida, belinda to him is the more beautiful that you never will be able to win to him to belinda, never, belinda is my of the time single you you are a mousy dirt Monalisa histéricamente shouted hard almost crying Monalisa: damn, belinda me cannot surpass I I am more beautiful than she, it will order his death and it will fit his heart transferred by the seven hawks of jade, and you will be the guardian of momias Shades: and your that you have been believed thief of bodies, if your you are not nothing, you are not nobody, nothing but that an usurping piojosa mugrosa because you robbed the body to him beautiful wing Ana and Adaly who are those that live in you for that reason you live Monalisa: damn good you know that I do not tolerate wing people who are wanted to me to mount Shades: you will never have my power I that to rob my powers she looks for but That despídase of that jajaja I was moaned exploded and all those granizos of being able strained wing great crystal box where samanta under a little water was recovering when all that I enter samanta woke up and their eyes became cloudy of hatred....

And the box where samanta was I explode but samanta said in its Samanta mind says it in mind: jajaja plows the slept one soon to me will take advantage of to take revenge of you monalisa to me That box I explode but samanta I am immovable that monalisa said: it will order halos spirits of the sweepings who gather all that while me boy to prepares my ellipses of the charming beauty jajaja Samanta in mind said: It enjoys, - it enjoys while you can estupida, because your ellipse will be used to me for killed to Jennifer and Belinda jajaja More in Dora house Dora: there is God that will be happening with my son, my granddaughter and my daughter-in-law, my nephews is White God: cálmate daughter we request to him to God, by all Milvia: mami, mami you must call to one of the Sarai binoculars: you must do what your daughter requests gilds I because you I say Dora to it: when all the tragedy finishes will come haberte you, I promise my Milvia sky to it: mami I regret the damage that I did to him to Esther, but tell me and my son this good, like this Dora and Sarai, and the grandmother remained seeing, Sarai mutually and did gestures and gestures saying to him that they said something good because if the son of alive Milvia which had never existed Milvia: that him passage to me son, mami, grandmother, Mrs. Sarai díganme this good my Sarai son: your son this, either but or grandote and healthy White: this; slept in its cunita daughter Dora well: if you must have rest as doctor Milvia said to it: and your Eric who beams you must here be with Lilian she loves Eric to you: he wanted to know of you as you were Milvia: _ very well already the time and Esther like this she Eric: Esther is going to die White: What? That cannot be Eric: what step is that the spell cannot be revoked since samanta or this pole died Milvia: it cannot be because who did to him the damage I was I Dora: explícate with the one of pole like this, that, if pole died Eric abroad: that was lies, pole never had died went to Houston to become a woman Dora: santísima trinidad On that gigantic rock they were all those more and from under the town across of it laughed great multitudes of people were observing for above and between if people said: the twins are the causes of all this mátenlos Others said: also that acecina estupida nun All the town requested death for the nun and the binoculars One said: if the mountain does not come to us, we go to her so all to bring axes, woods, goads, machetes, pothooks, knives pistols, fire, torches and to kill the those damn All town: if, if that dies the twins and the nun
(Tragic encounter of pain hatred and thirst revenge of the willow)

Above of the stone a great gigantic storm was on them Claribel: God even when the end of all this Ximena: there is God even when the end of all that, estupida you are not worthy to see be my sister dead fly William (1): give young wing and you take to me Ximena: so that I do not kill three birds of a single shot, the first girl, soon the mother, later the father jajaja Belinda: pobrecita of you you do not know what is to love the Ximena life attempt throwing the girl and it did not do it of attempt but that, I throw from the stop of those stones Daisy: nooo, my daughter the binoculars: say a love phrase All: everything what I look for God in you the encounter the binoculars disappeared and both they broke young wing and soon they were above with the girl and daisy was happy thanking for Jorge to them: the master thanks to rescue my Belinda daughter: you do not think that the love prevails on the fanaticism More down the town was shouting that dies the nun and the twins who die that they die has, has, jajaja In the mansion of the Argueta family of La Paz Frida: God mine something bad this happening Enters hurried Lilian against which this passing Lilian: to that Mrs. Frida- Frida does not know: that she happens, because exhausted Lilian: this taking I finish the final judgment of your Ximena niece one rises Frida with astonishment and it says: Ximena, like could be happened to me through stop that Ximena was alive Lilian: the town takes: axes, woods, goads, machetes, pothooks, knives pistols, fire, Frida torches: but the binoculars are innocent of all this Arrives Eric
Eric: good afternoon Frida: good the yours Eric’s because what is in this house everything it is fear, fear, distrust, Lilian hatred watched it indifferent since these, were fought Eric: Lilian I can speak with tigo Lilian: if it tell me you mean it Eric: it could be in private
Frida: with sui Lilian permission: of you lady does not go away here quédese, please I request Frida: Young east Lilian loves Lilian to you: and the kiss with samanta, with gay that was a Frida game: Lilian learns to listen to first non
Eric: it is that I do not kiss to that such pole samanta what is Lilian: that easy it is to say no, when we were mistaken Eric: that is an invention of samanta to separate my love you cannot leave to us badly overcomes Frida to us: it listens what it says to you well you know that pole was able to use any thing Eric: you remember that you told me that pole had I throw that they even expelled twin Lilian said. My love perdóname, discúlpame being so estupida Eric: my love you are not estupida you; you are amorzote of my life I love Frida to you: the kiss for but late and I gave like this the Milvia Eric: I bring a notición to him of first Lilian order: my love speech that you have to us here like dogs dribbling by knowing Eric: there are possibilities that Esther does not die Frida: there is Diosito you listened to Lilian to us: virgencita of precious Guadalupe thanks Eric: they are not possibilities is that Esther is going away to save Milvia knows the antidote to revoke the Frida spell: but if pole this dead, dead Eric: but Milvia non
Lilian: and that it has to do Milvia in all that Eric: that by requests of Milvia that spell was made to conquer to Mauricio, and says Milvia that single must see a binocular to reveal it
On those rocks the THREE MARIAS more arose even this Ximena: damn- damn binoculars them Imprisoned hatred of fury Victor Saúl the father of the girl said to throw itself but, the spirit of his Ernesto brother the guard protected it and put between average something like mirror that divided the three Maria’s Saúl: that it happens because I cannot happen to see this ruse the ready binoculars they were to give sui life that soon happened to where it was Ximena and that could not resist William (1): Ximena young lady here nobody William listening (2): cuéntenos because she hates so much to the Ximena people: that váyanse concerns déjenme to them single, váyanse déjenme William (1): they never gave love him you William (2): its mother, its father, you never I fall in love Ximena: if it enamors to me Soon he appeared the spirit of Ernesto; but Ximena could not see it, and it had not noticed that the crystals had become pieces; when she I cry, and who all the presents listened to their history of pain and William love (2): Who was its love of youth? Ximena: my eternal love was Ernesto the guard the only love of my Todos/as life: Ernesto the Saúl guard: my brother But by the streets of the willow all were prepared with ready armaments to disappear the badness and to also kill the binoculars, while the competent authorities tried to stop the disorder
Police 1: to have you who you are and with authority went to release all to these Roser gang members: they call Roser to me and he releases them with the power of which they helped me to eliminate those twin vandals
Police 1: you know that it is a crime which you did, to see pair enciérralo
Police 2: others are left prisoners in name of the law In debating of the people shouted an a - that the bastards die -- we want justice by the body of the father - Justice, justice-The police did not find that to do that they resigned and they said Police 1: we go llévate those I- I am in charge and sends one twelve patrols three wings mariíllas Commander: you it vetoes wing command and it orders an ambush for the nun is that see it and all saw the stop of the three Maria’s in where there were many people already But samanta was being prepared for its return, and according to it reveals his eyes and their face had aspect to bewitches
Samanta: right of perpetual ownership by this damn face which Belinda, Jennifer, the twins and monalisa and all those that made fun of *of my damn death will die it right of perpetual ownership, by right now these dolls will prevent the wedding of Jorge and the estupida one of daisy
Samanta had deparado two horrible dolls, with which More Ximena thought a genuine plan followed in its William story (2): - and _ What step? Why you and Ernesto they are not together? Ximena: they plot something and because you ask things to me that do not concern William to you (2): he is not nothing bad single I want to know of you Ximena: my mother I kill the man whom he loved, and it locked up to me of by life in that damn boarding school, when I find out that loved my she died I do not remain more than to turn hatred world and William badness to me (1): but! Why acecino your mother to Ernesto? Ximena: it loved it just as> as salio loved Saúl but not him nothing with no, your you do not know what is to have to live almost eighteen years with a frustrated love, with a love that made me lose youth because I loved that William man (1): because? You locked up to Claribel if she were your Ximena sister: my mother locked up she gave you order I, I! Single it obeyed it since she always said has to have to me of a daughter is to obey, and obedience I take to become fugitive of William justice (2): entrégate and pays your sentence in any case you became criminal, because you eliminated true sister Ximena
Ximena: that I eliminate my mother, I watch single I kill battery and Alicia and also I locked up to Belinda but by William money (1): well because you do not regret and you request pardon to God
Ximena: God does not exist because I take ami... to be loved ami... Ernesto Soon Ernesto became a human being and appeared before her Ernesto: God exists Ximena God is love consuming fire regrets my love and Ximena did not believe ero I approach
(Ximena does not believe which Ernesto became human)
Ximena: my love - these alive Ernesto
Ernesto: Ximena by God arrepiéntete and begins a life new
Ximena: - no! Your you are not Ernesto lárgate you are not your stupid twin who me this deceiving
William (1): Ximena you want to see a memory of which towards your fiancè in the past like William test (2): unfortunate you that you do not create without seeing Ximena: muéstrala I have to do to think while the others could not see what Sindi happened: What happens? Who this with them?
Ana Elsy: she has! It is that Ximena this loquita single speech
Jennifer: something happens not if something is
Belinda: patience, patience later we will know all
Queen Abigail: calmaos we listen and we see listen speak of Ernesto Irving: Ernesto is our Belinda friend: what Irving says is truth but the twin boys showed Ximena a loved sweet memory of their ex- ones
Ximena: that that memory with me did not make Ernesto: my love they followed your example accompanied to distribute a little to me to the poor men to the abandoned ones without Ximena home: eras the angel of this world because my mother did that to you porqueeeee! Everything what this related was it saying crying William (1) and William (2), soon in his eyes they saw a hope light and Ximena said Ximena strongly: muéranse twin this appearance of Ernesto is an illusion of you William (1): the era Ernesto that came by work grace from God to verte to you Ximena: not... Ernesto does not return my love see

Angels and fairies had made a paradise in the three Marias, while in waters of the Ernesto river he said
Ernesto: - God ventured well is the spirit poor men because of them it is the kingdom of skies, happy those that create without seeing, God pardon tries but I could not fails the voice to you of the greater angel said: God is great and it listens to this good to you which you made Ernesto: father pardon I have failed my mission and Ernesto began to sing a beautiful one and brief called song misionera soul misionera Soul Sir, takes my new life, Before the delay wears away years in my, I am arranged to which you want does not matter what you want, does not concern what is, you llámame to serve. "choir" Llévame of where the men, need Your words, need my desire to live, Where lacks the hope, where it lacks the joy, By not knowing of you... I give my sincere heart you, to shout without fear your greatness, gentleman. I will have my hands without fatigue, You history between my lips and forces in the oration "choir" Llévame where the men, need Your words, need my desire to live, Where he lacks the hope, where lacks the joy, By not knowing of you... * and thus in march I will be singing, By streets preaching the beautiful thing that are Your love. Sir I have misionera soul Condúceme wing earth that is thirsty of you "choir" Llévame of where the men, need Your words, need my desire to live, Where it lacks the hope, where it lacks the joy, By not knowing of you... But Ximena saw the eyes of the binoculars shine as a diamond and the fire of them were the good and imprisoned Ximena of fear began to shout Ximena: not.... These are good _ God not never exist to existed nor will exist and the full twins of love and espiritualidad laughed time and time again while the Ximena evildoer that awhile I imagine that it was good shouted of fear... The binoculars: jajaja... jajaja this is a sample of which God exists Ximena did not have alternative saw downwards and saw all the town, wanted it to lynch Ximena: better I kill the aim that already my mother I destroy myself to life but that if the devil always accompanied them That I throw myself from the high stone from above and when it fell to laughed fell dead which it gave on a rock and I am destroyed its soul, while the twins kissed themselves and they were caressed with its Belinda fiancèes: my love these good is my dangerous love that was re William (1): we did what we could save its soul we could not Jennifer: my love that was with you William (2): if you give a kiss to me of your small mouth I say you me drinks Jennifer: you do not request tómalo everything is not yours and those were kissed very carameled Jorge: finally Jorge finally this calvario I finalize Ana elsy: see the town this low and want the head of the binoculars Luis: What? Not What you have said? Irving: before they kill to me that to kill to the one of these blessed beings town it shouted now that the twins die who die
Jaime: to have town sauceño the one that this free one of sins that the first stone throws Nobody wanted to throw stones, axes, woods, goads, machetes, pothooks, knives pistols, fire, torches; belinda added Belinda: to have perfect nape of the neck they have lain, nape of the neck have fought with a Irving neighbor: Who of you never has said a chiquitina offense like a flea? It has! Sindi: What happens? They risked their lives by ours the father franklin I arrive and barren the Franklin town "father": OH! Children by love to God you leave your father does what you wish to make Xenia Abigail: that it passes town that is to you Franklin to them: children we them inhabitants of the willow are peace craftsmen nonlawsuits a woman: father does not defend those bastards does to a side Other: we want to see dead the Juancito: ándenle then if they also die I Irving: also to me mátenme Franklin: a little while or it happened here much, coarse of blood and innocent blood the police I arrive late too much because or the Belinda nun had died: there is aja want more mourning, more pain, more sufferings, more innocent blood a man: perdóneme father I boy and Began to distort the things; that they left the place and little by little that place it was being solitary
After this storm Jaime spiritual retirement even went in which it was going away to initiate to order itself within a time like priest... In the city of Mexico, a lawyer next to belinda, the binoculars, Frida, Fabian and the friends of both twin was in a room
Lawyer: I Jose Felix Kings in my total faculties write up me testament leaving like legitimate heirs to my children: Martyr Archimedes Kings Arias, to Araceli Yamileth Kings Arias, the Aryan doubles William Aryan Antonio, and William Abraham and to me loved wife Glenda Adamy of Kings Frida: he means that the children of Don Felix Belinda: bony that the legitimate twins are owner of all Lawyer: not also Eric Ernesto comprises of the original testament Kings Belmonte All applauded and much happiness passed Halos minutes later in another house is to say in the house of Jennifer occurred to reading to the testament of Javier Ibáñez Lawyer (another lawyer and all the personages that was in the reading of the other testament) Lawyer: after the death of Doña Camila Lisbet de Ibáñez, Norvis consecrated Leonel and the lady expensive innocence cleaning we happened to read new testamentó that name of the calls has left: Ana Jennifer Ibáñez Ponce and Mario Enrique Ibáñez Ponce beyond Stays as legitimate heirs of the fortune of the trader of boats and owner of the greatest warehouse of the city of San Miguel Mario: I do not deserve anything of this my father nape of the neck loved, in addition wise I to me that my Jennifer mother: better Lawyer shuts up and listens: Mario I legitimize to owner of the port of prince and the Jennifer young lady owner of the greatest warehouse of San Miguel beyond the called warehouse: meter center (M C) and the mansion is in equal parts halos Jennifer brothers and Mario my two children this is my last will signs Mrs. Camila Lisbeht de Ibáñez Jennifer: God not what Sir lawyer is itself that I want that this property my needed half sold to donate to the Mario: and because better we did not create here an orphanage for which they need it Lawyer: this perfect good ojala God blesses thousand times its desires towards a the needed one In the willow that occurred more passes wing reading of the testament of Leopoldo that single had been read without presence of the asked for Lawyer: Mrs. Frida, Yesenia Claribel evacuates evacuates, Saúl, Fabian, belinda, single are left the calls, William binoculars, and William, the lady daisy and white Miss Esther Jennifer: I am by Esther Belinda: ojala is for something good God because already we have undergone too much In a room you lock up had remained the lawyer and that reading the testament More in house of the wife of arriaza Mrs. Rosy Ocampo, she was cooking and the door was average open, somebody I enter and she said: my love that I forget arriaza to you me love sees a little while I forget my kiss to me goodbyes and she I enter inside and saw somebody very rare of backs
(Samanta and Rosy Ocampo)
Pole: you know me, because me time thus invesil speech
Rosy: SA... SA... blanket not your these mu... mu... erta
Pole: or the time I have returned for matarte because I had to see be the star not Belinda Pole that walked a great dagger or poisoned dagger went towards the lady rosy; and suddenly salio of a fourth Noe
Noe: kivis is rosy I have designs, kivis for Belinda sos- is preci.-o- - When him key the notebook of the hand and was when samanta "pole" had already nailed him the dagger in estomago by criminal error of the Noe destiny: rosy, rosy runs flame wing Rosy police: nooo! Because damn because that we did Pole to you: I was the queen of the things, and you cleared the love to me of the man who wished
Rosy: he understands your you are a man and also Arriaza is my single man mine Prisoner of attack pole I take hold of the hair to rosy and it put itself to fight with her
Samanta: he leaves Arriaza that man is mine unfortunate dog producing NACA because you came from Mexico? Have you were
Rosy well: gallinita poor devil understands I - I do I want it what you Suddenly to me say samanta gave against the wall rosy and that callus him bleeding, did not go when samanta saw enter the son of Arriaza but never I imagine that Arriaza venia of Samanta purchases volume to the boy like hostage
(Oscar Junior Arriaza)
the boy was taken by samanta and when the boy felt shouted Pope time and time again aid Oscar papa and Arriaza from the street I listen to the Arriaza shouts: that it happens is surely this shouting by the cart From inside the boy says: suélteme you, are ugly you killed to me mami you killed papitooo! Arriaza: something passes Arriaza shot the bags and salio in races for inside but within the Samanta house: bastard mugroso I must matarte because you are the favourite of William and the son of Arriaza my man When Arriaza I enter samanta had put him the dagger in the neck to the Arriaza boy: What happens here? You’re that beams in my house who you are and that you want? And rosy returned in if and it said: my love is pole your ex- Samanta student: pole the one that today it loves to you and before did not despise Arriaza in mind said to you: I must invent something to Samanta already: about which you think my love you want with me has if it tell me Arriaza: I inform wing police into which a small sloop was in my house already come for here Samanta: How wise lies that were I here? To see it tell me has! Arriaza: listen to the shouts of mijo and you came to see and single it shows to me and without you occurred account marks Samanta: it takes your escuincle damn and it leaves one dies that patán and it dates account that who agrees to you I am I Noe: you... your; you are of my same hook you could not replace the beauty of a woman Pole: estupido I am more beautiful than Belinda Oscar: he says that she is pretty and Belinda is prettier Noe: these deranged crazy person, crazy person... - but if to say you that the women are more than those of our type because God I leave to the woman in the middle of a man not to another man Pole him nail another stab in the chest and that key to the ground Pole: that is so that your estupida I do not put with me That to you went away disappeared by art of Rosy magic: your non Noah your no, that we make my love What? I arrive the police Commander: we are agents of the national police civil Rosy: you called Police 1: what step was not that we saw wire drawing this in the entrance and saw leave to somebody very rare In hell monalisa began to feel molotes noises of horses outbursts of laughter of the anything, and was more reprimands of which samanta was trying to drive crazy it Monalisa: rat hair biscocho, whiskers hair of the hated person That began to stutter and said: they lack hair of all the boys I enter samanta and it said to him: you need to the element of the fire jajaja Monalisa: your these dead as you can be alive Samanta: I have been living for three days here, I can ayudarte Monalisa: as well as Samanta: easy I could disguise myself of Jaime Monalisa: they would recognize Samanta to you: not because Jaime walks of camping in a spiritual retirement I rob that element and you who medas in return Monalisa: to the binocular that masters and to Jorge so that it enjoyed with one every night has! And with your greater prince the maestrito father of William Samanta: this good but the teacher is not father of William nothing is of In that house of Claribel the cameras were cleared more and transferred wing street and around the house in the quarters there were cameras to have more security More in the sky greater Angel: this Saturday is the triunfal entrance of the San Jose: it does not say it that we did not wish it because they are good and have saved to the Querubín world: I already came and said to our master and gentleman who if of that greater Angel: this, prepares everything well, for the trip without return More in house of Frida
Frida: that it will be happening in the Pink library: not because the gentleman of the sky this making justice for which they deserve Fabian: my love after all God has given the opportunity us to be happy as soon as Esther is cured we married Pink: that good they are very happy you not then ojala they are happy More in the library Lawyer: after all in my perfect faculties I Leopoldo Argueta in my completes volunteer I subscribe the goods stops: my niece Glenda Yisel Argueta Venegas, or otherwise when passing away to early age without taking possession from their goods happened to hands of my other niece: White Esther Argueta Venegas, another one of the Aryan part to the youngster without home William Antonio Jennifer: my fiancè does not have part for that reason he is that this with Esther in his will recamará Daisy: that more Mr. Jorge: calm my love, patience and intelligence Lawyer: part to my niece and her fiancè who are: Sonia Argueta Daisy the guard and his future husband Jorge Aryan Humberto Bow, and in my you complete licenses I apostatize of my son Rubén Policarpo Argueta Jorge: not then but it deserved part was its father I I resign to this Daisy: my love pole this dead, died Suddenly in the room where they were I listen to a voice that said: that Jorge thinks jajaja: they see this house this damn one like all this Lawyer: nonman that; it is an idiot joke of somebody of those Jennifer boys: this is truth gentlemen cannot more be than one more a joke in its mind said: that voice is identical wing of that samanta cannot be alive Lawyer: each minimum part is of every one I I order that is my completes volunta the evicted Leopoldo Argueta More wing marries of adamy somebody had arrived that received it was Araceli Araceli: Jaime when you returned that not venias until Saturday Jaime: Araceli I come from thrown to decirte that I love to you as sonrojeo a Araceli crazy person and said: Jaime, the truth, the truth is that I love In mind said pole to you: pobrecita thinks that I am the fat person of Jaime jajaja Araceli: he is that I occurred of offered truth Jaime: not by his since I cannot pass Araceli: to that I must to the honor of your visit Jaime "pole": he is that your brothers commanded to take an element to me that gave you Araceli you the coat of stock-market and said: he is east Jaime pole when seeing said it in mind: if he is perfect salio like even clearing a candy to him is this me young Jaime: if it is this, Araceli thanks sawed the hand and that said then to her Jaime: my love you accept to be my Araceli fiancèe: if my love you know that I love to you since eras fiancè of glenda Jaime: my love dame this I must go to dejárselos to the binoculars wing house of Esther Araceli: my love taking sees and apúrate to go to eat That when leaving him shot a kiss and hill the door and soon disappeared When arriving the night the binoculars next to their friends were reunited in the Jennifer church: that good everything is William happiness (2): my love has I love my love here to you what our Sindi love reigns: I with Luís, William with belinda and the other William with Jennifer are happy, Sergio: and I with Yoselin am very happy truth my Luís love: and that creates I and Sindi we loved and we thought about bodorrio after the bachelor graduation Juan baptist: and I and Xenia Abigail s did not love very small truth Calin: that good that all are happy that well single that you have twin to remove to the sword obstructed in that stone cacalutepe Xenia Abigail: What waves you with Vanesa? Irving: you know your problem was to offend very heavy your Juancito fiancèe: and you dress the swords there these safe calin Llego Vanesa and said: calin, my calin my love everything is happiness Eric I reconcile with my single friend we lacked your and I Calin: my love I do not deserve your love I I must die instead of them Vanesa: nobody dies everything here is happy Belinda: watch in the institute of this pueblito we lived many William adventures (1): my love never boy to forget my love Jennifer student: this an indestructible love Belinda is not the school love: my dante tattooed me loved Sindi: it has beautiful is the life is precious Luís: we are happy without imagining that he lacks somebody William here (1): think that I have forgotten to sexual me the soul to me friend Jaime Jennifer: and which it will be of the east Saturday wrath returns to go away to study again for Vanesa priest: changing of subject to that they do not know that passage with its designer of fashions All: What? Passage with the Vanesa: they killed All: and who, when Vanesa: I feel to disappoint it but pole this alive one, alive Sindi: incredible it cannot here be we laughing and pole even destroying the little people whom there is in this pueblito Jennifer: in the reading of the testament I felt something a voice William (1): if I also all they felt it, but it does not imagine to me that outside that Belinda: even when, God even when William (2): until both twin we die William (1): it is the truth until we die the binoculars More in Samanta hell: this is yours and mine who is Monalisa: róbate a hair of binoculars one to each one, and another one of belinda and Jennifer to separate them Samanta: I since to do that plows single hair net therefore them to me will be able to be cleared what you request monalisa to me: I congratulate to you together we are going to destroy to those damn binoculars the conversation between the friend of the binoculars followed Vanesa: eh listened to say that somebody must take the zeta sword and destroy badly to the Juancito: my question is where it lives badly according to your Vanesa: if I knew Belinda would say you but to not it: sight is a strip that says where I create to you there are my tracks there these your and I Jennifer: they say that to his mother they violated William (1): if that were what she said William to us (2): he was something horroroso what him passage to our mamita Jennifer: that there is with that breaks heads, because not to worry us about that pole, it has no longer if to call it pole or samanta Sindi: it is a defect of the life does not deserve that we call it by a name does not deserve William (1): it already keeps your egoísmos for you same Sindi amárralos and learns to pardon Belinda: perhaps what it means is that the steps and the zeta sword this where they violated your Calin mother: I where this William (2): and to me that it matters to me what you know William (1): if because your you are judas a treasonous Sindi: today I am who say to guard your amárralos egoísmos to you for you same i and learn to pardon Calin: somebody has who knows as they passed the things where they violated to your mother the together binoculars remained expensive pensativo seeing itself face like that she meant if William (1): calin friend, my friend of the soul perdóname, partly I was the guilty of which this passing Calin: this happens to me through to be so estupido I I tonight do not deserve to be worthy of the friendship of you me boy of the town of the Willow ojala; for when I have gone away they are happier and twin you they rescue the needed life of all the William (1): calin if you go away you destroy our affluent life you know that in the Willow I have not had friend more than your during fifteen years my esteem towards, you is greater than the one than I feel by Jaime Belinda: calin your you are not estupido, your bonds very many, if your you had not gone when ciber Graciela and you had connected wing network: William _ Calin and all the chavos was so sentimental that the majority was grima and tear seemed that the boat of the happiness went away Belinda: I must myself go to Mexico days to release my disc BEFREE Sindi: you deserve belinda you must continue harvesting good fruits Belinda: but your calin you helped to find to the love of my life this your prize me she is Vanesa here loves to you more like his treasure appraised Calin: discúlpenme lately I have felt sad but I want to be part of love of school of its new group the binoculars: welcome you are to love of Belinda school: we never forget that the restlessness we must speak not to be them the scared I arrive Araceli wing church at nostalgic and sad the back patio where they were all Araceli: and Jaime where who to happened with the William (1): Jaime returns the Saturday of the Jennifer retirement: because you need Araceli woman: the worse thing are chavos I committed my worse stupidity is than they lowered to me as even Sindi drinks: I already imagine to of being Araceli pole: that pole, pole this dead, dead Sergio: that we believed the first time and was a serious error to believe it nonLuís: speech that passes Yoselin: by your expensive step somewhat bad Adrián: pretty woman you say to me that you were deceived What infame could haberte done that beautiful Latin? Araceli: I arrive a type being called Jaime was identical All: and that passage with that Araceli: it requested the element to me of the fire said that William needed William (1): he was samanta if it were she herself Vanesa: today I kill also to Noah the designer of the William group (1): it is that my destiny is to suffer, to undergo Belinda: my love already we know that that bad woman is of bad Jennifer entrails: Where this Doña Blanca Araceli: to where her daughter gilds it there you can find with its granddaughter Milvia Sindi: so that you need wing gruñona white Sergio: if she knows where they violated wing lady adamy now I understand Jennifer: we must go to her and ask it Calin to it: I will be in cacalutepe will wait for them there until they arrive because there this the zeta sword and you do not create Vanesa to me: my love by those sides everything is dangerous everything is horrible Jennifer: after the celebration we plow the this investigation of the work of Belinda graduation: if but we go to that house of the lady it gilds The time was happening like slippery, while the boys ran by the streets of the municipality of the Willow; in house of Claribel the things for the wedding were being prepared already daisy tapeworm their dress of fiancèe, that Claribel was preparing the clothes, that she would dress and her husband Víctor Saúl, Paty was happy, contents In house of Frida it and Fabian had themselves I throw fiancès and she enchanted to him to happen next to her In Mexico was being constructed a disciplinary center for those people who had a mortal disease called VIH "AIDS"; everything was happening Calin had arrived more at the place of the zeta sword; in cacalutepe on the inside samanta saw arrive at calin and said in its mind: today it touches estupido you because by your fault I lost to William you you brought wing estupida of belinda Monalisa in a very ugly place with mirages of bats, monsters was single reading books to see if it found like destroying the good world of the Monalisa: good the single willow has or about seventy and five inhabitants I must remove them or to turn them my slaves That was pensativa and suddenly it said seeing reunited the four Earth elements Monalisa: What would happen if these I throw to me pócima? all a serious chaos was destroyed jajaja Samanta salio to it go and saw calin trying to remove the zeta sword and she said in voice low Samanta (pole): whereupon this is the damn sword with her will die twin by to me not to have made case In Dora house the boys more arrived Belinda: we needed to speak with the white lady Dora: she is my mother, who happens with White her: that they want I am taking my supper déjenme peacefully Jennifer: it is of life or death lady is urgent Sindi: Profa. You eat and we listened to all White: of which they speak Vanesa: we want to know where I violate chepe to White doña adamy: that it matters to them, lárguense Dora: mother because you do not want to speak and all world already knows that your White: cállate gilds you do not have right Araceli: thus but I if White grandmother: or your not estupida either, but so that they want to know it Dora: mother is hour of which DES signs of your Araceli change: my brothers can die into the hands of monalisa Sindi: we do not know that class of being is the one that we faced Belinda: they say that a sword exists that can defeat that White woman: it is truth if you exist you speak of the double called sword zeta Jennifer (crying): by mercy the request imploro, the White suplico ayúdenos: that those bastard children of chepe die Dora: thus single so that they are fruits of a violation that was by your Araceli fault: as is that your, your grandmother Dora: mother dile speaks cuéntale everything, Ho I do I In that savannah of cacalutepe samanta exempt the wig and I more leave strip it and I approach little by little without it could see calin it Calin: he is useless I I cannot remove it but as they do not do case to me When calin volt to see its side saw samanta and samanta said to him: you recognize to me now is called on to you to die jajaja Calin: pole, which under you have fallen disfrazarte like a woman, mírate these pale you have voted your true hair these being left pelón Samanta I touch the head and when it was touched pieces came to him from hair I watch them hand and were being skinned and all this meant that the tapeworm AIDS Pole (samanta): my true hair is not precious I am bald, my hands are destroyed
(Damaged Things of pole) Calin said in mind: it plows to him that it removes the Samanta language: because to me because Calin him coat the language and said to him: who has longer language your or I Samanta remove his language and when removing it him great fungi in their language could be noticed white color those bultitos
(the language of pole with fungi VIH symptoms) Calin: it has VIH Samanta: What is the VIH? Haze: it give hurts pole, tell me me with whichever you lay down Samanta: with about a one hundred that he is not piropo Calin: there is reason that you have Samanta: that, I have AIDS nooo, I I am a healthy woman Calin: she tell me in that she climbs you consider yourself in the one of being man or woman or turned aside Samanta infuriating coat one espiaducha (sword) of her Calin power did not realize that samanta I approach pretending to him to request Calin pardon: this; I pardon to you well but thorn even enters disciplinary center Samanta behind she and was said in its mind: if I have myself to die you die your jajaja Calin: you are intelligent you regret Samanta on time: perdóname is calin not as I could get passionate with a man perhaps just as I the hug was a Calin obsession of good faith and after embracing it samanta him nail that smallest sword in his estomago Calin: po... po...... the pole that you made Samanta: I who I am it is not had I am pole, samanta not who I am (it shouted crying) Calin: because you did this to me Fell slowly to the ground and I approach samanta, to and it kiss in the Calin mouth: guacala you are going to me to pass Samanta AIDS: my love which you boy to happen is for going together mírame to us the Samanta hands united its blood together; wing of calin Calin: it has if you think that so that I touch my blood already I have AIDS nonSamanta: it does not matter to me but also it will kill belinda thus and it will leave to William for my jajaja Calin: estupida obsessed ojala you rot in the Samanta hell listened to the voices of all those that, had killed that repeated to him time and time again acecina, because you did acecina That salio in races like taking hold the little hair and whenever it fell said to him: my precious hair I destroy nooo this is fault yours belinda yours In their house the twins were more looking for the William emblems (1): they are in being able of bad the William (1) he felt that somebody cut a hair to him and said William Suddenly (1): he has if he hurt to me you do not haul the hair to me and said the William (2): there is to me pa so well that you hauled the William hair to me (1): no, I William does not haul you (2): that we go to make the four elements They have disappeared William (1): we go wing cacalutepe that calin said that it went to be has and they two went for is leaving a note on the table to their sister and to the other boys In house of Frida the news ran more like Frida powder: Low Mauricio please to Esther of his room chineada in arm man Fabian: my love, I will go by belinda and both small wing marries Luís: Sir belinda, Yoselin and Adrián do not walk is already the order is that berry today same you for has with Doña Pink Frida: finally my estrechita will be the same one of before Those left in the car course wing direction that went all Somebody of the town had gone to inform all wings competent authorities, therefore the police had prepared an ambush More in house of White Dora: they did not know I I sold to adamy to me daughter one night that Ana had gone away pa the union; chepe I request myself to adamy and I requested an exaggerated amount to him and me tapeworm did not give to then twelve wings chepe at night it which had requested to me and I also; it was there where chepe I violate to adamy Belinda: and that relation between White Ana and adamy: that the chambrosa of glory said to him to Ana who came that tonight that chepe was going away to revolcar with another Jennifer woman: and as glory knew to it White: it went in the house like dog licking plates That night that I violate chepe to adamy Ana saw everything and later she was like a curse because Ana I arrive, furious Sindi: and that later White step: he has between the sky and the Earth I form a black eddy, and a man key from above the voice of Ernesto said: that is the call benedictus that saw much in the body of chepe the one that I violate wing very telluric doña adamy White scared said: ghosts in my house daughter watch that flies Dora: mother who time I do not see anything White: then I aim was Ana to kill my daughter who I take a sword that was nailed and chepe a word said All: What word? White: word z Belinda: now I understand the sword is called zeta Jennifer: because it was what wing came to them Sindi mind: it means that that truce is the one that has been repeated again after for fifteen years Dora: if but it were different today are been dead sadnesses, hungers, landslides poverty mortal diseases White: it gilds takes to Milvia levántala cured that place there will be sacred from today Dora: and because it will be sacred White: the chosen ones are children of God must be able to cure, today will die this is the final judgment of those twin innocents Belinda: not if we avoided Sindi: we go is today or never White: take to Milvia and to Esther until because that place never cured them I could there decide that the sacred binoculars are Vanesa that was to outside said: come see all people this passing for cacalutepe All decided to also go away then William and his brother they arrived and they found the body of calin without breathing It more said within cacalutepe monalisa Monalisa: pócima humble is the hair of the chosen ones here that hatred I throw Them to those giant pots and soon it saw the book that said: Ho! Infernales spirits of the abysses, revélenme maleficent them spell épicos, of the perverse Gods ace and now two swords sub. - zetas Monalisa: I do not need to those stupidities swords More to outside a binocular that do taking care of calin and William (1) tried to remove it to sword while samanta tapeworm finished already the crossings The crossings entremedio were four initials that deciphered the abbreviations to mean the first two letters To and Cs symbolized the phrase school love and him after B and J they symbolized the two women enamored with the binoculars Belinda and Jennifer Shortly after both twin they were removing the sword and finally they managed to remove saying them to the Maxima key that them Ernesto shout from the sky and that key era "z" -- single that an error was that that became two swords and suddenly those swords threw to the binoculars by aya and the swords fell nailed one in each cross and in the middle he appeared samanta like all a powerful one; in that salio monalisa ugly and said: OH samanta since there am of pagarte you have what I look for gives it to me
(The swords and monalisa ugly)
The swords had thrown halos binoculars by the power of the greater angel who had lowered from the sky; single for that
Earth San Jose already walked dead but it said: master safe mine to the binoculars greater Angel: I pass my absolute one to you to be able because I am dying takes my Querubín hand: wise person who you will die for that reason could not come but against its voluntado I could not master approached all the human presents to have that samanta and monalisa did not notice what it was passing Angel greater: belinda and Jennifer make the twins happy I gave my life by them Belinda: thousand thanks supreme God of love greater Angel: I am not single God I say to them use intelligence it beauty not to defeat to that malva of monalisa San jOse was becoming just as the greater angel taken from the hand of the greater angel. The greater angel I free myself of San jOse and his I complete to be able the narrow-hipped thing, disappeared both on twin that rose victorious Monalisa I take the swords for inside and samanta I approach them Samanta: finally victorious it wins, gains you you are mine William Belinda: that man is mine, and single mine Frida: I do not touch belinda to it not, I touch it has VIH Samanta: he has but I will die but next to William William (2): it is already time from which you take a teaspoon of your own Samanta remedy: that you mean mosco dead Calin: better he leaves everything by La Paz, if I that your you do not know like defeating to monalisa Sergio: and this nor he knows as he is called now is going to know as to destroy to monalisa Ana elsy says in mind: this samanta is going to fall redondita in the trap samanta: single a clown would not know as to defeat to monalisa it reigns: then the clown you are your because you do not know Samanta: if all the men request me who are here I say them More Frida and gilds went with all for inside taking the two Monalisa Patients had his already pócima list and said: finally finally today volume this poquito and I will be made gorgeous more beautiful than snows white When volume that pócima and that woman underwent a series of transformations, and in each change she went being something new But before passage by all that during their long trajectory where it absorbs blood explicable... tells that when volume pócima that woman began to undergo diverse changes, into hands, mouth, eyes hair and body... and while are transformed said expressions like: - my voice jajaja, - my face - and in times a old one could be seen little by little and during each one of the seventy and nine facets, of fast transformation that towards this woman, every time was become beautiful and evil; and in his accumulated expressions it was like these Monalisa: Ho! My hair

(the conversion of Ana to monalisa with pure evil badness)
When I free of the painting that samanta had robbed in Mexico and the work that Jaime had done, this very glad said: finally it stops being matter finally I left that odioso paper of that gold picture Ho! I am the most beautiful and admirable woman of all the times jajaja, the only terrenal goddess of the feminine and masculine beauty
When it lets be a picture is to say that the photo takes life Much people had seen the present changes of monalisa since they were Frida: - it has! Bird the Purest Maria by the nails of Pink Christ: santo God! Fabian: Why? He hated so much to my daughter

But to it go samanta tapeworm to chicos/as Xenia: reason why but they want they do and they say what William requests to them (1): reason why you want your samanta more dinos as we can end monalisa Sergio: samanta, already all the men we are here for you Samanta: this good I want right now that belinda, Jennifer, and Lilian kisses the feet to me and they say you to me you are my master samanta William (1): no! That no, never pídeme what you want and you I give it but less than you humiliate to these Samanta girls: it shuts up! You it shuts up! My single love because your and I we will have our night More not very far in the same place in the street where it is the entrance
Not very far were the competent authorities, that they were avoiding the crossing of people to arrive where the facts were happening Police 1: aléjense is very dangerous Police 2: please they listen is a witch understand already have seen run but blood that never people towards case many went away will encontrá, the will of the authorities, others went away by mounts surrounding so that the authorities avoided to see them In a negligence of monalisa, belinda coat a little pócima and occurred it to and Milvia I cure Milvia totally: you do not take monalisa because that is of good jajaja Monalisa: that they make Xenia Abigail here: tomato another poquito of pócima mírate you are even ugly and you need I complete drink to be but beautiful that I Monalisa Majesty: if! I really need another poquito no! I am even ugly... because it is not if this all pócima
Xenia Abigail: for that reason, the legend says that between but you take but beautiful truthful you
(Xenia Abigail and the Monalisa evildoer)
Monalisa: no! I can believe it I am even ugly very ugly nooo! More even in the borders of cacalutepec Police’s National Civil (PNC); trying to avoid that they entered the people more of those than they had gone away on the other hand and others will encontrá of his volunta, and today until scientists they had arrived, with the interest to know if it were truth that the painting had recovered life for example Harry hooke said: happy I by to have seen a work shaped in paper and today centuries later see it in fact that she has taken life no! Me I explain it like nor when Also cacalutepe were archaeologists investigating the sagrada cave, archaeologists looked for the swords mushroom, but in mounts it outside walked pole was and he had caused that Lilian, Jennifer and belinda were humiliated to, because it is satiated with not knowing anything reigns said: samanta your single one your you can help us fíjate the girls already were humiliated to you requested to you by mercy that you help them to overcome to monalisa Sergio: by God! That you want Samanta more: I want? With me to William to the being that always I have loved Queen: William is already enough (1): this good I go away with you for where you want Samanta: there is one nails so that monalisa can die, must speak to him muchote love, affection of all that then, is what she hates Jennifer: that? More samanta
Samanta: the key this in knowing whom? Him robbery monalisa the masculinidad Reyna: there is that is obvious that to me Adaly Was then when of the two sky fell arajas and, which fell into the hands of
queen Reina: they are arajas of gold Sindi: memory very what? That is what seals the death of mona Belinda: hands wing build Thus all ran for inside without imagining that samanta what samanta deparaba against all chicos/as, to see as it damaged it
(Seal of death of monalisa) monalisa in its cave I more make a malevolent spell Monalisa said a spell thus: Axial OH, God scorpion OH I danced, here they are the desserts that you have reserved yourself, by your fruits of badness and harvests dame all the beauty that the young people lock up jajaja and Frida and the others were astonished when seeing so many evil shades Frida: watch those black shades watch are horrible we go, we go Milvia: that we do, that we make Dora: no, Ana is Ana monalisa is Ana is truth which my mother said Milvia: if Ana dies the one that claims to be monalisa and can that Esther is cured, if I also die surely the spell breaks Dora: you do not say that my girl non
Frida: no! Girl no longer must here run blood but that the this evildoer Ana While Belinda, Jennifer and Sindi left for outside More outside in one eddies puts very famous of the town in the borders was sad very sad crying Mario; this it was being masturbando single was his custom
Verónica finds actually to Mario of the daily masturbation like a sickly obsession Mario: papito I gave to mother the poison him with which you died your I <>

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